tagLoving Wives3+1 Wives Ch. 02

3+1 Wives Ch. 02


Once Jamila raised the subject of parenthood with Zayan, telling him, "Darling, I think that it's high time that we stop thinking just to our pleasure, and to become parents. What's your opinion?"

"My doctoral dissertation will be ready in a few weeks, and then I'll be ready to become a full-time father. I hope you won't stop making love as often as you do now, or I'll be forced to get another wife."

Jamila laughed, as she knew that Zayan couldn't get a better mate than her, but she replied, "You could marry somebody when I'm six month pregnant, and divorce her after puerperium – so you'll weather the period in which my sexual activity will be forcedly be curtailed."

Zayan laughed too, as he couldn't figure his wife unwilling to have sex – she once made love with him in hospital the day after appendectomy. The surgeon got quite angry when she learnt of it, but no after-effect ensued.

The conversation ended there, with Zayan and Jamila making love twice – once for their own pleasure, once for commemorating the fuck in hospital – and anticipating how could they make love after childbirth, with her breasts grown from L to M or N cup, squirting milk all over the room and not just nursing the newborn.

The next morning, while Zayan was at university, and Jamila had just eaten her mid-morning tiramisu (but hadn't had her orgasm yet), her favorite niece Khalida came to visit her.

She was a tall woman in her early twenties, blond, and with a really big bust – 34G. Jamila greeted her warmly, although she couldn't conceal her arousal well, and even Khalida caught it and her nipples got somewhat erected – even though she had a very sad story to tell her aunt.

"Jamila, have you ever wondered why my bosom has grown so much lately?"

"Yes, and I thought you went on the pill. Was I right?".

"Yes. I know what you may think of me ..."

"Absolutely nothing. A woman can go on the pill for a host of medical reasons, and even if she did that in order to have sex without risk, who am I to judge her?"

"You should have warned me against it. Now I'm undone, the disgrace of my family."

"Your lover has taken your maidenhead, and now he refuses to marry you, doesn't he?"

"Not quite that. He's too poor for our family's standards, and his family won't accept as his wife a woman who has lost her virginity before marriage – even though I lost it to him."

"Has your relationship ended, then?"

"He's moving abroad. He has a cousin in the USA, and she's found a job for him."

"Eloping isn't an option, I suppose."

"No. Better to be a queen in Egypt than a duchess in the USA."

"I understand. Are you pregnant?"

"I'm going to have my menses – one of my PMS symptoms is being somewhat randy, so don't be astonished at my nipples, Jamila."

"I'm in the same predicament, Khalida," Jamila said, "So we should focus on a solution."

"There is none. When I'll get married, I won't be able to ask for the dower of a virgin."

"That's true and there is no remedy for that – unless you fly abroad and have your hymen reconstructed, in order to dupe your groom. I won't approve of that."

"I can live with this economic loss, Jamila. What worries me is the shame and the disgrace it will bring on my family. They don't deserve it."

Jamila thought about it, even had an erotic fantasy about it which engorged (and inflated) her breasts and nipples, than she told her, "Perhaps there is a remedy, although somewhat painful."

"What remedy?"

"If a woman is still a maiden, but no more virgin, it's a shame; but if she isn't virgin anymore because she has been divorced, no shame, although her social status will decidedly be low."

"You're suggesting me to marry somebody in order to get soon divorced, so that my husband will be credited with taking my maidenhead?"

"Yes. That could be a solution. We should obviously find a man who can be trusted that he'll never ask you for sex."

"It's an exceedingly weird idea. It won't work."

"Lots of women who want to become citizens of a rich country contract marriages of convenience which end up in divorce once they've sworn loyalty to their new country. But in these cases, the groom is usually sexually impotent; in our case, we have to find a sexually potent but trustworthy male."

"Are you trying to sell me uncle Zayan, Jamila?"

"Bull's eye!"

"Jamila, I thank you for your generosity, but I can't accept. What if your husband proves less trustworthy than ... my ex?"

"He'll first eat his genitalia, and then he'll divorce us both."


"It's a good candidate because yesterday we raised the subject of why, in nearly 30 years of marital life, we've never had a child. We could tell everybody that we decided to do what Sarah did to Abraham – to allow him to marry another wife and to sire with her. After a year, when we'll notice that you're not getting pregnant, we'll dismiss you."

"But people will think that I'm sterile!"

