tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Darkening Soul Ch. 14-19

A Darkening Soul Ch. 14-19


Author's note: I have a new editor - me. Any mistakes that were made was because I knew what I was trying to say so my mind added the missing words or fixed the poor grammer when I reread it. Any complaints or any feedback saying I need an editor should actually try to find an editor before critiquing me first. Happy Reading!

As always:

Thanks to my story consultant Moralez18PT. Your honest feedback was truly invaluable.

Chapter 14: College

Emma, Lucy, and I reached the red brick walkway and paused. Each of us took one more step with hushed breath and then smiled as we all knew it but Lucy was the one to speak, "We are officially in college now!" The two girls let out squeals of excitement and I shook my head and let out a shocking sigh of relief. I was happy my old domineering life was over and was actually looking forward to becoming a normal, awkward freshman trying to find his way around the immense campus of State University. The girls didn't even wear there engraved charms anymore, nor did Lucy call me Boss. We walked arm in arm in arm, my wife on my left and my best friend, her maid of honor on my right as we strolled to the large buildings in front of us.

Unfortunately, we didn't have any classes together. I was going to major in Business Finance and Marketing. My father was promoted to President of the Research and Development Company he works for, Ingenious Ingenuities. He assured me a position in senior management with the completion of my degree. Emma decided to major in Computer Analysis. Accomplishing what she did in High School convinced her, and she spent all her free time this past summer becoming more astute in her prowess. So much so, she told me she was lucky when she hacked Hilldale High's database. Lucy was determined to go into a field of Government. Running the Student Council, not to mention all my schemes, she had proven herself more than able to handle the workload and I would not count against her becoming President someday.

It was a fun first year and that continued for the first couple of weeks into our sophomore campaign. We all carpooled together, Emma and I usually picking up Lucy and driving the twenty minutes. We attended school, ate lunch together in between classes, and then headed home. I did have to wait around an hour before they got out of their respective last classes, but hanging out together was fun. It was the High School experience we never had. Being with friends, talking, laughing, and not getting bullied for random crap. All three of us felt it. And it was the best time of our lives.

I wished that was my life in High School. With it being over a year ago, I had started to feel guilty over my transgressions. Who was I to do all those indiscretions? Couldn't I have done things differently? I knew I couldn't sit by and do nothing but... I don't know. Hilary, Rachel, Lindsey, and countless other lives had been altered because of my actions. Was it immaturity that caused me to dominate in the way I did? Looking back, I know I would do it again, but could I have done it differently? More amicably, maybe? It was Sydney Harris, however, that said, "Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."

I was walking outside, enjoying the fall air, waiting for Emma and Lucy to get out from classes. I only had ten minutes left but found myself going at a snail's pace to reach our normal meeting spot. My head was up and I inhaled deeply. The crisp breath was relaxing. With my backpack over my shoulder, I continued onto my destination. After a few more steps, okay, I'll admit it, they weren't steps, I had begun skipping, I heard some rustling coming from the trees lining the sidewalk further up and to my left. I stopped, paralyzed that some wild animal might come charging toward me. Granted, I knew at most it would be a squirrel or maybe a raccoon, but still, I was leery. I gingerly pressed on, not really wanting to be late for the girls. Suddenly I saw a female calf shoot out from the edge of the foliage. It was apparent that someone was going to get lucky as a male leg quickly appeared as well. I smiled, thinking I might have to have Lucy drive home while Emma and I handle 'Business Marketing' in the backseat. I have no problem marketing myself to my wife and she would be delighted to be my consumer. I snickered at my thought.

"No. Please. Leave me alone."

I stopped dead in my tracks. One out of every four women will be sexually assaulted in college. One out of eight will be raped. Whoever this girl was, she was already a part of that first statistic, I'll be damned if I let her be a part of the second. I made a whole lot of noise as I darted toward the scene.

"Hey, stop that! Let her go! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!"

As I got closer, I was halted by campus security. He was a big fucker too. "Thank goodness you're here." I pointed to what was transpiring just beyond his shoulder.

"What's your name, son?"

"Will Harrison." I answered, slightly winded. I went take a step and his big hand pushed against my chest. By now, I only heard the girl crying and mumbling her thanks to God. I didn't see any part of the guy. He must have fled through the trees. "What are we waiting for? He's getting away." I took another step and he didn't. But I did notice he was pulling out his baton.

