tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYuko's Punishment Ch. 02

Yuko's Punishment Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Back to Japan

Author's note: I recommend that you read Yuko's Punishment first before reading this next instalment.


Yuko returned home after being submitted to her humiliating punishment at the office, went straight to the bathroom and ran a hot bath.

She felt as though she needed to thoroughly wash away all traces of her humiliating day. She undressed and then slowly stepped into the hot bath water.

She stood and washed her self thoroughly from head to toe. When she was finally satisfied that all traces of dried spunk had been washed away she slowly sat down in the hot water and then lay back with her head resting on the back of the bath enjoying the feeling of the hot water gently lapping her body.

As she relaxed in the hot water, images of the day's events started to flash through her mind. She still blushed as she re-lived the humiliation of having to undress in front of her work colleagues. She could still see and remember the lustful expressions of her male colleagues as they watched her remove her underwear and then stand naked in front of them all.

She tried to suppress the images that kept replaying in her mind but the memories were somehow too strong and too persistent.

She re-lived the huge embarrassment she had felt as the two girls had spread her legs, displaying her shaved pussy for all her colleagues to see. More images kept coming in her head, one after the other:

Her male colleagues, naked, with erect cocks, gazing lustfully at her and eager to cum, The unexpected feelings of pleasure as the two girls played with her pussy, And the feelings of disgust as the first hot spunk had splashed onto her naked body.

With these memories racing uncontrollably through her head, her hand moved slowly down over her naked body until it finally settled between her legs. As she re-lived the humiliation, the taste of the spunk, the female fingers in her pussy, and her bosses stiff cock fucking her mouth, she was shocked to feel herself getting wet and horny. Then, with the images and emotions of the day filling her head, she finally lost control and plunged her fingers into her moist pussy. She shuddered deeply as her body betrayed her and then experienced another orgasm.

She lay in the bath with her fingers still gently toying with her wet pussy, confused about her feelings and feeling guilty as she realised that the punishment and humiliation had turned her on more than she had ever been turned on before.

Until today her sexual experience had been quite limited and never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would experience the things that had happened to her today let alone enjoy it.

Gradually, with the bath water slowly turning cold she finally admitted to her self what she had suspected but tried to deny ever since she had arrived home. She had enjoyed the experience of being humiliated and deep inside she felt a strong urge to experience those same feelings again.

Still feeling guilty but somehow resigned to the fact that sooner or later she wanted to experience being humiliated again and; she paused, trying to think what else it was that had turned her on so much. It came to her; 'used', yes she realised; she had actually enjoyed being used by all the men for their pleasure and being the focus of their collective lust and ultimately responsible for the release of their spunk.

Yuko stepped out of the bath and quickly dried her self. She slipped on a bath robe and went to the kitchen to find something to eat.

She realised it would be very difficult for her to return to work after such a humiliating experience with all of her work colleagues. She could not decide what to do. She felt exhausted and decided to have an early night and then worry about work in the morning.

When she woke the next morning she checked her emails before having breakfast. Much to her surprise there was an email from the head office in Japan.

It read:

Dear Yuko, to save you from any further embarrassment at the London office we have decided to re-locate you back to Japan. We need someone with your expertise to manage one of our subsidiary offices in Kyoto. The job is yours if you want it. No-one in the Kyoto office knows about your punishment.

Yuko read the email and thought about the offer. She had been feeling homesick for a while and thought it would be good to get back to her home country. She also realised that if she accepted the offer she would be far enough away from Tokyo to avoid seeing her old boyfriend who she had no desire to see ever again.

Attached to the email was an airline 'E ticket' dated for a few days time.

Yuko made herself some breakfast and very quickly decided to accept the job offer.

A week later she was in a rented apartment in Kyoto preparing for her first day at the new office.

