tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhen Huey Ate Gwynnie

When Huey Ate Gwynnie


"Yo! Gwynnie, Huey here." Huey Lewis' voice crackled on the phone.

"Oh, Huey, wazzup?" Gwyneth Paltrow spoke in a lazy tone.

"Our 'Cruisin' CD is out. You wanna listen to it?"

"Oh God, it's done? Where are you?" Gwynnie's voice became excited.

"In my car, I'm playin' it while I'm cruisin."

"Come here, quick, can you?" she urged.

"Alright, be there in an hour."

"Jeez, are you riding a hearse! Fly, Huey baby, fly," Gwynnie teased.

"All right, I'm takin' off," Huey chuckled, and sped up his Corvette convertible.

Hmmm. Glad you're going my way. I'll love it when we're cruisin' together… Gwynnie lip sang the song as she heard it through the phone and then laughed.

"Hurry up and don't wait me up too long," Gwynnie said excitedly.

"I'm comin', Huey said and Gwynnie clicked off her tiny cell phone with a big smile on her face.

Gwynnie was lounging on a cozy sitting area stocked with cushy pillows in her state-of-the-art bathroom. She stood and stepped down, walked towards the bathtub and let her silky robe fall down to the marbled floor. She scratched her pussy and smelled her fingers. Her nose crinkled cutely. Then she soaked herself in her bath tub singing the song and feeling glorious. After 20 minutes of bath pleasure she towel-dried herself and proceeded into her walk-in closet. She chose to wear a white tank top and a pair of stone-colored Capris and soft slip-in sandals. Then she applied light make-up.

At the door, Huey got a whiff of Gwynnie's fragrance as they buzzed on the cheeks. Gwynnie took a bunch of flowers from Huey and put them on a vase. Huey handed her the CD and she run to her CD player. The music came on and Gwynnie gleefully began lip-singing and bobbing up her body to the tune.

"I love the scent you're wearing Gwyn, what's that?"

Gwynnie's arms wound around his neck and pulled him close for a slow dance.

"It's Aesop--pure rose from Turkey. If you put a little drop on your skin it's for life."

And if you want it you got it forever
This is not a one night stand (baby)
So, let the music take your mind
Just release and you will find
You're gonna fly away...

"Gwyn you've got a great talent and beauty," Huey said matter-of-factly as he held her slim waist.

"Thanks," Gwynnie said smiling in her most charming way as her body moved sexily to the music.

"How's Ben?" asked Huey. Gwynnie's smile faded and paused.

"You have a cigarette?" she asked breaking up the dance and settling herself on the sofa. She tucked one leg to another and smirked putting an elbow on the back rest. Huey reached from his suit pocket and from a pack of Luckies produced two sticks, which he put in between his lips. He flicked a Zippo and enflamed the tips then gave one to Gwynnie.

"Thanks" said Gwynnie as she inhaled and blew smoke rings above. "It's the first time I was offered a cigarette like that." Gwynnie's smile came back.

"I got that from an old Bette Davis flick," said Huey.

"Really? Cool," she said dragging at the cigarette into her lungs once more.

Then Gwynnie's eyes became downcast. "You know Ben is screwing Jennifer Aniston. I read it in the tabs. When I called him about it he admitted that he...he slept with her," Gwynnie said sobbing a little and then pressing her face on his shoulder. "Why, why in the world did he do that? What does Jennifer have that I, I---?"

"Calm down Gwyn," Huey said reassuringly and gave her his hanky. "If you love him, let him be. Wait till he comes up to his senses and sees his mistake."

"Thanks," Gwynnie said and blew her nose on his hanky. "Know what? In the 80s when I was young, I watched your concert and when you sang "Heart and Soul", I thought that that was coolest song I ever heard and I kept fantasizing you. Little did I know that I would sing a duet with you. Life is full of surprises, isn't it?"

"Yeah, somehow things get connected surprisingly. I was smitten by you, when I watched "Shakespeare In Love" I thought you're the most beautiful actress I saw on screen and never thought we'd cross paths.

Gwynnie's eyes lit up. "It's a small community in showbiz. Tell me Huey have you been unfaithful to your wife?"

"No. I guess nobody has yet seduced me like my wife," he said darting his glance somewhere in the room.

"Really?" Gwynnie looked incredulous. Then she got up on her knees on the sofa and arched her hips while both hands pressed on the top of the backrest.

"Huey, I gotta go to the bathroom, mind if you unfasten this thing off. I think it has gotten knotty," she said indicating at the criss-crossing lace in front of her pants.

"Be glad to," said Huey reaching for the knot. He struggled loosening it up. "What did you do with this? I can't seem to make out how to untie this. This is a something of challenge," he said beginning to look exasperated but actually he was enjoying it. "What the heck kind of pants is this?"

