A Gift in Disguise Ch. 02


"Tom -- may I call you Tom --" she continued as I nodded agreeably. "Tom, I'm sure this is at least a little awkward and uncomfortable for you. It may not help, but I'm a little tentative myself. Lorraine is exceptionally gifted putting her clients at ease talking about sexual issues. Still, our culture seems to frown on honest and candid discussions about our own sexuality.

As Lorraine has explained, I have been treating her for mild atrial fibrillation. In some patients the A-Fib can be treated, causing the symptoms and in fact the condition to disappear. With many patients, including Lorraine, the better and safer method was to simply control her condition with a low dosage medication. It was working very well. Then, as she explained to you, her condition began to inexplicably improve. That is extremely unusual since her treatment was designed to control, not cure, the condition. She said she told you, accurately, that her condition and its symptoms seem to have completely disappeared. Eliminating the other likely variables left her sexual contact with you as the one dramatic lifestyle change that seems to have a remarkable physiological component which could be a contributor.

The challenge for us, though, is to try and prove or disprove that. One of the fastest and simplest things we can do is run an EKG on her while you two are having sex. I have to confess to not knowing exactly what that will show. I know how the intensified physical exertion of sex manifests itself on an EKG, though, so any deviations from the expected results will be closely scrutinized.

The question for you is whether you would be willing to participate in that? The EKG is wireless, so you shouldn't be distracted by leads and things. In fact, I've brought one of the sensors with me."

She opened her handbag and removed a small foil packet similar to what a condom's package. She tore open the foil and revealed something that looked like a small round adhesive bandage.

"Lorraine will have several of these on her body, Tom. These are quite advanced techonogy. Each sensor is for one-time use only, then it's discarded. It's manufactured with its own internal power cell and unique digital identifier embedded in a microchip that both processes the body's signals and transmits them a few feet to the receiver. It's held on with a very strong adhesive, so it won't come off during sex, and it won't be affected by movement or rubbing."

"Will you be watching, Dr. Geiler-Callaghan?" I stumbled or mumbled through her hyphenated surname. She noticed and handled it gracefully.

"Please call me Kim. My last name is a mouthful for everyone. As for my watching, that is up to you, Tom. Most of the time my attention will be focused on the EKG charts, but if I see something remarkable there, I would like to be able to see you and Lorraine. The blip could be something as simple as one of the sensors slipping slightly, or it could be a significant behavioral change. Still, if you think my being able to see you might inhibit your sexual response, don't hesitate to tell me. What is most important is that your sexual responses be uninhibited, normal for you and Lorraine. "

"I guess I am a little nervous about you seeing me without clothes on. I mean, what if I can't get it up?"

The doctor looked at me with what could only be described as a knowing smile, then spoke.

"Tom, from what Lorraine tells me, you have no trouble whatsoever of getting and sustaining an erection. I've also seen you with Lorraine in the videos. And you may not remember it, but I have seen you in real life almost completely naked -- at the university pool. I've been there every day you've been there in the past two weeks. I was wearing a fairly plain tank suit in hopes you wouldn't notice my watching you."

"That was you? In the light blue suit?"

She nodded. "Apparently I wasn't successful in keeping you from noticing me."

"Wow! You're quite a swimmer. I remember watching you do laps." What I didn't tell her was that I had briefly fantasized about being far more intimate with her.

"Thank you, Tom. But like I said, it's up to you. And obviously if you're too uncomfortable to get and sustain an erection, the worst that can happen is you simply don't. But Tom, believe me when I tell you there will be almost no chance of that. Lorraine will do her very best to ensure your full participation in the experiment."

"Well, when would you want to do this experiment?"

Lorraine spoke up. "How about if we do the first part today and then the rest next Thursday afternoon? Would that work for both of you?"

I agreed, but Kim needed to check her planner. "Could we do it Friday afternoon instead?" she asked.

We both decided that would work. Kim cautioned us not to drink any coffee or alcohol for at least 12 hours before the experiment. She already knew neither of us was taking any medications that could interfere with sexual responses. I asked her then what Lorraine meant when she said 'the first part' of the experiment.

"Ah, good question, Tom," she said, "Before you and Lorraine actually engage in full intercourse, I need to get a baseline EKG during Lorraine's sexual activity."