"Or that my husband couldn't give you a sporting chance of getting pregnant, and that as soon as he realized that, he thought that divorce was the best solution, so that you could find a new and good husband."

"That's a good idea. Who will be the matchmaker?"

"I'll ask your hand in marriage on my husband's behalf – thus proving that we agree."

"Have you asked him?"

"I haven't, but I can't figure how could he refuse. Even if he won't make love with you, he'll be thrilled to have a pretty girl like you at home. Perhaps he will direct at me the arousal you'll cause to him, and we'll make love together more often than ever!"

"How often do you make love every day?"

"Twice a day. Had he time to come home for lunch, we'd make it thrice."

"You're a blessed couple."

"Our neighbors don't think that. I don't just moan, I squeal loudly when making love, and they've become insomniac."

"You squeal? Why do you squeal?" asked Khalida.

Jamila laughed loudly, and told her niece, "If you don't really know, it means that your lover was no great shakes."

"His dick was thin ..."

"No, it's not just a size problem. To squeal, you have to enjoy orgasm, and to do that, you have to really trust your lover. Perhaps you felt the uncertainty of your relationship, and you was barred from pleasure."

"You shouldn't have told me that you squeal twice a day. Perhaps I could ask uncle Zayan to make me squeal from time to time."

"In a way you're right – once you'll have married him, you'll have to do that, or our neighbors will become suspicious. You'll have to often feign a genuine squeal of pleasure."

"How could I feign if I don't know the real thing?"

Jamila's and Khalida's arousals had been reinforcing each other for all the conversation, so Jamila could tell Khalida, "Let's eat a wonderful Italian cake, and then I'll make you enjoy the real thing, if you'll let me kiss you."

Khalida assented, Jamila brought two gigantic pieces of tiramisu – one for herself, the other for Khalida, and she even fed her as if she were a child: she cut the tiramisu into slices as slender as sausages, and they ate it from the opposite ends, so their lips eventually kissed.

As they were done with the tiramisu, Jamila hugged Khalida, squeezing her turgid breasts against her niece's, and kissing her. Kiss after kiss, the tiramisu worked its magic, and the women went into Khalida's bedroom.

Jamila opened her shirt, revealing her gigantic white lace bra; Khalida got excited looking at her aunt's gorgeous bosom, and as Jamila unbuttoned her niece's shirt, she felt her nipples hardening under her hands.

It was Khalida who removed her own bra first, and then laid on the bed; Jamila bent over her, so her maxi mounds could skim her belly and bosom, until she kissed Khalida, and she removed her aunt's bra in the meanwhile.

Seeing her aunt's huge boobs free-falling was so much that she moaned with pleasure; Jamila told her, "A good start, but it isn't enough. The house will offer you the full service," and she carefully raised Khalida's shirt, while rubbing her own breasts and nipples against her nieces' thighs.

She didn't remove Khalida's panties at first, but licked them in order to delicately stimulate her clit; as soon as Khalida grabbed her head to direct her tongue, Jamila removed her niece's panties, and licked her clitoris.

As soon as Khalida's vulva became wet, Jamila delicately inserted a finger into it, probing for the G-spot; when she found and stimulated it, Khalida couldn't help squirting and squealing of pleasure.

Jamila wasn't done yet; she kept tickling her niece's vulva while she climbed over Khalida's body and began sucking her nipples, the right before the left. The stimulation led the young woman to another orgasm, and to a louder squeal.

"Auntie," pleaded Khalida, "Stop! I've learned everything by heart!"

Jamila stopped, laid beside Jamila, and hugged her; Jamila did the same, and apparently liked pressing her own bosom against her aunt's; she kissed her and told her, "Had I known that women's love can be so pleasurable, I wouldn't have made love with Edmund."

"Darling," Jamila answered, "You can't get pregnant with another woman; and I'm sure that this experience is as unusual for you as it was for me. I've never made love with a woman before; I did that with you because ... usually I have an orgasm at the time you came home, and the pretext of teaching you how to squeal in bed sufficed."

Jamila thought about it for a minute, kissed her aunt, nibbled her ears, and then told her, "You're late with your orgasm, aren't you?"

"Darling," Jamila replied, "You're really kind ... but, what time is it now?"

Khalida looked at the alarm clock and answered, "11:30. What's the matter?"

