tagMind ControlDreams Ch. 02

Dreams Ch. 02


Chapter 2 – Tammy's Dream

Thankfully over the next few days I had no more dreams—the revelation of some, if not all, of my Melanie Dream being real events enough of a shock to my system. I had eavesdropped on the girls' conversation, and from all I could discern, things happened the way I dreamt through Melanie.

I had to figure out what I could about the dreams before they drove me insane. They became an obsession, to the point where I was blowing off work to surf the internet for some clue as to what could be happening. To analyze them better, I listed what I knew of the two dreams I could recall the best for comparison:

Suzanne's dream had some truth to it:

1. Her boyfriend had been over that night
2. My dream had candles in the bedroom, and when I woke saw the same flickering light in her bedroom window.
3. I MAY have touched Suzanne that day helping her with groceries
4. My thoughts had been sexual about her all day

Melanie's dream had some truth to it:

1. She had fucked a stranger whose name she did not get at the club
2. She had fucked two guys named Brad and Tim at the club
3. Brad and Tim were brothers
4. The group had drank margaritas all night
5. I discovered the first guy had actually taken Melanie's thong—white lace just like my dream—overhearing Jennifer tease Melanie about it in the copy room.
6. I had touched Melanie that day, running into her from the copy room
7. My thoughts all day had been sexual towards her

I was able to place a couple other girls from previous dreams; however, none of those were as vivid as the last two with Melanie and Suzanne; nor could I verify those dreams, so was stuck with these observations. The problem with the older dreams was they had been too short and vague—I had woken up in the middle of them, my mind too shocked about the circumstances of dreaming being a woman. Melanie's Dream was the only one I had followed through to completion. The only explanation I could come up with for seeing her dream completely was after having had the previous dreams experiencing sex through her was not as much of a shock. Maybe I was acclimating my subconscious to the idea—which in and of itself was bizarre.

Reviewing the highlights of the dreams, the main similarities were lusting after the women and having recent contact with them. I remembered touching Melanie the day of the dream; I could not recall whether I had touched Suzanne, but helping with her groceries I had close enough contact it could not be rule it out. I did not remember any physical contact with the other women dreamed, although one was a server at Starbucks, so I could not rule contact with them either.

The other commonality was the sexual desire I had for the women, particularly to watch Melanie get some at the club. Being the horny male I was, I knew I would not have minded seeing the other women I dreamt of get the same, though I could only remember my lustful thoughts of Suzanne and Melanie definitively of all the earlier dreams, being so fresh in my mind. Still, all the women were good looking, so how could I not have thought about having sex with them?

Researching the internet, I found no shortage of theories explaining what could be occurring, ranging from manifestations of my psyche to spectral projection, where I was a disembodiment of my subconscious. I explored dream interpretations as well; however, so many aspects of my dreams existed, interpretations ranged from being normal to gay to a wanting a pony for my eighth birthday—total bullshit.

As there appeared to be some reality to the dreams, I also investigated articles on prophesy and clairvoyance, but nothing described dreaming events actually occurring while I slept. The closest explanation I could find was the disembodied experience, but even that did not explain everything.

The only good advice I got out of all the study was to maintain a "dream diary" to record everything when I woke up. This would serve several purposes: it would record the dreams so I could verify if events actually happened, be able to compare them better, and, if worse came to worse, I could have some shrink look them over. The dreams were not harmful, so seeing the head doctor was premature, but at least I would be prepared in the eventuality.


The following weekend one of my old college buddies Neil and his wife were holding a football party, so Sunday found me driving to their house. Arriving I found a lot of my buds already there, parking in the street due to lack of driveway space. Walking to the front door I overheard loud yelling and cheering from inside the house, knowing the party was well under way even though the games were not starting for another hour or so.

I let myself in knowing nobody would hear me knock and headed straight to the kitchen to drop off my donation of a twelve-pack and grocery bags full of snacks and dips I picked up from the store on the way over.

"Hey Tom!" a female voice caught my attention as I entered the kitchen. I looked up to see Tammy, Neil's wife surrounded by the chaos of chip bags, beer, sandwiches, and other donations brought in by everybody.

