tagBDSMA New Turn to Things

A New Turn to Things


It was one of those nights when you wanted to be indoors. A real log fire crackling away in the hearth as the old black and white film played on the TV, making you snuggle closer to that man sitting next to you. The one who held promise of passion and pleasure in his dark eyes. But for some, it didn't happen that way. The night was cold, and the rain fell in sheets that soaked through your clothes, making you feel miserable and shiver as each and every step became an effort.

Maria was one of those people. Her shift ended late. Later than usual. She had been held up by three customers, wanting to mess around, to get one more drink. But she had managed to get rid of them, got them to drink up and let her close the bar up. She shouldn't have sent the two guys home, but she was the manager, the one responsible for locking up the joint. And now, as she trudged back through the cold, wet streets, she cursed herself for being nice. Infact, she cursed herself for being too damn nice.

The streets she had to walk along were dark and long. Hardly any cars were out, it was late fafter all, they weren't exactly main roads through the town. But for her it was the safest way back, and the quickest. She didn't take any notice of the van parked at the side of the road. It was a normal white van. The sort that you saw every day, like so many others that made deliveries to the various shops and businesses that filled the roads around the town centre. Digging her hands further into the deep pockets of her old coat she sighed, she would be soaked by the time she got home. A nice hot bath and a mug of chocolate would soon warm her up.

The sound of the van starting up made her glance back over her shoulder, but it drove off, disappearing down one of the many side streets that branched off the main road, leading to all parts of the town and beyond. Once the van was out of her sight, it was forgotten. She continued on, making her way through the damp, dark night. She crossed one of the side roads, looking to make sure no car was speeding through the streets, they tended to drive like idiots along these roads. She knew Darren would be waiting for her, she wished he hadn't taken the car to the garage today, she could have done with a lift home. Typical really...

Suddenly someone grabbed her, a hand around her throat. She screamed, but as she opened her mouth something was pushed in, effectively shutting her up. She struggled, but the person holding her was too strong. She felt a chill build, seeping its icy tendrils through her bones.

"Fight all you want bitch, it only makes me harder" a voice growled into her ear and she felt him push his hips forward, rubbing his erection into her back. She whimpered in fear, the cloth pressing her tongue, making her mouth dry. Her nostrils flared as she struggled to fill her panic stricken lungs with air, her eyes wide as she felt her arms forced behind her back and tied with a plastic cable tie. She struggled again, this only made him grab her hair, wrenching her head back and looking at her through twin slits in a black ski mask.

"Feisty little bitch" he said, his voice containing a note of amusement, "I like the feisty ones, always more fun to strip and use." She gulped, oh god, what was this all about? Why her? Another man walked round, he was dressed in black, his head also covered with a ski mask. Only three slits showed any hint of skin, his eyes were hidden in the darkness, "lets get her in the van, don't wanna keep him waiting" the newcomer said, and she was picked up unceremoniously as the side door slid open and she was thrown in, landing on a mattress. Not the hard floor of the van as she was expecting.

The door slammed closed again and she was left in darkness. She heard the front doors open and then shut, the van moving off as she struggled to sit up, to try and get her bearings. But she was trapped. Her hands were secured behind her, her voice silenced by the rag in her mouth. She wriggled to the side, leaning against the cold metal sides. Tears sprung to her eyes, how the hell could this happen? Who had done this? And why? The questions tumbled over themselves in her mind, she squeezed her eyes closed, feeling the tears silently slip from beneath her eyelids. How was she going to get out of this?

The journey seemed to take hours, but it was actually only ten minutes. They drove her to a house just out of town. A place that if she could see it would answer all her questions. The van stopped at the back door, and it was opened from inside. A man stepped out, a grin on his face. No words were exchanged. The driver walked round and opened the door. Maria tried to scramble back, but he cupped her ankle and pulled her to him. His accomplice was there and a pillowcase was pulled down over her head, tied around her throat, not too tightly but enough to make her stop struggling, to make her question if they would hurt her.

She was pulled from the van, "on your feet" the voice said, his breath leaving a warm trail on the skin around her ear. She shuddered, her skin was covered in Goosebumps, for some reason her nipples were hard, straining against the material of her bra, she hated the way her body was responding to the situation, but damn, it was one of her fantasies, one she had often thought about, even written about. But she had never told a sole, this was the real thing, not a set up. No one knew about it, not even Darren.

She was frog marched from the van, one of her captors on each side, their hands propelling her towards some destination. She was scared, her body trembling, her legs didn't want to move. She was half carried into a warm interior. She gulped again, trying once more to struggle. But another voice laughed, a rich, deep laugh that seemed to echo around her. But there was something about that laugh...something hauntingly familiar. But what she couldn't say...she couldn't place it....

