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Sunrise My Darling
by Jane T. Rolly

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Nodding, "Yesss ... Uncle," I responded. Pulling his penis out he pushed it hard back in again, all the way. Immediately my ass reared as I took the thrust, again he did it and again, again and again.

Until I shouted out, "Please no, please!" Stopping he looked down at me and smiled. I kept oscillating as he kissed me gently. I couldn't help myself, I pushed back and forth on his cock as he laid still kissing me. This went on for minutes. He was letting me explore my sexuality and my desires, as I moved from side to side to get the best feeling. I moaned out in craving, as he watched me satisfy myself on his shaft. I let him see my teenage horniness, my deep erotic desires -- he had drawn me out and let me explore them. I loved Uncle for allowing this. He pushed me from my safe place and made me feel my emotions. I lick at his neck and ear and panting like an animal as my pussy dripped. I didn't care anymore, I let him see all of me. Once again he started to pump me furiously. Under him, I squirmed and wiggled and bucked. Squeezing harder and harder on his cock , I held it as tight as I could. I felt the start of an orgasm building in my loins, but it would not come and faded. My legs started to go together and he pushed them apart. I fought back to pull him into me. I thought I was crushing him with my arms as they where locked hard to him, our heads where side by side. Uncle was working hard in me as I felt his cock thrusts, his muscles where tense like rocks. I was weak compared to him. Faster and fast he pumped, pushing and moving me as he liked. He started to grunt as he pushed into me and a deep throaty growl started between his raging breaths. On and on he rode me as I lubricated the two of us at our organs junction. He started to slam me now as he dribbled sweat onto me.

He growled into my ear, "Ohh Jane, Ohh Jane ... Jane." I sighed back a slow high moan. He felt so good and I was making him feel good as we fornicated. Slowing again he lifted, gasping he told me he was going to fill me soon.

"Oh Uncle, fuck me," I pleaded as my voice cracked. (note #6) Looking right into my eyes he shoved about four times real hard and then just roared aaaugh, as he pushed as deep as possible, shaking all over and wriggling his cock in me. I felt the semen hitting my insides as he squeezed me so hard it hurt. He started to lick my face between huge breaths with drool splashing all over us mixed with both our sweats. I held still as he continued to pump his come out and into my femininity. Uncle's tongue covered my face and I cried -- the body rushes now coming to me. I did not orgasm, but it very nice. I loved making him come -- it was as sexually exciting as I could possible image. I gave him all I could. I released all my shields. He saw my raw teenage sexuality and well, I sure saw his. What I did not realize, was that I was going to show him more. Slowly we wound down. Kissing, hugging and looking at each other, we laid together with his manhood deep in me for about 20 minutes. Reaching over Uncle grabbed the roll of paper towel as he pulled out of me.

He commanded, "Spread." As I opened my legs and lifted, he wiped my vagina. He careful opened my swollen raw labia and gently wiped and dabbed. I lifted higher and he cleaned my vaginal hole as excess semen flowed back out of me. I didn't understand at the time, but he had pump a huge load into me (I not have anything to compare it too). Carefully he spread my bum cheeks and wiped my crack ensuring not to get any in my vagina. I was still feeling a little self conscious at that. He wiped my face and armpits also, each with a fresh sheet. All the time my eyes could not leave him. Lifting my bottom he pulled out the soaked towel under us and placed a fresh one. Jumping back in with me we cuddle face to face and felt each other's glow, we where both still hot and sweating. We kissed and nuzzled with very little talk for about half an hour. Slowly we started to converse.

"Jane, you OK?" he checked.

"Mmhh very," I answered. God I was high, having just copulated with my uncle.

"Jane I wanted to make you come," he said.

"That's OK Uncle, it's just fabulous for me," I responded dreamily.

"I'm glad Jane, you sure made me cum, honey." Woow, I guess I did and the thought of that of that exited me.

Looking into my eyes, Uncle directly asked if I masturbated.

I was not ready for that question and choked out, "ahaa," biting my lower lip. I could not lie to him.

