tagMatureYoung Studs for Carol Ch. 06

Young Studs for Carol Ch. 06


Author's Note:

I was uncertain about the "label" of this Chapter.

"Incest/Taboo" (which hovers on all the Stories), "Group Sex" or "Mature"?

I choosed the latter one, because is prevailing, in my opinion.

Enjoy and, please, let me know your comments! I'm anxious to reed them. Thanks.

For some minutes John cradled the helpless Carol like a baby, enjoying the roundness and smoothness of her small body, scooped up in his large arms.

The mature housewife had been fully tamed: now she was nothing else than a sex slave he could use and abuse any time and any way; she was totally submitted to his desires. Strong as a bull, he liked to handle the diminutive woman and show her off to her turned-on son: she was his little toy.

"You need some fun, don't you?" he told Carol, squeezing one thick nipple with his rough fingers, through the transparent camisole, till she let out a soft moan and a shiver ran along her body.

"Scott!!" he asked the astonished boy "D'you want to watch my exercises with this pixie?"

Scott nodded. He was, now, totally involved in the hot performances between mom and the voracious stud.

"Mmmmmmmm. . . lil one . . . you're so sweet!!" John raised Carol's body up in the air, to his head's level, nuzzling in her navel.

"Ohhhhhh. . . ahhhhhhh. . . " she uttered, while her legs started flailing around and her tiny hands clutched his massive biceps.

"Yes. . . yes. . . little chick. . . you love it. . . you little thing!!" he said, as though he was talking to a child.

Still working his mouth and tongue over the round, white flesh of her belly, John began walking across the room, holding the small woman up in his arms, like a weightless package.

When the young goliath was in front of the mirror he stopped, looking with satisfaction at the helpless, middle age wife, he was handling and manipulating in her own house.

"Watch, boy, watch your Lilliputian mommy! She's my plaything!" The big stud planted a brushing, loud kiss on Carol's fleshy thigh; then, in excitement, he threw the fifty-two years old up in the air, before caughting her again in his strong arms.

She was his prey, his toy: he wanted make her feel herself like an obedient schoolgirl, a submitted slave. Uncaring of her shrieks of protest, he repeated this action four, five, six times. When he stopped, he gave a look to her son.

The powerful eroticism emanating from the sight of a small woman, his own mom, that a dominant, huge, strong male, much much younger than her, was easily manhandling, as though she was a rag doll, was driving Scott to madness. He had freed himself from the shorts he wore and now he was openly stroking his thick cock.

"You love my games with mom, don't you?" John gently rocked the woman in his huge arms like an infant. "I'm her big daddy and she's my little child!" His tongue flicked her navel, making her loudly squeal.

"Yeah. . . yeah. . ." Scott gasped, as his hand jerked spasmodically his shaft.

"I've never had in my arms a yummy mommy so easy to lift and so sweet to eat as this little thing!" John's words were followed by some soft kisses on her neck and lips, then he continued: "Boy, your mommy is a doll! I can carry her like that all night long! A fucking hot-titted doll!"

He was driving Scott to madness.

"Watch your boy, lil one!" John turned the woman around and made her to face her masturbating son. "He enjoys seeing his mini mommy in the arms of a young maxi stallion. Watch how much he enjoys!"

"Ohhhhhh. . . soooo bad. . ." she yelled. And, in response, again the tall stud tossed her upward a couple of times. He felt his immense cock hardening from the sense of power over the small Carol, a much older female he could handle in his arms so easily as though she was a plaything.

When, twenty-four hours ago, he entered, with his companions, the rich Blum's property, surely he didn't imagine to find, inside the house, this sexy lady with such a delicious body. A little hot number he had been able to demolish, in few time, in front of her family, transforming her in a fully dominated fuck-toy to share with his buddies. And, moreover, her son had been compelled to witness their sadistic games with the captive mommy.

A hot stream of sperm shot out of Scott's dick: the manipulation of his small mother by the white giant, whose hands freely roamed over her fully available body had been a devastating sight, which had made him erupt like a volcano.

"My god. . . ohhhhh. . . my god!" Carol exclaimed, looking at the pool of her son's jizz on the floor.

"You watched enough, boy!" John's voice echoed in the room. "Go to the kitchen, now, and help my friends to prepare something to eat, for our starving stomachs. And don't worry about the bimbo! She's in good hands!"

And because Scott was still hesitant, "Hurry up, dude!" he solicited him. "I know that you love staring at your little mommy, when she's played like a child! But now it's dinner time!"