Gwynnie couldn't suppress a laugh. "Don't give up Huey, I'm having goose bumps already. I'm too peed."

"Alright I'm closer, getting to it, whew! There you go. Knotty and naughty pants!"

"Thanks, I'll be back" Gwynnie said and hurried to the bathroom. Huey picked the remote and cranked up the volume.

And inch by inch we get closer and closer
To every little part of each other
So, let the music take your mind
Just release and you will find...

Gwynnie came back wearing just the tank top and stringed panties. Huey's eyes lit up like neon lights.

"Hey where's the pants?" He asked finally.

"Don't bother with that stupid pants. Ain't this better?" she said strutting over to the bar.

"JeezMary&Joseph, you just gave me a giant hard-on."

I thought your wife is your top seducer unmatched. But she didn't say that. "We'll drink to our Cruisin.' What'll you have?"

"Scotch on the rocks," he replied.

"Help yourself. I'll have vodka," she said sliding her ass on a bar stool.

Huey walked up to the bar and fixed their drinks. Gwynnie crossed her legs as Huey handed her the vodka and they made a toast. "To our Cruisin' may it fly to the top of the charts." They clinked their glasses, gulped down and sighed.

Huey sat on a stool next to her. Gwynnie swiveled to him lifting her foot and brushing her toes on Huey's bulging crotch. "Yeah, It's friggin' hard. You could have used that to crack ice," she laughed dryly.

Huey blushed. "The sight of you could loose a man's friggin' mind over."

"Why don't you take off of your pants, climb out of your jockeys and feel comfortable," Gwynnie said. Omigod, I'm encouraging Huey to have an affair with me. Ow, affairs really do happen, they slide into your life sometimes without even planning for it. Sorry Mrs. Lewis, you're hubby was just going to relieve himself and so was I.

Without mincing words Huey stripped down all his clothing except his briefs. He folded them neatly and placed them on the next stool. Gwynnie slipped her stringed panties off her legs upward. Then she held the panties up a bit folded it in some fashion and stuck it between her legs. She stretched out her legs to the down to the floor. Huey was glued to her dark brown bush contrasting her creamy skin color while she made out something like a rose out of the panties that lay planted at the fork of her long shapely legs. Soon it looked like a blossoming flower covering her pussy.

"It's a flower! How creative?" Huey remarked at the ingenuity she had just created out of her blush pink panties.

"Yeah, my flower. Care to smell it?"

"You bet. I like flowers." Huey gestured some brand of machismo in his face and out he moved and knelt astride her outstretched legs. She pinched up bits from the panties' crease for the finishing touch.

"Marvelous," Huey said as his hands started feeling her legs up to her thighs and his face leaning towards the panties that she morphed into like petals of a camellia flower.

Huey began sniffing.

"How does my flower smell?" she asked. Huey's nose hovered closed to her self-made flower giving goose bumps over her skin.

"Hmmm, smells like a rose from Iran," he said and then glanced up at her. "Hey, do you know that in pre-historic times flowers were cultivated for food?"

"Aha, I like what you're telling me. Go on," she said giggling.

"Like people in Mexico ate the starchy roots of dahlias. The nutlike seeds of the East Indian lotus are still eaten by the Chinese. Pot marigold also known as 'pot herb' was used to season meats and salads in Central Europe."

"Really?" Gwynnie gushed as Huey's tongue began searching along the base underneath the panties wetting her pubic hair.

"Yeah. In Elizabethan England violets were eaten raw with onions and lettuce or mixed in broth."

"Raw? Eaten raw? It must be delicious," she said squirming her hips at the sensation of Huey's darting tongue flicking over her pussy flesh.

Slowly, Huey un-tuck the panties with his fingers from the center of her hips until her real flower was exposed. He buffed the panties over his sweating brows and blew on her inch long pubic hair shrouding her central part with the demarcating line that separate twin pulpy lips. With the firm tip of his tongue he licked from the bottom line up to the top end and there drew circles like an Indian dancing around a campfire.

Inch by inch Gwynnie separated her thighs to give more access to his probing tongue. "Oh yeah, it's primo pussy, " Huey said, his tongue scooping out the hidden pink wattles of her pussy.

Gwynnie tightly squeezed her eyes shut and moaned exuberantly. Then she raised her knees pressing them to her body by hugging the back of her thighs with her arms. Her pussy bulged out and her clit hood distended out to which Huey lapped it up with gusto.

"Suck it Huey, suck it ohhhh!" Gwynnie uttered breathlessly. Huey suckled at her clit then squirted it off his mouth, licked along the sides and then put it back in his drooling mouth, repeatedly squirting it off and suckling it. He ate her like a man who came out of a starvation diet. His fingers scraped slightly along both the back of her thighs adding a peripheral tingling sensation all around. When his tongue found the fuck hole, it slithered in, twirled around inside while his nose rub-ba-dub on her pointy clit. Her love nectar poured out from her and drenched Huey's mug intoxicating him more of her salty, musky arousal.

