tagNonHumanWolves Ch. 06

Wolves Ch. 06


The van stopped and the boys jumped out glad to be out of the confines of the van and away from Cecil. I could see Cecil still looking around and trying to figure out just how much money the house and property was worth. Dee got out, stretched and walked toward me, her mouth dropping when she saw my big belly. While she walked toward me the two older boys were hugging me almost knocking me off balance which they would have if the guys hadn't been standing behind me.

Dee walked up to me and touched my stomach in awe.

"Allie, you're pregnant!" she exclaimed.

"Uh yep." I replied not sure of what I was supposed to say.

It was then that I noticed that my little heart hadn't greeted me. I looked around Dee and saw him standing off by himself looking uncertain and scared. I looked over at Cecil who was standing by the van and then looked back at Tyler, there was something going on here, I just knew it.

I opened my arms to Tyler and watched as he ran toward me. I could feel his little body shake with fear or relief as he hugged me, maybe it was both.

Cecil still hadn't moved but looked at each of my guys trying to figure out where they fit into things. I was so looking forward to shocking his racist ass. By mutual agreement, we decided that the only one that I would introduce as my husband was Matt; we would introduce the others later after the boys were in bed.

I took a deep calming breath as Cecil finally decided to approach me.

"Allie." he said in what he thought was professional tone.

"Cecil." I replied using the same tone but I was really mocking him. I really wasn't in the mood for games, I had to go to the bathroom again and I was hungry.

"Some place you got here, you marry into money?" he asked looking around. Did I mention that Cecil was tactful? Not.

By this time, Matt was standing behind me but not quite touching me.

"Who are these guys?" Cecil asked. "Your help? It's good to see a brother get ahead, where is your husband? I want to shake his hand" he asked looking around.

This was too much for Matt.

"You must be Cecil, Allie's cousin. I'm Matt Christianson Allie's husband." he said reaching around me and extending his hand.

Oh my freakin' god! I wish that I had a video camera! I would have won the prize on 'America's funniest Video' Cecil's mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air. I won't lie, I laughed. I couldn't help it. Matt put his arms around me and placed his hands on my stomach to emphasize the point.

"Oh, I just meant..."

"I know exactly what you meant." Matt replied dryly interrupting Cecil.

The look on Cecil's face was almost initiative enough for me to introduce the other four but there were children present. Now I really had to pee and suggested that we go inside where lunch was waiting. Marshall made a huge pan of lasagna complete with garlic bread.

Lunch was tense at best with the only chatter being that of the boys with the exception of Tyler filling me in on everything from ballgames to girlfriends to grades. It disturbed me how quiet Tyler was, he was never a talkative child but this was quiet even for him.

After lunch the boys were raring to go but Matt kept them at the table.

"Ok guys, we're glad that you're here. Your aunt has been looking forward to seeing you and we've been looking forward to meeting you. While you have the run of the place there are a few rules with the most important one being that you are to never go into the woods alone or together . It's a big place and it wouldn't take much for you to get lost. If you want to go hiking or fishing just ask any one of us and we'll be happy to take you. The other thing is, keep away from the construction area there are enough places for you to run and play without you going anywhere near there."

I looked over at Cecil, he was seething. The boys were responding to Matt in a way that they had never responded to him. Even Tyler seemed to relax under Matt's very no nonsense tone because as firm as it was, there was the feeling of safety and genuine caring and that's what they were responding to.

"There is also internet for your use in the library; I only ask that you share the computer and that you stay out of any rooms where the doors are closed. Any questions?" Matt asked.

The boys looked at each other and shook their heads no, eager to be on their way. I took another peek at Cecil; he was royally pissed that another man, a white man at that could inspire such excitement and obedience in his children. Cecil Jr. buddied up with Matt which didn't surprise me, he had the makings of an alpha male. David buddied up with Kevin again no big surprise as he too was alpha but to a slightly lesser degree. What is it that they say? That power recognizes power? At any rate, they took off and left poor little Tyler just sat there looking like a little lost lamb, that is until Marshall walked in.