"Which means ...?" I tailed off, gesturing with my hands to encourage her to explain further.

"It means I want to run an EKG on her during sexual activity, but before she has sex with you. I need to see her normal sexual responses on the EKG so I can compare them to the responses I get when she has sex with you."

Lorraine saw that I didn't quite understand, so she explained.

"Tom, she wants to run the baseline EKG on me today. She already has her equipment set up in one of my rooms."

"Okay," I said rather questioningly. "So why are you telling me this?"

"To give Kim my baseline EKG, Tom, I'm going to masturbate while it records my responses. Kim and I both feel that her baseline EKG would be more valid if you participated in the masturbation session."

Hmmm. This was beginning to sound interesting.

"So what would I be doing while you're jilling off, Lorraine?" I asked with my characteristic lack of tact.

Lorraine gave me something that looked like a cross between a smile and a lecherous leer.

"Well, I certainly hope you'll be nude and stroking yourself so I can see you," she answered. Then she continued, "Remember that during our earliest sessions, my first effort at getting you to open up sexually was to talk about masturbation? Then eventually you became comfortable enough to let me watch you jerk off. And then we both began simultaneously masturbating in front of each other? I have to confess, Tom, that watching you masturbate made my own masturbation infinitely more pleasurable.

If you agree, for my baseline EKG, we'll both be lying on separate tilt-up beds, facing but absolutely not touching each other.

Kim will be in the adjoining room watching the video images of us masturbating, or maybe just me if you'd prefer, and monitoring my EKG.

The important thing, Tom, is that we can't touch each other. You can't even finger me, because if you cum while you're fingering me, it will mess up the EKG. The EKG has to be my sexual response without your touching me."

"And you want to do this right now?" I asked.

"Yes. Although I can masturbate without your being there, I'd prefer to have you there to add to the expected intensity of my orgasm. The closer my baseline EKG is to what Kim will see when we fuck, the more she can focus on the effect of your 'gift'."

I was already getting a hard-on just thinking about it.

"Okay, Lorraine. Let's do it," I answered definitively.

"Wonderful, Tom. Thank you," Kim responded. "If it would make you more comfortable, I don't need to watch you masturbate; only Lorraine."

I thought I detected something in her voice, maybe a hint that she really did want to watch, so I decided to find out.

"No, I don't mind if you watch me, too. If it will help Lorraine..." The fact is, I was becoming intensely excited at the possibility of both women watching me jerk off.

"Excellent!" Lorraine exclaimed. "Then shall we go back to the room? Tom, I will take Kim a few minutes to put the sensors on my body and test to make sure everything is working, so why don't you take off your clothes and lie on the bed. "

I must admit that I was already aroused, now by the thought of Dr. Geiler-Callaghan watching me jack off. Of course, it didn't hurt at all that Lorraine would be across and just a few feet away also masturbating.

We entered the room. It was comfortably warm and with lowered lighting. Lorraine suggested I undress and get on the hospital-style bed already tilted up and facing the bed she would be on. I began undressing while Kim and Lorraine walked into the next room. It was an odd feeling when I got onto the bed -- it wasn't exactly as if I was laying down. I was at an angle so I would easily be able to see Lorraine's entire body. Her bed was angled the same so she could easily see me. Yet neither angle was so steep that we would feel as if we were upright.

As I lay there, I began thinking about what we were about to do. When I had first met Lorraine, she had asked some blunt and embarrassing questions about my masturbation habits. Over the next few meetings she had moved me from an unwillingness to talk about masturbation to a point where I was regularly masturbating in front of her so she could observe my behavior. Then, we progressed beyond that to where she began simultaneously masturbating with me, just to put me more at ease she said. Then we began to mutually masturbate each other to orgasm, and finally we fucked. It was, of course, all part of her treatment plan for me, but it soon became very clear she was enjoying it as much as I did. As our relationship developed, we both found that solo and mutual masturbation could under different circumstances satisfy us both as much as fucking.

Thanks to Lorraine, I was at this place and time where I could rather comfortably watch Lorraine masturbate while I did the same thing, but now it was with a third person, Dr. Geiler-Callaghan, watching. It seemed surprisingly natural and certainly very pleasurable.