"Hey Tams," I smiled as she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

I had known Neil and Tammy since college, and they were the ideal stereotypical couple: Tammy had been a cheerleader in college and Neil had been our quarterback, so it was only natural he ended up with one of the cheerleaders. But there was more, they had a natural attraction to each other and when they looked at each other even after 6 years you could see the love in their eyes.

Tammy was wearing beige cargo pants painted to her ass and a tight white spaghetti-strapped t-shirt hugging her breasts admirably. The t-shirt was sheer and I could readily see her white lace bra, adding to the overall effect.

I should mention that not only had Tammy been a cheerleader, but she had been a HOT cheerleader, and her body had gotten better over time. Neil was the envy of all our friends, instead of bagging and releasing her which was his usual modus operandi, he kept her, to everybody's happiness and sadness—knowing such a hot body was off the market.

Being male I could not help but admire Tammy's well-toned legs and the way her casual clothes hugged her body, or the way her 5-inch wedge-heeled sandals accentuated her legs perfectly.

"Where you want these?" I asked, wanting to join the yelling in the other room and escape the lewd thoughts of my friend's wife.

She directed me to drop them anywhere there was space and thanking her, I waved a quick bye and headed to the living room.

The chaos I walked into was a happy sight. Almost every seat was taken and I was greeted by a plethora of yells welcoming me as a beer was thrown my way. I plopped myself into one of the few available beanbag chairs brought out from the attic specifically for the occasion and looked around. I recognized most of the crowd, having known some of these guys for years, and soon I was in the midst of the cheering and jeering, having a good time.

Various yells and bets were going on, as the two games played today were particularly momentous. Between the four teams all but two people were represented from those states. It was one of the main reasons for the party, in order to celebrate the odd phenomenon courtesy of the NFL.

The first game was Tennessee versus Tampa Bay and right before kickoff Tammy came in bearing a full bowl of chips and dip. Neil followed behind with a cooler of beer to the cheers of everybody. No reason to make beer runs to the kitchen when you did not have to!

As Tammy bent down to set the chips on the coffee table, a bunch of wolf calls and whistles erupted as her ass pointed towards us. Nobody could resist admiring the way the shorts cupped her ass, and several comments were made on whether she was going commando or wearing a thong.

"Hey, that's my wife you're all leering at all!" Neil laughed, knowing there was not a man in the room who hadn't fantasized about his wife at some point.

Neil sat down in his "throne" and Tammy literally plopped down on his lap, her finely honed legs draped over the arm, feet dangling to the side. The Lazy-boy recliner had been the result of a bet between Neil and Tammy, which suddenly reminded me of the other reason for this party.

"So guys, what's the big bet this year?" I asked to everybody's laughter, directed towards Neil and Tammy.

"Oh Christ, please tell me we don't have to see Neil in a goddamn cheerleader uniform again!" Mike yelled with many shouted agreements.

Although several people in our group were from either Tennessee or Florida, the "big bet" had always been between the couple on the recliner, as Tammy was from Memphis and Neil's hometown was Tampa. As such, they had an ongoing rivalry for this game over the years, the bets becoming a tradition. The bets were all good natured fun, ranging from gifts one or the other wanted to various odd jobs around the house. For example, one year Tammy requested Neil do all the dishes for a month, while a few years ago Neil won, the result being the ugly-ass, but extremely comfortable, recliner they were both propped up in.

Last year Tammy's winning request was one of the more joke-oriented bets, for Neil to wear a Titan Cheerleader uniform and serve snacks during the second game. Nobody but Tammy enjoyed seeing Neil's hairy legs and chest, and after that fiasco all of us were anxious to know Neil's revenge bet—except Tammy of course.

Tammy burst out laughing, "No, no, I wouldn't subject you all to that sight two years in a row!" she laughed as she reached into her pocket and pulled out an envelope. Everybody cheered, both from the fact of not having to see Neil in another cheerleader uniform, as well as the presence of her envelope. Both spouses wrote their requests in a sealed envelope, opened only after the game.

With a flourish Neil pulled out his own envelope, again to the cheering of the crowd, and placed it on the table with Tammy's as the game started.

