tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Creative Challenge Ch. 28

A Creative Challenge Ch. 28


Through the long telephoto lens of my DSLR camera I could see a young woman carrying shopping bags standing on the lower concourse of the shopping mall near the 'You are here' map of the complex. Click.

I was sitting at a café table in the food court on the next level up, looking down over the railing, watching for her. I had watched her go into the Urban Surf boutique and she had been there for some time. Now she had bags from at least four different boutiques. She was looking around, as if she was expecting to meet someone. Click.

I picked up my cell phone and hit the 'call' button. A few seconds later, she put her bags down, fumbled in her handbag, then put a phone to her ear and spoke her name.



"Hi." I said.

"Where are you? You're late."





"Can you see me?"


"What then?"

"Stay on the line."

She looked for a moment or two like she was about to say something else, then she bent down and put the phone on the ground in front of her feet. Click. She stood up straight and took a deep breath. She paid no attention at all to the people all around her as she took hold of the hem of her long t-shirt style dress with her fingertips and lifted it straight up. Click. When the hem was about waist height, she crossed her hands and kept lifting so that the shirt-dress was up and over her head and off completely in one fluid movement . Click. Click. She was now standing stark naked save only for her shoes in the middle of a busy shopping center. Click. Nonchalantly, she folded the stripped-off garment and put it in one of her shopping bags. Click. While bent down, she picked up her phone and put it to her ear again.

Amazingly, very few people near her had noticed what she had done. No-one had made a sound to attract attention to her action, so most people not actually looking in her direction had no reason to do so. Of those who happened to be facing towards her, a few were standing still, open-mouthed, hardly able to believe their eyes. Click. A young man was pointing her out to a female friend, and yet another was alternating between looking at her and looking quickly all around the immediate area, presumably for hidden cameras or for an accomplice.

"Now what?" she said.

"Turn around. See the escalator at the far end of the concourse? Take that up to the first floor."


She spun around, and walked unhurriedly away from me. Click. There was another closer set of moving stairs that would have taken her straight up to the food area, but that would have been too easy. She would not have been seen by as many for so long had I directed her that way.

A group of three teenage boys were now following her. One of them ran ahead of her, then turned and watched her walk past him while he waited for his friends to catch up with him. Click. Then all three overtook her, and turned to stand in her way, intending to make her change her path to walk around them. She walked through the group as if it was not there, their bravado melted by her confidence and by her beauty. Click. More shoppers stood and stared as she passed.

She walked without any sense of urgency, and without giving any sense that she was not anything other than fully dressed. She even stopped to look in the window of a shoe shop about halfway down the concourse. Click. As she walked on, two sales assistants ran out of the store to confirm what they thought they had seen from the other side of the window – click - then went back into the store, giggling.

When Amy reached the escalator, she stepped onto it, then stood and let the stairs carry her upwards. She was someone with all the time in the world. At the top of the stairs, she stopped and put the phone to her ear again.

"I await your instructions, noble master," she said sarcastically, in what was meant to be some sort of Oriental accent. I could not see her face, but I could hear the smile on it. She was enjoying this. Click.

"There is a sign above you to your left. It points to the Food Court. I'll meet you in the café. Don't hang around, you've been spotted."

On the lower level, I could see two security staff in blue walking briskly in the direction of the escalators, one with a walkie-talkie to his ear. Click. I guessed that someone at the other end of a surveillance camera must have alerted them.

As Amy came towards me, looking completely edible but walking more briskly now, I stood up, holding another shirt-dress in my hands similar to the one she had recently taken off, gathered up so that it was ready to slip over her head. When she arrived at my table, she dropped her bags on the ground and held out her arms. In almost no time at all, she had put her arms into the sleeves and her head through the neck of the garment, I had pulled it down over her, and she had sat down at the table with me as if she had been there the whole time.

"I got you a latte," I said as I switched off my camera and dropped it into one of her shopping bags. "You want anything else?"

"No, ta. That's all I need." She took a sip of her coffee, then beamed at me, her face pink with excitement. "That was such a rush, Sam."

Very soon, two men with badges on their blue shirts and guns in holsters at their hips were standing next to the table, a little short of breath. Amy ignored them, I looked up and acknowledged their presence.

"Yes? Can I help you?"

The older of the two men spoke directly to Amy.

"Miss? Can you come with us, please?"

"Why?" said Amy calmly.

"Miss, you can't do that sort of thing in here. You'll have to come with us now."

"Do what sort of thing?"

"You know what I'm talking about, don't get clever with me."

"No, I don't know what you're talking about, you'll have to tell me."

