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Sex: uh...F-damn, I hope that's obvious.
Age: 20 on the 22nd of october.
Location: not given
ICQ#: 21858982

Hello! Let's see-I never know what to say on these damn brief descriptions of 'who you are'.

There is nothing brief that I could say that would accurately sum up who I am. I'm complex and individualistic-maybe that's the best way to do it.

Anyway, I'm a nice girl-sadly for you men out there not TOO perverted, although I do frequent literotica. Anything else that you're curious about-feel free to contact me. Of course, you do run the risk of being put on my ignore list, so don't be crass.

(BTW....Ben, as in MADDOG. Gotta want to fu..I mean, hug that guy!)

After Bath - Couple enjoys light snack.
An Apology
- He's late for dinner, but makes it up to her.
- She anxiously awaits him.
First Crush; First Love - Young crush develops into more.
For TomFeeler, From Melody - Puppy pics. PIC
Pool Love - She enjoys nighttime swim.
The Dream - She dreams of him.

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