"Yes," I answered in a hoarse whisper. After our love making I thought nothing would embarrass me again, particularly with Uncle and here I was, being shy as a little school girl.

"Jane nothing to be ashamed of, most people masturbate." God I wish he would change the subject.

"Jane how often do you masturbate?" he asked.

Looking down I answered honestly, "Once or so a week, more before my period," I mumbled. (note #7)

"Jane, I masturbate all the time."

"You do!" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, no lie I do." I started to feel better and thought about what Uncle and I had just done together.

"Jane I'm not trying to embarrass you here, but there is no point in keeping secrets between us any more."

I looked up at him and nodded, feeling much better. After all he was my lover now.

"Why I'm asking you, is to help you reach a climax and orgasm."

I opened up now, "Well it was starting to build up a little Uncle."

"How do you masturbate Jane?"

Again my shield started going up. I was not all that comfortable talking about this.

"Jane?" he prompted me.

I gave in and showed him. Lying on my side, with my bum against him, I crossed my legs and squeezed down on my vagina. Uncle lay quietly behind me. I was already aroused and started to think of the licking and tonguing I had just received. Slowly I built up as I thought about our sex session. The familiar warm glow started to radiate though my loins as I worked it. Uncle did not interfere. Sharply and rapidly I came, rocking and squeezing on my clit. My face twisted as I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I squealed, panted and cried out in front of him, once again I was soaked in sweat. I knew Uncle was watching me and this made it seem so lewd, yet this is what turned me on so much. Twice more I repeated my actions and twice more, I had an orgasm in front of him. Once as he stared straight into my eyes, as I puckered my face in the pleasures of self satisfaction.

No one has ever seen me come before and I was on sexual show for this man. Lying back, I was wasted. Uncle turned me on my back and gave me a light kiss and just held me. The day's light faded quickly to evening then dark, not being much of a twilight in Hawaii. Uncle got up and cut us up some fruit and cheese and crackers and brought them over. I nibbled a bit as we snuggled together just holding each other. More and more a warm feeling of love washed over me as I was cuddled. My emotions build and caught up to me, as I started to cry large alligator tears. Uncle never asked me what was wrong or any dumb questions. He just cuddled me and kissed me - there was nothing wrong, everything was just grand. I nuzzled his neck and chest as I poured my love into his body. Slowly my senses dulled as I fell asleep in his arms, his care and his love.

I never slept more peacefully as the boat lightly rolled bow to stern in the bay. I slept in Uncles arms as I had dreamed about the night before -- my dreams had come true.

The Dawn of a New Life

The next day I woke to an early morning sunrise as Uncle gave me a little shake.

I heard him say, "Sunrise my darling" ever so softly. It was the first day in my new life.

Drifting into the open hatch and companion way was the beautiful fragrance of the island. As my mind came around I felt I was coming out of a safe warm place. It felt so very good. I had a moment of disorientation as I realized Uncle was holding me and I was in bed nude with him. Then it came back and I hugged his neck and nuzzled him.

"Hi, Chuck" I quietly greeted.

"Hi honey" he calmly responded. "Ready to get up?"

I was a bit sore, but had a short boat shower and was feeling well -- fabulous. We had breakfast then swam, snorkeled, beach combed and explored the day away. Uncle took me out for supper that evening and we wandered in each other's love. Conversation was quiet between us until we returned to the boat. We sat in the open cockpit and Uncle embraced me, as we watching the stars together. We started to talk about what happened. It was a time full of great love for me. Uncle asked how I would be after we separated at the end of week and told me to call him at least once a day to talk. I now know that he was letting me find my own thoughts on our love making and letting know he was there to be with. We talked about how this would change us and Uncle mentioned mom and dad. This was the only time I felt that we may have done something, not altogether proper. I immediately conveyed my concern to Uncle who, look off to sea for a minute and then slowly answered. (note #8)

"Jane you where a woman before we made love, not just after or because of it, as such it is only your business who you make love to, not your parents. If you are now happy, forget the rest, it doesn't matter. What we have to think about is that I'm your uncle and your my niece. We loved each other before this and still love each other after. What we have done is shown each other that love as a man and women. Can you still be my niece and I your uncle? I think so. Jane, I don't want to put you off on talking about this, but I think we should leave it for a day or so and slowly let you come to terms with what has happened. I will be with you as we work though this. I will be here. Also I think this would have happened anyway, if not now, maybe next month or the month after. I felt your need and your maturity and have shared something very precious with you ... I have sensed this wanting in you for a while."

