tagIllustratedA Woman's Journal (Month 11)

A Woman's Journal (Month 11)


If you are reading this series for the first time,it does start with "A BusinessWoman's Journal April'10" and progresses through the calendar just as a diary would.

February 2011

Tuesday, February 2, 2011

My husband kind of sprung on me that I could join him on a trip to Florida this upcoming weekend where he was attending a seminar.

He thought that I might enjoy getting away from winter.

Our children were old enough to be on their own and he had already arranged for a relative who lived nearby to drop in each day to see how they were doing.

I knew that I wouldn't have a problem getting Friday and Monday off and loved the idea of feeling the sun on my skin, so I said that I would love to.

Friday, February 5, 2011

We arrived in Florida at night to a beautiful evening and once we were settled in the hotel, we walked the short distance to the gulf as the resort was right on the water.

It was so fabulous to feel the sand between my toes after the very harsh winter that we were experiencing up north.

We had a wonderful dinner at a nearby fish food restaurant, took a long walk on the beach and went to bed.

Saturday, February 6, 2011

This morning was the first day of my husband's two-day seminar and all participants were invited to have breakfast, which was being served right outside the meeting room.

My husband assured me that it would be okay to join him, so I told him to go on down as I finished getting dressed.

I didn't want him to see that I was going to put on a mini skirt with my bikini-swimming suit on underneath.

At the very last second I decided to wear a pair of black bikini panties instead.

When I got downstairs and approached the breakfast area, everyone who was there was sitting around little round cocktail tables that barely held their coffee cups and juice glasses.

There were no larger tables with tablecloths that would cover a woman's very exposed legs and prevent upskirt panty peeks.

I had intended to show my little defiance by wearing a mini skirt and now I would be showing a bit more.

My husband saw me immediately and reacted to my mini skirt with a look of consternation mixed with a hint of excitement, which obviously surprised me.

I helped myself to some breakfast hoping to cover my lap with a nice large linen napkin.

I should have guessed considering the size of the tables, the napkins were cocktail napkins as well, which barely covered my hand.

Motivated by the hint of excitement that I noticed on his face when he first saw me, I decided to place myself directly across from him. If anyone was going to get a good look at my panties, it might as well be him.

As I sat down, my legs spread slightly apart and immediately my husband's and the man sitting along side of him eye's reacted to what I knew was a flash of black.

I knew that crossing my legs would reveal my legs to the top of my thighs but leave my lavender concealed, however balancing my breakfast plate on my lap would be quite difficult and any mishaps would result in my legs potentially being wide apart.

Whereas sitting with my knees together would easily balance my plate, but considering the size of my napkin would allow a small triangle of black colored fabric to seen by anyone sitting directly across from me.

As all of these thoughts went through my mind I realized that I was again being the controlled wife and mother that my husband preferred i.e. prim and proper.

I wasn't going to play that role ever again, and after all who could tell whether I was wearing panties or a swimming suit.

I moved my knees wide enough apart to comfortably balance my plate knowing by the look and angle of both my husband's eyes and the eyes of the man sitting next to him, that I was giving them both a very nice upskirt view of my black panty colored crotch.

My husband glanced at the man alongside of him and could tell by the angle of his eyes that he clearly was looking up my skirt.

Just then another man sat down on the other side of my husband and as he placed his coffee cup on the small cocktail table placed between us, his eyes quickly shifted to the same angle and view.

I smiled at them both while enjoying the uncomfortable look on my husband's face.

Two complete strangers could see his wife's panties and he couldn't do anything but endure it.

He gobbled down his breakfast as quickly as he could and stood up directing me to stand up as well.

I replied, "I want to finish my breakfast first, " and I leaned forward to pick up my coffee cup watching the two men's eyes reluctantly leave my crotch and pretend to look elsewhere.

My husband was red in the face as he sat down and waited for me to finish.

When I was done clearing my plate I moved my one leg completely away from the other in order to rise and turn away at the same time, knowing that my movement would provide a full view of the inside of my thighs.

My husband visibly squirmed coming over to me and taking a hold of my arm. I purposely pushed against him and was quite satisfied to feel his excitement against my hip.

"Somebody likes the idea of other men seeing up his wife's skirt," I thought to myself.

"What is that poking me in the side?" I asked.

He wouldn't admit his excitement saying, "I have to get going. See you after 4:00."

I spent the day at the pool in a very teeny bikini.

At each break in the seminar, men would wander outside to the pool area and pretend to not watch me lounging in my very little yellow and blue bikini.

After lunch my husband wandered outside as well and saw me lying under an umbrella wearing less than he had ever seen me in since I was dating him.

I could tell that he wanted to cover me up with a towel, but didn't want to admit that the woman wearing the bikini that required a bit more than a bikini trim was his wife.

I couldn't wait until 4:00.

I went back to our room around 2:00, showered and napped for an hour. Around 3: 45 I went out on our balcony wearing just my lavender panties, a pair of beige stockings and heels and laid on the lounge soaking in the gulf air.

