tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWeekend at the Lodge Ch. 10

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 10


This is a series and will best be enjoyed by reading them in sequence.


As we finished lunch, I heard the sound of a car in the distance and the repeated honking of a horn. I surveyed the situation in the room and then walked over to my kit. I retrieved a small pistol and stood by the window to see who was coming. I lifted the safety catch and cocked the pistol. A moment later a car pulled up honking and parked next to the van. Five people got out, two men and three women and they headed toward the lodge. One couple was walking arm in arm and they all were yelling and having a good time as they approached the stairs. They came through the kitchen as I stood near the sliding door. As they entered the main room they saw our orgy of bondage before them and they froze.

"Welcome." I said as I held up the pistol. "You weren't expected, but I'm glad you're here. We need some fresh meat." I taunted as I motioned them into the main room with the pistol. "Please come in." I said as they stared at the naked bodies tied up around the room. Geri hung tightly to Bob's arm but Debbie, who had been driving the car, bolted for the door. As she ran for the car, I slid the glass door open and fired a bullet into the front tire of the car. "She'll be back." I joked as I closed the door.

Surveying the situation, I smiled. "Well gentlemen, it appears that reinforcements have arrived. Would you two step over there?" I said to the two guys. Bob and Mark walked over to the area under the loft. "Don't do anything stupid and you may come out enjoying this little adventure. Just ask Steve and John over there." I said, pointing to the two guys on the couch, each with a woman's mouth wrapped around his cock. I reached up for a pair of the ropes hanging from the loft and tied them around their necks, leaving very little slack. I looked at Geri and the young beauty froze.

"Go find that dumb cunt." I hissed and she quickly went out to find her friend. They returned a few minutes later. Debbie was shivering with cold.

"That was pretty stupid." I said as I glared at her. "I'll have to think about what to do with you." I said as I gazed at her beautiful, young body. The other two girls stood nearby. Marilyn stared at Steve as he sat on the couch, Mindy's face buried in his crotch and a look of pleasure on his face. She was noticeably upset.

"Your boyfriend?" I asked.

"Yes." she whispered.

"Well, he hasn't had much choice lately in what he's been doing - but then again, he hasn't complained much either." I teased. Bob was trying to get out of the noose around his neck. I watched him for a moment and then walked over and hit him in the ribs. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. You see, if you give me any trouble, I'll just take it out on your sweet little girlfriend over there." I threatened. "Some of the girls here can tell you that I'm very proficient at that." I said. He looked around the room and could see that several of the girls had dark red marks on their breasts and thighs. Geri paled and Bob stopped trying to escape.

"You two sit over there and don't move." I said to Geri and Marilyn. The two girls sat down silently and watched to see what was going to happen. They were both relieved that for the moment, at least, that they would be spared. I stepped over behind them and pulling some cloth strips from my kit, tied their wrists behind them to the chairs.

"You, over there." I barked at Debbie. The terrified beauty stepped to the middle of the room. She wore ski boots, nylon overalls, a heavy sweater and an open parka. "Strip." I said.

"The hell I will," she spat at me. I walked up to her and gazed at her beautiful, young body. Then without warning, I brought my hand up and slapped her hard across the cheek with my hand. She was stunned. I then hit her again with the back of my hand, sending her sprawling onto the floor. She had never been hit before and lay bewildered on the floor.

"I said 'strip.'" I repeated in a soft and menacing tone. The young beauty did not move. I walked over and picked up the lash.

"Do what he says." cried Sandy. Debbie looked up at her friend and could see the pain and pleading in her eyes. She also saw the rawness of her distended nipples and realized that she had better obey. Slowly, she lifted her body up and then slid her parka off of her soft shoulders.

