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Meeting Monique


Going on holiday

They deserved this holiday. Life had been very busy lately for the aspiring couple and they were now looking forward to spending some quality time together. Tim had spent the last couple of years building up his own business doing environmental consultancy. It had been plenty of hard work but it had finally started to pay off. He was now well established with several larger companies among his customers and even had a handful of employees that could take care of the business while he was away.

Emily on her hand had just finished her PhD in chemistry. She had always been both ambitious and bright and throughout her studies she had always been in the top percentile of her classes. So it was not surprising she of course had performed exceptionally well in pursuing this degree. Yet, it had taken many late night at the lab to accomplish all she wanted and now she was happy to leave it all behind for their upcoming holiday.

They had planned the trip for a long time, carefully deciding on their destination. They had considered several options, ranging from cultural activities in big cities to bush trekking in various wild parts of the world. But in the end, what they felt they needed was just to relax. Therefore, they had decided on renting a place near the beach and they were looking forward to two weeks of unwinding. They didn't want to stay somewhere with loads of people, which meant that finding decent hotel was a bit of a challenge. Instead, they did some searching and stumbled on what seemed like a nice B&B. It was a self-catered place in close proximity to the beach, which sounded perfect to them. There were some photos of the room, and Emily had winked at Tim as she told him that the bed looked sturdy enough for what she was going to do to him. They were initially a bit worried that a B&B wouldn't give them the privacy they wanted, but they soon figured that it might actually be nice to have someone nearby, given that they would be so far from civilization.

After arriving at the airport near their destination, they rented a car and as they began the drive to their holiday destination, they immediately slipped into holiday mode. The stress was being replaced by carefree feelings of freedom and anticipation of finally having some time for each other. They were very much in love and as they started to relax, they had a hard time keeping their hands off each other. The mood was very flirtatious, with sexual insinuation constantly being worked into the conversation.

They took turns driving and from the passenger seat, Tim was checking out his beloved girlfriend and thinking how lucky he was to have her. She was really a natural beauty, with long blond hair, currently in two plaits. He let his hand rub her thighs, which made her smile and thus displaying the dimples he loved so much. Like himself, Emily was in her late twenties but there was something quite girlish to her facial features.

Tim let his gaze drop to her chest. He found her tits, which were currently hidden by a tight pink tank top, absolutely adorable. They weren't big, just a B-cup, but they were incredibly perky. He noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. They seemed to always get stiff whenever she was even the slightest exited, so normally she would always keep them hidden in a padded bra. Tim smiled to himself, thinking that the fact that she now allowed them to be set free was sort of symbolic of how they were feeling about their long awaited holiday. Emily eventually caught him staring at her chest.

"What are you looking at, you dirty boy?" she asked, winking at him.

"Something very nice," Tim replied and continued to let his eyes explore her body.

He let his eyes wander down to her shapely legs. She was wearing a short summer skirt, which she now raised to allow Tim to further admire her well toned thighs. He took this as an invite and started caressing her legs, letting his hands roam freely over the exposed skin. Emily smiled and just continued driving, acting like nothing was going on, but her breathing gave away the fact that she was obviously enjoying the advances.

After some time, he leaned in and whispered in her ear.

"Why don't you pull your top down?"

Tim knew she had at least a slight exhibitionistic streak to her, but she rarely acted out on it. He figured the main reason was that she was careful about her reputation. However, now they were far away from home and there was no chance they would be seen by anyone they knew. Plus, she had a bit of competitive nature, and he figured she might accept the challenge just for that reason.

Emily was silently contemplating his proposition, admitting to herself that she was excited by the idea. It was really not something she would normally consider, but she the whole idea of the trip was to leave their normal life behind. Being a bit silly was totally fine. She also figured there was little traffic so it was unlikely that anyone would notice if she did it. And if someone did? That would actually be rather exciting, she thought to herself.

"Hold the wheels," she said with a defiant smile.

