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Voyeuristic Intention


Sitting on the balcony I watched the crowd throng beneath me. I wondered about the day's events. Going to clubs with my best friend and his girlfriend had been fun, but now they had decided to call it a night and go to bed. I was impressed with him. Scott was famous for his drinking binges, and the 2 of us together were legendary, but tonight I didn't think I'd seen him drink anything harder than coffee. This had been the first time I had met Dannie. Somehow Scott had managed to meet a woman I didn't introduce him too. I tried to remember where he'd said he met her, something about Barnes and Noble but the details were fuzzy.

At first I'd wondered what had attracted Scott to her. I supposed she was pretty in that bookish way that he found so attractive, but she wasn't what anyone would call stunning. But as the night progressed I'd seen what he found so appealing. They shared a sense of humor and enjoyed talking about many of the same subjects. Then I noticed the way she looked at him, as if he was the only man on earth. I remembered the pang of jealousy even as I was happy for Scott.

I finally decided that I needed to turn in too and I stood and put the chair

I'd been sitting in back under the table were I'd found it. As I stood there I knew why Scott liked this hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It had a veranda on every other floor that wrapped all around the building and you could hear the music from the jazz clubs wafting up and filling the air. I turned around and caught a glimpse into the room I'd previously had my back to. I laughed softly as I realized I could see completely into the room but in the dark the guests couldn't see me at all. I knew when I'd sat down the light in the room had been off but now he large suite was filled with light. I could see the telltale signs of occupation, a pair of shoes tossed carelessly on the floor, and small black suitcase open on the chest. All the little things people did when the entered a hotel room.

While I stood there staring I saw the bathroom door open and, to my surprise, Dannie came out. She pulled her hair into a ponytail as she padded across the room to the suitcase. She was wearing a pair of blue plaid boxer shorts and a t-shirt that was a few sizes too big for her. It's probably Scott's, my inner voice to me. She grabbed a bottle of lotion out of her suitcase and began smoothing it over herself. I was transfixed by her actions. I watched as she placed her foot on the bed and moved her hands up her calf to her thigh, her fingers slipping briefly beneath the hem of her shorts. She then moved to her arms. I looked at the bottle and realized it was simple baby lotion. So that's what I'd smelled all night long. There had been a pleasant scent every time she moved past me, but I couldn't name it, now I knew.

She was still smoothing the lotion over her skin when the door opened and Scott came in carrying a bucket of ice and a few cans of soda. He looked ridiculous wearing the large terry cloth robe that on most people would've been floor length but on him it was mid-calf. I couldn't hear their words but I saw her shoulders shake softly as she laughed at something he said. He offered her one of the cans, which she declined, with a shake of her head. He nodded and sat on the side of the bed and opened one of the cans while she talked to him. He nodded a few times and watched as she walked over to him with the bottle of lotion in her hand.

When she stood in front of him she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. For a moment I couldn't help myself as I imagined being wrapped in her arms and in the soft scent of baby lotion.

After what seemed like an eternity she pulled away from him and handed him the bottle of lotion. Then she turned her back on him and lifted the t-shirt over her head, revealing not just the bare line of her back but, to my astonishment, a tattoo that ran the entire length of her spine. I was stunned, I never would've thought she'd have a tattoo, but there it was moving down her spine. Scott squeezed some lotion into the palm of his hand and began working it into her skin. She leaned against his hands as they moved up and down her back. His hands moved around her body and pulled her closer to him. She was practically sitting in his lap as his hands moved lower down her. Although I couldn't see exactly what he was doing I had a pretty clear idea. After a long moment she turned around and smiled at him.

I let my eyes move down her body just as I was sure Scott's hands had a moment before. Not only did this girl have a tattoo but small silver hoops pierced her navel and both of her pink nipples as well. For a moment my breath was caught in my throat. Her breasts were full and round and the hoops seemed to only add to the attraction. Her hands disappeared for a moment into the white robe that Scott wore only to return into view as they slid it off of his shoulders. Again they kissed, this time her fingers moved into his hair; the curls seemed to twine themselves around her fingers. She pulled gently on his hair, forcing his head back. I could've sworn I heard him moan softly as her lips moved to his neck, kissing him then teasing his jawline. No wonder he was clean shaven, I thought to myself.