"Much better." I said as I walked over and stood next to Geri. I could see her body begin to tremble with fear. "Now the boots." I said and Debbie reached down and took off her snow boots. As she stood back up I gazed at her body. "Take off your overalls." I said and she fumbled with the snaps over her breasts and the quilted garment slid down over her body to the floor. Her legs were beautiful; long and shapely as they disappeared under the bulky knit of her sweater. She stepped out of the overalls and then as I nodded, her arms went down to the hem of her sweater and she lifted it up to reveal large, bare breasts, unencumbered by a bra. Her nipples were rock-hard from the cold and her own excitement and her naked breasts swayed gently as she pulled the sweater over her head.

"Now the rest." I said as I smacked my lips. All eyes were on her as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her tiny panties and slid them down her shapely legs. Once she was naked, I motioned her to approach me. I held out my hand as I had the previous day with the other girls. She stopped just short of my fingers. I reached between her thighs and grabbing a handful of her pussy, I lifted her up. As her feet left the floor, she fell backwards onto the couch.

"You really are a dumb cunt." I said as I stepped forward and wedged my knee hard against her naked pussy. I pulled her hands together and tied her wrists. Reaching out to her rounded breasts, I kneaded them harshly and then taking a firm grip on her meaty melons, I pulled her to her feet. She screamed as her entire weight was supported by my grip on her sore tits. I pulled her over to the loft and standing her up on a small stool, between the two men, I tied her wrists above her head to a rope that hung down from the loft. I walked over and picked up her panties. Holding them to my nose, I smelled the sweet scent of her pussy. I then walked over and pinching Debbie's cheeks, forced her panties into her mouth. With another strip of cloth, I tied her gag in place.

"I have some great plans for you and your sweet, little body - something truly special." I said as my hands pinched and pulled at her taut nipples. "In the meantime, gentlemen, enjoy yourselves." I said. They both looked at me in astonishment as Debbie's naked body stood bound between them.

"Your turn sweetheart." I said to Geri as I placed my hands on her soft shoulders. I could feel her body trembling with fear. I reached down and untied her wrists from the chair. "Over here." I said as I walked back and sat down on one of the barstools. The young beauty nervously stood up and walked towards me. She was tall, with long, brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders. She had a sweet face and what looked like a magnificent body.

"What is your name?" I asked.

"Geri." she replied, her voice betraying her fear.

"I'd like to see a bit more of you." I taunted her. "Why don't you strip for us so we can all see just how nice your body is." I said. Geri turned pale but slowly began to remove her clothing. First she took off her jacket and sweater and then her boots. It took some effort to peel her jeans off, since they were so tight around her sweet, young ass. As she continued to strip, I turned to Bob and asked, "How is she in the sack?"

Bob had been casually stroking his hand along Debbie's naked thigh as she squirmed in her bindings, trying to keep away from his hand. "Good, pretty good." he answered and then realized that he was embarrassed and had embarrassed his girlfriend. Geri turned crimson.

"Does she give good head?" I asked as he continued to stroke his hand against Debbie's thigh and his girlfriend continued to remove her clothes.

"No, not really." he replied as his hand pressed towards Debbie's pussy. As she pulled away from his hand, she found that her ass only pressed up against Mark's hands. I heard her squealing through her gag as the two men touched her naked body.

"Do you mean to tell me that a woman who looks as beautiful as Geri here, doesn't give good head?" I asked in an astonished voice. I mean this woman was a walking advertisement for good sex.

"Actually, she doesn't give head at all." he said, in part to humiliate her for her lack of oral attention to his cock these past few months. Geri wanted to die of embarrassment.

"She doesn't? Why not?" I asked as Geri removed her shirt.

"She just won't." he said as he continued to stroke Debbie's naked body. Geri stood before me wearing only a bra and panties.

"Well, we'll have to do something about that." I said as I looked at Geri. "Get naked." I said and the terrified, young beauty reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She crossed her arms in front of her and peeled the soft bra from her breasts. As she lowered her hands, the bra slid off of her arms and revealed a pair of truly magnificent breasts that were copper colored and capped with large, dark nipples. Her body could have been poured from the same mold as Sandy's, though her breasts were slightly larger. I nodded and she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and then slid them down her long legs and stepped out of them. As she stood back up, we could all see just how beautiful her body was.

