Up On The Roof


Imagine a screenplay ...

WIDE SHOT The roof of an eighty story building in Dallas. Hot summer night. The moon is a silver dollar balanced on a nearby church spire. The lights of the city dance in the heat. Inside a futuristic dome on the roof top there is a deep electronic growl as heavy machinery coils greased cable. There is a clank, a whoosh and footsteps covered by muffled voices, a man and a woman talking. A door cracks open and LINDA emerges. She is a Texas thoroughbred, long legged, wearing a short silver dress with a scooped neckline, diamond earrings, two carats each and that's all. Even her shoes she left at the party. Her strawberry blonde mane, thick and cut rough, shifts on her shoulders in the occasional breeze. There is sweat on her bosom, on her neck and on her upper lip.

TODD follows her out onto the roof. He is six three and dark, the curly hair a short tousled mop. It contrasts with his immaculate Armani suit, dark blue with a fine gold stripe, a garnet Countess Mara tie, highly polished black wing tips, a signet ring on

his left little finger is gold with a filigreed T engraved in it.

LINDA 'Let's go cool off on the roof and look at the view.'Damn, Yankee man, you go for the simple stuff, don't you?

TODD Like scotch, the simple stuff can do its job. Besides, I didn't figure you as one who needed a big song and dance.

LINDA Don't get me wrong Yankee, I like my music and I sure love to dance. But then you know that. I also like my bourbon, but I'll drink whiskey if that's all you got.

Todd pulls a hammered silver flask from his breast pocket.

TODD Will Wild Turkey do?

LINDA Wild anything.

She takes a strong pull at the flask, letting a little go down her throat. The rest she holds in her mouth and, putting a hand behind Todd's neck, pulls his mouth onto her own. She feeds him the bourbon a little at a time until they are both out of breath and dizzy.

LINDA I'm so hot.

TODD You are. But, now who is laying out the corny lines?

LINDA Hell, it's true. I was sure there would be some kind of breeze up here. Wait! Over there! Is that a ghost or is something blowing in the wind?

A bit unsteadily she trots across the pebbled roof to where a pale tarpaulin is fluttering on the low parapet in the moonlight.

LINDA Yankee, come here! Come, look! It's one of those window washing things. You in the mood to wash some windows?

TODD You are spooking me the way you are hanging over that thing. No, wait a minute. I know exactly what you are imagining. Hey. I'm a daring guy when someone I trust is at the controls...

LINDA But you don't trust me, is that it?

TODD More like I don't trust me. I mean, I'm a bona fide member of the mile high club, but there we are talking a lot of action in a small space. There's a lot of space here.

LINDA You gotta fill that space with a lot of action, then.

She presses herself against him and presses just the tip of her bourbon soaked tongue into his mouth.

TODD Damn, I don't know, I can get pretty excited. I wouldn't want to upend that thing.

LINDA We all gotta go sometime. Why not come and go all at once?

She stretches one dancer's leg over the railing of the gondola, revealing that she has never opened a jar of bikini wax. With a few confident moves, she arranges the tarp into a crude but comfortable hammock. Reaching out a hand to Todd she pulls him into her nest.

TODD You're going to have to work hard. Fear isn't such a terrific aphrodisiac.

LINDA I'll take care of you. Just sit right there. (She bends over and kisses him) Now close your eyes. That's good. You look so sweet. Now tilt your head back and lift your chin. Open your mouth.

She has straddled him, standing, her skirt hiked up. In a couple of swift moves she wraps his body in the painters tarp so that only his head is visible. She holds onto the railing of the gondola and lowers her hips until her nether lips are brushing his mouth.

LINDA Eat me. Eat me good.

TODD Yes, Ma'am

Todd has a strong tongue and he makes it dig between her swollen lips. The liquor and the excitement have got her wet. He teases. He tickles. He spells the alphabet in upper and lower case on her clit. He does his damndest to ignore the swaying of the gondola as she begins to pump her cunt into his face. She tries to bury his chin in that slippery cave. Sometimes she nearly smothers him, but he knows he can always bite her if push comes to shove.

He decides to get tough and sucks her large clit into his mouth tight between his lips while he polishes the pink bead.

LINDA Damn yes! Damn YES! Keep that up, JUST like that. Don't you DARE stop until I tell you to. Keep going. Suck it. Suck it. Pull it deeper into your mouth. YES. Like that. Pump it. Bite it. JESUS yes.. Look out. Look out. Look out. I'm gonna let go now. Oh, shiiiiiiit!

Todd's face is flooded with her spunk and it keeps coming in spurts, her hips popping again and again against his mouth. She shudders and wails like a cat in heat.

Then suddenly she is unwrapping him.

LINDA Damn it man, I need it. Get up behind me quick and fill me. I need you to positively ream me out. Oh, I hope to GOD you've got a serious pecker in there. Oh, bless us, that's a beauty.

She grabs the rail again and shoves her moist ass at him.


It takes no effort to find the target and in a moment he is pumping like an oil derrick on a gusher. The gondola rattles against the building and sways like a boat on the ocean.

LINDA Keep fucking me!

Todd fears it may be his last fuck, but it sure is a good one. Her strong, ample cheeks are spread wide and he is burying himself in her to the hilt with every thrust and she is shoving back against him and grinding, the hot sweet slime dripping off his cock every time he pulls out.

LINDA YEE HAH, you are good! RIDE me cowboy.

Todd slows his strokes, enjoying the feel of the chill air on his dick. As he begins to feel the jizz build in his balls he draws out ready to charge in with the fast strokes. Linda senses his last campaign and pulls away just a bit and drops her hips just a tad and rams her ass against him. Something is different.

He knows where he is and he doesn't usually go there, but if this filly gets off on a visit through the back door he is willing to stay for supper. He commences jamming big time.

Perhaps she has not been so well reamed before or perhaps it is just damn good, but she starts to howl; doesn't hold back a whit; just whoops out into the steel and glass canyons until the sound seems to fill the whole city. And then it is Todd's turn.

Todd roars as he unloads.


The gondola slips and drops three feet. For a moment they are weightless.


Todd has never clutched another human being tighter in his life. Every ounce of spunk in him pours deep into Linda's body.

LINDA I think I need some more of that Wild Turkey, right NOW.

She drains the flask.

LINDA Sorry soldier, I'll buy you a refill at the bar. Now how shall we get the fuck out of here?

Todd manages to boost Linda up over the parapet, his hand digging deep into her slippery regions. Then with the help of her strong cowgirl's arm, gets himself over the edge. They lie panting, looking at the night sky. After a while she climbs on him and begins to ruin his best pants by scrubbing against his stiff-sore dick.

LINDA Señor, I think you got heart. I'd dearly like to try you again. Ever done it sky diving? I've heard it's quite and experience?


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