My head hurt while my crying wife was cradling me. "What the fuck?" I went to try to sit up, but to no avail. Emma wouldn't allow it.

"Not yet, Will. Just relax." Her smile was as beautiful as ever. "Are you okay?"

I heard someone sigh, and realized Lucy was also there.

"Is the girl all right?" I asked as I reached up to feel the lump that was causing me so much agony only to sharply hiss at the touch. "Ah." I cringed.

Lucy looked over her shoulder. "I don't see anyone?" She turned back towards me, "Are you saying a girl did this to you?"

"No." I sat up and Emma clutched at me. "It was campus security. I'll be fine." I needed help to get up. I staggered two steps before I almost crashed down again. Emma grabbed me before I could. "At least I think I'll be."

I explained everything on the way home. They were both relieved I was fine and I believed I was able to prevent the rape of the poor girl, so I took solace that the migraine I was feeling wasn't for naught, but why was I attacked? By campus police of all people? It was a question that needed an answer.

The three of us arrived an hour early to school the next day. Our destination was the Dean. We walked into the administration building and navigated our way to his office.

"We would like to see Dean Wright please?" I spoke to the older secretary whose hair was already thinning and white. Her nameplate said Francine Knepper.

"Do you have an appointment?" Her voice was raspy, as if years of smoking had taken their toll.

"No Ma'am," I shook my head. "But it is urgent that I speak to him."

"Let's see when I can get you in," Francine flipped open a large appointment book, "Mr..."

"Harrison. Will Harrison."

Francine stopped what she was doing and gazed quizzically at me for a moment. She closed her book and pressed the intercom button. "Dean Wright, a student by the name of Will Harrison is here to see you."

A big sigh came through the speaker along with a muttered, "Damn." Dean Wright then coughed, "Send him in." I had to repress a laugh as the speaker made the Dean sound robotic.

I went to the door, Emma and Lucy right behind me.

"Hold it ladies. Only he can go in." Francine emphasized the word 'he.' "You two can sit right over there," her decrepit finger pointed to a couple of chairs in front of her.

Emma held steadfast at my arm and Lucy was awaiting my instruction, eerily familiar to a year and half ago. "I'll be fine." They visibly calmed as they made their way to the offered seats and I entered the room. To be honest, I was impressed at the magnitude of the office and the furnishings inside, granted my only comparison was Principal Larson's office back in High School, but this was beyond compare. But what was even more fascinating was Dean Wright. I was expecting a prototypical Dean: an older man, white hair, maybe balding. But what was before me was a striking, possibly early forties, tall, brunette woman. She looked sophisticated and the only discernible features that made her even look like a woman in education and not politics was a pair of glasses and the nameplate on her desk. Even her black suit screamed government.

"Have a seat Mr. Harrison."

"Thanks for seeing me on such short notice."

"I'm always here for my students." Dean Wright had a smile that unnerved me. I immediately knew I was not going to like the outcome of this meeting. "Especially when I already know why you are here."

It was over in an instant. I was expelled. I was forcibly removed from the campus by security with Emma and Lucy following right behind constantly asking, "What happened?" I remained silent until we were sitting around the dining room table at home.

"I sat down and she immediately expelled me, explaining she had a written report from campus security that I was the one who attacked a girl and I should feel fortunate that she isn't pressing charges. I tried to argue and state my case, but that's when those goons dragged me out the office.

Emma put her hand on my shoulder. "I believe you." She kissed me softly on the cheek.

"What do we do now?" Lucy was biting her lower lip.

"Well, I could always go to another college next semester." I shrugged my shoulders. "Other than that, I don't know." I felt defeated for the first time since the beginning of my senior year in High School.

The girls left for a couple minutes before returning. Lucy sat next to me and Emma straddled my lap.

"Honey," Emma shook her head. "Cheer up." She then kissed me deeply while gyrating her hips in my lap. "You are so much better than this."

As Emma pulled away, I saw it. The engraved golden heart charm was dangling from her neck. My head turned quickly toward Lucy and sure enough, a small gavel was around her neck and she gave me a warm smile, "Your orders, Boss?" It was what I needed to see. It was what I needed to hear. We were back.

