tagLoving Wives3+1 Wives Ch. 01

3+1 Wives Ch. 01


A series of fortunate speculations on the raw materials market allowed Zayan and his wife Jamila to buy several buildings in Cairo, Egypt, and to live off the rent. So he could resume his university studies, but before going to class and as soon as he came home, he made love with Jamila.

They were in their late forties; Zayan was still a slender man, while Jamila was much like the Venus of Willendorf. Luckily, she was able to sew her own garments, from the skirt to the bra, so she could always be elegant without wasting money.

While Zayan studied glottology (he was in love with Aharon Dolgopolsky's Nostratic Hypothesis, so he kept learning new languages, reading new texts, and comparing word roots across continents), Jamila was a painter, a calligrapher and a tailoress, and spent most of her time alone by creating new dresses.

They awoke at about 7 in the morning, had a shower and a huge breakfast; as soon as they got married, Zayan discovered that satiety triggered Jamila's sexual desire, so he always took great care to feed (and even overfeed) her. That's why Jamila's breasts had grown from 34E to 40L during her marital life -- to the enjoyment of both.

Jamila reciprocated by putting testosterone patches into Zayan's briefs, so he always felt horny, and could always make love with her whenever she liked -- and when he wasn't at home, she often ate a piece of cake and then masturbated.

Her favorite cake was the Italian tiramisu, a terrific mix of cream, zabaglione, chocolate, coffee and biscuits supposed to help Casanovas to please several women per night, but she loved to eat it first, then she opened her special Kindle appliance, put a dildo into her vagina, opened her shirt and bra, and while the Amazon Kindle automatically turned over the pages of the best erotica in front of her, her hands massaged her breasts, areolas and nipples, while her thighs made cycling movements, thus squeezing the labia against each other and the clitoris, and the vaginal walls against the dildo, causing excitation and eventually orgasm.

Zayan knew that, as whenever he came home found two pieces of tiramisu missing; once he found only one missing, and Jamila excused herself by saying, "I had to finish an important client's dress."

Zayan told her, "I'm your client now. I've always been curious to know how did you please yourself, and ... could show that to me?"

"It's my dirty little secret, honey. But since I'm an orgasm short today, I'll ask you to please me not once but twice!"

"I'll have a shower and we'll come!"

"We'll have a shower, darling!" Luckily, Zayan could afford a shower cabin as big as a car spray booth, or Jamila should have washed herself a tit at a time; but this cabin allowed them to shower together, and even to make love there.

Zayan began by licking Jamila's clit, while his hands were reaching for her buttocks, and Jamila was pressing her 40L tits over his head; then inserted a finger first, and then another into her vagina, searching for her G-spot.

While he massaged it, he kept his lips sealed to her labia, and licked her clit -- so when she came and squirted, he could drink her fluid.

Then he focused on her mammoth breasts, by sucking the right nipple first, the left nipple later, thus arousing her again; Jamila caught his penis and rubbed it against her pubic mound until it got erected again.

Zaynab was going to nail her, but she told him, "The tiramisu first, habibi. I cannot enjoy penetration without it."

So they went to the kitchen room, in their birthday suit, took the cake out of the fridge, and Jamila proposed an experiment: to sit over Zaynab's erect penis, and eat the tiramisu while it was within her, and Zaynab was massaging her breasts.

It was quite exciting, but it was only when Zaynab began recollecting memories of really enjoyable sex between themselves that Jamila came.

Zaynab then said, "I have to pee," and Jamila knew what he meant; she took a dildo from a drawer, and a speculum, and while she inserted the dildo into her vagina, Zaynab inserted the speculum into her anus.

Once it was in, Zaynab carefully dilated it, so he could insert his penis; then he removed the instrument, so the anus sealed around his member.

He thus began throbbing until, with the help of the dildo in her vagina, Jamila came; then he opened his urethral sphincter and peed into her gut.

It was somewhat pleasurable for her too to feel his urine within; Zaynab and Jamila sat on the sofa, taking care not to remove the penis from the rectum, and stood there for several minutes, exchanging kisses and strokes -- until Jamila had to answer the call of nature, and Zaynab, still embedded in her body, had to follow her until she was over an overly slender commode -- which could hold two people relieving themselves.

After they were done, and washed their private parts in a double bidet -- so they faced each other while cleaning themselves.

"Are you satisfied, Jamilati?" asked Zaynab, and she answered, "Zaynabi, it isn't a lullaby that makes me sleep!"

They wore gowns (no visits were expected), carried out several domestic chores, made dinner and then went to bed. When they were going to made love, Zaynab inserted a vibrator into Jamila's anus, and gave her the remote.

The only way for Zaynab to come was to have his prostate massaged -- or for Jamila to turn an anal vibrator on while Zaynab's penis was fully inserted, so the vibrations triggered ejaculation. At first, they were ashamed of resorting to this technique, but then Jamila learnt that it gave her the control over the duration of the intercourse, and she could then be stimulated (and repeatedly come) until she had enough of it, and allow Zaynab to enjoy orgasm at last.

This erotic routine lasted from the first days of their marriage, as they were eighteen, up to now. No pregnancy or childbirth had changed it, and it was Jamila's worry, as she felt that she was nearing menopause.

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