At that moment Lorraine entered the room, completely naked, and took her position on her back on the bed opposite mine. I already had my cock in my hand. The EKG patches on her body were visible but not distracting to either her or me.

Lorraine's eyes were on fire, and she burned holes in mine to imprint her sexual image in my brain.

She moved her right hand to her very hairy mound and teased the hair aside to expose her hooded clit. She began slowly. After first gently and then with increasing pressure and frequency moving her fingers around and over her clit, she slipped first one finger then two into her slit. It made a squishing sound. Clearly she was wet. Then she moved her now-wet fingers back to her clit and began to move them side to side across it and sometimes alongside it.

I looked back into her face. Her resolute stare at me had begun to break slightly as the pleasure of her clitoral stimulation began to engulf her. Her eyes fell upon my own erection, and I continued stroking it, slowly, hoping to eventually time my own orgasm to coincide with hers.

Now her fingers were moving faster and faster across her clit, and her eyes were closed, her body muscles tense.

She slipped her two middle fingers into her pussy and then rocked her hand so they slid in and out while her palm applied pressure to her clit. I could tell she was getting closer to cumming. Her breathing was very jerky, and her abdominal muscles were contracting involuntarily causing her to bend a little at the middle. She wasn't speaking, but she was making loud sounds revealing the pleasure that seemed synchronized with the now-quickening jerks in her body.

Lorraine's left had moved to her left nipple and began tugging on it, elongating it. She pinched and pulled once or twice on it while still ferociously working over her pussy with her right hand. In another second or two her body became rigidly straight as the leading edge of the orgasm hit her.

"Oh, fuck!" she screamed several times at the top of her lungs. Her eyes opened wide, and her face took on an almost surprised expression. Spasms wracked her body. Her legs twitched as if an electric current was surging through them. At the same time, her thighs clenched down on the hand working her pussy as if to stop it.

I could no longer contain my own orgasm. I felt its wonderful pain beginning in my abdomen. I stroked my cock faster and faster now, trying desperately to keep up with Lorraine's onrushing orgasm. Finally, with one last loud cry that came deep from within me, my load of jism exploded out of my body and shot across the space separating us. It landed squarely on Lorraine's thighs and ran down between them.

I continued to stroke until my cum stopped flowing and the orgasm subsided. Then I relaxed back onto the bed.

Across from me, Lorraine's body was still twitching, though not as violently. Her cries had softened, almost kitten-like mews, and her breathing was becoming deeper and more normal again. She finally relaxed against the bed, tears flowing from her now-closed eyes down her cheeks. That concerned me.

"Are you all right, Lorraine?" I asked.

Her lips moved, but no sounds came out. So she just nodded and tried, feebly, to smile. She still occasionally twitched or shuddered. It was clear that her body was feeling the aftereffects of a thunderous orgasm. I smiled back at her. Message received.

We both lay there for a few minutes to regain our senses.

After a few minutes, she took a deep breath before speaking, her normal voice having almost completely returned. "That's what I meant before when I said that since you and I have been fucking regularly, I can masturbate more often, more intensely, and can cum more quickly. It almost seems as if my sexual responses clock has been turned back several years."

I must admit my male ego had just been given a big boost. But before I could speak, she arose, took a towel from the bedside stand, wiped the fluids from her hands and legs, and walked toward the door to the adjoining room were Dr. Geiler-Callaghan had been monitoring. As she walked, she looked back over her shoulder and spoke.

"Tom, there's some towels in the stand next to your bed, too. Why don't you get dressed and then go into my office? Kim and I will join you there so we can talk."

With that, she turned, opened the door, and walked away. Her slender figure and surprisingly taut ass started my cock twitching again, but I pushed her image out of my mind while I arranged myself and got dressed.

I walked into her office and helped myself to a bottled water from her refrigerator. It was about ten minutes before she and Kim entered. While I was feeling almost drowsy and relaxed, they both were alert, bright, and once again professional.

I had expected paper charts, but instead Dr. Geiler-Callaghan slipped a thumb drive memory into Lorraine's iMac. After a few seconds, a bunch of graph lines appeared on the 23-inch screen.

Kim spoke first.

