tagNovels and NovellasVirtue or Vice Ch. 04

Virtue or Vice Ch. 04


Neither Terri nor her alter-ego, Tori worried about the Nordic-looking man. She was too busy getting aroused.

Her work at both jobs had been very rewarding today. They had decided to let her start training on the street. In the next few days, she was going to team up with her first partner and she was looking forward to it. She anticipated a much better attitude towards her job in the near future.

But tonight, she was at a party, a very sexy party, that one of the club's regular patrons was throwing. Her body was already pounding with excitement as she wandered around the spacious home.

The hostess' name was Miko. She was perhaps one of the most beautiful women that "Tori" had ever seen. She was Asian, both tall and voluptuous. Her breasts were large and firm and Tori had already tasted those rock-hard nipples. It was a form of greeting from her guests, Devin had told her. Once Tori had seen the exquisite woman, there was no hesitation on her part.

"Do I get to play with you later?" Miko asked, and Tori nodded. Miko planted a gentle kiss on her lips, but it was one filled with a lot of promise. She wandered into the living room and smiled.

In the center of the room, three women were already beginning the evening's sexual escapades. She recognized some of her fellow dancers. Justine, Darla and Shawna were clad in some of the most decadent lingerie, a riding crop was in Darla's hand. She was running it up and down Justine's silk-clad legs.

Darla and Shawna were stunning brunettes, rumored to be both lovers and roommates. Another rumor was that they were cousins. Tori wanted to play with both of them, but tonight was Justine's lucky night. The sexy redhead was the object of their affections.

Darla was in lacy, black bra and panties, her legs clad in seamed silk stockings. Heels made her tall body even taller, hotter, sexier. Justine, in the middle, wore a decadent sheer body stocking and high boots, looking classy and sexual at the same time. Shawna wore silk boxers, bra and similar boots to Justine's. All three girls were absorbed in pleasuring each other, with soft kisses. On occasion, Darla would flick the riding crop over Justine's body and Shawna would pinch her nipples. Justine would just cry out with sighs of pain mixed with pleasure. It was easy for Tori to see her arousal.

Justine's green eyes flashed with pleasure as Darla pulled the lacy top aside and began licking, sucking and biting her hard nipples. The saucy redhead moaned with pleasure as Shawna slid underneath her and began licking her cunt avidly. Within minutes, the three girls were in an erotic pile on the floor, a sexy sight for any voyeur. Tori ached to join them, yet was stuck in place. The beauty of the tableau in front of her was intoxicating.

A few nights ago, Justine and another dancer; Anna, had invited Tori to join them in a threesome. As she fingerfucked herself through her lacy panties, she knew that she'd be taking them up on that offer.

Justine was eating pussy like a starving woman, Darla was getting the benefits of her licking tongue, while Shawna was licking at her asshole, plunging a blue vibe into that selfsame asshole. All three girls were having a blast.

Justine's tiny body didn't seem capable of taking such a ravaging, but her voice screamed out "More, you fucking bitches, give me more! God, Shawna, fuck me, fuck me with that toy, use your tongue, DON'T STOP BITCH!"

Tori knew she had to leave or she'd have an orgasm on the spot. She moved on, finding a stunning brunette she didn't recognize seated on the white leather couch in the next room. She smiled as she watched the girl putting on stockings.

The woman was curvy, with beautiful tits, full and succulent. The material was sheer and every inch of the beauty was on display as she fastened her garters to the stockings and donned heels. She caught Tori staring at her and smiled happily.

"Hi." she said, extending a hand to Tori. "I'm Veronika."

"Hi. Tori." she said, taking the woman's hand. "God, you're beautiful."

"Thank you." Veronika said, standing up to draw the girl to her for a passionate kiss. Lord, she's stunning, thought Tori. She must be nearly six feet tall in those heels!

"Six-one." Veronika said as she moved back towards the couch. "Would you like to taste me?"