The beer continued to flow, and by halftime there was obvious tension in the air between Neil and Tammy as the game finished the second quarter at a tie, 17-17. A couple of us helped bring sandwiches and munchies during the halftime show as we all joked around, speculation as to the couple's requests being the most common discussion.

The only break in the fun was when at one point Neil and I were alone in the kitchen. He looked at me seriously asking, "So, any more odd dreams?"

I had told Neil about the dreams when they first occurred, trying to get an idea if I was an oddball or if it was something other people dreamt about. He knew I had not been sleeping well due to them, but I had not told him anything lately, particularly since the Suzanne Dream. I was not about to tell him of the Melanie Dream or any of the obsessive research I was doing.

"No, nope, everything's back to normal," I chuckled as he slapped me on the back, heading back to the living room and the barrage of conversation.

Several times the topic of conversation turned to the pair of envelopes on the table as people asked what the requests were. Tammy only smiled saying she was going to get something everybody could enjoy. Neil burst out laughing saying he was sure everybody would enjoy his prize as well, leaving all of us to wonder what both were demanding. Various best were placed on what each had requested, the two most commonly known things were Tammy wanting new living room furniture for years, particularly since the Lazy-boy incident, while Neil had been yearning for a new barbeque grill for quite some time.

By the third quarter it was still anybody's game, Tennessee ahead by 2 points, and both Neil and Tammy were the most vocal with their cheers and criticisms, each one yelling louder than the other fans of both teams combined. It was one of the closest games we had ever seen, and the tension between the married couple was palpable as each routed for their team.

In the end, it came down to the last 20 seconds of the game, with Tampa having the ball at their won 40 yard line. As the Titan defense had been doing extremely well, Tammy was already strutting around the living room teasing Neil, who was too intent on watching the game. For the rest of us, it was hard to pay attention to the game as Tammy's perfectly formed breasts bounced every time she jumped, bending one of her tanned legs back as a leftover from her cheerleading days. Several people warned Tammy of counting her eggs before they were hatched, but she was too caught up in the mood to care.

As the ball was snapped, the clock started ticking down. The Buccaneers pulled a ballsy naked quarterback sweep which Tennessee fell for completely, leaving the quarterback alone as he ran to the sidelines. At the 14 second mark, he threw the ball to an opened receiver at the Buccaneer 40 yard line. As the clock ticked down on the screen all the Tampa people were shouting "Stop the clock! Stop the clock!" as the receiver, instead of running out of bounds, faked and began running. He made it to the 25 yard line before any real threat appeared from Tennessee, reaching the 20…15…10…

"Get the fucker!" Tammy was shouting over everybody as the Tampa crew began chanting "Go! Go! Go! Go!"

At the 5 yard line three Tennessee tackles merged on the receiver and everybody knew it was over when the receiver incredibly spun through them, falling forward into the end zone as Neil's triumphant yell, "TOUCHDOWN!" erupted through the room.

Sure enough, Tampa Bay won, final score 31-27 as half the room cheered, the other half groaned, pulling out wallets and throwing money to the winners. As things settled, somebody started the chant, "Ne-il! Ne-il! Ne-il!" As the gathering joined, he grabbed his envelope from the table with a big grin.

"I think all of you will find this year's request familiar. Tom, if you would do the honors," he said, handing me the envelope. This was all part of the tradition, as I always announced the winnings, having known both spouses for years.

Taking the envelope from Neil, I stood up dramatically as everybody settled down. I held the envelope over my head amid cheers and other shouts consisting of "Open the fucking thing already!" Ripping the side open, I slowly pulled out the piece of folded notebook paper, making more dramatic effect by unfolding it slowly, to the jeers of the crowd as I dodged a few empty beer cans.

"For this year's winning bet, Neil has requested," I shouted as I unfolded the paper and looked down. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed as Neil bust out laughing, others anxiously shouting for me to read. I looked up at Neil who was grinning at Tammy from ear-to-ear as I continued, "Well, payback sure is a bitch," I chuckled looking at the familiar paper. It was the same one I read last year, only the name Neil was crossed out and Tammy's name was replaced, as was the name of the football team.