As soon as Marshall walked in, Tyler's eyes were glued to him. I watched as Tyler sat up even straighter when Marshall looked at him and the amazing thing was this, shy little Tyler met Marshall's gaze. I wasn't the only one watching, Dee and the twerp were watching as well and I think that they were as surprised as I was.

"Hi, I'm Marshall. I work for your aunt and your uncle Matt and your uncles" Marshall said. "What's your name little man?"

"Tyler" my little heart said softly.

"Well Tyler, I just happen to be free if you want to buddy up." Marshall said.

I could have kissed him, in that one brief exchange, Tyler relaxed. It was as if Marshall sprinkled fairy dust over Tyler making whatever was worrying him disappear. The lines of anxiety that had been on his face disappeared and a smile replaced it. Dee's mouth dropped open for the second time that day and Cecil's displeasure was evident, it was as if he didn't want Tyler to have a good time.

"Tyler" he said.

Tyler looked at him and the anxiety was back just that quickly.

"Don't make a pest of yourself." Cecil said.

"Yes sir." Tyler said softly.

Now wait a damned minute! What in the hell was that about? He didn't say that to the other boys. Why was he always so hard on Tyler? Once again, Marshall came to the rescue and put a smile back on Tyler's face.

"Come on little man; let's see what we can get into." Marshall said holding his hand out to Tyler.

After they left the only ones at the table was me, Dee, Cecil, Paul, Tony and Louis. For several minutes no one spoke and when they did it was Tony.

"Cecil we'd be glad to give you a tour of the place that way Allie and Dee can get caught up."

I swear to you that I saw the dollar signs going through Cecil's brain when he answered.

"I'd like that, so what exactly is your role here?" Cecil asked.

"Oh a little of everything." Tony replied. "Including taking care of Allie." He said with a smile.

Cecil didn't know what to make of that, neither did Dee for that matter and speaking of Dee, she wasn't her usual chatty self but I chalked it up to her being tired and didn't think any more about it.

When the guys left, I took Dee on a tour of the house.

"Geez Allie you did good!" she said as we toured the house. "So where'd you meet Matt?" she asked when I showed her where she and the twerp would be sleeping.

I decided to stick to the truth and told her how Matt and his brothers got stuck in the snowstorm. At first I didn't think that she believed me and then she started laughing.

"Only you would rescue a lost traveler and have him be filthy rich!"

I don't know why, but the way that she said it hit me wrong and it was important that she knew that I loved Matt and the others money or not.

"Dee, their money has nothing to so with it." I said realizing that I had used the plural again. Once again she seemed not to notice or if she did she didn't let on.

"So when is the baby due?" she asked changing the subject not indicating whether she believed me or not

"Late September or early October." I replied. I wasn't about to tell her that I was carrying anywhere from two to six babies. She would seriously freak and then want to come back to help when they were born and I don't think that I could stand another visit from Cecil that soon. They hadn't even been here a day and I was already wanting him gone and we still had thirteen days left.

"Are you sure? You look a lot bigger." she replied.

"I'm sure" I said but I had something else I wanted to talk about-Tyler.

"Dee what's up with Tyler?" I asked.

"Nothing, why?" she asked as she roamed around the bedroom that she and Cecil would be sleeping in.

"I don't remember him being so quiet and he seemed scared." I replied.

"He's always like that." Dee replied, "It seems different to you because you haven't seen him for a while." she added.

I wasn't any more convinced of that than I was that Cecil wanted to visit out of the goodness of his greedy racist heart. There was something he wanted and I think that I know what it is: money. Let me explain that, Cecil has always had grand dreams of being as rich as "the man" and as of yet, he hadn't met that goal. Don't get me wrong, he does very well at least he says he does but he has to work for it, do you see what I mean? Now, here's where I come in, I still have quite a bit of the money that had been left to me. On and off Cecil has tried to talk me into investing in this scheme or that and I'd always refused partly because I wasn't interested and secondly you couldn't pay me to go into business with him-I simply don't like him. Now that he's seen the house my guess is that he's going to try to get one or all of my guys to invest in whatever he's got cooked up.

Yes I know that I said that he was a racist but money knows no color if you catch my drift. If he thought for one minute that Matt or any of the others was going to give him a dime, he was nuts. It just wasn't going to happen and he definitely wasn't getting any from me.

