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When Life Gets Dull, Spice It Up


(Dear Readers, many of you sent me feed back that my last story, Adorable Woman Part I was too long. This story is equally long, if not longer. But for your benefit I have divided this into three parts and you can enjoy each part individually. I hope you enjoy the story. Please vote after you read so that I know how I have fared. You valuable feedback is very much welcome.)


My wife Shelly & I are married for fifteen years. She is now 35 and I am 39. Both of us have successful careers. She is a senior manager in a bank and I am a Vice President in a software company. Shelly is a very pretty woman, slim & extremely fair. She is 5' 3" and weighs 48 kgs (105 lbs). Her moderate 34B boobs are shapely, her waist is narrow (28) and her hips are very large & curvaceous (38). She was a classical dancer and after she gave up dancing her hips grew in size. I am also in a good shape, 5' 10", 72 kgs (160 lbs). I have managed to avoid a paunch by playing golf 3-4 days a week.

As none of us travel much and our only son (13 years) is in a boarding school, we have plenty of opportunity to freely enjoy sex at home. We all along had a fairly active sex life. We enjoyed sex 2-3 times a week and were happy about it. We always tried to spice up our sex life by trying out different things. But for last couple of years the frequency of making love has gone down. I realised my sex urge is still very strong, but my eagerness for having sex with Shelly has gone down. I felt guilty about it and tried to make it up by having sex with her, even when I was not particularly keen on having sex.

From Shelly's body language at the time of having sex, I was pretty sure her sex urge was still pretty high. In any case, it's common knowledge that women's sexual urge is highest in mid thirties. But I noticed she never initiates sex these days. Earlier she very often did things to tempt me for sex. Another new thing was, I fantasised about other women when having sex with Shelly. Only such fantasy brought me to climax. Shelly also took much longer to climax.

One evening, she & I sat naked in our lounge and enjoyed drinks. This was something very favourite to both for us. Usually after a couple of pegs, we both turn horny and we start exploring each other's body. As we drink more our horniness builds up in stages and eventually we have wild sex. But that evening was very dull. To liven it up, I ran a movie on our DVD. The movie was pretty hot and it turned both of us on. While watching the movie we sucked & licked each other and eventually had sex on the floor by turning the movie off midway. We both had very strong climax. After we recovered, Shelly started the movie again. Though I was sleepy, I carried on with more drinks and watched the movie till the end. When the movie was over, we had sex again.

As we lied on the floor fully exhausted, I said, "Do you realise we made love twice in one session after a very long time. Possibly after two years."

"Of course, I do," she said in a rueful voice, "our bodies are loosing charm to each other. We need to watch others to get turned on."

"You are more than correct," I was emphatic, "but what do we do improve things?"

"What thoughts do you have in mind, when you have sex with me?" she asked.

"I imagine two things – either I am fucking another woman or you are being fucked by another man." I was totally frank.

"Hey, I have very similar thoughts. I do imagine getting laid by another man, but the thought of you fucking another woman excites me a lot more." She said in an excited voice.

"Don't you have any other fantasy?" she asked.

"Yes I do. I imagine another woman & you making love." I said with the apprehension that she would not like this.

She kept mum for a while and said, "I have such naughty thoughts too."

As she said this, she gave me a kiss and as the kiss continued, I inserted my finger in her shaved pussy. (She used to be hairy earlier, as I loved her thick jungle. But off late she shaves herself clean. Another indication of loss of interest in me.) She held my cock, which was getting erect. We finally got into 69 position and made each other cum.

After that fantastic evening, we felt happy that we fully understood each other's mind. We both knew we got to do something to fulfil our needs, but we didn't talk about it. There were too many hindrances. We knew for both of us social taboo wasn't any problem. But for the outer world it was. There were willing men in plenty. But women were too orthodox and inhibited. We kept on thinking, but there were no solutions in sight.

Usually we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a party. As our fifteenth anniversary was approaching, I was planning something big. But Shelly said this time she would prefer a quiet dinner at home. I was a bit intrigued but kept quiet. On the anniversary day, I gifted her a diamond necklace. As I was getting ready for office, I noticed Shelly was in the bathroom early, though she said she taken leave for that day. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened. Shelly was standing there stark naked. The necklace was tied on her waist and the pendant was dangling on her pussy, which was now covered with thick neatly groomed bush. I realised we didn't have sex for nearly two weeks and that's why I didn't notice Shelly had stopped shaving.