The security officer began to realise that his authority was starting to slip away. He was used to his uniform with its weapon intimidating most people he needed to confront.

"You can't walk around here in the... in public. In the...mmm... without clothes on. In here."

"But I'm not. As you can see." Amy was firmly in charge, now.

"But you were. So you have to come with us. Now, please miss." The guard made one last attempt to assert his evaporating authority.

"Officer... should I call you officer? You aren't a real policeman, so I'm not sure if that's right, but it'll do. Officer, I can see how easily from a distance that you – or someone else as well, perhaps – might think this dress I'm wearing was my bare skin, but I think it would be very embarrassing for you and for your employers if you end up making a big fuss about nothing, don't you?"

Amy had tried out all sorts of different types of clothing before she settled on the long t-shirt for this stunt. We had both thought that a coat-style dress that opened all the way down the front, or even some sort of cape would be quicker to take off and put on again than something clinging and figure-hugging that went over her head. What we quickly discovered was that almost everything else had to have some sort of fastener like buttons or a zip to hold it together, so even if that was Velcro which could be ripped open quickly to disrobe, it took longer to align and press together than it took to slip a long stretchy t-shirt over her head when it came to getting dressed again. Choosing one that was a pale peach color that almost exactly matched her natural skin tone – now that her Caribbean tan had faded – was a stroke of genius.

Both the security guards were now standing there silent, unsure of what to do next.

"Did a member of the public make a complaint to you, personally?" Amy had come to the same conclusion I had and was willing to bet that these guards had been set on her by the center surveillance people, not by anyone on the floor of the shopping mall.

"No, miss."

"Do you see crowds of angry customers who are demanding you take some action because of what one of your surveillance people thought he saw?

The security guard looked around hopefully, but it was clear that the incident had already been forgotten by all but a few members of the general public in the immediate vicinity who were standing around waiting to see what happened next. He was now beginning to believe it was possible he was barking up the wrong tree.

"No, miss."

"Then, unless you want to make complete fools of yourselves and try to arrest me with force, I think we're done here. Come on, Sam, let's go home."

Amy finished the last of her coffee, picked her bags up and stood in front of the two guards, both of whom were slightly shorter than she was.

"Excuse me, gentlemen," she said, making them step aside for her as she left the coffee shop.

We walked towards the elevators to the car park arm in arm, each carrying half of Amy's shopping in our free hands. Amy had been careful not to actually deny that she had been doing exactly what they had accused her of doing, and I was sure that the two guards who were watching our retreating backs would know for sure from the way Amy's ass moved that she was naked under her skin-colored dress and that the accusation was almost certainly true, but we all knew that there was no longer anything they could do about it. She turned to me and whispered in my ear as we reached the elevator.

"If this machine has a stop button, you know you'll have to fuck me before we get back to the carpark, don't you?"

Amy's ability to keep raising the stakes kept my adrenalin flowing. She had just avoided getting arrested by two security guards, and now she wanted us to fuck as soon as we were out of their sight, while we were still in the building!

She pulled me into the elevator car as soon as the doors opened, but was very disappointed to discover that there were only four buttons, two for the shops and two for the carpark. No Emergency Stop at all.

"Damn. I thought they were all supposed to have stop buttons in them. Why doesn't this stupid elevator have one?"

"So that horny shoppers can't stop between floors and fuck in it?" I suggested.

"How inconsiderate. Whatever happened to customer service?" said Amy, as the doors opened at our carpark level.

"I don't think that includes encouraging customers to service each other," I said.

I thought that was quite witty, but Amy ignored it because she had other ideas. She pulled me across the underground concrete jungle towards where our car was parked, all the time scanning her eyes over the roof and the tops of the pillars holding up the shopping center above us.

"I think that's the only camera on this level," she said, pointing to a small smoky glass-fronted box pointed at the area that included the entrance and exit ramps. "but you can bet your ass center security is watching that monitor now we're on it."

She waved at the camera, kissed the palm of her hand in a very flamboyantly theatrical way, then turned around and patted her behind with it. Our car was parked in the camera's direct line of sight, so I assumed that her 'kiss my ass' gesture was Amy's final act of defiance to this petty authority and that we would now be going home. Instead, she pulled me round to the driver's side, away from the camera, and began to undo my pants.

"What are you doing?" I said, "You've just made sure that you have their undivided attention, and those guards will be down here in seconds if they think they can really catch us at it."

"They won't catch us. Unless you want to waste time on foreplay."