Dee and I talked for a couple of hours so I missed my right after lunch nap and lovemaking session which can make for a very grouchy Allie but I managed to behave myself. The one thing that I can say about Dee is that she's intuitive or maybe it was the memory of her own pregnancies that made her ask me if she was keeping me from a nap. I couldn't lie and say no. I was exhausted and I needed my guys and I didn't know how that was going to happen. Dee wanted to take a nap before supper herself so that made it easy. I glanced at the clock, it was almost four and dinner would be at six. Marshall decided the boys would enjoy an old fashioned wienie roast, you know cooking them over an open fire on sticks and let's not forget the s'mores. Dee and I parted ways with me leaving her in the bedroom and I headed toward ours.

Damn I was horny! I did have one option and that was to take care of myself as I had in the past. I preferred my guys but it would have to do, if anything it would take the edge off of my horniness and then I could be civil to Cecil or try to be.

I opened the door to the bedroom and what did I see? A very naked and hard Louis. Oh happy day!

"How'd you get out of the tour?" I asked as I undressed.

"Did you really think that we would let you suffer?" he asked teasing me. "I just told Cecil that I had some work to do in the house. I just didn't say where or what it was now get over here, times a wastin'" he said.

I should have known that they would have worked something out. I got into bed with Louis and we went at it getting right to the point. Remember that he's the one I go to if I need a quickie and that's exactly what this was, a very satisfying quickie. It wasn't enough but it helped to take the edge off. I actually napped for about an hour before Louis woke me up.

Like lunch, dinner was a very tense affair with one difference, Tyler was smiling and actually talking to Paul or at least he was until Cecil opened his big mouth.

"Tyler! Let the man eat in peace!" he snapped.

Tyler immediately fell silent and looked down. Maybe it was hormones or maybe it was because I couldn't stand to see my little heart hurt but I'd had it.

"Cecil, leave him alone, he wasn't hurting anyone and he's having a good time." I said.

I should tell you that we all agreed that I would handle Cecil unless he got out of hand or what the guys considered being out of hand. Well let me tell you, Cecil huffed and puffed before he decided to open his big mouth.

"I will thank you not to tell me how to control my children." Cecil said sharply.

Matt was sitting next to me with an arm around my waist and I felt him tense.

"I'm not telling you how to control your children I'm just saying let him have some fun. It didn't look like Paul was being bothered." I said.

"I wasn't." Paul said. "You've got some pretty smart kids, you must be proud."

Cecil wanted to make some smart assed remark but thought better of it. He was probably remembering that he was trying to get some money from me and the guys.

"I Am." he said with a smile, but the smile and the words sounded false to me. I also noticed Tyler looking at me; he had this expression on his face that said "you're fighting for me?" I have to tell you that I was beginning to feel guilty that I hadn't gone to California for at least a visit. My little heart had needed me and because I didn't want to leave home and face the twerp I didn't go.

"He is a smart kid." Marshall agreed as he stood protectively over Tyler.

What's that all about? I wondered and then decided that I really didn't care. What mattered is that Marshall was a calming influence on Tyler and for the next two weeks (if they stayed after we told them the truth about us) Tyler would have some semblance of peace and would hopefully leave with a little more strength and confidence in himself. The thought that Cecil was hurting Tyler came to me but I pushed it away, why would he hurt his own child? But then Susan Smith killed her babies. The evening ended with s'mores and showers for the boys and Cecil. Dee opted to take advantage of the giant bathtub with the jets.

"Dee, maybe our hosts would rather you didn't." Cecil said with another one of his fake smiles.

"Dee." I said. "Go right ahead and use the tub, that's what it's for." I added.

Oh my, if looks could kill, I'd be dead. I'm beginning to get an idea of what's happening and I don't like it one bit. Cecil treats Dee almost as badly as he does Tyler but he takes the sting out of his comments and attitude with a smile.

Marshall announced that breakfast would be buffet style beginning at nine.

"Nine?" Cecil asked, "Why so late? What time do you people go to work around here?" he added.

It was Kevin who replied.