His hands moved to her full hips and around to grasp her ass. She pulled away from him and for a moment they just looked into each other's eyes. Scott's hands moved from her ass to the silver hoops through her nipples. She closed her eyes as he tweaked them, pulled at the hoops then bent down to tease them with his tongue. She opened her eyes and pushed him onto his back. Her own fingers moved over his chest and she straddled him. She seemed to relish the soft hair that covered Scott's chest. I chuckled softly to myself as I remembered a conversation he'd had with Vince McMahon, who was trying to convince him to shave his chest, "Nah man, chicks dig it." He'd said with a smile. Obviously he'd been right. She leaned down and teased his nipples with her tongue. It was fascinating to see Scott writhe beneath her touch. His hands slid up her sides then tangled in her hair pulling her up to him for deep kiss. As they kissed Scott rolled so that he was on top of her. Without seeming to miss a beat she hooked he ankles behind his back and continued kissing him. He pulled away from her and brushed a loose strand of hair out of her eyes then began kissing her again, while slowly moving down her body.

I wanted to stop watching them, but when he began tugging at the waistband of her shorts I couldn't pull myself away. He looked up at her and said something as he pulled the shorts off of her. I very much would've liked to hear them, but the closed window prevented that. She laughed and responded, lifting her hips, pressing herself against his still talking mouth. He closed his eyes and not for the first time I wished I could trade places with him. Standing on the balcony I could almost smell her scent and taste her sweet juices. For a moment I felt dizzy as I watched them. Him obviously kneeling on the floor with her legs draped sensually over his shoulders, his arms wrapped around her thighs, as he tasted her. You are one sick puppy, my inner voice said. I couldn't disagree, but I also couldn't look away.

He seemed to spend an eternity between her thighs, using his tongue to tease her as she arched her back and thrashed beneath his touch. She moved her hands to the back of his head and even through the glass I could hear her moan as she came with a shudder For a moment Scott held his position, then he kissed his way back up her body to be greeted with a deep kiss. He moved onto his side and looked down at her as she tried to regain her breath. She reached up and touched his face while she spoke, then let her hand move down his chest. Her free hand moved to play with the hair at his navel. For the first time I noticed that Scott was wearing white Fruit of the Loom underwear. Tighty Whighteys, I thought with a chuckle.

Her fingers slipped inside the elastic, Scott's eyes closed and he slowly rolled onto his back. I'd thought she would move down his body, but she didn't. Rather she easily slipped her hand into his shorts and began stroking him. When she did finally start to move down his body he stopped her with a shake of his head. Again words were exchanged between them and soon she was helping him out of the shorts he was wearing.

Now they were both naked, their hands and eyes exploring each other's bodies. Scott rolled onto his back and pulled her onto him. She held his hard cock in her hands for a moment, using the head of it to tease herself. I ached with him. Finally she began to slide herself onto him, both of them closing their eyes for a moment as she moved. Scott's hands rested first on her hips, then up to her breasts, holding them as they swayed with her movements. I could feel my own cock getting harder as I watched her move. Her hips twisted gently as she arched her back, grinding against him. It was purely erotic and I ached to be the man beneath her.

She reached down and took Scott's hands in hers pulling him up against herself. As they embraced he reached around and pulled her hair free, tangling his hands in it and pulling her head back so he could nibble on her neck and ears. Her movements became faster, and soon I again heard the unmistakable groan as she shuddered deeply.

In one swift and, to my mind surprisingly, graceful movement Scott turned them so that he was on top of her. He cupped her face in his hands and covered her face with kisses. She returned each one of his kisses as she moved beneath him, eventually ending up on her stomach while he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. She raised her hips as Scott stood behind her. She looked over her shoulder and gave her hips and playful wiggle. I had to agree with Scott sentiments as he licked his lips. He reached down and slowly guided himself back into her. I envied him as he began to thrust his hips against her. Her eyes seemed to flutter close and she bit her lip while greeting each of his thrusts. Their movements were quick, almost frenzied. Suddenly there was the sound of a sharp smack and I realized he'd spanked her. A look of ecstasy crossed her face as another sharp smack landed on her ass. Then he held her ass cheeks, kneading the flesh as he pounded into her. They were both talking, but I couldn't hear it, although I found myself listening with every nerve in my body. Scott's finger tips were white they held her so tightly until he thrust deeply and the came together.

He leaned over and began kissing her softly on the back of her neck and holding her until she was snuggled against his chest. I felt as if I was an invader on something very private, and I was. I had just witnessed my best friend make love to a woman he obviously loved. Not only had I stood there watching but also it had excited me, turned me on. Some part of me had enjoyed being privy to their intimacy. I watched them for a moment longer before I decided I needed to go to my own room, not only for a cold shower but I needed to be alone with my guilt.

Just as I was about to turn away Dannie turned on her side with her back to Scott. He groggily spooned behind her, burying his face in her mass of auburn hair. A shockwave passed over me as Dannie looked me directly in the eye, smiled and winked. All I could do was walk in a confused stupor back to my own hotel room where I fell into a fitful sleep.

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