With that, John walked to the kitchen, immediately followed by the boy, who didn't turn his eyes from his loving mother; she giggled and squealed like a young girl, as the big stud carried her in his arms, without stopping to nibble and lick her smooth skin.

In the kitchen, Tom and Nick welcomed the trio with some sarcastic comments.

"Look, pal!!" Nick exclaimed. "The little thing and her daddy!!"

"Hey, boy!" someone told Scott. "Did you taste a piece of mom's ass?"

"Or were you only watching and jerking your dickie?" the other one insisted.

"Give me the old chick, John!" Tom asked, approachig his friend. "I missed these white melons. Let me have a quick snack on them!!"

"Nope! You already had your own!" John's tone of voice didn't admit objection. "Now the girl is all mine!!" And, to reinforce these words, he bent his head down and mouthed voraciously one of Carol's delicious bare arms.

Her firm flesh filled his mouth, while her body struggled in his tight embrace. "You, guys!!" John ordered. "Get the dinner ready! I'll wait, with my child, in the dining room! Okay, little pussy? Let me fondle you a little, while the boys, here, are cooking." And his vicious teeth bit again her upper arm and shoulder.

"Ohhhhhhh. . .!!" she moaned helplessly, letting him carry her, like a doll, to the adjacent room, where he entered, without closing the door.

A large chair was in a corner; John took place there and sat the woman, facing him, on his lap; her legs were wide spread on either side of him.

For some instants the young stud gave a look of admiration to his precious prey.

Indeed Carol, despite her no more green age, was a petite bombshell; barely four feet and ten inches in height, her ninety pounds were an adorable mass of white flesh, covered by a pale light and unblemished skin, tender and resilient to the touch. A sexy brunette, with an angelic face, a little nose and two brown eyes over a perfectly formed body; two large double D boobs that looked huge on her tiny frame; a narrow waist ending in a tight, upturned butt and a pair of fleshy thighs and slender legs.

"A true pocket-beauty!" John thought, caressing with his meaty fingers, up and down, the white skin of her upper arms and neck.

"You are luscious, Carol!" he told her.

"Thank you!" she said.

"How can you keep in shape this small body of yours, baby?" he asked.

was in the gymnastic team, at school. After that, I always had my personal trainer and my masseur."

"A gymnastic, you said? So you made all those splits and exercises?"

"Yes, John; and yet now I'm very flexible and keep my legs toned. I can prove it to you, if you wish!" Carol provocatively winked at him.

"Oh shit. . . you fucking little tease!!" the guy exclaimed, with surprise, joyously squeezing her fleshy arm. "You can bet that all of us we want to gaze at your splits!! Tomorrow, baby! Tomorrow at the pool!! You are going to be our little bimbo. And that motherfucker of your son will join us!! Understand, lil one?"

Now the young stud had inserted one hand under the thin fabric of her skirt; he was caressing her slight tummy and teasing the nice hole of her navel. The other hand was playing with the spaghetti straps of her top.

"Ohhhhh. . . please, don't tickle me!" She squealed, uncontrollably arching and thrusting forward her hips. "Stop, please! I can't bear it!"

"Okay, little child! As you want!"

And John stopped, but at the same time he pulled one strap off her left shoulder: one round, soft, milky white tit popped out; the pink nipple was proudly erect, surrounded by a large rosy areola. All natural, all deliciously eatable.

"Ohhhhh. . . you brute!" she yelled.

"Wooowww. . . my child is a prude! But I'm your daddy, little baby! Don't you remember?" he mocked her.

With ease John lifted the woman by her waist, till her nude breast was at his mouth's level. Due to their height's difference, she was practically standing up, with her bare feet planted on the cushion.

John engulfed nipple and areola, caressing them with his tongue: her flesh was succulent.

"Probably" he thought "the boy used some kind of fruit shampoo or body cream, when he showered his mommy; this milker tastes like peach."

Again Carol was sqealing, but now her reaction was different. She enjoyed the gentle treatment the young stud was giving her and the little kisses all over the smooth surface of her boob.

She pretended to scold him for exposing her and playing with her tit: "You nasty boy! How do you dare making that to a lady who could be your mother?"

"This is only the beginning, lil one!" And a sharp bite on her well shaped shoulder confirmed it.

Then he landed his hand over the large, naked breast and made it erotically ripple on her chest, with some slight slaps.

"You are not respecting a mommy!!" she blushed. "I'm a mommy! Don't. . ."