"Seeing as we own our own businesses, we work when we please but not only that, we took the next two weeks off to spend with you and your family.

I saw Cecil's eyes glitter with jealousy. I was living the kind of life that he wanted and I didn't even have to work for it and this is what he wanted. I also think that he was banking on my husband bankrolling whatever he had planned because he assumed that my husband would be black and would automatically help him out. I stifled a giggle when I recalled Cecil's expression when Matt introduced himself, it was priceless.

The boys left to get ready for bed leaving the adults outside sitting around the fire. This is it I thought to myself and just when I was going to say something, Cecil stands up, stretches and excuses himself. I decided to wait to tell Dee until she and Cecil were together; I didn't want to do this twice. Dee gave me a small smile and then excused herself as well.

"Wow." Kevin said. "Sweetheart I think that you sugar coated what Cecil is like."

"No kidding." Tony said. "And what's with the little one? Why was he so scared?" he asked.

"His father hates him." Matt said quietly.

No, Cecil didn't hate Tyler did he? I mean, how could he? He was a good kid, got great grades in school and never caused trouble, what was there to hate?

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"There is a marked difference in the way that he treats the older boys. He didn't tell them not to be a pest or address their behaviors in any way. I'm not saying that they were misbehaving, they weren't but he wasn't cautioning them preemptively either. And I'll tell you something else that child is frightened and he's not the only one, your cousin may act like she's happy and all but I'm telling you it's all a front."

No one said anything for a long time; Matt's words confirmed my thought that there were other things going on in addition to the money issue. I would have to give it some thought but for now, I'm tired and you guessed it: horny.

"Ok love, you go up first and we'll join you one at a time." Kevin said giving me a peck on my cheek.

In a way, this was very arousing, it gave the whole act of making love a hint of danger. What if Cecil or Dee caught one of the guys going into what's supposed to be me and Matt's room? The boys wouldn't see us because they're room was in the fully furnished basement complete with a small kitchen that had a fully stocked fridge.

I went up first and was ready by the time Matt came up; I have to say that we started without the others because I simply couldn't wait. I had just had my first orgasm of the night when Kevin came in and took over while Matt sucked on my nipples that were still tender but it not so tender that I wanted him to stop. The combination of the slight pain of my nipples and Kevin sliding in out of me sent me into another orgasm. By now Paul had joined in and was nudging at my lips with his cock. They were bound and determined to sate me with one go round but it just wasn't going to happen. Louis came in and began to suck on the unattended nipples biting just a little knocking the pain level up just a notch.

It wasn't too much later when Tony came in and took Kevin's place sliding his cock inside of me but being careful not to be rough. I wanted rougher damn it! But I still came along with him. I should be tired right? That, my friends was a warm-up. Too late I remembered Cecil and Dee at the other end of the hall, the doors were solidly built and the walls of the house were thick but I did little to contain my screams as I came. I guess we'll find out in the morning if Cecil and Dee heard anything.

I woke up to the smell of coffee and my stomach rumbled. All of the guys with the exception of Matt had gone downstairs to breakfast.

"Matt, when we make love..."

"No." he said before I even finished what I was saying.

"No? You don't even know what I was going to say." I replied.

"Let me guess then." he said. "You want to know if we could be a little rougher with you am I right?"

"I thought you said that you weren't mind readers." I retorted.

"We're not but I know you and what you like and as much as I would love to give in, the answer is no. We're not going to do anything that might hurt the babies." he replied.

I dropped the subject because I knew it would be pointless to argue with him about it. We got up and had a quickie in the shower before going down to breakfast. The older boys were chatting with Kev and the others and Tyler was helping Marshall.

What I found interesting was that Cecil for all of his talk about "what time do you people work?" comment wasn't at the table. I knew what he was doing; he was living the dream which is fine but then keep your mouth shut about when people go to work.

Cecil and Dee showed up thirty minutes later and fixed themselves a plate. Cecil took a bite of his eggs and grimaced.

"Where's that cook of yours? He needs to make me some fresh eggs."

Matt and I looked at each other but said nothing.

"Well where is he?" Cecil asked acting every bit like the lord of the manor. But there was a problem, the manor wasn't his.

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