tagInterracial LoveWhen a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 04

When a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 04


Hello readers,

Thank you all for reading Dark Chocolate: A Mature Story. This is continuation of that story. The character Keisha was introduced briefly in chapter two of that tale, and for some reason I feel compelled to tell her story. I must state that these are fictional characters and exist solely in my imagination.

This is an interracial love story. In the last chapter Dylan had enough, but in this chapter, chapter 4, the rubber meets the road. This is the final chapter in this series. I hope you truly enjoy, and I am looking forward to reading what you think.

Allow me to thank both Willieone and Overstar for beta reading and editing this chapter. Any errors that are found are my fault and not these two brave souls.

Please read it and enjoy. Also I ask that you do not replicate this story without asking. Writing is hard work and I really take it seriously.


Chase could not sleep. The end was near, and he was frustrated. He had to do something, so the next morning after Lana spoke to Carter, he called Dylan.

Dylan heeded Carter's advice, and parked his car at the airport. He went into a restroom to change his clothes. Dressed as a businessman, he rented a car from Avis, and headed to Lafayette. He knew someone was watching him, and he prayed his ploy worked.

He kept checking his rear view until he successfully crossed state line. His phone rang and it was Chase. Dylan answered, "Hey, you know?" he asked. There was no point in pretending.

"Yes, and Dylan, he will strike. The vision ends in blood, so please be careful." Chase implored.

Shaken, Dylan doubted the wisdom of going to her and the baby and then Chase spoke. "He will learn where she is, and you need to be there to protect both of them. "Chase closed his eyes and saw a majestic bird hovering. You won't be alone, help comes. "

Dylan took a deep breath; He had to get to her now more than ever. As he arrived in Lafayette, he contacted to local precinct. He quickly asked to speak to the commander. Dylan spoke with Chief Harvey Lamden, and explained the situation explicitly. The commander called the Chief in Baird who verified Dylan's identity and confirmed his story. Lamden assured Dylan that they would be on high alert. Relieved and a bit nervous, Dylan left the precinct and headed to the address Keisha gave him.

Soon he was on the street. His heart pounded. He had not seen her in two years, and in a few minutes he would see her face to face. He'd see his baby girl for the first time. He was actually nervous. Within seconds, he was in front of her house. Slowly, he drove into her driveway, and got out. As soon as he walked onto the threshold, the door flew open and Keisha leaped into his arms.

She cried so hard and held him so tightly that he had to carry her inside.

"Dylan, I'm so sorry. So sorry," she sobbed. "Never meant to hurt you, but I was so scared..." she babbled.

He held her, as tears of joy covered his cheeks, and whispered, "Baby, it's alright. I'm here now." Keisha calmed down, when another cry interrupted their solitude. Someone had woken up and she wanted attention.

"Wait right here," Keisha whispered. She rushed down a short hall, into a bedroom. Dylan took a moment to look around at the home Keisha had made for the two of them. He noticed that she had pictures of him, Carter, Lana, and Chase throughout the room. As he was looking, Keisha spoke. "Dylan, this is our daughter."

Dylan turned and the tears he thought he had gotten under control started once more. There they were the two most important women in his life. Keisha walked in holding his daughter who was a light toffee color with his sandy brown hair and gray eyes. She held on tightly to her mother and stared at him, and then she smiled. Dylan was sure of few things in his life, but one smile from that beautiful baby, he fell head over heels. He was not walking away.

Keisha might try and disagree, but as of this moment, Dylan was home. "Can I....?" he asked.

"Yes, 'Licia, this is Daddy. Go to Daddy." Alicia hesitated, and Dylan was ok. Keisha tried to encourage her, but he stopped her.

"It's Ok, she doesn't know me. It's alright. Hey Alicia, I'm Dylan" he whispered. The baby smiled, and then reluctantly reached for him. Dylan held his daughter for the first time; his heart pounded, and he was overjoyed. Alicia started squirming, and Keisha asked for her to clean her up and dress her for the day. Dylan offered to help, and went with her. Keisha gave the baby a bath and Dylan at first was hesitant about joining them in the bathroom, but Keisha called him in there.

After her bath, the two adults dressed the rambunctious two year old. Soon it was a little after seven, and Keisha called her job to take off for the day. Her supervisor gladly gave her the time. She never missed unless the baby was ill.