As Tim grabbed the wheel, she slowly pulled down her top, setting her tits completely free for the world to see. Tim admired her pink, now very stiff nipples. He also noticed that she didn't just pull the top down under her chest, but rather she lowered it all the way down to her hips. This was leaving her whole upper body exposed and consequently she couldn't just easily pull it back up to cover herself if she needed.

They continued their drive, not saying a word as the sexual tension was building up in the car. Each time they passed a car, Emily started breathing heavier from the excitement. She had to stop herself from instinctively covering up, and each time she succeeded, she became more aroused. It didn't help either that Tim was continually caressing her legs, increasingly focusing on the sensitive inside of her thighs.

It was getting harder and harder for Emily to focus on her driving and it became even worse when Tim eventually let his hands wander up her body and started gently caressing her exposed tits. She moaned as he let his finger gently pinch her nipples. In the name of safety, she decided that she had to pull over. There were no exits nearby, so instead she just found a place to park the car next to the road. As soon as the car came to a halt, she pushed back her seat and pulled down her panties. She then spread her legs, putting one foot on the dashboard and the other one on Tim's seat behind his head.

"Lick me!" she commanded.

She knew Tim had a soft spot for sexually dominating women and she sometimes liked to slip into that role, but this was also her competitive nature speaking. He had dared her to drive around with her tits out, now she was daring him to lick his girlfriend out right next to the the passing cars behind her. She could hear cars passing by, but she actually didn't care if anyone saw her right now. She just needed relief.

Tim took in the sight before him. His girlfriend was sitting there before him, naked with her skirt and top around her waist. Her pussy was glistening from her excitement, and she demanded that he should lick it. He noticed that she had trimmed her pubes more than usual, leaving only a narrow strip of dark-blonde hair. This exposed her inviting pussy lips to him, and he was more than eager to taste her now. Kneeling in his seat, he began kissing his way from the feet next to him to her calf and onwards to her thighs. When he reached her pussy, he felt her hands on the back of his head, pushing his face into her.

"Yes, yes, yes! Lick me!" she screamed and Tim complied, licking her for all he was worth.

It didn't take long before Emily started coming, moaning loudly as she did. Her whole body was shaking in her seat, and her thighs pressed around Tim's head as she pulled him harder against her. She let him go as her orgasm subsided, but he remained at her pussy, kissing it gently as she was coming down from her high. He then kissed his way up her torso, and let his tongue ever so lightly trace the contours of her nipples before moving up to her mouth and kiss her. She could feel her own moisture on his lips, but that didn't bother her at all.

"Thank you," she said as they broke the kiss. "I needed that."

She then looked at Tim's crotch, seeing a distinct bulge in his pants. It was obvious he was in need of some relief as well. She looked around to see that no cars were nearby, then she opened the car door and stepped outside without bothering to cover herself. She walked barefoot around the car and opened the passenger door. When she heard a car coming, she started laughing and quickly dropped to her knees. Their car and the open passenger door protected her from being seen. She looked at her boyfriend, who seemed unsure of exactly what to do. With a wicked smile, she said:

"Come on, it's your turn."

Tim got the picture and while still seated in the car, he turned and placed his feet on the ground in front of his girlfriend. He then unzipped his pants, allowing his hard cock to spring free in front of her face. Emily wasted no time and with a wicked grin she leaned forward and started kissing his shaft. Soon she was licking up and down its whole lengths, making it even harder before engulfing her mouth on it. She absolutely loved his cock. When asked, she would always find it hard to determine what body part she liked most in her partner. Depending on the mood she might say that it was his broad, strong shoulders, his sweet blue eyes or perhaps his tight ass. But in this position, she couldn't deny that she really adored his large cock. It was quite frankly beautiful to her. It always seemed eager to stand attention for her and when she held it, she loved how it felt hard, yet at the same time smooth in her hand.