"Very nice." I complimented her. "Over here." I said and she walked slowly towards me, her huge breasts bouncing gently with each step. I held out my hand and she slid her pussy across my fingers. The naked beauty gasped as she felt my fingers slide between her soft thighs. "Why don't you give head?" I asked as my fingers slipped between her engorged pussy lips and began to tease her quim. Geri was silent as I inserted my finger into her tight pussy. She was drenched. I lifted her firm tit in my other hand and began to squeeze and pinch it. This was one extremely well-built woman.

"I want you to go over there and undress the two men." I said as I released her breast. "Be careful you don't let them choke." I added. Geri walked over to the men as they teased Debbie's body and she helped Mark take off his parka. As she removed his clothes, Bob managed to maneuver Debbie to face him and was sucking on her magnificent tits as his hand probed between her thighs. Once Mark was naked, Geri started to undress Bob as Mark toyed with Debbie's hanging body. Once Bob was naked, she turned to face me.

"Very good." I said. "Now kneel down in front of your boyfriend and I want you to suck on him until he cums in your mouth and then I want you to swallow his entire load." I instructed. Geri stood motionless.

"I can't." she said as she stood naked before me.

"You can and you will, if I have to beat you until you do." I threatened as I picked up the whip. Geri turned to face Bob and sank to her knees but would not take his cock in her mouth. "Either you suck your boyfriend or I'll have you suck everyone else first," I said as I swung the lash in the air and hit her hard across her beautiful ass. Her body lurched forward and she fell against Bob's legs. In an instant she opened her mouth and wrapped her soft lips around his ramrod. Bob moaned as he felt Geri's lips suck on his cock for the first time ever. As his girlfriend sucked on his cock, his hands probed Debbie's bound body.

"The sooner you girls learn that you no longer control your bodies, the better off you will be." I said. "From now on, you are here for my pleasure and to service me and when I so choose, the other men here or the other women." I explained. Geri sucked on Bob as his hands came down and stroked through her soft, brown hair and guided her mouth up and down the length of his cock. He bent over and began to suck on Debbie's naked tits as his girlfriend orally pleasured his cock for the first time. Mark was also teasing Debbie's hanging body as he watched Geri suck on his friend.

"Okay, your turn." I said as I walked over and untied Marilyn. Without a word, she stood up and started pulling off her clothes. She reached back to unhook her bra and revealed what were easily the biggest tits in the cabin.

"Very nice." I complimented her. "What is your name?" I asked.

"Marilyn." she answered as she stood bare-assed naked before me. Marilyn was proud of her body and had good reason. Her head held high, her huge breasts thrust forward, she stood with her feet slightly apart and her hands on her flaring hips. I motioned her forward as I held out my hands. Marilyn walked forward, her huge tits bouncing with each step and pressed her mammoth tits into the palms of my hands. They were full and firm and her nipples were rock hard. As I squeezed her magnificent tits in my hands, I looked over to Steve. "How does she fuck?" I asked.

"Beyond belief." he answered as he gazed down at Mindy's head as it moved up and down on his cock. "And she gives great head." he added, anticipating my next question. I released her tits and then held my hand out in front of her pussy. She stepped forward and straddling my hand, she rubbed her silky blonde, muff across my fingers. Her muff glistened with sexual excitement as I slid two fingers into her dripping cunt. She was wet as hell. What a woman.

"You come highly recommended, let's see just how well you give head." I said as she stepped back and dropping to her knees, took my cock in both hands. She stroked it with her long fingernails and then leaned forward and dragged her huge tits across my cock. She then held it up and wrapped her tits around my shaft as she moved her body back and forth, stroking my cock through her deep cleavage. I watched her as she then lowered her head and kissed the tip of my cock before wrapping her moist lips around it and sucking it all the way into her talented mouth. I moaned deeply as she sucked my root into her mouth and I felt her fingers caress my balls as her lips slid all the way down the length of my cock and the head pressed deep into her throat. She was one talented cock-sucker.

To be continued...

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