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Her eyes moved over you like she was checking a window for fingerprints, slowly and calmly. The darkness of the room had made the crowd feel distant, but under her gaze you felt very exposed.

Her breasts were larger than yours but smaller than your pet's. That was no surprise as you had given your pet hormones over many months to make her breasts and butt unbearably large, her cock laughably small, and her mind utterly blank.

Hear ass was bigger than yours and, judging from the lines of her skirt, her cock was much larger. The look in her eyes as she examined you made you feel as if she had stolen and read a very thorough biography of you. Meanwhile, your attempts to read her felt impossible.

"I believe that I have met your pet", she finally remarked. "I must say, I am impressed. The way you have transformed her in body and mind... that you have left her with one thought in her head and one desire in her heart, but robbed her of the capacity to bring them to fruition..." She paused for a long time, as if she were savoring the flavor of a fine, single-malt Scotch. You barely noticed the long pause, as you were wholly entranced by the cadence of her voice.

"And yet..." she said, pausing once again, "have you not seen the desire permanently on her face? Have you not seen the ecstasy in her eyes when she takes the few steps her cage and her training allow her towards the orgasm she can never have? Don't you envy her? At least, almost?"

"I mean", she continued, "even if you did let her fuck you on occasion, what possible pleasure could there be for you in that? Perhaps," she said with something like a gentle laugh, "the relationship between you is not what either of you believe."

It all sounded so reasonable when she said it. You closed your eyes in thought, frustrated at the pleasure you had been so unfairly denied.

She moved behind you and began tracing the curves of your body with her fingers. Your body responded to her touch even as your mind was too lost in itself to register her actions. She whispered musically into your ear as her hands moved to your breasts and cock, "they aren't here tonight, you're free."

You weren't even aware that she was touching you or that you were touching yourself until you came with a moan and squirted all over the inside of the front of your skirt.

Even as a part of your mind recoiled at what you had just done and were doing, the objections felt so very distant and unimportant. You were only barely aware when she closed the collar around your neck. Only when you heard the lock latch was your mind able to recognize what was happening.

You dropped to your knees and then to all fours. She led you into the circle of light. Even in the surrounding darkness, you could sense them staring at you and you felt the mood changed.

No longer were you a peer and a respected voice. You were the entertainment, a piece of meat. They broke upon you like a wave.

Your clothes were torn off, your skin slapped and whipped. You were groped crudely and painfully. They fucked your face and ass in turns. When they got bored with that, they fucked you from both ends at once. When that wasn't enough for them, they grabbed your hair and held your head up so they could use both holes and hands at the same time.

It was a blur of cocks, pussies, insults, and pain. You had no doubt that your pet would have loved it, which made each of your many orgasms all-the-more degrading.

When the festivities ended, you collapsed in exhaustion. When you awoke, she gave you your first tattoo and your first shot. In time, your body would be covered with them, announcing that you were a slut, a whore, a bimbo, and more. But by then you would not know how to read them. You would not remember how to care for yourself or even your own name.

You would exist only to serve your mistress and the only thought and desire she left in your head would be a longing for an ecstasy you would never find. You would pursue, with a single-minded fanaticism, just one more orgasm. But she would never let you have it.

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