"In the flat below ours there lives a mufti. I usually have my morning orgasm when he's away, but he always comes home at about this time. If you give me an orgasm, he'll hear me, recognize my ... voice, and wonder who's making love with me, since hubby is away."

"But keeping aroused may hurt you – I've read it in Masters' & Johnson's books," Khalida said, and then added, "There is nobody in or near my house now! You're my aunt, nobody would suspect us of anything if you bring me home!"

"That's a good idea, Khalida."

So the women dressed again – Khalida insisted in helping Jamila wear her fantastic bra, and then they took Jamila's car. But, as Jamila was really too much excited to drive, Khalida sat at the wheel and safely drove home.

Once they were home, Jamila completely undressed, and let Khalida do to her what she was done in her flat; Khalida was calmer, and began with kissing her aunt in the mouth first, then nibbling her ears, kissing her neck, her shoulders, her breasts, climbing from the sides to the nipples, but avoiding them.

Then she kissed her aunt's navel, and even licked it thoroughly; then she probed it with her own nipples – while the other nipple was playing with Jamila's breast.

So she sat beside her aunt, leaned over her lap, latched to her nipple, and began sucking it, while Jamila was undressing her and massaging her vulva. Jamila got orgasmic soon, while Khalida apparently liked sucking her aunt's immense tits more than she may have liked her mom's.

After doing that to both nipples, Khalida bent in front of her aunt's vulva, and licked it for so much time, skillfully probing her G-spot in the meantime, that Jamila kept squealing for several minutes.

In the meantime, Zayan, Jamila's husband, was driving towards Khalida's house. Jamila's sister (and Khalida's mother) had told him that she had managed to get an old edition of Rambam's "Dalalat ul-Hairin" [better known as Maimonides' "Guide for The Perplexed"], and that he could take it from her home, since she was abroad.

But as he parked the car in the house's courtyard, he heard – and recognized! – Jamila's squeals. "Who's fucking my wife?" he wondered, and he broke into the house, and into the bedroom.

He was flabbergasted as he saw Khalida making love with Jamila; when Jamila recognized Zayan, she told him, "Darling, hug me, since I'm madly in love with you!"

"What are you doing?" he asked both women, and while Khalida flew in tears, Jamila told Zayan, "Nothing you should be worried about. If you now make love with me – I really want that - I'll explain you everything."

"Perhaps you should comfort Khalida instead – she's wailing louder than you were squealing."

"You're right, Zayan," Jamila said, so she went out of the bed, she didn't even care to get dressed, and reached Khalida, who was half-naked and weeping.

"Khalida, don't worry," Jamila told her niece while hugging her, "Zayan will forgive both of us and keep everything to himself."

Khalida kept crying, but she didn't resist when her aunt helped her to get completely dressed, pressed her own (still naked) left breast against her right side, and led her to the bedroom, where Zayan was waiting.

Jamila told Zayan, "I was just testing Khalida's ability to please you."

"Please me? She's a beautiful girl, but you're enough for me, Jamila."

"Ok, I was joking. Let me tell the truth, then," Jamila said, and then explained Zayan what had happened.

Zayan told her (still naked) wife, "Ok, I understand. Your idea is good, and I'll help your niece. The problem is the dowry: if she still pretends to be a virgin, I have to offer her family quite a large amount of money. Is there a way to tell her parents that I'm not seeking a regular wife, but trying to save their honor?"

"Mom may have got it," Khalida said, "and she'll probably find a way to disclose it to dad. So you needn't worry about the dowry."

"Are we sure you aren't pregnant?" Zayan asked, and Khalida answered by removing her panties and showing Zayan and Jamila a blood stain on them. Jamila remarked, "Your period has come. Ok, take a sanitary towel – we're now sure that you aren't pregnant."

A few days later, Jamila officially asked Khalida's hand in marriage, on Zayan's behalf. Khalida's predicament wasn't a secret anymore to her parents, so they officially requested the dowry of a virgin – but off the record, they only received the dowry of a divorcee, and waived the rest.

The marriage party was splendid, and Jamila even managed to spend a few minutes alone with Khalida, during which she kissed her in the mouth, in the breasts, and even in the vulva to welcome her into the family – and for several months she took care to make her squeal twice a day, while Zayan was watching at them.

He couldn't be outside, or their neighbors would have seen through it, and he couldn't even make love with Jamila immediately thereafter, because no human male could make squeal two women in a row!

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