"The first thing we need to do is see how high this conspiracy goes. We need to meet with President Richards," I directed toward Lucy. "Tell Slut when she gets home she needs to get a substitute for tomorrow. She's coming with us." I picked up Emma and headed out of the dining room. I only got a step into the hallway before peeking back in, "You two can have some fun first." I marched to the bedroom and flung Emma on the bed. Her shrieks of excitement were beyond the hearing range of a human being.

I ripped at Emma's clothes until there were none left and then abandoned mine just as quick. I came up from the bottom of the bed, crawling first over her feet, then legs, and then finally over her body. The lust in my eyes must have showed as her hand lightly grazed my cheek while she whispered, "Lucy and I are happy about this too."

Were we becoming power hungry? I mean High School was fun, but it was necessary. Was doing it again necessary? How far did I need to take it? At this moment, I didn't care. I was craving control and judging by the heat that was coming from my woman underneath me; this is how she wanted to be taken too. I lifted her legs over my shoulder and gave her an evil smile. The only part of her body that touched the bed was her head and shoulders. I wasn't gentle as my cock pried its way as deep as it could on the very first plunge.

"Oh fuck me!" Emma cried out.

I didn't wait for her to get used to me. I didn't pause to make sure she was okay. I didn't go slow as I pulled back. No, I reversed swiftly and then drove just as hard back into her quivering quim. It was a never-ending onslaught of plunges and it was causing me the deepest of satisfaction. We were fucking in the purest sense of the word. Driving hard and deep with every stroke, punishing Emma's insides with a reckless fury I have never done before. I was animalistic, grunting and sweating while ravishing. I felt it then. Emma's body constricted around my cock. It felt as if all her weight went behind it and what used to be easily forced injections became harder as her muscles were like a vice around my intrusion. What were once small groans escaping her lips became a loud elongated wail. Neither stopped and it almost became punishment for me to keep going. Almost. I thrust one final time and unleashed all my pent up frustrations in a repeated salvo of white lava deep into her cervix.

Neither of us could move. Me because of the exertion and her, well, I still had her legs over my shoulders, pining her to the mattress. We panted for several minutes before I caught a twinkle from her eye. I released Emma's body from my grasp and collapsed next to her.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"You didn't," Emma giggled. "Even if you did, I still wouldn't mind. Remember, I am yours however you need me. If it is making love you desire, you got it. If it's fucking, I'll do that with you too. If it is whatever you want to call what the fuck we just did, well," She smiled as she shook her head, "I will never complain about that. Damn that was good."

"I love you Emma." I then chuckled, "Tomorrows going to be fun."

Chapter 15: The President and His Daughter

Hilary and I stood in front of the desk of Ruth Stanton, a middle age woman whose hair is a mixture of black and white. She was also the secretary of President Richards.

"Eh hem," Hilary cleared her throat.

"Hold on Quincy, I've got someone in front of me who doesn't have patience," Ruth rolled her eyes. "Can I help you?"

"Yes," Hilary began. "I am Mr. Harrison's attorney, Hilary Dyer, and I would like to have a conference with President Richards about his injudicious dismissal."

"Oh, this should be interesting." Ruth then reached for the intercom, "President Richards, I have Mr. Harrison and his lawyer here to see you."

"Send them in." Why does every speaker system in this place make the person sound like Hal from 2001 Space Odyssey?

When we reached the door, I put my hand on the handle and paused. "Remember our two goals," I whispered.

"Yes Master," was Hilary's hushed response.

I opened the pod bay door.

"Come in," the older man behind the desk cordially called. He was dressed in a blue suit that looked as if it was from the seventies and his grey hair was in a half crescent around the back of his head with an absolute horrible comb over. I swear he only got three strands to make it all the way across his head. "So what do I owe the pleasure of having an attorney grace my presence?"

"I am here to discuss your schools injudicious dismissal of my client."

"Now let me see," President Richards syphoned through some light green papers on his desk. They appeared to be incident forms, "Ah, here it is. Will Harrison. This paperwork comes from Dean Wright, someone I have the utmost respect. She writes that you were attempting to rape a young female student on school grounds. Seems like reasonable grounds for expulsion to me."