Dylan held his daughter, even fed her breakfast. Alicia wanted to watch her favorite cartoon, and Dylan lay on the floor beside her as Keisha cleaned. While she worked they talked. She told him that the birth was easy. The baby had the sweetest temperament. She decided to just tell everything, so she explained that Talia and Rick helped her.

"They didn't say.... They came last year and didn't..." Dylan muttered.

"I asked them to not say anything. Don't be mad at them. Talia begged me to call, but I was afraid... "She took a deep breath. "The way I left was wrong. I should have called you, but I knew you wouldn't let me leave. I had to go. I'm sorry Dylan. I'm sorry I did that to you."

"You were afraid. I understand that, but did you think I couldn't protect you. Did you think because I'm white that I'm weak?" He asked.

"No baby, never. I don't want him to hurt you or anyone else. I ran because he is crazy and he will kill me. If it was just me, I would have stayed, but I had to protect her. She is everything I'm not." Keisha explained gazing at their daughter.

At that point the doorbell rang, interrupting their solitude. Keisha jumped. Even now, years later, she was still so afraid. "Who is it?" she called out.

"It's me and Brenda." Rick's father answered, and Keisha moved quickly letting them in.

Cedric entered and saw the man holding Alicia. It was obvious who he was, the baby was his image. "Welcome Dylan. I saw your car and was worried. Brenda greeted him as well and Alicia abandoned her daddy to get kisses from the Harris's. Brenda laughed and told the baby that she was beautiful and precious.

The Harris's didn't stay long, but made the young couple promise to join them for dinner. Talia and Rick would be home and they could all catch up. They agreed, and Keisha smiled. "I need to call Talia." She mused.

"No, we need time. We can call and talk with others later. Right now, I want you and Alicia to myself." Dylan explained.

Keisha smiled. "Of course, I'm so glad you're here. So glad to just be with you again," and he embraced her as well as his little girl.

"You know Carter wants more pictures, so we'll have to send a lot." He teased.

"Carter! How is he? Lana? Chase? Everyone?" she asked laughing.

"Momma, want Zannie and Lannie" Alicia whined.

"Baby, they'll be home soon ok. Let's spend time with Daddy, OK." Keisha whispered to the baby.

Alicia smiled, looked at Dylan and said "Daddy, my daddy."

"Yes, your daddy." Dylan replied as he scooped up his baby girl. For the first time in two years they were content. He reached over and pulled Keisha into his tight embrace, and whispered. "I'm never letting you go. I'm home." Keisha trembled.

Keisha simply held on, inhaling his scent, reveling in his presence. She was not blind to the fact that a mad man was still after her, or that she was really on borrowed time, but for now her family was whole.

Soon Alicia wanted down, and Dylan let her go. She went to her room and found the toys she liked playing with. Dylan watched her, but he also needed to talk to Keisha. "Keisha, we really need to talk but now isn't the right time. Will Alicia take nap soon?" he asked.

"Yes, and we can talk then. I'll answer all of your questions. Look, Dylan, you have the right to be mad, but promise me you will at least listen." She pleaded.

Dylan nodded, and changed the topic. "Well, Carter is now a medical resident at Mt. Vienna Medical Center. Chase has moved to Baird and he and Lana just bought their house. I think they may marry soon; I know Chase wants kids. We've kept in touch with the Greens and Mya. As a matter of fact, I think Carter has a thing for Mya. You know she went to nursing school and is now an LPN. Carter wants to ask her out, but is too chicken." He laughed.

"Wow, Mya's a nurse, and Carter is almost a doctor." Keisha was floored. She hoped it worked out because she only wanted the best for her friends.

"You know Chase sees things, right?" he stated solemnly.

"No, really," Keisha was curious now, because Chase was always an enigma to her.

"He told me that both you and the baby were with friends and safe." Dylan exhaled. Chase has also told him Deshaun would strike, he had to keep her and Alicia safe. Dylan was silent a little too long.

"He warned you about Deshaun, didn't he?" she asked.

"I will protect you. I've already notified to the local precinct and they are aware of him. I won't lie to you, baby. He has a lot of people fooled. He also has people looking for you. That's why we need to be extra careful. We will stay indoors as much as possible. Whatever you did to vanish, keep your cover. I mean, how? How did you pull this off? I have searched for two years, and nothing. But you were right here, the whole time." Dylan exclaimed.

