tagInterracial LoveA Bisexual Haitian In America

A Bisexual Haitian In America


Nicolas stood before me and smiled. I smiled back, marveling at the sight of him. There she was, the man that I loved. Five feet ten inches and two hundred and twenty pounds of big and tall, All-American male. I've always loved big men. Don't ask me why. I simply do. Some people go for the muscular type or the skinny type. I don't. I like a man who has some meat on his bones. I've always had a preference for these men. I've hung out with big guys before and they're usually cool people, with a lot of intelligence and a great sense of humor. Every man being has potential for greatness in him, I guess. Many people go through their entire lives without knowing it. Not this man. Nicolas Gregory is a great man and most importantly, he's mine. He's the only man I've ever loved.

I guess now would be a good time for a recap. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Pierrot. I am better known by the name " Richard Strife". I stand six feet two inches tall, lean and athletic, with dark brown skin and short hair which is bleached white. My eyes are a pale brown color. I am a Black male model and I work in the Adult Entertainment Industry. I got into the porn business at the age of twenty five. Now, I don't want to bore you with details but I still want to keep your attention. I was born in 1975 in the island of Haiti, deep in the Caribbean. My father Renaud was a farmer, my mother Jeanne was a schoolteacher. I lived in Haiti until I was sixteen, then I came to the United States. My parents were poor. We didn't have any money. This only made me more determined.

In high school, I worked my butt off to get good grades and won a scholarship to college. I played on the Men's Basketball team at the University of Massachusetts. I lived in the dorms at the Amherst campus. Life was tough for me. Especially since I had come to America on a visitor's visa and didn't have any legal papers. My parents paid this girl named Colleen Frost to marry me and give me legal papers. It was a business deal. She got five grand and married me. Two years later, I was a permanent resident of the United States of America. We divorced amicably, as was part of the agreement. Then, I made my way into the world. The first thing I did was get myself a job. I worked hard until I graduated from Amherst at the age of twenty three with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

I tried very hard to get a job but I simply couldn't. A friend of mine invited me to a photo shoot. It turns out that my friend was an actor in the adult film industry. His name was Miguel Renard, and like me, he was Haitian. He was a tall, good-looking guy with jet-black skin and a shaved head. He appeared in some interracial gay porn videos. Those videos where you see hunky Black men having sex with white and Hispanic men. The dude was making eight grand a month just for having sex on camera. I decided to make some money. After all, I had rent to pay and a lot of stuff to deal with. I didn't want to end up on the street. And that's how I got into the porn industry. It took me a while to get my head around it. I was a Haitian man raised on the island of Haiti. The Haitian community was not very tolerant of homosexuality. Yet I really needed to make some money. The companies where I tried to get a job refused to hire me. They were hiring primarily white men, along with women of all colors. Oh, yeah. A woman will sue the company if she doesn't get hired. A white man probably already owns the company. Where does that leave the Black male?

I needed money. I had to get over my fears and do what needed to be done. I started working for Dark Men Club, a small porn company. My first video involved me doing it with a white guy. He was tall and somewhat good-looking. He also had a big dick. I was paid sixteen hundred dollars to let him suck me off and fuck him in the ass with a condom. Man, I remember this vividly. The scene was at a garage. I played the role of a sexy Black mechanic. The white dude was a customer who was unable to pay. He offered me sex as payment. I agreed. We started kissing and soon we were both naked. The white dude, whose name was Jack, knelt before me and took my cock in his mouth. I pumped my cock into his mouth. He gagged on it a bit and I relented, only giving him what I thought he could handle. I thrust into his mouth, and he sucked me off until I came. When I did, he drank all my cum. He licked me clean. When he was done, I put on the condom and fucked him up the ass. He just bent over and took it like a champ. I grabbed him by the hips and thrust into him. Hard and deep, I plunged my cock into his ass. He loved it. All this, on camera. It was a strange experience, but I made enough to pay rent that month.

I went looking for a job the next day. I still couldn't find one. I couldn't figure out why. I was a good-looking Haitian brother with no criminal record and a college degree. I was healthy. I had recommendations from former bosses and teachers. Yet I couldn't find a job. I continued working for the porn company. It took some time for me to adjust to it. I was worried that former classmates and friends would recognize me as a porn actor. Well, I started to relax the first time I realized that being a porn actor wasn't that bad. Some people treated porn actors the same way mainstream movie stars got treated. I would walk down the street and be stopped by people who liked my movies. As Richard Strife, I was becoming quite the celebrity.