The first few weeks at the office went well. Yuko made a conscious effort to avoid wearing short skirts or revealing tops. Most days she wore trousers with a high necked top and jacket. She felt reassured that the mostly male staff appeared to accept her as their boss, although she felt that they were somehow hiding their usual male chauvinistic tendencies which she had almost grown to accept in Japan.

Her old boyfriend rang her mobile a few times but she told him she was no longer interested.

Although she was back in her home country she felt lonely and each night, when she went to bed, she would lay awake and submit to the fantasies that filled her head. That day of the punishment felt like a distant dream but the memories of being naked and vulnerable amongst her old work colleagues was still fresh and vivid in her imagination.

She remembered the feelings of complete humiliation in that large room when she had very reluctantly removed her panties, her final item of clothing and then stood naked watching the looks of lust on her male colleagues faces. She also remembered her feelings of disgust as she watched them all get out their penises and start to masturbate as they looked at her. Finally she remembered the feelings of betrayal as her two female colleagues spread her legs wide and exposed her vagina for all to see.

Yuko felt deep feelings of shame as she remembered these scenes. Not because of what she had submitted to but because, whenever these images and memories filled her head, she always remembered the shattering orgasms she had experienced.

During her lonely evenings she had started to surf the Internet. She discovered a few internet sites that fascinated her. She had found the sites almost by accident and at first she was shocked at what she saw. Soon though, she was a regular visitor and would look at the pictures and video clips of women being stripped naked, sometimes tied with ropes and then used by groups of men.

She had even started to access these sites at work and, unknown to her, her colleagues were aware of what she was doing and were planning a very special treat for her.

One evening, while looking at one of the web sites she noticed a link to an "Amateur" forum. She clicked on the link and was directed to a forum which had many pictures of women with groups of men. The participants in the pictures looked to be completely amateur. Their faces were all blanked out to hide their identities.

Each set of pictures was referred to as a 'party' and had a date next to it.

On the home page of this web site was an invitation.

It read, "Ladies are you hiding a secret desire to be the centre of attention of a group of horny men? We are always looking for new ladies. Don't be shy, get in touch today and perhaps fulfil your deepest fantasies."

Yuko read the invitation over and over and looked at the accompanying pictures. She started to fantasize about what it would be like taking part but felt nervous about making contact.

She tried to push the idea from her head; dismissing it as stupid and perhaps dangerous. But, no matter how much she tried, the idea of making contact and taking the next step kept returning to her thoughts.

She also noticed that the telephone contact number was quite local.

At work one lunchtime she was feeling particularly horny having spent thirty minutes or so checking out the web site again. As usual she had locked her office door and had one hand thrust down the front of her unfastened trousers urgently rubbing the wet patch on her panties. With feelings of lust filling her body she finally found the courage to call the number. To her complete frustration she was greeted by a recorded message saying, "I'm sorry but there is no one here to take your call at the moment. If you would like to leave your number I will call you back later this evening."

She hesitated but then gave her mobile phone number to the machine. She then hung up.

Far away in Tokyo her boss's phone rang. He answered and listened as a voice said,"the bait has been taken."

"Fantastic!" he replied. "Let me know when the plan is complete."

He smiled as he hung up the phone and returned to watching his private video recording of Yuko's punishment.

Later that evening Yuko was relaxing in her apartment when her mobile rang. Suddenly she felt nervous as she reached for it and answered.

She listened as a softly spoken man said, "Hello, you rang earlier. Sorry I was not able to answer you. I assume you would like to talk about the invitation on our web site?"

Yuko fell silent for a few seconds before nervously replying, "Yes."

The man continued. "I can tell you are feeling nervous and uncertain. That is quite normal. Nearly all of our ladies start like that."

Yuko giggled nervously as she replied, "I'm relieved to know I am normal!"

The man continued, "Let me explain what happens next."

"Yes please," she replied.

"I will invite you to an interview. The interview is to establish how serious you are about taking part in one of our parties. The parties are held in a discrete hotel and usually only involve one lady so we have to be sure she will not change her mind once the arrangements have been made."