My husband came into the room immediately seeing me topless on the balcony and could barely contain himself.

Exactly what I had planned.

He pulled me into the room stifling a yell saying, "Have you gone completely mad?"

I stretched myself across a large brown crushed velvet chair and replied, "Does your naughty wife need to be spanked?"

He blurted out, "What!!!"

I goaded him reminding him how I allowed two complete strangers to see up my skirt and all of the seminar attendees to see me almost naked by the pool.

"It seems that I wasn't a very prim and proper little wife," I continued.

I pushed my nylon-clad bottom towards him with a most seductive smile on my face.

He responded by smacking me hard across my bottom as I said, "That's more like it. Show me how to behave."

He smacked me again as I gripped the fabric of the chair wiggling and squirming to further incite his passion.

After I let him smack me twice more, I turned towards him sitting on the ottoman in front of the chair undoing his belt, the clasp of his pants, and pulling his zipper down, and then his pants.

I knew that he would be sporting a wooden bat with his balls and gave him a luxuriant kiss on the tip through the thin fabric of his boxers.

With his pants around his ankles, I realized that he was off balance so I pushed him backward onto the bed and quickly jumped on top of him before he could react.

I sat on his chest pinning both arms under my knees, leaning back and pointing my lavender pelvis towards his face.

I could feel his erection with my right hand reaching behind me as I moved my pelvis further forward until it was touching his chin.

I then proceeded to sit full on his face grinding my moistening nylon crotch on his chin and mouth.

I have wanted to do something like this for the longest time as a way to demonstrate my newfound sexuality.

It was time that I demonstrated my newfound independence.

My husband had turned into the "Wham, Bam, Thank you; M'am" kind of lover and it was time that he learned something different.

I felt my whole body come alive as I moved back and forth on his jutting chin and face.

As my lower lips parted allowing my erotic kernel to feel the full effect of his facial friction, my rocking became more frantic.

My husband took a hold of my hips better placing me full on his chin and preventing my urgency to seek orgasm from possibly breaking his nose.

As his face became slicker and slicker from my sexual juices I was in a frenzy of movement until I felt my muscles go completely taut and the first convulsion of pure ecstasy rocked my body.

I leaned way back over the length of his body pushing my soaked panty covered crotch tightly against his chin giving out an animalistic groan as wave after wave of glorious oblivion took me over.

After the last spasm had subsided I moved my pelvis down his torso and pulled the nylon fabric covering my crotch to the side allowing his pulsing appendage to slide easily inside of me.

I spread my knees forcing the full length to enter me hearing my husband moan in pleasure.

As I slowly began to rock back and forth I heard his breathing start to match my pace.

I tightened my lower lips in order to stroke his throbbing member up and down and when I felt him approaching the edge, I pushed my body firmly against his torso feeling his ejaculations deep inside of me over and over again.

As he lay on the bed completely spent, I slipped off of him saying, "That is how a naughty wife makes love. Which one do you prefer?"

He just lay there staring at me in the most incredulous way as I smacked my wet nylon covered bottom and headed to the shower.

Tuesday, February 9, 2011

It seems that Mr. Von Elder has been reading my journal as I received this email from him upon my return to the office.

Dear Ms. Harley

Our end of the year board meeting is scheduled for this Thursday evening and I would like you to attend wearing the same short skirt and lavender panties that you wore on your recent sojourn to Florida.

I have some special plans for you.

My first feelings were of horror as I was again reminded that all of my inner most thoughts and secrets were available to anyone with access to my private journal i.e. Mr.Von Elder.

At this point I fully realized that everything I recorded was to be used to challenge me along with my limits.

Thursday, February 11, 2011

The board meeting is tonight and although it is winter, I have been told to wear the same mini with the black panties that I wore in Florida.

At the end of the day, I changed into my black short-sleeved blouse, denim mini skirt wearing my black panties along with the same high heels and removing the stockings that I had on during the workday.

Anxiously I went upstairs to the boardroom knowing that another limit was about to be tested.

Linda was outside the boardroom waiting for me.

She told me that I was to go to the large buffet in the room where their would be glasses along with coffee urns, pitchers of ice water, and a tray of sodas.

It was my job to serve the board members whatever refreshment they required as well as keeping the coffee cups and water glasses full.

As she opened the door to the boardroom for me to enter, she gave me a pat on my bottom saying, "Enjoy yourself."

The board was all sitting at the large boardroom table and as I entered they all turned and looked in my direction.

As everyone was wearing business attire, I felt particularly exposed dressed in a micro mini in February.

I knew that this is exactly how Mr. Von Elder wanted me to feel.

I immediately went to fill the water glasses and to offer coffee to anyone desiring it.

I walked over to the side buffet and took a tray of glasses around the boardroom table distributing them to each member.

As I came around the second time with the water pitcher, I noticed that most of the board members had moved their water glasses towards the center of the table requiring me to bend and reach well over the table to retrieve it.

In every case this allowed anyone who desired a very nice view of my black nylon covered kitty.

