tagLoving Wives3+1 Wives Ch. 05

3+1 Wives Ch. 05


As soon as she came to Germany, Sharifa submitted the Fachhochschule dean the documentation of Jamila's couture work, and she was even too successful: the dean and the didactic committee loved Jamila's work so much that not only did they credit her as a trainer, but even decided to invite her for a lecture cycle in Germany.

Shafira was asked to tell Jamila in advance, as the official invitation was to be sent via snail-mail, and Shafira sent her an SMS.

When Jamila received the SMS, she was in Zayan's car, and as she grabbed her smartphone, she passed out. Zayan saw a physician's surgery nearby, and carried her into in his arms. There were a few elderly women waiting, who were worried at first, but as soon as they could look at Jamila's face, teetered and greeted Zayan with "Mabruk! Blessed be you!"

The doctor made a swift visit, and asked Zayan, "Dear sir, when did your wife have her last period?"

"About three months ago."

"Hmm ... have your wife's breasts always been so large? And her areolas so wide and dark?"

"They've always been huge, but have somewhat increased lately. I feared that getting off the pill might harm them, but it didn't happen."

The doctor smiled, rang a bell, and told his nurse, "Mona, could you perform the _wonder test_ on Ms. ...?"

"Jamila," Zayan answered, "But you should ask her, since she's regaining consciousness."

Jamila assented, and after a few minutes the doctor could tell her and Zayan, "I'm happy to give you the best tidings a doctor can tell: Ms. Jamila is pregnant, and you, Mr. Zayan, are becoming a father!"

The same women who had greeted Zayan before now cheered at the couple – they weren't doctors, but they had had more than ten children each, and could easily recognize a pregnant woman.

Jamila could eventually read Shafira's message, which added to her and Zayan's happiness. But how could she be supposed to travel to Germany and give lectures while pregnant?

"Darling," Zayan said, "Your mother harvested cotton until she was in labor of you and your siblings; my mother kept washing and ironing heaps and heaps of clothes until I nearly put my hand out to say hello! I don't think that you'll have to worry about teaching in a German school."

"Will you come with me?"

Zayan thought about it for a while, and then answered, "Are you still in love with Shafira?"

"Yes, but ..."

"So it's better that you meet her alone, if you want to convince her to join our family."

"But I love you too. I'll feel terribly alone abroad."

"Darling, Shafira is a treasure, and you won't get a treasure without making sacrifices. And about sex ... you have already had it with her, haven't you?"

"Yes, I had."

"So I think she won't refuse it to you. You'll spend wonderful nights."

"What about you?"

"When are you going to fly to Germany?"

"I have to negotiate the content of the lectures with the school, collect some images, and have some book excerpts translated. Shafira volunteered to translate them from Arabic into English."

"Why not into German?"

"Darling," Jamila answered, "I can speak some English, but I can't speak German. Shafira has written that her fellow-students are acquainted to being lectured in English, and the school thinks that if the lecture notes are in English, they'll gain wider readership. So I'll speak English."

"Ok. When are you going to go to Germany?"

"I think I need two months to prepare the lectures. But then there will be the spring break, so I'll have to wait for another month. I'll go in three months".

"Hmm ... are you willing to keep erotically training your co-wives?"

"Yes, I am. But, since I'm pregnant now, you needn't impregnate them anymore."

"I'm afraid I have to. Your co-wives too have the right to mothering children, and even though they are now living a lesbian love, they will certainly regret not becoming mothers when they were young and healthy ..."

"... and their families will certainly wonder why did I get pregnant, while they didn't, in spite of their age and health."

"Yes. They could really become nasty. When I married Khalida, I was just going to save her from shame, by marrying her, allegedly deflowering her, and then divorcing her once I allegedly realized that I couldn't either treat her as your equal, or give her a sporting chance to get pregnant. Now we simply can't do that, and we have to behave like man and wives."

"Do you regret your decision?"

"No, I feel happier now than before. There is more love (not just sex) in our home now. But I feel like I have become a father of adult women before I could even impregnate my preferred wife with a baby."