So wet Gwynnie's pussy had become that Huey rose on his feet and pushed down his briefs so he could hold his seven-inch rock-hard dick and polish its head against the wet folds of her pussy. When the head sank into her carnal trap, he sighed like he'd cracked open a safe vault. He held her ankles and rode them on his shoulders and Gwynnie braced her elbows atop the edge of the bar counter. He gyrated his hips screwing his dick into the depths of her warmly welcoming pussy. Once it was all smacked inside and feeling that gloveful warmth of her vaginal muscles he started pumping away-- slowly at first until it necessitated to speed up to gain that ultimate pleasure lovers often cherish. Both grunted and moaned at that pleasurable sensation that built up intensely by his practiced thrusts.

Gwynnie raised her tank top to bare her pert pointed tits and Huey immediately molded his hands over them and played her rigid nipples with his fingers causing the fire of her desire leap and conflagrant her whole body with an all consuming passion.

"Ah…ah…ah…ah…!" Gwynnie sang her mating call to the rhythm of his every delicious thrust. Soon her muscles tensed and she shuddered to a luxurious orgasm.

"Omigod, yeah, hmmm," Gwynnie uttered with rapid breathing. She glanced up to him seemingly studying how his face was taking the sensation. The look on his face could make her come again. Huey lifted her butt without disconnecting his dick in her pussy and carried her toward the sofa. She laid Gwynnie down carefully. Immediately she stretched out her legs together squeezing Huey's dick in a vice-like grip. Huey straddled on top of her, his knees on either side of her lower thighs and began pounding her. The more he pounded the more she tightened around him increasing the intensity of him getting off in no time at all.

Huey was fucking her higher and grinding his pelvis on hers giving her clit a great rub.

Gwynnie requested that they reverse positions. Huey obliged and Gwynnie laid on top of Huey with her legs still stretched out and resumed her practiced pussy grip. Huey savored the ripple of her interior muscles suckling at his dick. Gwynnie was sweating deliciously concentrating on the intense pleasure and there wasn't any bronco bucking movements. She was just still. But her butt was displaying dimples on the side hinting her heavy inner workings. Huey's eyes kept rolling inside his head.

Soon Gwynnie was whimpering, whining and hissing. She raised her head and Huey grabbed hold of her tits. Huey's control was getting out of whack and his orgasm was like a volcano about to erupt. He could feel her hardened clit rubbing hard on his pubic ridge.

Suddenly Gwynnie screamed "I'm coming, Jeezzz, yeahhhhh omigod, and she came, her body sending her in a fit of spasms. Huey's face was grimacing trying to hold it off but time's up; his cock spewed his steaming white lava choking Gwynnie's twitching cunt. Both bellowed at the fireball of an orgasm they both ignited.

Moments later as they were trying for another round, Gwynnie noticed that a car had just arrived.

"It could be Ben!" Gwynnie said. Both looked at each other in panic. Quickly, Huey and Gwynnie moved in fast forward motion putting their clothes back.

Huey emerged out of the front door, gasping for breath and looking like a survivor from a Taliban bombing.

"Hi Ben!," he said trying to sound cool. Ben moved in close to him. Then his forehead creased as his nostrils were wafted with a familiar smell—Gwynnie's rich-scented, musky pussy. Devilish thoughts clouded Ben's head.

"I'm sorry Ben...I got carried aw ..." Before he could finish his sentence a ham of a fist exploded in his face and he saw stars as he fell like an Acapulco diver on the pavement. Gwynnie peeked at the crack of the door and Ben could see her just wearing her tank top and no underwear.

Huey shook his head and his hand flew to his nose feeling warm blood trickling from there. "Oh god you broke my bloody nose…ow!" he said gruffly as he struggled to rise on his feet."

"You wanna take a crack on me, huh?" Ben said taking a fighting stance.

"No, no, no Ben I'm sorry man, really I am. Forgive me, this won't happen again."

Ben cooled down. "You still have pussy hair all over your face." Ben threw him a hanky.

"Thanks Ben."

"Now get out of my face."

"Sure man, I swear I really am sorry"

As Huey approached his car, he threw his fists in the air and said. "Fucking Gywn is worth breakin' up my nose" Then happily he sang:

Music is played for love
Cruisin is made for love
I love it when we're cruisin' together...

Huey Lewis jumped into his convertible. He looked on the rear view mirror and Ben was right. He's still got pussy hair on the side of his mouth. "Gosh, I really had a pussy facial. What a pussy!" He kept Gwynnie's pubic hair in his wallet and felt like a teen-ager. Then he zoomed away happily ever after.

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