tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWomen's Sexual Confessions: Wendy

Women's Sexual Confessions: Wendy


A group of men and women sit around talking candidly about their sex lives.

Hi, I'm Paul, the host of this party. Welcome. Come in. Thanks for stopping by to read my story.

We were all sitting around the big screen, plasma TV watching the Super Bowl one year. I had invited all of my best buddies to watch the game with me. There were 21 of us guys, including me. Our wives and girlfriends were upstairs drinking wine, laughing, talking about kids and complaining about us, no doubt. We could hear the women getting louder, as they drank more.

During half time, instead of watching the recap of the game and the half time show, as a lark, I thought it would be a fun thing for each of us to confess what his personal, sexual peccadillo was. Only, I was shocked by what happened next.

Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife or girlfriend, it turned into a men's meeting, an open forum with no holds barred and nothing held back on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we actually turned off the Super Bowl to talk about what we did with our wives or girlfriends behind closed doors. Then, when we weren't even halfway through the group, wondering what we were doing and why it was so quiet, the wives and girlfriends all filed downstairs to join us.

Before it gets too confusing, allow me to introduce you to my friends. Anthony is with Ramona, Bob with Sue, Charlie with Helen, Dave with June, Eddie with Elaine, Frank with Rose, Gary with Cindy, Henry with Barbara, Jim with Samantha, John with Amanda, Larry with Diane, Michael with Yvonne, Nick with Nancy, Peter with Wendy, Randy with Francesca, Roy with Irene, Steve with Linda, Tom with Mary, Vinnie with Kathy, and Wayne with Gloria, and I'm Paul and that's my wife, Paula.

We filled our wives and girlfriends in on what we were talking about, sex, sex, and more sex. Instead of shock, we received titillation and interest from the women. It appeared, after having a few drinks, they were just as interested in talking about sex as we were. Only, we never figured they'd want to participate in our impromptu sexual confessions. Women don't normally talk about sex with men, especially in this large a group.

Figuring they'd never confess their sexual secrets, but hoping with the alcohol they've already consumed that they would, coerced and encouraged by their husbands and boyfriends, I asked if any of them wanted to make a sexual confession. I couldn't believe it when they were eager to participate. I should have known, since she's a swinger, still, I couldn't believe when Cindy started the sexual confessions rolling.

Cindy, Gary's wife, was first to confess with her confession that she loved big, black cocks. She told the group that she's had sex with several black men in the past and is particularly fond of their huge appendages. She takes delight that a black man, more so than a white man, is generally on the same page and can keep up with her sexually.

Then, June, Dave's wife, volunteered to confess her sexual secret. She told the group that she was a lesbian, albeit, bi-sexual. She confessed that her first lesbian experience was with her college roommate in her senior year and continued until she graduated college, all the while dating and having sex with her boyfriend, Dave, who has since become her husband.

It was my wife, Paula, who raised her hand next telling the group that she wanted to make a sexual confession. Boy, did she ever. She shocked the shit out of me, that's for sure, when she said that she had an affair, about ten years ago with, of all people, a black midget. I guarantee you that we'll be discussing her extramarital affair later in an argument about trusting her not to cheat on me. Then, after I've forgiven her, we'll be talking about her sexual confession with some hot pillow talk and makeup sex, while she sucks my cock apologizing to me. For the time being, I bit my tongue making the excuse to everyone that Paula made up the whole thing and looked for the next person who had a sexual confession.

After my wife told her obvious fairly tale of a fantasy about having sex with a black midget, if I say that to myself, maybe I'll believe it, Ramona said that she had a sexual confession. Her confession involved the sex toys that her husband Anthony bought from Ramona's cousin, Emma, who has a sex toy business. Ramona confessed that she's so addicted now to getting off with her dildo and vibrator that she cannot have an orgasm without them. Unless her husband buries her dildo in her pussy, while playing with her clit with her vibrator and while she sucks her husband's cock, she's unable to be sexually satisfied. That's a little bit kinky, I'd say. It sure sounds like she's more attached to her toys than she is to her man, although both seem to go hand to clit and mouth to cock. Whatever. That's just weird.

I had no idea my friends had so many sexual secrets to confess. Who knew? Whenever we're together, all we talk about are our jobs, kids, sports, and what we watched on television. Now, with all these sexual confessions that my friends have voluntarily given this impromptu get together has given new meaning to a close knit neighborhood. If we continue down this path, we may be having a swinging good time this summer.

"Who's next," I asked looking out over the group of my friends? Who wants to share their sexual confession with everyone?"