"The day I left, I knew Keisha Johnson had to disappear. I changed my name, stayed out of sight, and only interacted with a few people. I was worried about being traced through my social security number, but both my jobs had people that helped. They helped me hide. The first time I filed taxes, I knew he'd find me, but my boss, Mr. Preson, had his accountant file for me and somehow he kept me under the radar." Keisha exhaled and looked Dylan straight in the eyes.

"Here I am Arianna Jackson, and no one cares about my past. Alicia's last name is also Jackson, but we can always change that. She should have her right name. I have cost you two years of your time with our daughter because of my fear, and for that I'm sorry. We both know you can never get that time back, but Deshaun is insane and I know he blames me. Alicia is the only thing that I have ever done right, and she deserved a chance to live. It hurt when I walked away, but to keep my daughter safe and to save you and Carter, I'm glad I did." She caressed his cheek, "I'd do the same again in a heartbeat."

With each word, Dylan's pride escalated. His woman was smart, brave, and so very beautiful. She was right, Deshaun needed to be dealt with, and he recalled Chase's words. There was only one way to destroy a serpent. Dylan was no longer under the delusion that all three of them would survive this. He knew someone had to die. He'd make damn sure it was not one of them. "Keisha, I mean Arianna, I'm here now, and I'm not leaving. I gave you my oath that I'd keep you safe and now I swear once more that vow. I will die before he touches you, either of you." He swore as he held her close.

Keisha stood and took a few steps away. "I won't lie and say I am not afraid, because I am. But Dylan I am also tired of hiding. He might come, but this time I'm ready." She declared. The look of determination on her face stopped Dylan in his tracks.

"For two years I have hid from him, too afraid of even my own shadow. I gave up my shot at true happiness because of fear," Keisha exhaled, "Not anymore Dylan. I want you to keep Alicia safe. If he finds me, you protect her."

"No, I will protect both of you. He will not get near you. He won't come between us. I pro-" Keisha placed her fingers on his lips.

"He already has. He was why I ran and ripped us apart. But baby, I'm not running anymore. It's time to end this. She deserves better. She deserves her Daddy. Do you think I've been sitting by idly waiting for him to find me Dylan. No, I've trained, learned judo, and I carry license for a concealed weapon. He might take me out, but I will try my damndest to take him with me." She then kissed the man that was her heart. "I'm done hiding. We end this." She declared.

"Mommy, Daddy, wanna play" Alicia called running into the room where her parents waited. Dylan scooped her up once more, and joined her for her tea party. Soon the door bell rang and Keisha answered.

"Licia, Licia" Zander and Landon squealed for their friend. Hearing her friends Alicia quickly abandoned her Dad and rushed to see them. Dylan followed much to the surprise of Talia and Rick.

"Zannie, Lannie" Alicia squealed and the three babies greeted each other. The adults looked on and laughed.

Richard finally broke the silence and addressed the elephant in the room. "So, Keisha called?"

"Yes, though, I wish you would have hinted, but I understand why you didn't." Dylan replied. "Despite everything, you kept her and Alicia safe. I owe both of you."

"I'm just glad you two are together." Talia chimed in. Loud laugher came from Alicia's room and the adults giggled. "Let me peek in on them." She walked to Alicia's room, and Keisha joined her.

Rick and Dylan talked. "I'm not leaving them. I'm staying." Dylan declared. Rick nodded.

"What about your job, your brother?" he asked.

"Carter can keep the house, and I'll always be there if he needs me. As for my job, I can transfer, or even do something else." Dylan replied. "Besides Carter knows my heart is here. I'll call him later."

"Well, I'm just happy you're here. They need you. Keisha is a strong woman, and she has done well. But being away from you hurt her deeply. Besides, I need another guy around to help when they gang up on me. My Dad is whipped." Rick teased.

Dylan laughed, "Man, all of us are whipped and you know it."

Meanwhile, in Alicia's room, Talia and Keisha chuckled at their progeny. "Hey you three, what are you doing?" Talia asked as she walked in and noticed the dog pile of toddlers, her son Landon being on the bottom. Lifting Alicia, the girl squealed with glee as her two playmates clamored to the adults for attention as well, assuring them that the babies were well. Talia wanted to speak with Keisha privately.

"Hey, are you alright?" she asked because she knew how hard these last two years were on this girl.