As more people yelled for me to continue, I looked up at Tammy. "For this year's winning bet, Neil has requested that Tammy serve us all snacks for the entire second game dressed in the winning team's cheerleader uniform!"

The crowd erupted in cheers as I heard Tammy mutter next to me, "Goddamnit, I knew that bet would bite me in the ass."

As I showed everybody the paper, even Tammy got a good laugh seeing it was the same one she had written last year with the modifications.

Neil laughed. "I told you I would retaliate," he said, giving his wife a big kiss as everybody applauded.

Reaching behind the recliner he pulled out a box to which everybody cheered at—except Tammy of course, who reluctantly took the box and amid a bunch of wolf whistles and cheers, heading up the stairs to change while we all congratulated Neil on a well-played bet. Although conversation continued, there was an obvious expectancy in the room as everybody awaited Tammy. Many of the guys had seen Tammy in her cheerleading outfit in college, and couldn't wait for a second chance, while those who had not known her then were obviously anxious as Tammy was a beautiful woman, with the perfect "fuck-me" body.

Somebody made the comment about Neil getting some hot cheerleader ass tonight and he grinned, saying "We'll see," as the conversations turned to various cheerleader conquests in college. The talk eventually steered towards blowjobs, and a few of us joked with Neil if he didn't get some cheerleader ass, he needed to at least get off by a cheerleader blowjob.

Neil got strangely quiet and as the conversation turned away from him I looked at him questioningly.

"You know," he said when we were left alone for a bit refilling the cool in the kitchen, "in all these years Tammy's never sucked me off."

I stared at him in shock, not at the fact of Tammy not sucking him off, but more at him even confessing to me.

Neil laughed, "Ah, I've had too much to drink," he muttered. "Still Tom, it's true, she has never gone down on me—or anybody for that matter. Hell, I was her first and hopefully last, but, well, you know," he said, staring out the window.

I didn't know what to say to his confession, muttering something about at least he could still fuck the hottest cheerleader in the state when Tammy's voice came from upstairs, echoing through the house, "Goddamnit Neil, get your fucking ass up here NOW!"

As everybody looked at Neil as we exited the kitchen, he muttered, "Busted," and grinned at us. "What I forgot to tell her was I got the measurements for the outfit from her old college uniform," he chuckled to several bursts of laughter as some of us immediately realized Tammy's predicament.

A few guys looked around questioningly while Neil went up the stairs to accept his fate, so I explained to some of the newer guys how a few years ago one of Tammy's winning requests was a boob job, converting her flat A-cup chest to the nice healthy C-cup she had today. When the mental image of the top fitted for a flatter chest was pictured on a more endowed woman, the room burst into a bunch of male laughter. Several minutes passed by as people chatted, with many a gaze going back to the stairs.

Eventually Neil came down grinning from ear to ear as he plopped down in his chair. "Oh yeah, this is going to be good," he chuckled in amusement.

Just then we heard the "clomp, clomp" of boots coming down the stairs as the room got so quiet you could hear a pin drop as a dozen pairs of eyes turned towards the stairs.

Tammy came down the steps slowly, though whether for dramatic effect or embarrassment we were uncertain. First a pair of spiked knee-high black boots appeared. I glanced over at Neil who bobbed his eyebrows up and down, both of us knowing those were not the normal boot of cheerleaders who had to run around on a football field doing high kicks. The boots were shiny black leather, folded over the top in a pirate design popular since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. As Tammy continued down the stairs, the boots gave way to her legs and a few guys started whistling. The only words describing the boots at this point were an incredible pair of "fuck me" boots.

As a few more steps were taken, more and more leg appeared, revealing Tammy's well-toned tanned thighs. As even more leg was revealed, I wondered if Tammy was even wearing anything until I saw the tattered hem of a deep red skirt appear. As she continued her slow decent down the stairs, the skirt was revealed to be slit up one side, the familiar cross stitching on the right thigh appearing.

More and more guys were making sexual innuendos as Tammy continued down the stairs, revealing her bare flat stomach. As she walked, the black ruffles at the rear of the skirt flared out, revealing brief glimpses of the red panty bottoms painted on her ass cheeks, amongst many a well-appreciative comment from the guys.

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