"I guess I'll go," said Wendy, Peter's wife, a very attractive blonde, an understatement. She's drop dead gorgeous.

Wendy is one of the most attractive woman in the group of my friends' wives and girlfriends and one who I'd love to have sex with, so long as Paula didn't find out about it. Boy, I'd love to bang her. I'd love for her to suck my cock.

"My sexual confession is a little different from the others. Cindy likes big, black cocks, June likes women, Paula was aroused by a black midget stealing peeks up her short skirt of her panties and then her pussy, and Ramona is in love with her sex toys, her dildo and vibrator, especially while she sucks her husband's cock," she said looking around the room.

"So, what's your sexual secret," said Yvonne, the prude of the group and the one who has taken exception with everyone's sexual confession, thus far, with either nasty looks or snide remarks. "I bet someone who looks like you has a lot of them," she said flashing a phony smile.

Wow! Meow! The claws are out now.

"Easy ladies. Yvonne, may I remind you that we are all friends here and if you call someone on what the person is saying than no one else will feel comfortable sharing their sexual confessions with us. So, even if you disagree with the sexual lifestyle or peccadilloes of the confessor, if you don't have anything good to say, please keep your remarks to yourself. I apologize Wendy on behalf of the group. Please continue."

Boy, that worked. That put Yvonne in her place. That shut her up. Now, I can listen to my favorite wife of one of my friends, beautiful Wendy, without any more interruptions from prudish Yvonne.

"I like to be taken," said Wendy. "Forced sex works best for me. I guess I like it a little rough, not so much as being slapped around, as much as I enjoy being pulled and pushed and having my clothes pulled from my body, so long as you don't rip any of them," she said with a laugh. "Having forced sex makes me feel wanted, I guess," she said with another laugh. "Just as Ramona needs her toys to have an orgasm, I need to feel that my lover wants me and has to have me, even when I tell him no, not now."

Oh, my God, be still my heart. Wendy likes it rough. Are you kidding me? I never would have guessed that about her in a million years.

She likes having her clothes pulled off her beautiful body. That's so hot. I could do that to her and for her. I could push her around and pull the clothes from her body.

Just as I thought that, I looked around the room and, by the looks on their faces, it was obvious that all the guys were thinking what I was thinking, too. It was suddenly so eerily quiet, as if these men were playing a video of sexually assaulting Wendy through their minds. With their looks mirroring the look that I must have on my face, too, I felt so much like the pervert that I obviously am.

They were all thinking the same thing, no doubt, of grabbing her, pushing her to the carpet, and pulling off her clothes from her oh, so perfect body. Gang bang. Look out. Here comes the choo choo train. All aboard.

Suddenly, my mind was filled with having forced sex with Wendy. I imagined pulling off her top and exposing her bra and pulling down her skirt and exposing her panty. Now dressed in only her panty and bra, I imagined chasing her through the house, grabbing at her and, with a finger in her elastic band, pulling her panties down as she ran, and having a running rear view of her oh so round and firm ass. Then, in a long armed move, as she doubled back and tried running past me, with an extended stiff finger, I'd grab a hold of the front of her bra and pull it up and over her head and off.

There they are, the globes of perfection, her beautiful breasts. Now, that she was naked, now that her shaved pussy and big tits filled my view, I'd put a hand to her shoulder forcing her to her knees. Then, I'd grab a handful of her hair and force her to suck my cock by placing my hand behind her head and not letting go until I exploded my lust for her down her beautiful throat. Wow.

How's that for forced sex Wendy? What more? No? Nice try, but with you, no means yes. I imagined picking her up with her struggling in my arms before jumping down and trying her best to get away from me. Only, this time I reached out and grabbed her by her hair and pulled and pushed her on the bed where I fucked her, really fucked her, so much like the wild wolf that I am.

Peter is such a lucky bastard to be married to someone like her. She's the perfect woman. She likes to be taken. She likes it rough. Damn, why couldn't my Paula be more like that? Why must I wait until she's in the mood to have sex and until I have to do all that I must do to arouse her, before she even wants me. With Wendy, I imagined, it must be like slam bam thank you Wendy. Wow.

"I don't know why but there's something about forced sex that does it for me," she said interrupting my streaming internal monologue and X rated video of having forced sex with Wendy. "Of course, I need to trust the one that I'm with to do that with me. I definitely don't want a partner who will treat me like a slut and less than how I feel that I am. I mean, I don't want to be raped, hurt or abused, that's for sure. I just like the feeling of being taken. I like knowing that a man had his way with me, a woman. I would have done well in the Victorian age, I imagine," she said with a laugh, "when women played the precious little fawns and men had to be more forceful to get what they wanted and needed."

