tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhat a Wonderful View

What a Wonderful View


It is dark outside, in the early morning hours before the sun rises. I am lying in bed, feeling horny. Looking at the clock, knowing that it is almost time for you to come home from work I begin to get more excited. You usually enter the house quietly and take the dog for a walk, not to wake me.

Today, however, I am already awake. My body anticipating your return home. You pay great attention to detail. In all things, that is. This is part of what makes you such an awesome lover. You see things that others do not catch.

In fact, I have been quite turned on since the night before when you left for work. You told me about the lady that is always getting ready for work when you walk the dog. How you see her waking up and preparing for her day. You do not stand there too long, not to arouse suspicion. The way you explained it made me instantly wet, knowing that seeing this show made your cock nice and hard.

As I am lost in my thoughts, I hear your car drive up and in that instant, my plan changes. You enter the house, quietly as usual and get ready to take the dog for a walk. I remain still as if I am still sleeping and let you believe that is true.

After you leave the house, I wait just a few minutes and then pull on a sun dress over my naked body. I leave the house and start to follow the path that I believe you have taken.

My pussy is soaked, just thinking about finding you and watching unnoticed. Just as I begin to think that you have taken a different route, I see you. You are standing near a house that has a light on looking up toward the light of the window. No cars are present, no people on the street. I stop and watch you from afar knowing that your attention to detail could alert you to the fact that I am there.

With no one on the street, you look right into the window. Not even attempting to act as if you are not doing so. There is no need to be discrete since there is a low potential for being caught. As I watch, I feel my nipples harden.

I am imagining what it is you can see. Wanting a closer look so I can see what you are seeing. I look around the street trying to see if there is a place that I can do so without being noticed by you.

You step back toward a tree and I notice that you have your hand gently stroking your cock through your shorts. Not forcefully but I know you are enjoying the feel of it. Instantly, I become wetter watching this. I decide to move to a new location, where I might be able to see you watching her and her in the background.

I move quietly, not taking my eyes off of you as I do so. Getting closer and taking the entire scene in. Feeling the excitement of watching both of you in every inch of my body.

I can tell you are just about to move on which disappoints me. I have the best view from this new location. I am surprised that you haven't noticed me on the street with you, but am enjoying it so much that I don't give it much thought. I can see her in the distance, getting ready for work. Walking around the room almost completely undressed, wearing a very sexy red bra. She is looking through a closet for something to wear.

Her hair is wet and I imagine that you were able to see her shower and put on the red bra. You are standing closer to me, a bulge in your shorts and your hand slowly rubbing it.

I move a little and make a sound which seems to get your attention. You jump and look around. You appear not to see me but you still start to move on. I see you walking further down the street. I wait a few moments until you are out of site and move back toward the house.

I remember that there is a park just up the road from the house, on the route that you are going to have to take and decide to go there to surprise you. Knowing that you are very aroused and that you will not be gone much longer, I quickly get to the park. Knowing you, you are finishing your walk in order to get home where you can stroke, thinking about what you were watching.

I just get settled in the park when I see you and the dog in the distance. The closer you get to me, the wetter I get and I find that I am softly rubbing myself under my sundress. The dog starts to growl as you get closer to the park and you slow down a little bit. She starts to calm down, however, and you act as if you are not concerned as you start to walk normal again. She must know it is me, I think, thank goodness.

As you are walking close to where I am, I step out and tell the dog that it is okay. Not saying a word to you, I take your hand and pull you into the park. You act puzzled but follow me. We get into the park, back a little from the street and I kneel down and pull your shorts down in one motion.

Doing this exposes a very hard cock right before my eyes. I look up at you and ask you why walking the dog might make you excited? Before you answer, I lean forward and take your cock deep into my mouth in one long, slow motion.

When I do so, your cock hardens even more in my mouth and I can tell by the feel of your entire body that my position is welcome. I look up and see your face in the dim light of the night looking back down at me. Your hands reach out to hold my head to you, literally pumping into my warm, waiting mouth.

Generally teasing is more my style, but it seems as if we are both so turned on that moving to a nasty sloppy cock sucking is in line with the mood. Even though it is the middle of the night, in the middle of a park you can hear my moaning and wet sloppy slurps as I am face fucked by you.

I reach up with one hand and start to stroke your cock at the same time. I assure that your entire cock is covered by either mouth or hand at all times. I look back up at you to see your head thrown back enjoying the feel of my mouth wrapped around your hard cock. This view merely makes me more passionate about giving you head.

As you look down and see my eyes looking back at you, I feel your cock head throb in my mouth and know that you are about to cum. You begin to cum and it goes down my throat at first but I pull it out and feel your warm cum shoot across my face. You see it shoot across my nose, down my chin, even across my cheeks as I purr and continue to stroke your cock.

I stand up, your still hard cock in my hand and you can see even better how covered in cum I am. I take my hand and wipe the cum off my face then licking my cum covered fingers. I bend down and pull your shorts up smiling at you as I do. You tell me "Good morning" and I smile at you. "Did you like your show?" I ask.

You look surprised and say "What show?" acting as if you do not know what I am talking about. I reiterate "Your show, Did you like your show?" You still act as if you have no clue what I mean and I take your hand

"Let's go to the house so I can take care of this" I tell you, holding your nice hard cock through your shorts. You pull me back to you, hold me very tight and then look me right in the eyes. "What?" I ask.

You smile at me and merely say "the question is really did YOU enjoy the show?" showing that you knew I was there the entire time. I just adore that attention to detail of yours.

C K & L

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