When they stopped, she swayed. Trying to steady herself. Her arms were untied and she tried to pull them away, tried to fight, a last effort. But again there was more laughter, her arms were grabbed and cuffs tied around her wrists. She heard a strange noise, like a pulley, her arms then lifted, being raised over her head. She felt them get taunt, and she gasped. She waited, still, knowing this was only the start....

Sure enough hands began to touch her, to caress her. She tried to turn away, to pull back, but someone had her feet, first one then the other was chained to the floor, holding her in place. "Oh that's lovely boys. Now the fun part, lets see what she's hiding under the clothes shall we?"

A scared cry sounded from the rag filled mouth and she felt tears on her cheeks, making the pillow case damp as she felt panic. They were going to do it, to rape her, to hurt her, to do Lord knew what to her. She struggled, pulling, her panic, fear filling the room. Permeating from her, the atmosphere changed.

"If I were you precious, I would hold still. I have a very sharp knife here, I would hate to cut you" the voice made her freeze. She could feel the blade pressing against the pillowcase, the chill of the metal touching her cheek. The pillowcase was cut off and she blinked. A bright light was shining into her face, blinding her even more effectively than the makeshift hood had. The three figures around her were just shadows; shapes standing around the edge of her vision.

One of the shapes moved closer, she narrowed her eyes, but before she could see him, he had a blindfold tied over her eyes, secured tightly. She whimpered in distress and then felt her mouth pried open. She licked her dry lips, her tongue darting out, trying to spread moisture on her parched bow mouth. "Please please dont hurt me" she whispered.

"Hurt you, why precious, we arent going to hurt you. Well not intentionally. We're going to enjoy your body, show you how a body like yours should be treated." Hands were on her breasts then, squeezing her through her clothes. She sobbed, "Please..."

Her coat was undone, and she held her breath, feeling it moving against her. The blade of the knife was run up the sleeves of the coat, and a few moments later it feel from her, leaving her in the skirt and top. Her breasts felt heavy, and she knew she would be fighting herself once her captors started on her. She would have a battle on two fronts. She felt a hand move up her left leg, "oh this is nice, so soft" the fingers stroked gently, moving higher up. She muttered, begging him to stop, but he kept the hand working up higher, until his digits touched the gusset of her panties, pushing up against her slit. She moaned, unable to stop herself.

"Boys, I think she likes it."

And she blushed, hearing their lecherous chuckles as she felt a gush of juices hit her pouting pussy. The hand was removed and they quickly removed her skirt. Hands stroked over her blouse and she felt them grip the bottom. A sharp tug sent the buttons flying, scattering across the floor, she gasped loudly as the chill air hit her skin and she shuddered in a combination of pleasure and fear. Hands moved across her stomach, caressing the smoothness of her skin. She trembled, her legs feeling like jelly as she was explored on both sides. She couldn't work out how many hands were on her. Her bra was gone and her breasts allowed to tumble free. She actually heard exclamations of pleasure as the men's eyes watched her soft, voluptuous titties bounce. She had a nice rack as Darren often told her. Her nipples were so hard, when one was captured between teeth she couldn't stop the moan of pleasure. "oh yes" she hissed, loving the way the mouth closed around her flesh, teeth closing on the nipple as the other was stroked softly. She knew she should be scared, but.....but...she wasn't...she was aroused, horny, hot and needing this so badly.

"That's it precious, let us show you how we would worship you, we wont hurt you, tonight be ours, let us enjoy this amazing body, and then tomorrow, you go back to your life." The voice was firm, but rich, and it made her tremble a new. As he spoke he got closer to her ear, she automatically tilted her head, her long auburn curls tumbling out of the way to reveal an expanse of creamy flesh. Maria felt his lips on her skin, kissing, licking, nibbling. Leaving a trail of tingling as he kissed that sensitive area. She gulped hard. Her nipples were still be played with and now that area on her neck was being licked and lapped at and she was soon a blubbering wreck.

The feelings soon had her so wet, she forgot about the third player. Until she felt hands on her thighs, pushing her legs apart. She swallowed nervously as those fingers walked up her thigh, dancing across the skin and aiming towards her molten core. She felt the cool blade trail up, a cold passage of steel heading towards her most female area. The tip hit her slit, and she bit her bottom lip, trembling nervously in anticipation.