"Except he is innocent, Mr. Richards. Tell me, where did that information come from?"

"President Richards please, and it was campus security, of course. Apparently, one of those fine officers witnessed the abhorred behavior your client was exhibiting."

"The same officer that leveled my client with his baton? Hmm. I think I am going to have to get a warrant to confiscate all the batons from your campus security for DNA testing."

"You cannot fault a man for using a weapon to save a woman from the horrors of rape."

"That is true, but only if what you claim is truth, is it in your policy to leave the offender for dead? Why weren't the police called? Why wasn't a complaint opened against my client? If he was committing such a brutal act, why is it that when he came to you that's when he got expelled?"

"Well," President Richards ran a hand through his nonexistent hair. He looked around for a moment before continuing, "because the girl didn't want to press charges."

"And what is the name of this girl who claims my client is guilty?"

"She wishes, and has the right to remain anonymous."

"From the media, yes, but not from my client. Mr. Harrison has every right to face his accuser in a court of law. Besides, if there is no crime, as one was not filed, my client should not have been dismissed in the first place. Are you prepared for trial, Mr. Richards? I am." I was immensely proud of my slave. Not bad for a math teacher who runs the school newspaper.

President Richards set the paper down and covered it with his left hand. "I suppose we may have been a little haste in our decision concerning his case. I'm going to give Will Harrison another chance. A probationary reinstatement. If he slips up just one more time, his expulsion will be final."

"Mr. Harrison, will you be willing to wait outside while I finish this meeting?" Hilary tucked a stray tendril of hair behind her ear.

I stood and offered my left hand to the President. Though I am right handed, I wanted to see what the paper under his left hand said. He took my hand in his and I glanced at the sheet. The alleged victim's name did not appear. Damn it. One goal failed.

The meeting was over five minutes later, and as Hilary came from the office, she was doing all she could not to cry. I was reinstated on a probationary period, but what was causing the tears was that she failed in her attempt at seducing the old fart. Damn it. Zero goals completed.

I handed the keys to Emma and slid in the backseat, something I never did. "Back here with me, Slut." Lucy and Emma immediately knew she had failed. I unbuckled my belt and slid it off as Emma's Acura roared to life. I folded the belt and looked at my slave. "Slut, get your ass over my knees."

Without hesitation, but with a whimper, Hilary slid across my thighs. I bunched her beige skirt at her waist and struck her bare backside.

"Ah, one Master."

"And why are we being punished?" Thwack.

"Two. Because I was unsuccessful Master."

"I would say it was a complete and total failure, Slut! And for that, you get extra punishment." Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. My repeated blows were echoed by a scream and a number. "Thirty Master." She scooted gingerly back into the seat next to me with a sharp intake of air and her head lowered. "Thank you for my punishment Master. I promise I'll do better next time."

"Lucy, lets switch seats."

With Lucy being smaller, she slipped back first and sat on Hilary's lap. I then made my way to front seat. I knew Lucy wanted to be back there with my Slut. Ever since I allowed Lucy and Hilary to be together once a week, they began a relationship of their own. I can see it in Lucy's eyes every time I punish my Slut. All she wanted was to make it better. As long as both were obedient to me, I didn't care.

"Let me look at it," I heard Lucy ask in a hushed tone.

I lowered the visor and flipped open the mirror. Hilary had moved her body over Lucy's knees.

"It's not too bad Baby," Lucy gently rubbed Hilary's ass. She looked at me, "Can I?" I nodded. "I'll take care of you." Lucy's hand then disappeared between Hilary's legs. "Oh, you are really wet this time." Lucy then looked at me through the mirror and mouthed, "Thank you."

It didn't take long before Hilary started to let out muffled screams. I couldn't see it, but I heard it enough to know she was biting down on something.

"It's okay, Slut. No need to hide your pleasure."

A loud shriek filled the car as her orgasm finished passing. Lucy then flung Hilary's legs over her shoulders and really went at it. I turned and almost elbowed Hilary's head as it was now between the seats. I doubt she would have noticed, however, as I saw Lucy plunging three fingers into her canal and her head was just underneath that display, presumably sucking her clit. Hilary was in ecstasy. So was the group of teenage boys honking from the car next to us. I smiled at them and then turned my body while pulling my pants down.

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