Tim looked down at his girlfriend, who was currently totally preoccupied with giving him head. He could hardly believe that she was doing this right there, next to the road with cars passing by. He figured she was pretty much out of sight, but if a car was to stop and see what was going on, she would have nowhere to hide. It was a bit out of place for her, and he was very intrigued by this new, daring side of hers. She was taking him deep into her mouth and between that and the excitement of how it all was happening in such a open place, it didn't take long before she could feel him tense up.

"I'm gonna cum," he said with heavy breath.

As she mostly did, she continued to suck even harder, letting him cum in her mouth. It was obvious that the sexual tension had been building up for a long time, because the load was larger than she was used to. She swallowed most of it, but she couldn't help letting some of it dribble out of her mouth.

As Tim came down from his orgasm, he lovingly admired the sight in front of him. His naked girlfriend was still kneeling in front of him with a devilish grin on her face. She looked incredibly hot with her plaited blonde hair and his cum still on her lips and chin. Locking her eyes on his, she slowly scooped up the cum with her index finger and sucked it off as she winked at him. Tim let out a slight moan to let her know the effect was not lost on him.

"Your time to drive, honey," she said with a giggle.

As Tim zipped up his pants and scooted over to the drivers seat, he thought to himself that this was an incredibly good start to the holiday. Smiling at his girlfriend, who had seated herself in the passenger seat and was currently busy making herself look decent, he started wondering what else this trip might have in store for them.


The B&B hostess had told them via email that she might not be home when they got there and instructed them to pick up a key at a tourist information desk in a nearby village, where a nice old man also gave them instructions on how to find the place. This turned out to be most valuable, because it wasn't on any main road. After a slow drive up a winding road, they found their secluded destination. When they arrived, they found no other car parked by the house, so they suspected the hostess wasn't home. Walking up the path to the house, they did however find a note on the door.

"Emily and Tim,


Hope you had time to get the key, I had to go into town for some errands. Your apartment is the attached guest house on the left, I will be back shortly.

Make yourself at home and feel free to look around.

Kindest regards,


They were thrilled that they had their own little house, even though it was attached to the main building. With their own entrance, it would give them much more privacy than they had hoped for. They unloaded their luggage from their car and carried it inside. The place wasn't big but had everything they needed, including a little kitchen section to prepare their meals. Everything was in great condition and they agreed that it was absolutely beautiful, even more so than they had seen in the pictures. Emily again commented on how the bed looked sturdy enough.

They were particularly impressed with the large and very lush backyard, which they could access through a door in the back. There was a deck running along both the main building and guest house, which turned into a outdoor patio on each side, meaning they would have an outdoor spot away from the main building, thus giving them at least some privacy.

As they were roaming around the backyard, they heard a door opening and a dark haired woman came out from the main building and waved at them. Tim and Emily actually had exactly the same word enter their mind as they saw her: "curvy". They waved back and approached the woman, who remained standing on the deck outside her house. She looked stunning in her sheer white summer dress which did little to hide her figure. The slight breeze caught her long, curly hair, giving her a somewhat wild and powerful look. Yet, this was contrasted by a very warm smile.

"Hi, I'm Monique," she said and held out her hand.

Emily was thinking that the woman looked much like a voluptuous version of a Greek goddess, but she actually had a slight french accent.

"Oh, hi. I'm Emily," she replied, suddenly feeling somewhat shy as she shook the woman's hand. "And this is my boyfriend, Tim."

"Nice to meet you both, hope you could find the place alright," Monique replied as she stretched out her hand to Tim, who had to use all his will power not to stare at this woman's large chest.

"Looks like we're going to be neighbors for awhile," she continued. "Would you care to be neighborly and have a glass of wine with me? I was just going to have one myself."

Tim and Emily looked at each other briefly and happily accepted the invitation. Monique disappeared briefly into her house and came back with three glasses and a bottle of rosé, which seemed appropriate for the warm summer day. They all had a seat at Monique's patio and started making small talk. Monique turned out to be a very friendly and warm person with a charisma that was impossible to resist. As they got to know her, any worry they might have had about the nuisance of not being left to themselves soon disappeared. She was making a living as a writer, and had acquired the place to get some piece and quiet to finish her latest book.