The first gay porn movie I made was called Big Black Studs At Work. It sold fast in all the video stores. People loved watching Black men with big dicks having sex. I did thirty movies in six months. I was having the time of my life. In one movie, I was doing it with two guys at once. A Latin guy named Paolo and a white guy named Derek. Both of them were tall and good-looking. I sucked their dicks and they sucked mine. Paolo bent Derek over a bench and fucked him in the ass. I noticed that Paolo had a big dick and a nice ass. I had to get me some of that. I came up behind him while he fucked Derek and took him like this. I pumped my cock into Paolo's tight ass. He screamed and only fucked Derek harder, causing him to scream as well. I was loving every minute of it. We sucked and fucked each other for a long time and then came. I sucked Derek's cock while Paolo sucked mine. The director yelled cut. It was over. I Almost all of my movies became best-sellers. I noticed that I was becoming like a movie star in the world that I lived in. I liked it. My agent, a Latin guy named Sanchez came to me one day with some exciting news. Soon I was signed up to do another movie. This one would be different, though. I was going to appear in a straight porn movie for a company called Super Sex Studios.

I was a bit uncertain about doing straight porn. I will admit that I find both men and women attractive, but I've never been one to chase women just for the hell of it. I wasn't a straight man. I was a bisexual Black man. By far, I prefer men when it comes to sex. Sex with men is simple. I've been doing it with guys for a long time. Men like sex. I've slept with men who were married and others who were single and in relationships with women.

I've never been one to display my sexuality, at least before entering the porn industry. I kept my affairs with men discreet. Many people who know me saw me with my male lovers. I have loved one man in my entire life and his name was Lucas. I introduced him to my parents as the best friend I ever had. My way of letting them know that he mattered to me without telling them that he was my lover. A lot of gay and bisexual men marry women. I don't want to marry a woman. I only got married to get my legal papers. I never fucked Colleen, my bitchy ex-wife. I simply wasn't attracted to her. I've only done it with two women in my entire life. I've done it with dozens of men. I hadn't been with a woman in so long. I wondered if I would be able to do what needed to be done, when the time came.

There are some big differences between the gay porn industry and the straight porn genre. For starters, male actors in straight porn don't get paid much. This sucks, if you ask me. In straight porn, the men do all the work. The man has to get hard and stay hard, and he has to ejaculate on command. All the woman has to do is lie there and take it. Yet she makes more money than he does. That's stupid if you asked me. Still, this straight company was offering my agent and I some major bucks just to do one scene. On average, I made two thousand dollars per scene. I usually do two scenes per movie and five movies per month. Yeah, I was making a lot of money. This straight porn company was offering me ten grand just to do two scenes. I couldn't believe it. Oh, well. If they were willing to throw around that kind of money, then I was perfectly willing to fuck whatever chick they told me to. A dollar bill can and will make a dick hard, I don't care what anyone else says.

So, I showed up on the set, ready for work. I met the director, who, as it turns out was a woman. A tall, blonde-haired white woman with green eyes. She looked good, if you like that type. She's around forty or something. She introduced herself as Rachel Monroe. Apparently, she was a porn star who became a hotshot director. She introduced to my co-stars. I met Luke, a tall Jamaican brother with dreadlocks. I recognized him. Luke worked mainly for the straight porn industry but he did do a bisexual flick for Dark Men Club some time ago. I also met Leonard, a tall and hunky white guy with blond hair. Then, I met the women. Alexandra was a thick, big-booty Black girl with short hair. Nakima was a tall, voluptuous biracial girl with a bubble butt. She was half Black and half Puerto Rican. Once we got that part over, the film started.

I watched a scene between Luke and Alexandra. The dude played the part of a pizza delivery boy who comes to a sorority house. Alexandra grabbed him and the rest as they say, is history. They kissed and then he sat on a chair while she stripped. Soon, she was naked and so was he. Alexandra knelt before Luke and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. He came all over her face, and she licked him clean. Once they were done with the oral thing, he bent her over the sofa and took her from behind. I watched as Luke slowly slid his cock into Alexandra's ass. I saw her wince, but she was well-lubed and it was easy for Luke's big cock to go through. He pumped his cock into the thick girl's tight asshole. Alexandra was screaming as Luke fucked her in the ass. I smiled. I could tell she liked it. You can't fake anything with a ten-inch black dick up your ass. It's your moment of truth. The scene went on until Luke came in Alexandra's ass then pulled out. She licked his cock. I shook my head. It was over. The next scene involved a tired-looking Alexandra getting double-penetrated by Luke and Leonard. Man, those guys certainly could fuck and that chick could scream!

I was up next. I played the part of a cab driver visiting his horny girlfriend after a hard day's work. Nakima would play the role of my girlfriend. So, I came into the room, and found her already in bed. She got up and smiled at me, wearing some sexy lingerie. I looked at the girl, and felt myself get hard. I was a bit surprised. Women don't usually make me hard. I prefer rugged and hairy men with big dicks. Yet this female got me hard as steel. She came and kissed me, putting her arms around me. I kissed her back. We started doing our thing. She got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I let her suck my dick. Most females aren't good at sucking dick. Nakima proved to be the exception. She sucked my dick and licked my balls, making me get even harder, if possible. After enduring this for some time, I was ready to shoot off. I did. She drank my cum without spilling a drop. When she was done, I put on a condom. We were ready for round two.