Amy pushed my pants down to my ankles and pulled her dress up to the waist, then leaned back against the car door with her feet apart. Faced with the exquisite sight of her glistening pussy all thoughts of security guards and surveillance cameras fled from my frontal lobes and some deeper, more primitive part of my brain took over motor control. Even if the building was about to collapse around us, I would still at that moment have chosen to make stand-up passionate love to this living breathing fantasy of a woman first. I stepped forward and bent slightly at the knees to get something closer to a correct entry angle, bracing my hands on the car door windows either side of Amy's shoulders. She tilted her pelvis up to meet me and grasped my cock in her hand, guiding it home like a heat-seeking missile. There was almost no resistance at all as I straightened my knees and entered her fully in one smooth movement with only an 'ooooh' from me and an 'aaaah' from her.

"Holy fornication, Batman, I can feel that up in my ribs," said Amy. "Smile for the camera, Sam."

I looked up past her face and straight in to the lens of the security camera. 'What the hell' I thought, and gave it a big grin and a 'thumbs up' sign. They might have known what we were doing, but they couldn't actually see anything below our shoulders, and they couldn't prove anything from that angle, unless their camera had x-ray vision. Still, if I was in charge of security, I would have a couple of guards on their way to the carpark right now.

Amy had lifted one of her legs up and wrapped it round behind me, and she had her hands round my waist, her arms and legs both adding extra thrust as my pelvis slammed into hers with increasing force. It wasn't the most sensual fuck we'd ever enjoyed, but it did have adrenalin-fuelled urgency which added an extra frisson of pleasure. Amy grunted and shuddered herself to an orgasm first, her excitement triggering the beginnings of mine. The 'ding' of the elevator arriving on our level and the grinding swish of the doors opening was an instant ardour damper for me, and I was all set to abort the mission when I saw that instead of two burly guards, the elevator was disgorging two young mothers pushing strollers. Neither of them looked in our direction as they wheeled their toddlers away from us, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

"I can tell that wasn't Laurel and Hardy, after all," said Amy, starting to giggle. "You've now probably got another whole 20 seconds reprieve, while the elevator goes up two floors and then back down again, so take your time, Sam. No rush."

I started to fuck her again with a steady rhythm but it's not easy trying to climax with someone who breaks into laughter whenever you look them in the eye. All hope of recovering my concentration and finishing my own orgasm had just about disappeared, so I accepted reality and decided that discretion was the better part of valour. I reluctantly withdrew from her sweet musky moistness and pulled my pants up from round my ankles, buttoning the waistband to keep them up. There was no chance of persuading Mr Happy to soften up in a hurry, so I left him sticking out of my open fly.

"You'll keep," I said. "I'll deal with unfinished business when I get you home."

"Promises, promises."

She was now giggling like she had been smoking a joint rather than making love in public, and I had to unlock the door and open it with one hand, push her in and across the driver's seat with the other, then I flung the shopping bags over her head in the general direction of the back seat. I jumped in and was about to start the engine when I heard the elevator 'ding' again.

The same two security guards who accosted us in the café came rushing out of the elevator, looking around to get their bearings, expecting to catch us in flagrante delicto. From inside the tinted windows of our car, we could see them, but they couldn't see us, so we watched them trying to figure out which vehicle was ours, and trying in vain to get a connection back upstairs with their walkie-talkies. It looked like they had come to the conclusion they were on the wrong carpark level, because one of them pointed to the roof and the other one summoned the elevator car again. When the doors closed behind them, I quickly started the engine, reversed out of our bay, and headed for the exit ramp. Laurel and Hardy were standing by the elevator doors on the upper level by the time we got there, so Amy lowered the window and gave them a regal wave as we drove by and headed for daylight and the exit.

I felt an enormous sense of relief when we were back on public streets, even if the traffic was building up to afternoon peak hour and we were crawling along at best. Amy was laughing at the look on the guards' faces and whooping with triumph. She had pulled off a major 'showtime' stunt, talked herself out of spending the rest of an embarrassing afternoon with the center management, then topped it off by fucking on camera in a public carpark.

"That's about as much excitement as I think I could take in one afternoon," I said.

"That's a shame, Sam," said Amy, with the devil in her eyes. "I was just thinking of waking up a few of those commuters out there, and giving them a treat."

So saying, she reached over and took hold of my cock which was still stiff and poking out the front of my pants, then knelt up on the passenger seat. Hitching up her dress to make sure that nothing was hidden, she stuck her bare ass up in the air by the window and leaned over my lap. Just before she put my cock in her mouth, she gave me some advice.

"Hang on to that steering wheel, it's going to be a bumpy ride."

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