Tori didn't trust herself to speak, she was so in awe of this magnificent creature. She merely nodded and kissed one nipple through the lacy fabric, then the other. She moved down Veronika's beautiful body and kissed and licked all the magnificent woman, stopping at her stunning pussy. She pulled the panties off her new lover and gasped as she saw Veronika's soft pussy was completely devoid of hair.

Tori took the plunge and dove into the bald pussy, only the second one she'd ever tasted. She didn't expect it to taste like Devin's, but she was surprised how different it was. Dev's was sweet and slightly tart, Veronika's was musky, with a slightly heady flavor. She gobble and licked at it as the busty Amazon writhed under her attentions.

"Goddd, Angel, you're amazing. Oh Tori, you must let me feast on you!" she smiled. Tori moved towards Veronika and let the brunette undress her.

The "Attire D'Jour" was lingerie and Tori had bought a brand-new outfit for just this evening. She wore a lacy blue silk cami, seamed stockings and silvery stilettos. Veronika oohed and aaahed over every little item as she undressed her plaything.

Veronika was particularly skilled in lesbian play and had Tori coming in no time. Her plunging fingers seesawed in and out of Tori's cunt and diddled her ass, which made Tori groan. Once she'd had a wonderful orgasm, she kissed her new friend, got her number and wandered off in search of more sexual escapades.

It didn't take Tori long to find one. She ran into Pixie and Suzie, two of the newer dancers at the club. Both girls squealed loudly when they saw her.

The girls were young, both barely over 18, and eager to play with her. Pixie was tiny, with coppery skin, close-cropped hair and tiny breasts, capped with dark, beautiful nipples. Her friend was only slightly taller, pale skinned, with longer hair and perfect cupcake tits. They sandwiched Tori in between them and sucked and licked her until she was panting in climax.

She thanked both of them profusely and continued to wander the spacious home. Only a while ago, she'd never had sex with a woman, now she was becoming addicted. Oh well, she shrugged as she wandered on.

Tori wandered into the bathroom to freshen up and found Justine there with her lover, Anna. Both girls were changing into new outfits, planting soft, erotic kisses on each other as they did so. They entreated for Tori to join them, but she begged off. She wanted to conserve some energy for the night ahead.

She wandered into the kitchen and found Darla, Shawna and Veronika having an animated conversation about dildos vs. vibes over some wine and fruit. She nibbled a bit, listened in and then left to continue her explorations.

She was having the best time, Tori thought. Terri would be uncomfortable here, "Tori" wasn't. That pleased her greatly.

A pretty blonde maid was wearing a dog collar, to which was attached a small silver chain. She was being led around the room by a elegant black girl who Tori recognized from the club. She was one of the patrons who often purchased lap dances from the girls and tipped very well. Alicia, Tori thought her name was. She smiled at her and the maid, who was serving her a drink.

"Hello Tori." Alicia smiled, showing perfect white teeth. "This is Inga. She will give you a drink, but she won't talk, will you?"" Inga shook her head. "She isn't paid to talk. She's paid to serve and eat pussy. Would you like to eat my pussy Inga?" The blonde girl smiled and shook her head yes. Alicia spread her stocking-clad legs wide and pushed Inga's face into her hungry nook. Within minutes, murmurs of pleasure came from both women. Tori watched them for a time, then continued to wander about.

Her mind was aflame with sexual desires now, most of them involving women. She wanted to get licked again, to have more wild sex, so Tori went back to the kitchen, hoping Veronika, Darla or Shawna would be there to play with.

Instead, she found a stunning Asian girl in a PVC costume and boots getting a drink from the refrigerator. She smiled at the girl, the girl smiled back and they embraced. Both of them fell in a tumble to the floor.

The girl's fingers plunged in and out of Tori's cunt as she fucked the petite morsel skillfully. Her tongue made love to Tori's clit as Tori's tongue reciprocated. Her body bucked and writhed against Tori's, their pussies hunched together as both girls climaxed just scant minutes later. "By the way darling," Tori said as they dressed again, "... I didn't catch your name."