"I bought it last year to get away from the city," she explained.

"I don't get visitors that often down here, and I wasn't sure what to do with the guest house. So I thought I'd try renting it out this year. You're the first ones, so your my Guinea pigs," she continued, with a slight laugh.

They continued talking and drinking. It turned out that Monique had lived briefly in every continent except Antarctica and had many interesting stories to tell from her travels. Emily was very intrigued by this woman and had to stop herself from asking a million questions. The mixture of Monique's exotic looks, her self confidence and smooth voice gave her a very erotic vibe. This was further exaggerated by her generous chest, which was difficult to divert yours eyes from, man or woman.

After a few glasses of wine, Tim pointed out that they hadn't even unpacked yet and should probably attend to that before getting too tipsy. They made their excuses and headed to their apartment. But as soon as they got there, Emily jumped Tim and started ripping his clothes of. Kissing and undressing, they made their way to the bed, where Emily pushed him on his back and straddled him. He was rock hard but slipped easily into her. As she began riding him, she started screaming loudly, obviously not worried that "anyone" might hear what they were up to. The intense lovemaking soon reached climax with Tim coming hard inside her as he felt the orgasmic contractions of her pussy. As their orgasms faded away, they started laughing. They weren't sure exactly at what, but with their busy lifestyle it would normally have been somewhat unusual for them to become so overwhelmed by their urges. The fact that they were on holiday now was probably part of the reason they suddenly were so sexual, but there was also some sort of unspoken understanding that their new neighbor had affected them.

A beach trip

The morning after, Tim and Emily decided to go check out a small beach, which was actually within walking distance from their house. As they had hoped for when booking a remote location, the beach was completely empty. They laid down their towels on the white sand, and stripped down to their swim wear and started basking in the sun. This soon made both of them hot and they decided to go for a swim.

"I'll race you to the water!" Emily shouted and started running.

Tim started running too, but she had a head start and naturally won. Like a couple of silly teenagers, they started splashing each other with water. They were having the time of their life and soon started making out.

When they eventually got out of the water, they laid down on their towels to let the sun dry off their bodies. Emily turned on her stomach and decided to untie her bikini to prevent tanning lines. Being the perfect gentleman, Tim offered to put some sunblock on her back to prevent burning, which she accepted, largely because she liked to feel his hands on her body. He took his time, carefully applying the lotion on her back and neck, and then moved down to her legs. As he reached the inside of her thighs, she let out a little purr. When he was done with the job, he quickly yanked down her bikini bottoms to place a kiss on one of he cheeks before pulling them back up again. Emily squeaked in response to the surprise and then looked around to ensure they were still alone on the beach.

After a few minutes, she decide it was time to role over on her back and she reached for the straps of her bikini top.

"You don't really need that, do you?" Tim said. "We're all alone here. Come on, I dare you."

Emily again looked around, making sure that he was right.

"I supposed you're right," she replied and slowly rolled over on her back with a confident look on her face. She wasn't gonna back down on a dare so easily.

Tim took in the sight of his exposed girlfriend. He had seen her perky tits thousands of times before, but they still had a massive effect on him. Seeing them out in the open was unusual and it made them even more appealing. He shamelessly stared at her and she responded by proudly pushing her chest out to allow his gaze better access. She reached for the sunscreen and started applying it on her front, spending particularly long time on her tits. Her erect nipples responded to her own touch, making them even harder, and she teasingly pinched them. The effect of her little show wasn't lost on Tim and Emily could see a large bulge forming in his swim trunks. She was getting excited as well and she thought about straddling him right there on the beach. But it actually felt very good to just lie there in an excited state of mind, letting her beloved boyfriend admire her body. She closed her eyes, knowing that he was still looking at her naked tits.

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