tagBDSMWell Fuuuuuuck Me!

Well Fuuuuuuck Me!


"Baby, you can't be serious."

"I can and I am!"

"Baby, you know it was an accident."

"It was an accident the first time you did it too. I told you what was going to happen."

"I know, but you never seemed to care before."

"I cared the very first time you did it. I told you I didn't like it, but you ignored me."

"Baby but that was 15 years ago?"

"I know, but I remember it. I told you then I didn't like it and I have told you repeatedly I didn't like it. I also told you what was going to happen the next time you said it."

"But I've done it before."

"And each time you managed to weasel out of it with some lame excuse. I was drunk, I was tired, I didn't think, I was this and I was that. I am so sick of your excuses."

"But baby ..."

"Don't 'but baby' me. I warned you repeatedly over the years. I tried to ignore it; I tried to get you to stop in gentle ways. But when we decided to have kids I told you that I was at wits end with it."

"I know baby, but ..."

"And I let you get away with it too often. There were more excuses. The kids don't understand, the kids are too young, I didn't see them standing there, more damn excuses."

"It's not my fault baby."

"So someone has their hand up your ass making you do it?"

"It's not really any big deal; there are worse things than that on TV."

"So now it's my fault because I had a TV when we got together? What, do you think you are the victim here? Let me tell you something buster your son did it! He did it over at Jane's house, right in front of her. She just about expired on the spot."

"Well, honey, Jane needs to loosen up a little."

"You are laughing? You SOB, you are in a lousy position to be laughing. Jane is my best friend, and she put up with you doing it all these years. But when your 9 year old son does it, Oh My God, and you think it's funny!"

"Baby, he probably heard about it at school!"

"Maybe, but according to Jane's little boy your son has been doing it at school too. I am just waiting for a call from the principal on this one."

"He wouldn't call, not about this."

"He's called for everything. He called about the fighting, he called about the smoking, and he called about cutting school. All things you like to talk about in front of the kids. I know where he gets his ideas of things to pull. I am damned sure the principal will call about this.

"You have to stop it and nothing I've done seems to have gotten your attention. I told you I wasn't making an idle threat, but you didn't take me seriously."

"Baby, I always take you very seriously."

"Bullshit. You are going to remember this for the rest of your life. I'm going to make sure of it."

"Baby, I promise never to do it again."

"You promised last time, and you promised many times before that. You promised me, you promised your mother, you even promised my mother that time you did it in front of her. I thought she was going to faint."

"Well your mother ..."

"You say one word against my mother and I might invite her over to watch this."

He struggled against the straps, but they held him firmly. "You can't be serious."

"You said that already and as you can see I am very serious!"

At that moment the door opened and Jane walked in. "Is he ready?"

"Just about!"


"He will never learn, will he?"

"Probably not, but he's going to remember this for a very long time!"

He was fighting the straps harder, but the leather was designed to hold against more strength than he had.

"In answer to your not very polite question, she's here because you have done it in front of her and your son did it in front of her. She deserves to see you get what you deserve."

"Baby, it's not that bad."

"It damn well is, I find it offensive, any decent person finds it offensive. But you do it in front of our friends. You do it in front of our families. You have even done it in front of our pastor. You do it when we go out and when we stay at home. And I warned you what was going to happen, once and for all, if you did it in front of our children."

He looked widely around, but saw no help or mercy in her eyes. Jane was smiling a very nasty little smile.

"Are you ready? And make sure you smile because Jane brought her camera!"

He turned to Jane with a horrified look on his face. The flash proved what she said; Jane had indeed brought a camera and knew how to use it. She should since she was a professional photographer.

He tightened up, but it did no good.

And that is why you should never, ever, start the habit of saying "Well Fuuuuuck Me!" when you get surprised, because sooner or later it might actually happen!

The second best picture in Jane's collection of pictures was her best friend Wanda applying very little lubrication to a massive 12 inch dildo fastened to a harness that was around her waist. It also showed Wanda's husband trussed up on his hands and knees across his workout bench, his ass high in the air. They were both naked, but the look on their faces was the most amazing part of the picture and why Jane loved it. Wanda looked magnificent, enough to stir Jane's blood every time she looked at it. She was standing tall and strong, nude but not naked. Her skin shone, her hair pulled back in a clip while the rest hung loose down her back. Her face was strong and unbelievably sexy. Ray, on the other hand, looked scared to death. The picture didn't show it, but he was looking in a mirror watching Wanda prepare the dildo. He looked naked, exposed, and absolutely frightened for his very manhood.

Jane thumbed through the album waiting for Wanda to come over and see it. She printed them all herself and mounted them in a very nice album. She also included a CD with digital copies for Wanda to use as she saw fit. Inside she was nervous, not because of what she had witnessed several days ago, she knew Ray deserved the incredible fucking he received. Wanda had spent years trying to get him to clean up his language, but that one phrase 'Well Fuuuuuuck Me!' seemed to be coded in his genes. He used it to excess and it didn't matter how it embarrassed Wanda or who he said it in front of. Their pastor had talked to him, his mom tried, even Wanda's mom tried, but when Little Ray said it in front or her and her own Johnny reported that he was saying it at school was the straw that broke the camel's back as far as Wanda was concerned. But that wasn't what had her nervous.

Wanda came in, still looking so incredible. Since the fucking of her husband she stood with a new confidence and moved like the dancer she had been in college. She sat down with Wanda and they paged through the album. There were over 100 shots and they were laughing on the first one. The shocked look on his face was priceless. Wanda poured a little wine as they got deeper in the album.

"I love this one; it's the best one of you!" Jane said quietly.

Wanda traced her finger down the picture, from her neck to her toes as she studied the silhouette shot. The light was streaming in the window and it set off her tanned skin. The dildo was sticking out firm from her pelvis and seemed to fit her perfectly. "God--that is a great shot, Jane. To bad I don't dare show anyone."

"I know, but I still love it!"

She looked at each one, remembering the feelings she had during the punishment. "Oh god, look at my face!"

"I know you look so hot."

"I do not, I look ridiculous."

"No, you were cumming, weren't you?"

Wanda blushed. "Yea, I was trying not to, but that dildo you got for me was pushing right on my clit. That slightly tapered section below the base fit my pussy to a 'T'. You have no idea how good that felt. Fucking him was such a rush!"

"Trust me, I know. I was wet when I left."

They were nearing the end of the album and Jane's nervousness returned.

"Oh this one is so perfect; I love what you did with it." The picture was the same shot that had been zoomed into three levels bringing the focus from Wanda to Ray. It showed her pushed up against his ass, but the money shot was his cock cumming on the floor. Wanda's eyes got huge as she looked at that picture.

She turned the page to the last picture and she froze. Jane stiffened, not sure of how it would be received.

"What the hell?" She said looking at a picture of Jane trussed up just like Ray had been.

Jane stepped off the precipice she had been standing on since last weekend. "Wanda, well fuuuuuuuck me!"

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