It seemed that everyone was a fan of felines as member after member pushed their chairs back as I reached for their glass offering them an unobstructed view up my very short skirt.

I was surprised to realize that it didn't upset me as I felt that I was part of a game to test my resolve and my ability to cope in humiliating situations.

By the time I got around to passing out the coffee cups my nylon-covered kitty had been introduced so many times to so many board members that it should have become an agenda item.

By the look on Mr. Von Elder's face he was smugly enjoying my exposure and consequential humiliation.

After I had served the coffee I was directed to sit down next to the buffet on a stool like chair, which brought my crotch to the eye level of everyone seated across from me.

As I found myself constantly getting up to refill this glass or that cup, my movements continuously exposed my panties to half of the occupants sitting around the table.

"Just like in Florida," I thought to myself.

It was now apparent that my journal entries were going to be used to continuously test my resolve as well as my willingness to explore my sexual limits.

By the end of the board meeting, everyone had seen up my skirt so many times that I might as well have taken it off.

I am a little concerned of how accustomed I am becoming to being exposed for another's pleasure.

Ms. Court made it a point to come over to me after the meeting and complimenting me on my "sexy legs".

With a slight squeeze of my bottom, she headed on her way promising to get together real soon.

Mr. Von Elder thanked me for my attendance and with a knowing little smirk added, "I hope that you enjoyed your first board meeting as I am sure our board members enjoyed you."

I wanted to stick my tongue out at him, but realized that I would have meant it more as a tease than an expression of my dissatisfaction.

If I am totally honest with myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and can't wait to find out what Mr. Von Elder and Linda have planned for me next.

I certainly have no intention of editing or restricting my journal entries to try to protect myself.

Friday, February 12, 2011

Linda made it a point to come over to my desk and with her own little smirk asked me how I enjoyed the board meeting last night.

I punched her on the shoulder while at the same time saying, "It is going to take a little more than showing off my panties to a room full of our clients to get me to give in to your and Mr. Von Elder's little schemes."

Linda smiled telling me how much she was enjoying my newfound openness to new experiences.

I wasn't about to let her know that I couldn't agree with her more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2011

I am actually spending less and less time on the Internet these days as my real life experiences have replaced my need for any fantasies.

My poor little vibrating egg is feeling neglected.

Tuesday, February 23, 2011

I went to dinner with Mr. Mayhew this evening since we hadn't seen each other for a while.

After dinner he insisted that he take me to a local park and we walked along one of the paths to a swing set where he had me pose for some photos.

Thank goodness it wasn't too terribly cold.

He had me pose on a swing with my skirt pulled up showing the top of my lavender stockings and matching garter strap.

I find it so interesting how obsessed he is with my lingerie and yet he never tries to touch me or make any advances other than to demand that I give him my panties afterwards.

He seems to be very inhibited and repressed sexually along with being ashamed of his fetishes.

I am finding that I enjoy making him suffer, as he clearly gets excited over my submission to his wishes.

As I was getting off of the swing I caught my stocking top, which inadvertently opened both garter clasps forcing me to lift my skirt up high on my hips to reclasp both the front and the back.

Poor Mr. Mayhew was beside himself as I willingly exposed my full leg to him. I couldn't help but smile as he continued to take photos while at the same time fighting with his overwhelming desire to open his overcoat and touch the extending leg of his tripod.

He desperately attempts to maintain control of what he seems to consider crude animalistic desires.

Our relationship changed quite dramatically once I realized how I could control him simply by abiding with his provocative wishes.

I purposely took longer than I required reattaching my garters to my stocking allowing Mr. Mayhew to fully feel his excitement build undoubtedly hating what he considered his vulgar reaction to my little show.

When we eventually climbed back into his car for the ride back to my car I intentionally leaned my hand on his crotch pretending to lose my balance on a sharp turn and felt his continuing physical reaction.

I slight moan elicited from his lips as I adjusted my position still using his developing handhold as a brace.

The poor man truly feels that he can resist his self-defined base instincts and yet he continuously seeks the stimulation of his panty fetish.

I pressed my hand once more against his erection letting him know that I was quite aware of his excitement.

As we got closer to my parked car, I opened my overcoat and lifted my skirt up to my crotch.

I noticed a small tremor of anticipation go through Mr. Mayhew's body as I lifted my hips up off the front seat grasping the string sides of my purple panties and pulling them down over my thighs, past my calves and over my high heels.

Mr. Mayhew never watches me remove my panties as he also considers my nakedness to be a pleasure for lesser human beings to succumb to.

It is funny to think that just seven short months ago Mr. Mayhew had humiliated me by using my worn panties as a pocket silk, and now I was willingly pulling them off and stuffing them into his mouth as I bid him a good evening.

I am surprised at how excited I find myself getting while teasing him.

One of these days I am going to find out what he does with my panties and use the knowledge to further torment him.

Thankfully Mr. Von Elder now allows me to expense my lingerie as a part of my position as a client liaison.

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