"Yes, child, you are a mommy!" Again he was mocking her. "And mommies deserve this treatment, didn't you know it? When the udders are giving no more milk, they become toys for adults. If your son wasn't so silly, he would carry you to bed every day, to play with these melons and ass and cunt and fuck the brain out of you! And he would share his beautiful mom with his horny buddies. The right place, for a hot petite milf like you, lil one, is a bed full of big, young cocks, ready to drill all your fucking holes!"

And his lips came again to her boob, sucking, licking and mouthing it, like it was an ice cream.

Carol looked at her tit, all engulfed in his mouth, and let out high pitched giggles. Her breasts had become the tasty food of her "daddy" and she was proud of it. She was a mature woman and, in the last two days, a much younger stud had played with her gorgeous bosoms like nobody, before him. Never, in her previous love affair, she had been rewarded in such a lustful way.

When, finally, her boob left his lips, it made a popping erotic sound.

She laughed pleasurably. "Did my daddy find a satisfactory toy?" she said.

"You little child! You little tease! Yes, baby. . . your daddy has found his toy. Watch, now!" And John firmly wrapped his huge hands around her waist; then, in a quick motion, he lifted her up in the air, making the woman dance like a puppet, back and forth, in front of him.

"Ohhhhhh. . . daddy. . . my strong daddy. . ohhhhh. .!!!" She squealed with delight.

Her lace g-string peaked out from under the hem of her baby doll.

"Your twat doesn't need this stuff. It needs just hands and cocks!" he said.

"Oh, please, don't. ." she begged. In vain, because John had already lowered her and, with one hand around her hips, he had grasped, with the other hand, the edge of her thong and pulled it down. The sexy mini garment slid out of her feet and was made into a ball, inside his large palm, before being thrown away, through the open door.

"Naked, baby. . . I want you naked. . . my naked little bimbo!" he exclaimed, planting again a vicious kiss over her displayed boob.

The woman moaned playfully.

Moans and sucking sounds were coming from the dining room.

"Mom is again in John's huge hands," Scott thought.

He had to hear also the salacious comments and hearty laughs from the two blacks, Tom and Nick.

"Listen mom's squeaks, kid!! John is in charge!" Tom said. "Hope he will keep a piece of that tender pussy for you, after eating her!"

"And for us, too! I want to bite and suck again all over that sweet, white flesh!!" Nick added.

A small pile of material flew through the door, landing in the middle of the kitchen.

When Scott bent down, to collect it from the floor, he had a start. Mom's thong! Again John was denuding her; again he was preparing her for another long night of sex!

Quite automatically, the boy walked to the dining room. When he was on the doorstep, he stopped, ogling at the sight of the two lovers.

John had positioned the woman sideways; her ass was sitting on one armchair and her legs were laying on his thighs. Carol's back was naked: the stud had tore off her camisole, throwing it on the floor; she was only wearing, around her hips, the bottom part of the nightgown, the Hawaiian type skirt. Her right hand was caressing John's massive arm; her head was nestled in his ample chest.

His large palm was slowly massaging the soft skin of her back. His other hand was rummaging in her crotch, under the fabric.

From his point of observation, Scott couldn't see much more details, but it was evident that John was exploring her insides. Mom was giggling and squirming.

"Ohhhhhh. . . my pussy . . . your finger. . ."

"You like my finger, don't you, baby?" John was talking in a sweet tone.

"Yeeesss. . . it's so big!"

"Bigger than husband's cock?"

"Ohhhhh. . . my god, yeah. . . yeah. . . ahhhhh!!"

"I can play with your clit, Mistress Blum! You are in my hand, lil one! Your micro pussy is all mine!"

"Yeeesss. . . yeeesss!!!" The woman screamed like mad.

"You are my sex toy, Mistress Blum, a little slave, and you must obey your new, big daddy! Admit it, Mistress Blum! Admit it, child!"

"Ohhhhh. . . please. . . don't talk like that!"

"If you don't tell me whose you are, lil one, I'll remove my hand from your twat!!" John's voice had a menacing tone.

"Nooooo. . . daddy, noooo. . . please. . . it's so good. . . I'm your slave, sir!!"

"Tell me that you are my sex toy, Mistress Blum!"

"Yes, yes, I'm your sex toy, sir!" She was all his, now.

"Repeat my words, lil one: Mistress Blum is your sex toy, daddy!"

"Nooooo. . . " she yelled, but his eyes made her change her mind. "Yeah. . . yeah. . . Mistress Blum is your sex toy, daddy! Okay, daddy?"