I understood what he was saying and told him. I was looking at things with different eyes now. Turning up to him, I kissed him and nuzzled him. It was a quiet thank you kiss, filled with understanding.

As Uncle promised, we worked though it and he was always there for me. I did phone many times over the next several months when I could not meet with him and never did he lose patience or understanding with me. Our relationship did not stay on a sexual plane for very long, but moved above that. In the end continued sex may have even been in the way. Through the years he never emotionally abandoned me -- never. Often our eyes would meet at crowded family events and all I felt was love for him and from him. I didn't matter if we where not being sexual, our love was still there - it was the love of a niece and an uncle and more. Several times, years later we even slept together, cuddling all night and not having sex - I think we just enjoyed being united in a different kind of affection. I'm sure that my uncle's initial intimacy with me was a gift I needed at that time. My gift back to back to him was my virginity, innocence and love. In his heart and soul he holds them, in mine is his patience, compassion, love and guidance. A nice trade and one I have never regretted. I consider myself blessed to have had an uncle like this.


The rest of the boat trip was heaven and there was a bit more sex, but not the next day. I was sore. I will leave some secrets here, but our next encounter was interesting and different and clandestinely we laughed about it for years -- together.


Foot Notes:

(note #1) Last name change here (also for his previous girlfriend) Hopefully he has changed a bit since this incident. One of my old class mates told me several months after graduation someone beat him up, again to do with a girl. Somehow I do wish there was a better way for him to have learn a lesson than that -- violence being a poor instructor.

(note #2) My uncle Chuck was a physically power man, but always seemed forever gentle as a lamb (those where dad's words I over heard). I know he was very heavy into martial arts and heard at one point when he was younger had helped teach it for a while. Apparently he never went into any type of competitions. I don't know why?. He did love to run though and I, for all my practicing could barely keep up to him when we where swimming. He was not a big or tall man, but of medium build and ever so strong.

(note #3) To describe myself at that age; I was of slender build (petite) and large almond eyes, with dark black hair that I wore in an elongated bowl cut (better for swimming). Actually I haven't changed that much. Mom has the gorgeous long dark hair. I have a light complexion whereas mom is deeper, closer, but lighter than a full Polynesian native person.

(note #4) I had to stop writing at this point due the flood of memories coming down on me -- sorry but I have to be honest here. I can't take it anymore -- will be back in an hour or so.

(note #5) My hymen had already been broken in gymnastics practice. Mother told me hers was also broken by natural causes. I had no pain associated with the ending of my virginity with Uncle - just sore the day after.

(note #6) Later he mentioned me saying this, I actually didn't recall using those exact words and felt a little embarrassed, talking like that to my uncle. I do remember my voice breaking -- I did say something -- but the exact words(?). He then pointed out the situation and we both ended up teasing each other and laughing about it. I truly was not in total control at the time.

Uncle did tell me that was the most intense and passionate love he had ever made (my head swelled). He said it was because I was his niece.

(note #7) I found this very hard to write about - telling everyone I masturbate, then describing it. I hope this doesn't make me look sluttish.. The fact is, I am and was then, in top physical shape and very healthy -- possibly a high natural sex drive is the result.

(note #8) For the most part these are the exact words I remember him saying to me. If there is an error it is small and does not affect the over all meaning.