"Have you had forced sex," asked Steve raising his hand, instead of blurting whatever vulgar thing that came into his head? Just like the rest of us, it was obvious that he was more than enamored with Wendy. I could tell by the way he was looking at her and talking to her that he'd love to love her, to take her, and to fuck her. Look at her, she's gorgeous. "Do you have any examples of you being forced to have sex with someone?"

"Oh, God, do I ever," she said with a laugh. "Now that I think about it, maybe that's why I enjoy it so much now, because I had so much of it back then. I guess it started in the backseat of a car with a date being overly aggressive in college. Being the captain of the cheerleading team, I dated a lot of star athletes, competitive guys who always got whatever they wanted. Unbeknownst to my date, all he had to do was to start kissing me and feeling me up and not take no for an answer. Once he put my hand on his cock and I felt his erection through his pants, once he unzipped himself, pulled out his cock and forced it in my hand, he was getting a blowjob, that's for sure."

"Can you accompany me to the hall, Wendy. I have something to show you," said Steve and making everyone laugh. That's the Steve we all know and love.

"In your dreams, Steve," said Wendy.

"Knock it off, Stephen," said Linda, his wife, giving him a shot in the ribs with her elbow.

The women liked Wendy well enough, but it was obvious that they were envious of her, even jealous maybe. She and Peter made a handsome couple. None of the women interacted with Wendy's confession by asking her questions, as they did with Cindy, June, Paula, and Ramona.

"Luckily, I have Peter who understands my need to be taken and he surprises me, even when I'm busy and especially when I protest. With his love for me and learned understanding that I need for him to be more aggressive than romantic, he makes me feel wanted. I love it when he surprises me by coming up behind me naked, while I'm bending over and washing my face in the bathroom sink. He pulls my nightgown over my head and takes me from behind right there in the bathroom. Oh, my God, that's such a total turn on. It makes me feel that he's an intruder who suddenly surprised me."

"That would be a total turn off for me," said Linda. "I'd rather have Steve act more gentle and romantic than pushing me on the bed and pulling at my clothes."

"Well, that's what makes the world go around, different strokes for different folks," I said trying to assuage the differences of the women and alleviate the tension that I felt the women had towards Wendy.

"I'll give you an example of what I mean, so that you don't misunderstand. We had sex tonight, just before we came here. I had a busy day. I had to work today and with traffic, I was late getting home. By the time I got home, I was in a dither trying to get ready for tonight."

"Oh, boy, here comes the good part," said Steve ducking from the elbow he imagined receiving from his wife, Linda.

"Peter waited until I came out of the shower and walked into the bedroom, before ripping the towel from me. Now naked, he pushed me on the bed, and against my stiff armed protests against his chest, he fucked me. Yes, I said fuck instead of making love to me."

"Wow," said Cindy. "That's so hot."

"Sometimes, you just need a good fuck," said Rose with a laugh.

"He took me. He fucked me. As would a soldier would fuck a prisoner or a pirate fuck a captive. As much as I protested, he wouldn't take no for an answer. He pushed, he humped, and he overpowered my objections, until his cock was fully inserted deep in my pussy. Peter, not now, let go of me, I screamed. We'll be late."

"Damn, I think that's my new fantasy," said Cindy with a laugh.

"He didn't have to grab the gel, because I was already wet, when he pulled the towel from me," said Wendy. "I knew what was coming next. He was already naked and I saw his cock was stiff and hard. He penetrated me and banged me like a wild animal. It was amazing."

"How does Peter know if you're serious and don't want to have sex," said Cindy?

"That's easy. If I'm dry down there, if I'm not wet, then he knows I'm not excited and he knows that he had better get off me," she said with a laugh. "Fortunately, for him, most times, I'm wet and ready for him to take me."

There was a long silent pause. No one was talking and the room was so very quiet. In addition to being romantic and loving, this is what sex should be, too. Wendy explained that kind of undeniable animal lust that men have towards women. Only, it's something that women seldom understand and it's something that women, generally reject and teach their lover not to do.

Only, Wendy likes it that way. Wendy likes it rough. Wendy likes to be taken. That Peter is such a lucky bastard, I thought while savoring all that his wife just said, while imagining her naked without her towel. Oh, my God.

"Who's next," I asked? "Does anyone else have a sexual confession they'd like to confess? C'mon, don't be shy. You're among friends."

"And perverts," said Steve, this time getting an elbow from Linda.

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