"OK," Yuko replied. What do I have to do next?"

"Well, before I invite you to be interviewed I need to see some pictures of you."

You can either get your boyfriend or husband to take some or take some yourself."

Yuko replied, "I can try and take some myself."

"That will be fine. Most of the ladies do that. I need to see one with you fully clothed, then one in just your bra and panties."

Before he hung up he gave Yuko an email address to forward the pictures to.

Yuko sat silently for a while and then, smiling to herself she went and checked her make up and brushed her hair before changing into a short skirt and blouse.

Her mobile phone also had a camera and was capable of taking quite good quality pictures so she took it into the bedroom with her. She took some experimental shots and eventually found it was easiest to take them looking into a mirror.

She selected the best shot and then took off her skirt and blouse. Her underwear was sexy and black and she decided it was perfect for the pictures. She made sure her breasts were evenly supported and adjusted her panties to fit snugly. As she stood with her legs slightly apart, wearing only her bra and panties she took some more pictures. He felt aroused and excited knowing that she was taking these pictures for a complete stranger. She sorted through them and selected the one she thought was the best. She then sat at her computer, uploaded the pictures and emailed them to the address the man had given. As she hit the send button she felt a mixture of excitement panic. What woman would send pictures of her self dressed only in her underwear to a complete stranger? She thought.

At work the following day she checked her private email account and saw a reply.

It read, Yuko, thanks for sending the pictures. You look like exactly the type of woman we want. If you are still feeling broadminded and adventurous please attend an interview this evening at 8pm in the Yakamoto hotel, room 903.

Yuko knew the hotel well. It was only a fifteen minute taxi journey away.

She sent a reply confirming that she was willing to attend the interview.

She felt apprehensive yet excited for the rest of the day and impatient to leave the office so she could get home and prepare herself.

In the office in Tokyo her boss was already packing his overnight bag and ready to leave.

Yuko rushed home from the office and before she had her shower she quickly checked for any more emails.

When she logged on she found another one from the same man. It read, Yuko, I thought I should give you some guidance regarding the interview. Please remember why you are coming. We like our ladies to look sexy so please wear the same short skirt and blouse that you wore in the picture. Sexy underwear would also be preferable. Oh, and by the way, please shave your cunt. Please confirm that you are still coming by replying to this email.

Yuko read the email and the realisation of what she was about to do hit her when she read the line ending with, "please shave your cunt."

She had naively thought the interview would just be a chat and a chance to meet. Now that she thought about it more carefully she realised it would involve a lot more than that.

She suddenly felt very nervous and uncertain but then that old familiar fantasy flooded back into her head and, as she realised she was about to take the first step to realising her fantasy, she felt her body tingle all over with excitement.

She replied to the email confirming that she would still be coming and then undressed and went to the bathroom.

She stood under the shower with her eyes closed imagining how it might feel to be touched intimately by a group of men like she had seen in the pictures. Her hand wandered down between her legs as the wild thoughts filled her head.

She finished her shower and reached for her razor. Yuko liked to keep her pussy shaved but usually left the hair above her vulva just neatly trimmed. She applied some shaving cream and then carefully re-shaved around her vulva and then removed all the hair that was above. She rinsed off the shaving cream and checked her self using a hand mirror.

As she looked at the reflection of the view between her legs she wondered just what this interview would involve.

Yuko then put on the same sexy black bra and panties that she had worn in the picture and then put on the skirt and blouse. It was a very warm evening so she decided to not wear any pantyhose and selected a pair of medium height heeled shoes.

As she sat in the taxi she had booked earlier she felt as though she was in a dream. She knew that the Yakamoto hotel was only about two minutes away. Two minutes before she finally met the man who was going to interview her to see if he thought she was suitable to attend a party where she would be expected to submit to a group of men. Two minutes away from the man who had emailed her to tell her to shave her cunt. Not please shave your vulva, or please shave your pubic hair but blunt, course and direct, SHAVE YOUR CUNT.

