tagLoving Wives3+1 Wives Ch. 04

3+1 Wives Ch. 04


The next morning, Zayan returned his wives Jamila and Khalida, and his cousin Rashida to the farm. Rashida's mother was so suspicious about that nightly trip in a motorhome, that she had had her daughter's virginity checked - not just her hymen, but even her anal orifice.

Luckily, the doctor found nothing wrong, and a few days later Jamila went to Rashida's family to ask her hand in marriage, on Zayan's behalf.

The family didn't object, but asked for the dower of a virgin, and an intelligent and studious one, which Zayan was willing to pay in gold. When Jamila came home and relayed the assent, Khalida was both thrilled and gloomy.

Thrilled, because it was she who was in love with Rashida, and Zayan and Jamila agreed to add her to the family, so Jamila and Rashida could lead a near marital life under the cover of being Zayan's wives.

But the price was that, if Jamila proved to be unable to have children because of her nearly menopausal age, they had to give Zayan a child - artificial insemination was ruled out, because it was expensive, and no secret could really be kept in Egypt.

Jamila was willing to discontinue sex with Khalida, but she had second thoughts, since the only way to lead Khalida from near repugnance for Zayan's private parts to acceptation and arousal was for Jamila to have sex with Khalida while Zayan was penetrating her [Jamila] - a kind of operating conditioning.

Rashida knew that, and although she loved Khalida, her open nature made her accept the condition more heartily, and convinced Khalida too to think to these torrid sessions with Jamila and Zayan as pleasant distractions from "their" marital routine.

Zayan's doctoral thesis was in human rights law, "The Law of Forcible Bodily Inspections;" the day after it was discussed, Jamila went off the pill, and the marriage ceremony between Zayan and Rashida was arranged.

When Rashida e-mailed her friends telling them of the marriage, one of them, a German of Turkish descent named Sharifa, drew the paper pattern of a wedding dress, and sent it to Rashida, who loved it, and showed it to Jamila, who was a tailoress renowned in Cairo.

Jamila was impressed, as the paper pattern showed that Sharifa had real couture talent; she only had to fix a minor oversight, and Rashida's wedding dress was OK!

Jamila made it in a few days, and when it was ready, she proposed Rashida to invite Sharifa, so she could receive due praise for her dress. Twelve hundred people were invited, and if they loved Rashida's dress, they could make Sharifa's fortune.

Sharifa accepted the invitation, and Rashida's parents gladly hosted her. Jamila visited Rashida's family a lot in the days leading to the marriage, and could befriend Sharifa. The latter showed her several paper patterns and photos of dresses she had made, and Jamila inferred that Sharifa just needed a one-year training to become as good as her.

She therefore encouraged her to become proficient in couture, and even told her that she could hire her as an apprentice and then turn her into her associate, if she wanted to settle in Cairo.

Sharifa was amazed, but told Jamila that she had to end the Fachhochschule -- next year - before deciding. Jamila understood her viewpoint, but was somewhat disappointed. Actually, she realized that it was more than that.

Sharifa was shorter than Jamila, and very lean, but her bust was magnificent -- 32I-J (depending on the phase of her menstrual cycle); not only did she master German and Turkish, she was also fluent in English and Arabic, and the unusual combination of blue eyes and black hair made her very charming.

Jamila was by now a trained bisexual, after so many nights making love with her husband Zayan and her co-wives Khalida and Rashida, so she wasn't surprised by her being physically attracted to Sharifa; but she soon found that her admiration and friendship for Sharifa had grown into love, and that she didn't propose her to become her associate just because of her prowess, but because she felt the urge of having her close to her bosom by day -- and possibly by night.

Jamila wondered what her feelings toward Zayan were -- and she discovered that they were unrelated with hers towards Sharifa: she admired both, desired both, was fond of both, was pleased by and could please both, could spend her whole life with either. She could say that she was very lucky -- women who can claim they're pretty satisfied with their marriage are somewhat rare, but she somewhat envied Khalida and Rashida: they found two compassionate relatives who helped them fulfil their love dream -- but who could help her realize hers?