"Are you still a wife, Mistress Blum? Or are you the child of your new big daddy?"

"Noooo. . . I'm no more a wife! I'm your girlfriend, your little child! And you are my daddy, my big, my strong daddy! I'll do whatever you want, daddy!!"

"Mom's surrender is complete, now," Scott thought. "She's no more my dad's wife, she only belongs to this hunk of a giant, she's his property."

The boy had seen enough; silently he turned back to the kitchen, where he joined Tom and Nick, to help them for the dinner.

During the next twenty minutes John continued to play with Carol, like she was his little girl and not a mature housewife. And the woman, too, was delighted by the sensual touches of his strong fingers and ravenous mouth.

"This mountain of a stud is insatiable," she was thinking. "He's never tired. He could fuck an entire harem, with no rest, all the night long and all the day after."

"Have you ever played the lesbian games?" John said abruptly.

Carol blushed.

"John. . . er. . . daddy! Why are you asking. . ."

He interrupted her. "Little lady, don't make fun of me!" he shouted in her ear. "I'm sure you have a girlfriend!"

"But. . ."

"Tell me the truth, little chick! You have a girlfrend. And, may be, more than one!"

"Yeah. . . but not now! I had a girlfriend. . . my roommate, at college!" she admitted.

"And you played the sexy games! How long?" John inquired.

"Oh, not too much! Only the first year, before going into serious dates with guys! We had many admirers!"


This was not completely true.

Because Carol had had, in her youth, more than one female lover, in addition to her several flirtations with men.

And still now she had a close relationship with a female friend.

Helen was her name.

Carol and Helen: both in their middle age, both blessed with stunning curves combined with fascinating figures which constantly were the objects of men's longing gazes, both married with kids, both living in large, beautiful houses, both of them loved being flattered and carried to bed by handsome, tall, young and well endowed guys.

Helen was blonde, blue eyes, forty-two years old, a little more than five feet in height and she weighed about hundred-ten pounds.

She had been married two times; Rudy was the son from the first husband. Then, she had married Frank, four years after the divorce, and Jimmy was her second kid. Jimmy was, now, an infant of five months.

Carol and Helen had developed, during twenty years, a friendly relationship, which sometimes turned into lesbian games.

Scott, eighteen years old, and Rudy, who was nineteen, had grown together: inseparable companions since early childhood. They played, now, in the same school's football team.

Rudy had become a very muscular boy: tall (about six feet seven), handsome, well built and well hung.

Helen was proud of him: he excelled in sports and she was well aware of the admiring gazes he received from girls his age and also from older women. He was, doubtlessly, a lady-killer.

And when she sensed that he was sexually interested in her, she did nothing to dissuade him. Briefly, at age of nineteen, Rudy had become his own mother's lover.

The attraction exploded when Helen started to lactate. She had always got big boobs, but after her pregnancy she had gained at least two sizes: now her jugs stood out gloriously, filling the double E cups of her bra. She let Rudy watch, when she was breastfeeding, and this turned them, mother and older son, into an unbreakable passion. Just the sight of the white cream, leaking from her swollen tits, made him crazy; as soon as the little baby finished his meal and Helen laid him in the cradle, Rudy, who had already stripped off all his clothes, grabbed and scooped his mom up into his arms, carrying her to his bedroom. In few instants, Helen was fully undressed and laid beside her son; with her chest still wet, he glued his mouth to one stiff nipple, sucking and slurping at her sweet cream, hungrily swallowing the nutritious proteins she was abundantly producing. First one boob, then the other one, relentlessly, in a feast of tender flesh and white milk; till his ten inched cock, rock hard from the waves of pleasure surging from his loins, at the touch of her curvaceous, intoxicating flesh, found its way into the hot receptacle of her cozy, maternal pussy.

Frank never catched them in those incestual acts, even if he had developed in his mind some suspicions, after noticing the frequent, lustful gazes of the boy over Helen's body; in particular, over her bouncing tits she let sway, braless, under her loose cut-off shirts.

Frank was a tall, good-looking man, in his early fifties; he loved his wife and his concern was that his business compelled him to stay out of home for long periods. Helen's big, lactating boobs made him horny, and any time he was in bed with her, he spent plenty of time kneading those marvellous melons and suckling the milk from them.

In few words, Helen felt herself like a cow: the private cow of the entire family. And she enjoyed that.

Helen had told Carol about her relationship with Rudy.

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