"First, Lorraine, let me reassure you that I see absolutely nothing remarkable in any of these results. Of course, I haven't had a chance to study them in detail, but everything here indicates your heart is in excellent condition. As I explained to you while attaching the sensors, I included extra sensors that would help monitor the characteristics of the blood flow in the major arteries to your brain. I didn't expect to see anything unusual there today, however the purpose of the monitoring today was to get a baseline of readings that can be compared to the readings when you and Tom have intercourse.

The data recorded today meets all my expectations and requirements for that baseline determination, so I'd suggest we go ahead and schedule the next session sometime between one and two weeks from now. I'd recommend, too, that during that interval, neither of you masturbate. And of course I'd again suggest that you maintain your otherwise normal schedule activities ..."

I interrupted her. "Kim, I'll continue to swim, but if you show up at the pool in that swim suit, it's going to be very difficult for me to comply with your first recommendation." I was semi-serious, not really trying to be funny. She actually blushed! Lorraine smiled and nodded approvingly.

The doctor regained her composure quickly and continued. " ... and I'd strongly recommend that you not consume any alcohol or other drugs, other than prescriptions in their prescribed dose, for at least 24 hours before our next meeting.

Now, assuming you both want to continue with the next phase of our testing, what date would be convenient for you both?"

Lorraine checked her appointment book and then suggested, "How about 1 p.m. on Friday the 19th?"

Dr. Geiler-Callaghan quickly agreed. Frankly, I didn't care. Knowing what would be happening that Friday, I would have cut classes or bribed professors to adjust my schedule. So we agreed.

With that, our conversation seemed to be over, I got up to leave. Lorraine took me to the door. I presume Kim went to collect her equipment.

"Tom, I'm very pleased with the results from today. I hope we'll both have our strength back by next Friday. Now I understand just how hard it was for you not to masturbate when you first started visiting me. See you next Friday." With that, she closed the door behind me.

The following week things seemed to go much better. My thesis committee met with me and actually gave me some encouragement that I felt was long overdue. I was mildly disappointed, however, that Kim had honored my request and not appeared at the pool. The vision of her in that relatively modest, and therefore incredibly sexy, one-piece swimsuit lingered with me. I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to slowly run my hands over her body while she was wearing it. That thought almost caused me to violate the no-jacking-off rule.

The following Friday as I was driving to Lorraine's office, I was still a little concerned about my ability to perform. I envisioned getting to Lorraine's office, then waiting for half an hour or so for Kim to wire her up and test the equipment. I wondered if Lorraine and I would be lying side by side on a bed, waiting for a green light to come on and for Dr. Geiler-Callaghan's voice to come over a PA speaker to tell us to begin fucking. I could almost feel my flaccid cock receding further into my body. The mind plays games with the body at times like this.

But then I started thinking about the first time Lorraine and I had sex. And with each successive encounter, she had learned a little bit more about what aroused me. I suppose I had learned the same about her. I still found her body hair on her legs and pussy and her armpits to be exciting, but I also found that my sexual pleasure was sometimes enhanced if she was clothed and allowed me to undress her. Perhaps because I found her hairy legs to exciting, I was not aroused when she wore stockings and garter belts. We all have our idiosyncrasies, I guess.

I arrived a couple minutes early and rang the doorbell. Moments later, Lorraine opened the door and greeted me with a rather inscrutable smile. She was wearing a white, long-sleeved laboratory coat that stopped mid-calf on her, so she exposed no skin at all. I had been secretly hoping for the "slut" look but got the "surgeon" look instead. But then my mind flashed briefly to our first sexual encounter. Lorraine had worn an identical lab coat then, too -- and then there was nothing underneath it.

"Come in, Tom. Kim has been here a while."

She took me by the arm and led me toward one of the rooms adjacent to her formal office. I had been in the room before, but when she opened the door, I saw she had changed its decor from impersonal, cold examination room to a warm, inviting, softly lit bedroom. In addition to the queen-size bed, there was a vanity, a loveseat, two night stands, and various knick-knacks in the room. Had I not been in the room when it had been undecorated, I would easily have believed this was Lorraine's own bedroom. I paused in the doorway, but Lorraine gently urged me in. I walked further into the room, rather amazed at its transformation, and I heard the door close behind me.

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