She at last decided to talk to Zayan, who was very sympathetic with her, but also told her that, since Sharifa was outside his or her clan, taking her as a spouse would be a daunting task -- and how could she woo Sharifa after she had come back to Germany? They could exchange e-mail addresses, chat on Facebook, but it would be like trying to grow a whole paddy of rice on a snifter of water.

So he told her that he was willing to marry Sharifa, provided that Jamila had convinced her to assent. Luckily, Sharifa had grown similar feelings towards Jamila, even though she was repressing its sexual component, so the next day she told her that the last year in the Fachhochschule was mainly devoted to apprenticeship, so, if Jamila gave her some specimens of her couture work, Sharifa could have her credited as a qualified vocational trainer by the Fachhochschule, and therefore Sharifa could complete her training in Cairo.

Jamila got ecstatic at the proposal, and spent the next three days collecting all evidence of her dressmaking (even asking some clients of her to give her a photo of their dresses), and trusting it to Sharifa -- who was in the meantime helping her friend Rashida with the wedding preparations.

The marriage ceremony was simple, but the reception lavish, and people enjoyed it very much. Males and females were in different adjoining hotels, and Sharifa was showered with applause when Jamila told the invitees that it was her who designed Rashida's wedding dress.

But as they ate, Jamila accidentally spattered her shirt with some tomato juice, so she had to go to the bathroom; Sharifa volunteered to help her, so they secluded in the bathroom, and the younger had the honor of removing the older's shirt. But they soon noticed that it wouldn't have been enough: the juice had easily percolated the shirt and had also blotted the petticoat and the white lacy bra -- so Sharifa had to remove all these garments and wash them.

Some tomato juice had stained Jamila's right breast's skin, and Sharifa couldn't help licking it away -- thus sealing her own fate.

Jamila put her own arms under Sharifa's armpits, raised her head towards her own, touched Sharifa's lips with her own -- and Sharifa's mouth opened, letting Jamila's and her own tongues meet. Sharifa was aroused by the pressure of Jamila's bigger breasts, Jamila by the touch of Sharifa's perkier breasts.

As they hugged and kissed, their pelvises neared, and made their pubic mounds touch; they rubbed against each other for half a minute, then they landed on each other's thighs, where they could get better stimulation.

Sharifa couldn't help slipping a hand under Jamila's skirt and panties, and skimming her buttocks -- she was pleasantly surprised to discover that, in spite of Jamila's age and weight, no sign of cellulite could be detected -- her buttocks, her thighs and her ... mound were perfectly shaped.

Jamila felt free to do the same, but her hand directly went to Sharifa's clitoris -- had they had more time, she would have performed some foreplay, but they risked being caught in the act, so they had to hurry up.

Shamira loved the stimulation, but wanted to finish what she had begun when she licked the stain away -- she latched on to Jamila's nipples and sucked them, one after the other, thus causing Jamila to come before herself -- Jamila had to bite a handkenderchief to prevent squealing.

Jamila knew that Shamira wasn't yet pleased (and reckoned that it wasn't easy for a devout Muslim girl like her to act out her lesbian urges and enjoy them), so she focused on making her orgasmic.

She told her, "Bare your breasts," and she squat in front of Shamira's pubis; she carefully removed her panties, and began licking her labia, and clitoris (and saw that her hymen was still intact), thus rapidly bringing her to orgasm.

After doing that, Jamila saw Sharifa's magnificent breasts, and couldn't help kissing them and suckling them a little -- not too much, so as not to arouse Sharifa again.

They hugged at last and promised to meet again as soon as possible; when Jamila dressed, Sharifa noticed that the shirt, the petticoat and the bra were now clean, but still wet, and therefore very transparent.

"No problem," Jamila remarked, "now we're among women only -- who would leer at me and get excited?"

Sharifa giggled and retorted, "Perhaps you could find a new partner if you (Heaven Forfend!) are widowed by Zayan. You know, impubescent male children are here, among their mothers, and I don't think they'll forget your bosom ere they become old enough to want it!"

Jamila laughed out loud, but replied, "I hope I'll live with Zayan and with the people I love (you're among them) all the days of my life. Let's rejoin the reception now -- I'll keep a handkenderchief over my bosom."

"I think you'll need a double bed sheet, darling," Sharifa said, "Not that I could settle for less if I were in your shoes :-)"

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