This made me crazy with excitement and I drew her naked body close and kissed her deeply. As I was pressing her boobs hard, she disengaged herself. She said I should reserve my passion for the evening, when a still more exciting surprise would be awaiting me.

In the evening, after reaching home there wasn't anything exciting. Shelly had already dressed up. She wore a powder blue silk skirt, with dark blue embroidery on it. It reached just above her knees Her blouse matched the colour of the embroidery and was sleeveless. Her armpit was silky smooth and the light hair she had on her legs & thighs had also disappeared, leaving a glowing skin. As I was watching her, she asked me with a smile if I liked the waxing job. I asked her if she had a whole body waxing. She said, let that remain a surprise. Though I was very keen to find out, I didn't push her.

After I had my shower, I dressed up in Jeans and a round neck T-shirt. By the time I was ready, the doorbell rang. As no guest was expected, I wondered who it was. To my most pleasant surprise, it was Nikki. She was Shelly's colleague. She was a little younger than Shelly and a divorcee.

I had a special interest in Nikki because of her sexy look and as she didn't try to hide her attraction for me. The way she hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks, her physical desire was more than evident. This was, of course, a social embarrassment for me and I was also worried about Shelly's reaction. She was a dark and big built woman, with a very attractive face and thick sexy lips. Shelly told me Nikki often dated different guys, but none were steady.

I possibly saw her 6 months ago, when she was quite plump. She was about 5'8" with huge boobs, must be 38D. Her hips were also large, may be 40 or so and very nicely curved. Shelly did mention Nikki was regularly working out and lost weight. But now I was amazed to see how much she had reduced. Now her waistline was much thinner, giving her an hourglass shape and the tyres of flab around her waist had vanished. Her thick arms had reduced and her neck looked much longer. I wasn't sure if her boobs and hips had reduced in size, but they definitely looked much more curvaceous & sexier.

Nikki was wearing a milk white Kurta & Churidar made of a special cotton fabric called Lucknow Chikon. The cotton is very light and there is self coloured embroidery on it. The fabric is almost transparent and made crisp with starch. Women in India usually wear a slip under such a kurta as the fabric is almost see through. But Niki had dared wearing it without any slip and her cinnamon coloured skin & her black bra were clearly visible through the fabric. The fabric was really transparent. Even under two layers her back panty on her dark hips could be visualised from the backside. I was simply enamoured to see the sexy dark beauty at our doorstep and now knew what Shelly meant as a surprise.

Nikki had a bouquet of yellow roses in her hand. As Shelly took the bouquet from her hand, she hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips. The kiss was a little longer than usual and I deeply enjoyed the aroma of her perfume, the soft & wet touch of her awesome lips and the warmth of her luscious body. As I knew Shelly's mind, I wasn't embarrassed at her overture, but there was already a stir in my crotch and I was scared of erection showing up.

Shelly & Nikki settled down in the lounge and I started arranging drinks. As both the ladies chose to drink malt whisky, my job became easier. I placed the whisky bottle, a large two litre soda bottle and the ice pail on the centre table. I poured small drinks for Shelly & me, Shelly's one with full soda & a little ice and mine with plenty of ice and a dash of soda. As I asked Nikki for her preference, she wanted a large one on the rocks. Since I didn't use a peg measure, I generously poured whisky in Nikki's glass on lots of ice. I lighted two cigarettes for Nikki & me. When we were in the second round of drinks, Shelly started sharing puffs with both Nikki & me.

After first two rounds of drinks, the mood was pink and I put on some slow music. Shelly & I danced close, and I revelled in the softness of her body. Later, Shelly & Nikki danced with a fast lively music and fondly watched the two women, very different from each other but both very beautiful in their own ways. They finished the dance with a tight hug and kiss on the lips. It looked a bit unusual, but gave me kick too.

After dancing Shelly said, "Today let's share some of our secrets between three of us. Both of you have shared your secrets with me on one to one basis. But I am sure you have more closely guarded secrets to share. I also have some secrets, which I have never shared with anyone. Let's bring out those secrets in the open. This will certainly be more interesting than casual chatting"

As Nikki gave an appreciative smile it was quite apparent she was ready to reveal some secret. I also had something to share and nodded.