Post Narrative Discussion

Why did I write about this very personal experience and publish? Why in heaven's reason would a twenty- four year woman want to reveal something like this you ask and why with all the sex? There are several rational: the first is; this what actually happened, to remove the sex would be to diminish the impact of the truth; but the overall main reason was a need to pass on this idea to other young women -- that being in love and having sex with an uncle is not bad as society seems to feel. There maybe a benefit from such a relationship to the younger person. To a young woman, losing her virginity matters. It can be a time of great vulnerability and high emotions. Not something I would like seen discussed around the male locker room (particularly about myself as per -- I am sure -- every other woman). This is a matter of timing, at twenty four, I do not really care if everyone knows I moan when having sex (like I'm any different than anyone else), but at eighteen this can be emotionally harmful and debilitating to a sensitive young girl.

Having lived though being a female adolescent with very healthy body and healthy sex drive. I would like to make a statement about expressing those needs. Society easily accepts a young males sexual urges and seems to encourage them, but still has not come to terms with a young females drive, -- which can be just as intense if not more intense.

Male masturbation is openly discussed, but young female masturbation is to be hidden and not encouraged. For example, consider the popular adage; 90 % of all young males masturbate and 10 percent lie, while 10 % percent of all young girls masturbate and 90 % lie, this is a basic difference in the way that society thinks about young male / female sexuality. Do young girls think about, dream about and talk about sex? They sure do, but not in the way males do; females tend to be more honest about their emotions of love and its attachment with sex than males from the start. This is a generality, so please do not be offended if you are one of the males that has come to terms with the tenderness associated with love/ sex -- there are many of you. No criticism intended here towards males, we are all a product of our environment to a great degree and can only start to modify our thoughts and position after much intellectual energy is applied to the task - I think this to be true for both sexes not just men.

I do understand that women's sexual liberation is changing -- has been changing for the last 50 years, this maybe one of the reasons why I can now publishing my experience.

Because I did develop a liaison with my uncle, I'm not instruction all young virgins to seek out their next relative and sleep with him. Rather I would suggest, find one who will take the time and show the compassion -- to properly teach love to you with the deepest care. For you it may or may not be an uncle (uncles are good though). For me it was my uncle, but everyone's situation is different. I understand that you are ready for sex and I understand that the days that you delivered yourself to one man (husband?) as a virgin are gone, long ago, before I was born. All I advocate is to allow young women to sexually /emotionally mature as their body requires, not as society dictates, and to do so with someone with the maturity to really care and help. If young men can and are expected to exercise their early sexuality, so should the young women be allowed, but safely.

I'm going to suggest at this point that a safe place to do so is the family. We learn almost everything else from the family -- why not full sex? Oddly enough after what I have written, I do think that a father/daughter, mother/son relationship is a little to close for direct sex (for those who participate, no criticism intended, it might work for you, this is just my preference). I have always thought that the uncle/ niece, aunt/nephew was a better match. Sister / brother might be good as long as they are of age, since it does have the required component of great love (Please note; I do not promote sex with any under age person in any form -- I am very much against it). Can having such an involved relationship with a uncle/aunt cause problems? Obviously yes, it is an opportunity only for some.

I will not even touch on the point of impregnation with relatives. This is just a plain ignorant idea, in this age of understanding sexual mechanics.

Is incestuous sex being lazy? I don't think so, this has more to do with trust and love than is first apparent. Also it is hard work for both to take the time to develop the pre-sexual relationship needed. Think of your uncles and aunts; did you take time to get to know them, truly, as a friends? Until you have walked the proverbial mile, you are only guessing what it takes, before and after. I do not think my narrative has been successful in developing that point, again it would need much more work and many more pages on my part, but I have tried. I may continue.

A heavy message maybe - hence one of my reasons to publish.

Lastly, my other major reason to release this information was the death of my Uncle in a car accident over two years ago, four years after our (my inaugural) boat trip. To say the least I was devastated and could barely attend the funeral. I did not speak a word to anyone about what had occurred between Uncle Chuck and me, until one year ago, (and then only to one other, see below), hence the depth of feeling between us could not be fully understood by those who knew us. Oddly enough I found some consonance with Joan, who did not accept Chuck's death well and spiraled into a bad depression. I did not tell her what had happened with Uncle and me, I thought that was Uncles decision and responsibility -- he may have, but Joan never changed towards me. In the end I think I help her much more than she could me, and by doing so I felt better.