Still feeling as though she was in a dream Yuko paid the taxi driver and quickly entered the hotel. She walked through the lobby to the elevator and pressed the button for the ninth floor.

When the elevator doors opened she quickly exited and checked the signs for the direction of room 903.

The corridors were thickly carpeted giving the hotel a kind of luxurious hushed feel. Finally she was outside room 903. She hesitated, feeling butterflies in her stomach before pressing the bell push.

She heard some movement from inside and then the door opened.

She smiled nervously at the man standing there and said, "Hi, I'm Yuko."

"Please, come in Yuko, I'm so glad you turned up," said the man.

Yuko could feel the man's eyes checking her over as she entered the room. The room was very large with a huge king size bed at one end. This was separated by a decorative screen from a lounge area where she was standing now. He smiled and offered her a seat. She sat in one of the arm chairs as he offered her a drink. Soon she felt her self relaxing as she sipped a gin and tonic. She found the man very easy to talk to but could not help but notice how boldly her let his eyes roam over her as he sat opposite her.

Sensing that Yuko was now relaxed, the man steered the conversation round to her fantasies.

"So Yuko, tell me about your fantasies."

Yuko looked at him and then decided to keep quiet about 'the punishment' and just tell him about how she had fantasies of being amongst a group of men.

He looked at her as he listened and then said, "having a fantasy is one thing, having the courage to actually allow that fantasy come true is quite another."

"I realise that," said Yuko, "but I feel sure I can do it."

"OK, come and stand in front of me while I try to discourage you."

Yuko gave him a puzzled look, "discourage"? She said, as she stood up and walked over to him.

"Yes Yuko, 'discourage'." You are a very attractive looking young woman and I don't want to arrange a party and then you change your mind half way through and disappoint my men guests."

As he spoke he reached out and ran his hand all the way up Yuko's thigh. She momentarily went tense and then tried to relax again as his hand stopped just short of her panties. "Open your legs, Yuko."

She did as he asked and moved her feet about eighteen inches apart. She felt his hand move up between her thighs until it was just lightly brushing against the black lace that was covering her freshly shaved vulva.

With his hand still firmly between her soft thighs he looked up into her eyes and continued, "I have to be certain that you will not change your mind when you are in the room with the men. These men will be strangers. They will be eager to strip you naked and run their hands all over your body. They might want to tie you to the bed with ropes so you are helpless. They will certainly all want to spunk either inside you or on you. In short Yuko, they will want to use you for there own selfish pleasure.

Is that what you want Yuko?"

As he asked the question he moved his hand palm upward and then cupped her lace covered fleshy vulva in his hand. He could instantly feel how hot and wet she was and did not need to wait for her answer. He ran his fingers back and forth and could feel how smooth she felt under the lace.

"OK, Yuko," he continued, "I can feel that you have followed my instruction to shave your cunt. I will save the treat of actually looking at it until the party. I'm sure that all the men will want to have a good look and feel of what is on offer."

Again the reality of what she was going to do hit her. A group of men, she did not know how many, were all going to be looking and touching her naked body before using her.

Yuko could feel herself getting more and more aroused as she tried to imagine all that she might experience. Her arousal was also helped greatly by the man's hand stroking the wetness between her legs.

She was brought back from her dreamy aroused state when he said, "Yuko, so far I have just talked to you and touched between your legs. There is just one more part of the interview to complete.

Yuko wondered what she would have to do as he moved his hand away from up her skirt and reached for the telephone.

She stood listening to his conversation, feeling shocked and full of more doubt as he said to the mystery person on the other end of the phone, "hello, we met earlier in the bar. Yes, she is here now if you would like to come up to room 903 I'm sure she will do as I promised."

She looked at him as if to say, "What will I have to do?"

He smiled as he said, "the man I met earlier in the bar will be here shortly so I don't want to spoil your surprise by telling you what I promised the man you would do.

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