I told Shelly that she being the initiator, she should the one to start. She readily agreed and started telling her story –

"As I might have told you Nikki, this dear husband of mine has a fetish for pubic hair and armpit hair. He even likes light hair on the legs and thighs. But I am diametrically opposite. I love shaved armpits & pussy. Though I do keep myself unshaved from time to time to make him happy, shaved pussy is actually a fetish for me. I haven't disclosed this to Paul so far and he thinks I shave for cleanliness. Actually, this fetish of mine has a history."

She took a long sip took a long puff from Nikki's cigarette and continued, "As I was growing up, hair started growing in my private area and in the armpits. Gradually the hair became thick & dark. Hair grew in my legs also and even on my thighs there was very light hair. My mom had no hair on her legs and her armpits were silky smooth. I knew she shaved her armpits regularly. As I joined college, when I was eighteen, I also wanted my armpits and legs clean to be able to wear sleeveless dress and short skirts. One day, I tried mom's razor and shaved away all the hair on my legs & thighs. But I didn't feel easy about running the razor in my armpits."

"When mom noticed my smooth legs, she asked if I shaved my armpits too. ("Bogol er chul kamiyechho?"). My answer was an uneasy no. I admitted I was not confident of running the razor in the jungle in the armpit. ("Bogoler chul jongoler moto hoye gechhe. Razor thik moto chalate parbo kina janina") She said she would help me out."

At this stage, I visualised Shelly's mom. She was a very pretty woman with a very fair skin and Shelly inherited her looks. She was taller than Shelly with both breasts & hips being pretty large.

‘Next Sunday, when she was having her bath, she called me inside. As I entered, I saw she had taken off her blouse, bra & petticoat. She had wrapped her wet sari on her body, which hardly left anything of her opulent fair body to imagination. She was rubbing moisturiser in her armpits, which she just finished shaving. Her lovely boobs & nipples were clearly seen through the wet fabric, so were her curved belly and the ample butts. This was the first time I was seeing her in such condition and I realised how beautiful her lush body was."

"She asked me to take off my blouse. As I was standing in my skirt with my top covered with bra only, she asked me to raise my arms and ran her fingers through the long & thick hair in the underarms. She commented the hair was really like a jungle, but she didn't notice earlier. ("Sotyi ekhane ekdom jongol hoye gechhe. Age kheyal kore dekhini.") She made the hair wet with water and started applying foam. As the hair had extended almost to the hem of the bra, she asked me to take off the bra. As I showed shyness, she said there was nothing to be ashamed of with one's mother. ("Mar kachhe lojjar ki achhe?") Without giving me a chance to protest further, she unclasped the bra and threw it away."

"As I could see my breasts in the mirror, I felt for the first time somewhat proud about those mounds. So long, I felt nothing but embarrassment about that growth in my body. I made a mental comparison with mom's boobs, which were much larger (36C against my 32B) and were now fully exposed with the sari slipping down. The downward tilt created by gravity gave mom's boobs a ripe look, which my perky boobs lacked. Her nipples were dark brown and aureoles light brown. My nipples were almost pink and the aureoles brownish pink. Her nipples were as thick as the index finger and half inch long. My nipples even though were erect after coming out in the open, were smaller. Overall, mom's boobs looked much more gorgeous and I wondered how my boobs would change with time."

As Shelly was talking about her mom's and her boobs, I realised now after seventeen years her nipples & aureoles are like what her mom had at that time, both in colour and size. The size was still smaller but the sag was just right.

As Nikki urged her not to stop, she continued, "I felt a tingling sensation as mom generously applied foam. She took the razor and supporting her left hand at the outer side of my right armpit, she carefully shaved my thick growth of hair away with her right hand. After finishing the right armpit, she moved on to my left armpit. This time her left hand was on the inner side of the left armpit. In the process her hand was on my left boob and the nipples got really hard. I was sure mom noticed the hardness and felt a bit uneasy. I looked at mom's boobs, which were still fully exposed as mom's both hands were engaged and she couldn't put back the sari in place. I was awed to notice distinct hardness in her nipples, which looked really big now. This made me carefree and enjoyed watching her more closely. Her bellybutton looked awfully sexy on the lovely curve of her belly, as her sari was tied quite low."