Why would his death motivate me to release this information in such a manner? To put it simply I have always thought is was a beautiful life experience that only two people knew about - now only one. I did not want all memories and knowledge of it to disappear. It was a part of both of us and something that may benefit others. Possibly no one is interested - possibly, but then you are reading this - now.

On Incest

About a year ago I told my mother about what had transpired between, Uncle and myself. It was a golden moment when we where discussing men and sex and she hinted to know how I lost my virginity. Looking down at my tea cup, I told her I gave it to Uncle Chuck. Her eyes widened a bit, but her composure never changed. She looked off for several minutes and looked back at me, a bit mist eyed and just said, Chuck was a good man, I know he loved you and would never hurt you. Now you keep a part of each other. She was right and we never mentioned it again - well I was twenty three and what really could she do, be mad about our love and lose me as well - not likely, not from my mother. She then smiled at me and told me it was her first boyfriend she gave hers to and he was not worth it. This broke the tension and we both laughed, then when for lunch together.

So is incest all that wrong? The dictionary definition for incest is sex between people who can not marry by law or taboo. No words about it being the hugely obscene animal some think, no words that it is not proper. Why then does it carry the hideous reputation? I am guilty of this (incest), but guilt suggests a crime. What crime? Who was hurt? My thoughts are, we should lighten up on the idea a bit, after all it was only love followed by sex. I felt great, Uncle Chuck felt great, seems classic win, win here. Why throw all that way? If anything we should be promoting love and pushing hard to remove violence from our society. Can you image having a made for TV movie about a loving incestuous relationship being broadcasted? The myopic righteous would call for heads! At the same time our youngest are watching the latest Die Tough, or Lethal something or another aliens ripping heads off. Something is not altogether right here people!

I decided to post on the bulletin board hoping to network and discuss this with others. I was thinking that besides allowing the explicit sexually description, that I would engage a more open minded audience regarding incest. So far the audience and responses have been interesting. You may hate me and find me opinionated, but even the critics have something to useful say -- even if it is only four letters.

I will accept all ideas and statements and try and consider them from your view. My initial reaction was one of a neophyte to your group and I was worried about offending with my ideas. I did want to post this in the correct Internet area. As you and I know, this work will not be reproduced in Readers Digest.

So lets talk, I have given you much of myself in these words. Post your ideas, thoughts, experiences, criticisms. I would like your feedback on the story in any aspect, include comments on my post discussion. If needed I will request my post discussion to be entered as BB topic.

I have felt my writing skills where not up to the task of retelling you this piece of my life properly, but I have tried to be as accurate as possible. Any suggestions for improvements will be warmly received.

In the end I hope I have stirred your emotions in some way.

Love, Respect and Happiness to All,
Jane T. Rolly


"Rolly's story is incredible. It takes courage to write that, I know." ...Chemistry Anne

"A wonderfully erotic true story told by a wonderful woman. Bravo! Thank you for sharing, Jane" ...Shark

Wondrous, warm, gentle, and caring" ...OldDog

"What a beautiful story and experience!! Normally, I do not read stories of incest but your story had totally captivated me from beginning to end. There is much passion felt in your writing which is what compelled me to read it. It was well written, with love and much honesty." ... Judy

"I would like to thank you for something I've been seeking for some time. That is the feminine perspective of the initial sexual experience giving not only the physical description but some insight into the emotions, expectations, apprehensions and all that goes along with it... heartfelt thanks for such a sensitive, sensual and well documented narrative." ... Bill

"Congratulations ! you have written a very excellent piece of literature. Your skill as a writer enhances your skill as an analyst, and your conclusions are impeccable." ... Authur

"Truly remarkable. you write from the heart. On a personal note, it was an extremly powerful slice of life. you may quote that last phrase also."
... EB (Intials only requested by sender)

"Jane, I just had to write to tell you, that it took great courage for you to write this. It is a wonderful story." ... Mark

This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

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