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Winter's Tail


Lazy, soft snow was floating from a winter-pink evening sky. Crisp, cold air rushed up the back of her coat in an assault to her warmest places, "Oh God, please don't let anything happen at the airport this time...."Kelsey pleaded to into the thin rocky mountain air as she remembered with a shudder the minor fender bender the last time she was there.. There's no way she would want to be pulled over in the state of dress that she was in this time....an elegant long black coat and pretty satin heels were only a clever guise for what lay beneath: Thigh high black lace stockings, a pert little red and black bustier with a sweet red bow nestled between her chilled and milky breasts. And of course, one of his favorites, a pair of frilly, red and black crotch-less panties!

"What was I thinking?" she whispered out loud as she ran to greet him. He quickly hugged and kissed her pink cheek, only briefly lifting his eyebrows in amused curiosity at the twitter of red lace and cleavage at the top button of her coat.

"What's this?" He smiled, pulling at her top button, his hands already purple and numb from the frigid Colorado cold.

"Well, you can pull that button really hard and the whole airport will find out....or you'll just have to wait and see Uncle Jon." She grinned with a twirl and just a hint of girlish mystery that she knew he would appreciate. She called her lover "Uncle Jon" and he called her "his niece". It was a divine relationship conceived by two adventurers, unafraid of the world beyond their traditional lives. The incestuous relationship was a made up fantasy, a romantic nod to Marlene Dietrich and her "Daddy", Ernest Hemingway.

"Maybe I should drive?" He teased.

"K!" She chirped as she hopped into the passenger side of her own car. "Watch out for that cop" she pointed and giggled as they exited the garage and drove out into the unknown adventure that was their brief time together.

Once they entered I-70 and headed west, Kelsey casually put her right heel up on the dashboard. As an opening theatre curtain would reveal a sumptuous set, her coat fell away in a dramatic sweep to reveal a long, strong leg wrapped in black nylon and lace, softly suspended by a black garter that hung like magic from the shadows farther under her coat. The curve of her muscle lined bottom sat regally just within the light from the streetlights that flashed quickly over her like a strobe.

She leaned back in her seat and half shut her eyes as she listened to his voice, always an aphrodisiac to her ears, how many times had she played with herself as she listened intently to his stories, to his seductions? She absentmindedly stuck one lonely finger from her right hand into the corner of her mouth and fondled it with her tongue as he spoke. She smiled blissfully in his direction to let him know that she was listening and loving every word he was saying.

HONK, HONK! A car horn assailed her out of the horny little fever that she was working herself into. The honks were for her, for the parts of her that were meant to be hidden from everyone except him, and he now realized the production she had created by putting her foot on the dashboard......

"That's a naughty little niece! What are you doing little girl?" He laughed as he waved to a big man in a blue truck.

"What?" she said with feigned ignorance as she unbuttoned the top button of her coat and sat back smiling like a child who got away with stealing a cookie. "I'm just sitting here Uncle Jon, listening to you talk, warming up my cold legs in front of the vents." She whispered swinging her other foot up onto the dashboard so that both were lengthened out in front of her, the coat now parted down the center to reveal the bottom of the red and black bustier and the downy soft hair that lined her crotch-less panties and smiling, wet lips.

Honk! Honk! A ford F150 flew past, the driver nearly plowing into the canyon wall as they neared a curve. "Kelsey, you're going to cause an accident!" He smiled again, reaching over the center console to stroke her leg. The feather light touch of his gentle hand made her lift out of her seat slightly. He found his way to those smiling lips, and his finger tips eased into the accumulating dew between her legs. She shut her eyes and licked her lips and pushed higher into the air with her hips, her breathing became rapid and she glanced at him through half shut lids, his eyes were on the road while his mind and hand wandered, his full, hard cock rising hungrily into the sexually charged air of the SUV.

She shut her eyes again and languished in the fully real touch of his hand. Somewhere in the foggy reality of the world, another horn blew and a juvenile "woo!" echoed into the far reaches of her mind. But she was already gone to their place, their safe, secret place that had no name or map or address.

Suddenly the car jerked and she could hear gravel crunching under the tires as he pulled off the road on to a shoulder against the canyon walls. His fingers stopped their stroll inside of her and he grabbed both sides of the coat and pulled her into him. He kissed her hard and deep, smashing his teeth into hers as he mined desperately for her soul and then jumped out of the driver's side of the car. He ran around to her side and opened the door. "Come on!" He offered his hand. She took it and they ran into the dark shadows against the mountain, through a small collection of pine trees and up the hill to the large jagged rock that appeared just to be perched precariously off the side of the canyon. He sat quickly on the rock and sat her on his lap. He kissed her again but soft and tenderly before he smiled wickedly into her knowing eyes.

She stood up, sliding a bit down the hill as her heels adjusted to the snow covered hill, she dug each heel expertly into the hillside as a climber would spike his capon into the ice and then gracefully and sweetly laid herself over his knees. He lifted the coat and threw the ends over to the side. He swathed her bottom several times in a warming, soothing way before landing his first teasingly soft slap upon her icy bottom. The first few slaps were cozy and comforting to her increasingly freezing derriere. He held back for several more spanks just stinging enough to elicit some small groans and then he stroked her hair which was starting to collect snow and grabbed onto it gently. He held her hair and began to wail on her hind end as if something snapped inside of him and he turned into the devil, hailing down onto her the brimstone of his deep lust and affection for her.

Harder and harder each blow outdoing the last, she began to scream into the fragile snowy air, she arched her back so she could kiss him, and her kiss only spurred him on to harder and harder spanking. She grabbed the button on his jeans and pulled hard to set free his core, his heat and took it hungrily into her mouth. She sucked hard and fast with each clicking snap of his hand wriggling her tongue up his filling shaft. She drew out of him his wanton wishes and most perverted dreams, savoring every last naughty drop of his gasping, fulfilled penis. His slaps came slower and slower, dying out as the chimes of an antique wind up clock would run out of the power to bang the last few bells. He shook as the last bit of him exploded into her mouth and laid his head onto her back.

The hushed moan of the winter's night surrounded them in peaceful silence, only the tiny jingling of the snow flakes hitting rocks filled their ears. Tiny bits of snow melted on her red, hot bottom and water trickled away in fear of the blaze. There is a place where bliss turns to tears and so does snow.

He helped her down the side of the mountain, holding her hand tightly in his. He opened her door and she gingerly sat down with a soft smile. They drove in silence to the Deer Creek cabins, unloaded their things and stood for several moments at the doorway of the cabin watching the snow fall over the winter hushed creek. Kelsey brought in her stereo put in a world music CD that started with a Spanish piece. They giggled as they mock tangoed across the tiny cabin. At every turn on the downbeat of the music, Uncle Jon would slap her hip and laugh. The song changed to a soft French ballad and their clumsy tangoing changed to slow dancing, Kelsey put her head in his neck and they swayed there in peace and comfort with the dancing snowflakes in their own little horny harmony.

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