Shelly's description reminded me of my mother, whom I did see naked once. She was a petite woman and I felt a strong stir in my cock.

As I filled Shelly & Nikki's glasses, (I was going slow now, as I didn't want to get too drunk) and lighted fresh cigarettes for Nikki & me, Shelly continued after a long sip,

"By now mom was aware of my watching her partial nudity and asked me to put her sari in place and said it was rather awkward to be with someone else in the bathroom. She was taking the trouble only because I was her daughter. ("Bhalo kore sarita amar oporer dike joriye daoto. Onyo karur sathe ek bathroom e kemon jeno aswasti hoy. Sudhu tumi amar meye bole ei jhamela nichchhi."). As I covered her top with her sari, I realised it didn't help much in covering her nudity."

"After finishing shaving, she checked the smoothness of the skin with her fingers and then started rubbing moisturiser on the shaved skin. Her hand moved over my boobs too and the sensation was awesome. She eventually took a bottle of baby oil and rubbed the oil in my armpits and said baby oil keeps the skin smooth & soft. She continued rubbing oil on rest of my torso and didn't leave out the breasts too. As her hands touched my breasts and brushed past my nipples, I had a heavenly sensation. She kept on saying how good baby oil is for the skin even for grown ups and affectionately rubbed all over my back. She then asked me to take off my skirt and now I being in a different mood, unhesitatingly unhooked & dropped my skirt standing naked except my tiny panty in front of my mom."

"Mom knelt down behind me and rubbed baby oil on my legs & thighs. I looked at the mirror again and very much liked my almost nude body. I realised my panty was too skimpy & the fabric was too thin, though not transparent. Some of my pubes were peeking out of from the sides and also the waistband. There was a distinct line of hair coming out of the panty, which went up to the bellybutton. Worse, the crotch had a wet patch."

"While I was wondering if mom noticed the wet patch, mom asked me to take off the panty so that she could check the skin of the butts. ("Pantyta kholo to, dekhi pachhar chamra khoshkhoshe kina") I told her how could I be stark naked. (Ki kore puro nangto hobo?") She made a sound of exasperation and pulled down my panty down to the ankle. I had no option but to step out of it. She moved her hand over my butts and saying there was little bit of roughness, started oiling my butts. She even parted my butt cheeks and put some oil. She placed her hand in my inner thighs and rubbed oil. In the process, her hand brushed my pubic hair and realising the thickness of the hair made a sound expressing surprise. ("O ma!)"

Nikki was listening to her with rapt attention with an amused & naughty smile on her face and I noticed her hands were crossed on her crotch. As Shelly paused for a while, Nikki asked, "Was it the first time that you got naked in presence of another person?" ("Tumi ki oi prothom karur samne nangto hole?")

Shelly said yes and continued, "Mom turned me around and closely watched my bush. She even ran her finger through the dense hair. She said even after seeing my armpit hair she never realised the hair down below could be so thick & dense. ("Tomar bogoler lom dekhar poreo bhabini je nicher chul eto mota ar ghono hobe.") I didn't know what to say and to divert the topic told her I felt nice as she rubbed oil on me and would like to do the same to her. Though she said she wasn't very fond of such pampering, she turned back and exposed her back. As I fondly rubbed oil on the smooth skin of her back, I loved the layers of flab around her waist. As I rubbed oil there she was tickled and started laughing."

"As she was playfully giggling away, I went round to her front and removed the sari exposing her breasts and belly. She made a "Oops" kind of sound, but didn't put her sari back. I rubbed oil on her cleavage first and then lower down on her belly. After fondly oiling her bellybutton, I put my hands under the folds of her breasts and oiled inside. I was not sure if I should oil her boobs and in stead oiled her underarms making her raise her arms. Her armpits had very soft skin and couple of lovely creases. It looked so sexy that I decided I should always keep my underarms totally smooth. Then onwards, smooth armpit is a big turn on for me."

As she was saying this, Shelly raised both her arms as if to demonstrate the silky smoothness of her armpits and I noticed she also had a couple of awfully sexy creases, to which I never gave any attention. I was amazed even after fifteen years of marriage I was not fully aware of every sexy spot of her body. As I watched Nikki, I noticed her smile had momentarily disappeared. It struck me she never wears sleeveless dress and I guessed she was feeling uneasy as she had hairy armpits.

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