Jamila giggled and said, "That's what I think too. My co-wives have taught me not just lesbian sex, but also being a mother. Ok, I'll keep training them, so they'll please you when Shafira will please me."

Zayan couldn't help stop the car and kiss her wife – and getting rebuked by a traffic policeman. In Cairo they overlook a lot of dangerous traffic offenses, but not that :-)

When they were at home, Jamila showed Khalida and Rashida both the pregnancy test results and Sharifa's SMS, and her co-wives decided to congratulate her the familar way.

First, they showered together in Zayan's booth, as large as a car spray booth, and a first change was noticeable in Khalida and Rashida, as they now watched Zayan's penis with amazement; Jamila too noticed their increased interest, and credited it to her pregnancy, as it proved that it wasn't just a toy, but a tool to change the world and their life.

They even volunteered to cleanse it thoroughly, so they could watch and touch it; Zayan let them do, and Jamila watched with satisfaction – with a bit of luck, their conditioning could end soon.

When they were done, Zayan hugged them as if they were his closest friends (without taking much care to press their huge breasts against his own, and just kissing them on their sealed lips), and then went to Jamila, hugged her, kissed her, and whispered an indecent proposal into her ear.

Jamila pretended to be appalled, but then smiled at Zayan, hugged and kissed him, and then turned her back to him – it was a signal, as Zayan hugged her from behind, and inserted his penis between her buttocks.

Jamila took Khalida's and Rashida's hands, and neared them to her bosom, which they willingly hugged and stroke near her nipples; Jamila opened her legs somewhat, thus pressing Zayan's penis with her contract buttocks, and allowing her co-wives' mounds to press against her thighs.

She then kissed both co-wives in the mouth, and led the team to a special couch, which was a kind of double sofa, with a well-padded wide back between the two seats, and a couple niches dug at one of its ends.

Khalida sat on the left, Rashida on the right, and then laid on her backs, spreading their legs open and putting one of their thighs into each niche; Jamila put each of her knees in front of her co-wives' vulvae, so when she put her pelvis on the double sofa back, bent over it, and let her breasts heavily fall over her co-wives' busts, her knees were ready to be ground against Khalida's and Rashida's pubic mounds, and her anus was in the right position to be sodded by Zayan's penis.

This special sofa was designed to avoid Jamila's co-wives's having to support her considerable weight during this type of intercourse – and even though directly stimulating Jamila's vulva had became difficult, all three wives loved this contraption.

While Jamila stroke her co-wives' breasts, and they sucked them hungrily, as if they were expecting to find them already full of colostrums and milk, Zayan inserted his penis into Jamila's vagina first, throbbed and tickled her clitoris until he made her come, then took his hardened penis off and slowly but carefully inserted it into her anus.

"If only I had a third co-wife who could lick my cunt while Zayan is doing my ass", Jamila thought, and her fantasy of convincing Shafira to be the third – or better, to convince the three co-wives to rotate around her body, helped her get aroused and weather the pain every act of sodomy implies.

Anal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, nipple stimulation, the feeling of being loved by all the three people around her body, made her climax even in this difficult situation, and then Zayan felt free to pee into Jamila's rectum, and then stand still, with his penis still into her, stroking all her body from the knees (still clasped by Khalida's and Jamila's thighs against their vulvae) to the cheeks, without forgetting the labia and the breasts, of course), until Jamila had enough of it, and had to relieve herself, in the special commode which allowed her and her husband to sit together, him behind her.

After they were done, and showered again, they went to the great sex room. Each of the inhabitants of the flat had his/her own bedroom, with a single bed and a small bath; but there were three bedrooms with a double bed each, and a comparably bigger bath, and a "great sex room" with a bed as big as half a volleyball field, thus allowing Zayan and his (up to) four wives to have an orgy together.

Jamila noticed that they needed a different house, in which sex and child-rearing could coexist, and made Zayan lay on his back, on this gigantic bed; as he hadn't come yet, his penis was still erect, and Jamila asked her co-wives to gradually lowering her over it, so it would slowly penetrate her as they let her sit.

Not that she needed help to do that, but she wanted to feel her co-wives' busts pressing against hers as they were doing that – and it was also a way to involve them into her having sex with Zayan, and possibly arousing them into doing that as well.