The remaining part of the scene involved some anal play. I was a bit apprehensive about that. I'm a guy who works in the gay porn industry. As you can imagine, I have lots of anal sex. It's just that I usually have anal sex with men.

I had never done anal sex with a woman. I must say that I was somewhat curious about it. Nakima got on all fours, and I looked at her sexy ass. She spread her butt cheeks wide open. I held my cock in hand, pumping my hand up and down on it. I put on a condom and sprayed some lube on it. I rubbed my cock against her asshole. I could tell that she'd done that before. I pressed my cock against her little hole, and pushed. My cock slid inside the woman's asshole slowly. Her hole felt tight around my cock. I pushed it deeper inside her. Even with the condom on, I could still feel her asshole's warmth and vise-like grip on my dick. It felt wonderful. I pumped my cock up her asshole, giving it to her hard and fast. Nakima took it like a champ, without screaming. I've fucked a lot of male bottoms before and I usually get a scream out of them. I wondered if I could get a scream out of the female whose ass I was fucking. I plunged my cock into her depths in one swift thrust that took her by surprise. The resulting scream was music to my ears. We went at it like this for quite some time, until the scene was over. As the big finish, I got to come all over Nakima's face. I liked it.

After that scene, the set was closed for the day. I still had one scene to do. The next day, I showed up ready for work. That's when I met the cast member who was absent before. A skinny, big-breasted white chick with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. According to my agent, this chick's name was Bridget. I wasn't really feeling her but I got right down to business. For this scene, I played the part of a Black college athlete having an affair with the dean's daughter. Bridget was really convincing as the impish daughter of a powerful man who had a thing for Black dick. I leaned against a wall with my pants dropped while she took me into her mouth. She sucked my dick, and licked my balls.

She wasn't half as good at giving head as some of the men I knew but hey, I was only in it for the money. I fucked those pretty lips of hers and then came. She drank my seed and got ready to get fucked. I put on a condom and lubed it up. She spread her butt cheeks wide open and I slid my cock into her back door. Bridget's asshole was even tighter than Nakima's had been. I pushed my dick inside her. Of my ten inches, she could only take five. I pumped my cock into her asshole, drilling her as hard a as I could. We went at it like this for a few minutes, then I pulled out and came all over her face.

That afternoon, I pocketed ten grand and concluded my business dealings with Hot Sex Studios. Of the money I made, ten percent went to my agent. I went home. I wasn't living in a small apartment these days. I lived in a townhouse in Boston's Back Bay. I loved it there. The Back Bay is a neighborhood frequented by wealthy people, and homosexuals. I can't tell you how many of my fans I run into. A couple of months went by. I did a few gay videos. I received another offer from Hot Sex Studios. Apparently, the video I made for them sold out quickly in stores. Guess why? Me, of course! Hot Sex Studios CEO Michael "Big Mike" Lensher offered me forty grand to do a three-movie deal. I couldn't believe it. Of course I agreed.

I went to work right away. Hot Sex Studios was launching into a new genre, bisexual videos. They had some sexy starlets from straight porn and some hunky men from gay porn to star in those videos. I would be the most highly paid male performer in the adult film industry that year. I couldn't believe it. I showed up on the set, ready for wor. I would do two scenes per movie. Of all the scenes I did, there is one that I will never forget. I'm going to let you know about it. It's the final scene of the final movie in the Bisexual Superhero Trilogy that I did for Hot Sex Studios. I was playing the role of Black Crusader, a hunky Black superhero traveling the world, hunting criminals. My "prey" was a dangerous gangster named Killer Rock and and his sociopath girlfriend, Crimson Lady. The role of Killer Rock would be played by a porn actor named Randy. Randy was a tall, handsome guy with black hair, pale blue eyes and light bronze skin. He reminded me of Jean Claude Van Damme in his early action movies. The role of Crimson Lady would be played by Randy's real-life girlfriend Patricia. Patricia was a tall, alabaster-skinned woman with green eyes and long red hair. Randy was a world-famous porn star. He and his girlfriend did many straight and bisexual movies together. They were celebrities in the industry.

The scene began with Randy and Patricia going at it in a hotel room. Randy was lying on the bed, naked and looking very sexy. His eyes were closed as Patricia lay there, sucking on his cock. She stroked his cock and licked his balls. They went at it and I watched. Then, I joined them. It was the most fun I'd had in a long time. After this scene, I went to a bar and picked me up a stud. That stud was Nicolas, the guy who would become my partner. He was a shy college kid at the time and I was his first lover. He would end up meaning more to me than all the men and women I've slept with in my life.

The end.

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