"I'm Lucy. I'm Miko's sister." Tori blanched. She'd just fucked the sister of the hostess.

"Don't worry about it!" Lucy said, anticipating Tori's thoughts. "Sis and I fuck each other sometimes, when we're hard up. It's cool." She kissed Tori on the lips and winked.

Tori left the kitchen, more aroused then she could ever recall being in her life. She continued moving about the large home, seeing erotic sights everywhere she looked.

In the den, she found her friend Devin and another dancer, Nikki. Nikki made everyone's mouth water, she was tall and statuesque. She was dancing -- actually, more like seducing -- Devin with every move she made.

Nikki and Devin were dressed alike, in short black dresses with high heels. Nikki was peeling hers off in front of a drooling Devin, who was obviously aching to lick the tall brunette from head to toe. Nikki made quite the show out of removing her dress, standing in front of Devin with a lusty gleam in her eye.

Devin moved towards Nikki and kissed her way down Nikki's luscious body, feasting on the nearly-nude pussy in front of her. Nikki's pussy was very prominent and as her first lesbian lover ate the brunette pussy in front of her, Tori knew she would invite both Nikki and Devin over for an evening of heated sex very soon. She watched as the girls made a show of their sexual encounter, it was slow and sensuous, yet a lot of heat emanated from both women.

Tori stood, mesmerized, watching the two women play. They were so obviously enjoying themselves, she felt it would be an intrusion to interrupt them. She walked out of the den and headed towards one of the bedrooms. When she passed the master bedroom, she heard loud noises coming from within.

She followed the sounds to the En-suite bathroom and found Miko in there with a stunning, exotic-looking black woman. Both women were naked. Miko turned and smiled to Tori. "Well, hello darling. Glad you could join us. This naughty thing is Dee. Dee, this is Tori."

The two women acknowledged each other and then Miko gave Tori's arm a gentle tug and pulled her towards both of them. They removed what little there was left of Tori's clothing and pulled her into the shower with them.

Soft lips and tongues mingled together as the three women kissed softly. Miko and Tori began soaping up Dee all over, while Tori sucked the girl's cocoa-brown nipples, Miko worked her way down to the delicious, trimmed pussy and buried herself within its walls. Dee used both women for support as they sucked and licked her from head to toe. Miko's skilled fingers and tongues brought her orgasm after orgasm as they worked over her flesh, while Tori toyed with her nipples, keeping her in a constant state of arousal.

Next, it was Tori's turn, but the tiny girl was exhausted from a busy day and an evening of heavy partying. So, she and her playmates moved to the huge bed. Tori and Miko moved into a lazy `69' and ate each other to satisfying climaxes, while Dee pulled out a large vibe from the nightstand.

The wild black girl used it to fuck Miko's pussy, rubbing it against her clit while Tori's still-novice lips sucked on the outer lips of her pussy. Miko was squirming and writhing atop her, yet Tori hung on for dear life. When she felt Miko's juices flowing more copiously down her tongue and minor little spasms, she knew that she and Dee had wrung an orgasm from the stunning Asian.

It was her turn to cum now, even though Tori didn't think it was possible for her to cum again. She was wrong. As Miko's soft lips glided over her wet cunt, she felt the vibe just barely enter her anal cavity. That was all it took to set her off, and she came one final time for that evening.

She cuddled together with the two beauties and they chatted a bit. "Are you glad you came darling?" Miko asked with a devilish smile.

"You have to ask?" Tori responded, tweaking Miko's stiff nipples. "Still, it's late, I should be going. I have a lot to do tomorrow!" She kissed both girls goodbye, found her clothes and got dressed.

As she was leaving the home, she noticed the tall, Nordic-looking man once again. She shivered. This was getting creepy.

To be continued...

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