Near the bed there was a couple of ottomans; as Jamila was successfully nailed by Zayan, her wives put them under their butts, and sat over them, taking care to touch Jamila's kneecaps with their clitorides – so Jamila's pelvis could go up and down during intercourse, and her knees stimulate them.

Khalida and Rashida willingly hugged Jamila while she was making love, and even helped her raise and lower her huge body – while doing that, they had to grasp her thighs very near her vulva, and thus they were always skimming Zayan's erect penis; and while doing that, her busts were pressed against Jamila's breasts – they reckoned that if her bra size increased somewhat, her nipples could touch her own kneecaps when she was sitting, so they could squeeze them between their clits and Jamila's own knees. It could be arousing, once she had begun lactating, provided that they avoided hurting her.

This time, unexpectedly, Zayan came without the help of any vibrator. His wives had already been pleased, so they complimented him and kissed him. Jamila had already taken most of the ejaculate into her vagina, and Khalida and Jamila asked her if they could lick the rest away.

Usually Jamila reserved her husband's semen for herself, but she now knew that she had already had the most precious gift from her husband – bearing him the firstborn – and that she now had to share whatever possible with her co-wives, so she assented and watched her co-wives.

Khalida wasn't a virgin when Zayan married her, but she had never thought to semen as an essence or an elixir, and licking her share of Zayan's sperma was an intoxicating experience; for Rashida, it was the first time she went in touch with human semen - as Zayan had always been managed to ejaculate when his younger co-wives were in another bedroom, having sex among themselves – but she loved it so much that she even wanted to scissor Jamila.

Jamila stopped her, "If you do that now, you'll smear your vulva with the semen which is still within me."

"I'd like to just do that," Rashida answered, but Jamila smiled and remarked, "If you really want my husband's semen into your twat, why don't you ask it from him? Think: a thirsty person doesn't lick the water away from the mouth of another who has just drunk – he goes to the faucet and drinks from it!"

Zayan and Khalida laughed at Jamila's metaphor, but Rashida blushed, and Jamila told her, "Now that I'm pregnant, I'd like you two to get pregnant too, so you'll become mothers as young women, and my child will have brothers to play with. I'm not sure I'll be able to procure them myself, given my age."

Rashida watched Zayan (and his penis) again, blushed, not just on her face, but also on her loins, and Jamila interpreted it as a sign that she just needed some encouragement; so she approached her from the rear, hugged her from behind, pressing her huge boobs and even her vulva against her body (after a few weeks, he wouldn't be able to do that again, she thought), and whispered these words into her ears, "You've watched me making love with Zayan countless times, and you know that it is delightful and not painful; with some luck, your defloration won't hurt you, and I and Khalida will see that your first intercourse will be as pleasant as in Paradise."

Rashida turned her head towards Jamila's, and kissed her once, then twice, while Jamila was stroking her belly, and her hands going down towards the pubis; Khalida knew that it was a signal to her – to join them, and to help arouse Rashida, so she could make love with Zayan with maximum pleasure and minimum pain.

Jamila and Rashida had already moved over Zayan's legs and pelvis, so Khalida had to pass over his head (thus allowing him an excellent view of her private parts), and to knee above his chest (with her legs well spread apart, and her knees on the mattress, obviously).

So she could hug Jamila and Rashida, and kiss the latter, stroke her hair, her cheeks, her shoulders, while Jamila moved her own hands up, raising Rashida's breasts against Khalida's; Khalida reassured Rashida and told her, "Love is wonderful, even if your partner is much less worthy than our husband. Don't be afraid – he will love you as if you were her Huri, and no less than Jamila."

Rashida was convinced, and let her body slowly fall over Zayan's body; but his refractory period hadn't already ended, so she could only play with his penis and scrotum, with Jamila hugging her from behind, and Khalida before her, kissing her from time to time.

Zayan suggested Rashida to sit on his still flaccid penis, so her clitoris would press against his glans, and her labia minora against his shaft – but she had to avoid quashing it with all her weight, so Jamila and Khalida put their hands under Rashida's thighs, and finely tuned the pressure on the private parts of both.