"Oh she likes this, look at her, she will be begging us soon. Begging us to take out our big, hard cocks and shove them into her pussy. Maybe we'll DP her, one in her dripping, dirty cunt, another working its way into her arse. But there's three of us, I wonder where the third can go." Fingers touched her lips, and she opened her mouth, taking the finger in, sucking hungrily as she gave into her needs.

She heard them all chuckle, "oh yes, look at the slut, she needs us bad." One said and she felt the knife move, and then her panties were gone, revealing her trimmed bush and wet pussy to the man on his knees. She heard his groan of appreciation and felt a splash of happiness shout through her. She had him. When he buried two fingers deep in her, forcing her to her tip toes, she was the one to do the moaning. His fingers stroked her insides, finding that little area that would make her explode around him. She moaned loudly and the room seemed to encase her, her breathing got loader, and she knew she would remember this night for as long as she lived.

The fingers were removed from her cunt and replaced with a tongue. He licked her from clit to ass, tasting her, teasing her. She gulped again, her head hanging backwards, her hair falling away like a curtain of richest velvet. She felt her insides trickle onto his questing tongue, even as her nipples were ferociously sucked. They worked her like experts, drawing ragged breaths from her as they built her up towards her release, pushing her towards orgasm.

A hard intruder was introduced into the equation, the vibrator pushed into her, humming low as it was slowly worked in and out as the tongue found her clit, thrumming the sensitive nub, strumming on her like a guitarist on his instrument. She felt the vibrations work through her, and moaned. God she had never felt like this. She was getting so close, the feelings so intense. She felt her nipples bitten, sucked hard, stretched and then the vibrator worked harder, faster, deeper.

"That's it precious, cum for us, cum on his tongue, let him taste your nectar" the voice purred in her ear, catching the fleshy appendage inbetween teeth, she felt her insides buck and screamed as she did just as he asked. She gushed over the tongue, her juices flooding his tongue. The men laughed as she shuddered violently, pulling on the restraints as she came for the first time. Her body flushing with pleasure as she panted hard, feeling them back away, leaving her in the aftermath of her climax.

After a few minutes she was released and carried gently. She was taken, and then placed gently on a bed. It was soft, and big. There was a subtle fragrance about the place, it smelt nice, expensive, she was obviously somewhere nice. Her breathing was still ragged as she laid on the bed. Her hands moved to her eyes, but they were stopped, gentle hands caught hers and she felt lips on the back of her hands, kissing her. The kisses moved from the backs of her hands up her arms. A man on each side, kissing gently, little butterfly kisses that seemed to flap their way across her body. They worked up her arms, reaching her shoulders. From there they spread out across her throat, licking, kissing. She was panting hard again now, her body still as whoever it was almost worshipped her, kissing across her throat, along her collar bone and then down. They kissed a trail between her breasts, moving farther towards her sex. She sighed happily as hands moved to her breasts, gently kneading as the kissing moved down. She knew she would cum again....probably many more times, this was proving to be an amazing night.

Her legs were slowly parted, hands gently pulling them apart. She felt soft bindings on her ankles and she clenched her inner muscles. Her wrists were also encased in leather, and tied above her head, pone each side of the ornate head board. She felt her legs lift, and then moved over her shoulders, almost bending her double. She frowned under the blindfold, feeling the petals of her sex part as she was opened for her captors. She blushed furiously, feeling embarrassed that they could see her so blatantly displayed for them.

"Mmmmmmm I love a woman like this. Displayed for the taking," that same voice, the one she had heard when she had arrived at where ever they were, was speaking, she guessed he was the boss.

"She's exquisite, do you think her boyfriend knows what he has?" A second asked, as a mouth leant down and captured her lips, kissing her deep, pushing his tongue into her and duelling with her tongue for supremacy. She kissed him back gently, but as he got harder, she replied, her own needs rising as she surrendered to the men who were showing her so many new experiences. She should be scared, fearful, but she wasn't, she knew somehow that they wouldn't hurt her.

The kisser pulled back, "oh he knows what he's got alright" a voice said and the blindfold was ripped off. She was starring into his face, Darren, her lover, her friend, the man she had thought at home was here. She gulped, "I.." but as she looked at him, she felt her heart pound. He was dressed in black. His top was tight and black, showing his finely toned torso. The pants he wore were leather, and she moaned loudly, he had dressed as she had said, she had told him a man in black and leather would get her every time.

Looking around she saw Max and Harry, two of Darren's mates. She wasn't sure who's place this is, but she suddenly pulled on her bindings, "Darren, let me go."

A slap across her face took her by surprise. "Its Sir to you slut" Darren said and she felt her cunt clench and gush. He was amazing, and she knew this was the start of a whole new side to their relationship...

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