"For the first time, yes, I'm fine. He's here and I never thought this would ever happen. Alicia adores him, and he is smitten." Keisha explained. "I asked him to look out for her. You know." Talia started to speak, Keisha stopped her, "No, it's going to come to a head. I can feel it. It ends Talia, because I can't keep being this way, afraid and worried all of the time."

Keisha took a deep breath, "When he comes, and he will; I'll be waiting." Talia felt a cold chill. Keisha's tone was so deadly, cold that she knew her friend had reached her breaking point.

"Look, Keisha, don't-" Talia started saying.

"No, I won't find him. He will find me. Just make sure Alicia is safe for me OK." Keisha sighed, "The guys are going to worry; let's join them." Keisha added happily as if she didn't just tell her friend she was ready to die.


Lana arrived at work the next morning and reported straight to the chief. She told him that Nash had an emergency and would be out a few days. This did not follow protocol, so the chief had some questions.

He was already upset, because he'd gotten a call from the mayor ordering him to assign Nash a new partner. A new woman was being sent to him, name Kate Lane. Something was not right. New officers were not often reassigned so quickly, and although the mayor had some clout he never used his position to secure positions for anyone.

Something was fishy here. He ended up assigning Lane with Davis. The two women went on patrol together not speaking. As they were out, Kate decided to ask about Dylan. Lana was instantly protective. She gave short quick answers that did not reveal much. The two women worked together and the day ended. Lana went home and talked to Chase. Chase had not met this new woman, but it was something unique about her. The next morning, he asked to drive Lana to work because he wanted to see this new partner. As they drove in, Kate pulled up, and Chase once again saw a great bird. He smiled, and Lana was ticked. "What? Why are you smiling at another woman? Do you want-" he kissed her silencing her effectively.

"Lana, you are my love, my life. But I had a vision, she will help Dylan and Keisha," Lana blinked.

"Wait? How?" she asked.

"The visions reveal themselves to me in pieces. I just know that your new partner is not what she seems." Chase explained. Kate looked over and saw Lana talking to a handsome man. He looked at her and smiled. Her body flamed with need. She had never reacted to anyone like this before. Then she saw him kiss Lana, and then he left.

"Good morning, Officer Davis, was that your husband?" she asked knowing they were not married but trying to get handle on the heat his gaze caused deep inside her.

"Not yet, but he will be," Lana answered. "You ready to start."

"Davis, get in here." The Chief called. Lana reported to his office.

"Look, I got a call this morning from the Lafayette PD. I want you to know that Nash contacted them and they are on alert." The chief exhaled. "Watch Williams, if anything changes report it."

Lana nodded. She was already alerted. Soon, she reported in with her new partner for their assignments. They went out and to several domestic calls. Kate needed Lana's trust, but she wasn't sure how much time they had left. Another work day ended and she waited with Lana until Chase arrived. He drove up and got out. The man was pure male perfection, and her pussy throbbed. Lana looked at her and she knew. "Kate, he's taken." She warned.

Kate blushed and looked away. She had to get this under control, or everything would be jeopardized. "Hey Babe, who's your partner?" Chase asked.

"Chase this is Kate. Kate" she nodded towards her lover, "Chase." After Lana introduced the two, Chase extended his hand and when she touched him, heat shot up his arm and he snatched away.

"What are you?" he asked. She appeared to be a normal person, but she was powerful. He'd only ever met one other one with that much power and that was his grandmother.

Kate, practically came when he touched her. "I'm a cop, just a plain old cop."

Chase nodded. "You may wear a uniform, but you are more than just a cop."

"Baby, let's go." Lana demanded, not liking the look of lust on the other woman's face. The fact that her man reacted so strongly to the other female was a point of great concern. "Good night, Kate." She called as she and Chase walked away.

Chase knew Lana was upset, but she had no need to worry. He belonged to her. No other woman would ever entice him. He smiled, and realized that now was the time to let her know how he truly felt.

"Baby, rest. Let me run you a bath." Lana sat and fifteen minutes later her bath was ready. She went in and undressed, Chase appeared and said, "Tonight, I bathe you."

Lana slid into the hot rose scented water and Chase joined her. Taking the soap, he gently caressed her skin. Her body tingled, as he touched her. He took extra care and massaged her nipples, pinching them gently. Lana moaned. Then slowly he slid his hands lower to the center of her heat. He cupped her mound and then rubbed ever so gently. "Up," he demanded, as she rose to her knees and he took full advantage and washed her completely. As he washed her, he stroked her clit causing her to moan.

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