Once they were comfortable, Rashida began kissing and hugging Khalida, while her vulva felt the pleasant stimulations Zayan's penis gave it, and Rashida was also aroused by the turgid breasts and erect nipples pressing against her body of Jamila and Khalida – while Zayan managed to near Khalida's butt to his mouth, so he began licking Khalida's vulva.

Khalida was taken by surprise and unexpectedly aroused; her first instinct was to flee, but Jamila told them, "See how generous is our husband! Whenever he can, wherever he can, he pleases you!"

So Khalida herself moved her pelvis nearer to Zayan's head, so both women [she and Rashida] were soon aroused pretty much, and Jamila noticed that Zayan's penis was now erect enough to deflorate his wife.

So she and Khalida raised Rashida's body, and with tender loving care lowered it on to Zayan's penis, which perforated Rashida's hymen without giving her much pain; her vagina was so wet that the member could easily slide into, but Khalida and Rashida knew that one of the most pleasant moments of the intercourse is the member's entrance, so they managed to make it last as long as possible.

When the glans reached the neck of the uterus, Rashida told her co-wives to let her alone – she was now able to cope with the situation; so Jamila and Khalida gave her their last kiss, left, and sat beside the loving couple, watching them.

Zayan and Rashida created a sort of virtual cocoon, in which each could only see and feel the other's presence; Rashida soon remembered what Jamila always did when she was above Zayan – so she bent forward, thus letting her big breasts fall over Zayan's chest, and becoming able to move just her pelvis up and down to continue the intercourse, until she squealed and Zayan came.

Then she flopped on Zayan's chest, kissed him in the mouth, and told him, "Zayan, this is the best day in my life!"

"Glad to please you," Zayan said, "I love you too. Perhaps you deserved a husband who loved just you, instead of three wives."

"You've given me more than any other man on Earth could give a single woman. And I also love Khalida, so neither of you should be jealous."

Jamila pretended jealousy, "I have made love with you countless times, and you don't yet love me, do you?"

"Jamila, your case is different. I love Zayan as a husband and as a father, I love Khalida as a friend and as a wife, and you as a wife and as a mother. I love you a lot, and can prove that now, but it isn't the same love I feel for Zayan and for Khalida."

"I love you too, and I'd like to prove that, Rashida," Jamila replied, "If you are willing to help me Khalida make love with Zayan, at last."

"Why should I?", Khalida answered, and added, "Ok, I can't deny that I'm sexually aroused, but why should I make love with Zayan now?"

"Think, Khalida," Jamila rejoined, "I'm already pregnant, Rashida may have just become pregnant, as she is in her fertile days; what if in a couple weeks you discover that your wife, our wife, is skipping her period, while you're having it?"

Khalida didn't answer, and Jamila added, "You too are fertile now; I can't guarantee, Zayan can't guarantee that if you make love with him now, you'll get pregnant; but if you don't, you won't."

Khalida thought about it for a minute, and then told Jamila, "Now I'll ckeck if he can make me squeal."

"He will," Jamila said, "But if I were you I would hug and kiss your wife Rashida first, to reassure that you won't forget her in any case." Khalida did just that, and then asked Zayan, "I prefer to be under you, will you?"

"Your desire is my command, dear Khalida", so, while Zayan was readying for the intercourse by kissing, hugging Khalida, sucking her breasts, licking her vulva, Jamila hugged Rashida and talked to her like a mother to a child who had just won an atletic competition.

"Did you love it?"

"Yes, I did. You've got a wonderful husband. When you'll be in Germany, he won't be able to keep his semen to himself. Do you really want me to make love with you?"

"You can choose – we can either stay put and watch Zayan and Jamila, or make love ourselves. What's your choice?"

"Love isn't a spectator's sport," Rashida said, and hugged and kissed Jamila.

Both couples made love with the greatest transport – and Jamila was right in forecasting that both her co-wives would get pregnant this very night.

The soirée ended with Zayan making love with Jamila, and Rashida with Khalida, at the same time, and with all four solemnly swearing eternal love and mutual trust forever.

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