tagLoving WivesA Prelude to Love

A Prelude to Love


Harriet watched her lover climb out of bed and walk over to begin getting his clothes together. His limp cock glistened in the light shining through the window as he paused in front of the mirror and looked at himself. Noticing the reflection of her watching him, he turned, moved back to the bed and bent over to her. She watched his head drop between her legs and felt the soft touch of his lips to hers.

After the kiss, he stood up and unabashedly began getting dressed in front of her. He was a proud man, even more so after bringing Harriet to orgasm four times during their two hour session. Granted, the situation alone was an incredible turn on for Harriet, so much so she had almost come before he got her panties off of her. Even Frank... no, Fred had come twice before finally collapsing on the bed next to her.

Now, although she felt a slight twang of disappointment as he pulled up his zipper, sealing away his cock, she was glad he was leaving. It seemed better that way, the hotel room was where they fucked, sucked, kissed and stroked, nothing else. She glanced up and noticed him buttoning his shirt.

"We'll I better be going," he said, moving over to the bed again.

"I enjoyed it, you are an incredible lover," she replied, seeing him beam with pride.

"You were very good yourself," he said, bending over as if to kiss her pussy once again.

Harriet reached down, grabbed his head and pulled it up to her face for a kiss. She felt his tongue slip into her mouth as their lips met, lingered together, and then slipped apart. Turning to leave, he let his hand move down and lightly pat her damp pussy. He then gave her a devilish look as he held his fingers to his mouth and licked them one by one.

"Oh get out of here," she exclaimed, throwing a pillow at him.

She watched him slip through the door and listened as the lock latched closed. Immediately she hopped out of bed, walked over to the slatted closet door and pulled it open. There, inside the closet she could smell the distinct aroma of semen as she looked at her husband, his cock and lap still wet with his cum.

"Did you like it?" she asked.

"Well, you see all this," he said moving his hand through the wet, sticky fluid.

"Okay, let's clean you up a bit," she replied, stepping into the restroom and returning with a towel. Kneeling, she dabbed up the cum from his soft cock and upper thighs. Tossing the towel aside, she rested her head near his cock and asked, "Well, what did you like most?"

"It was all good, but I think the best part was when he stood in front of the bed with you straddling him. Damn, I could see both of your muscles straining as you fucked. How did it feel?"

"Well it was a little hard, hanging onto him like that, but he seemed to handle it pretty well."

"You are light."

"Yeah, that's what he said when he got me up there. I'm glad I asked him to do it like that."

"You asked him to fuck you standing up?"

"I thought you'd like it," she replied.

"Yeah, that was when I came. I could see you straining and you were moaning too, and well I had been stroking my cock since you started, but when he lifted you off the ground and plunged his cock into you, I began stroking faster and faster. I had to be careful to keep my cum from spurting through the slats in the door."

"What else did you like?"

"The doggie style."

"You mean when I was kneeling on the bed and he was standing behind me?"

"Yeah, I could see and hear his balls slapping against your pussy. Did you come then?"

"Oh yes, I had reached under and was touching my clit. I think he came then too, he came twice you know."

"Could you feel him come inside you?"

"Well, kind of, I mean it wasn't like when we, ah, when you come, but I could tell by his breathing and how he changed his rhythm."

"What did his cock feel like inside you?"

Harriet pondered a moment and then replied, "It was nice, I mean as wet as I was it slid easily. He was long, I remember that, longer than most of the other guys, that was different. I don't know if it was better, just different."

"Did it turn you on knowing I was watching?"

"Oh god yes, my panties were so wet and I thought I was going to come before I got undressed."

While they talked Harriet had watched her husband's cock slowly begin to twitch and then grow larger and larger. Now, with his cock nearly fully erect she reached out and gently wrapped her fingers around it. "What really made it nice was thinking of you stroking yourself while you watched me."

"You thought of me stroking myself?"

"Oh yes, and I kept wanting to show you more and more to turn you on. Each time I came I thought about you, your cock and how it would make me come."

"Does my cock make you come good?"

"Oh yes, so good... yeah, so much better than with them. It's like a, ah a prelude, what I do with them is a prelude to what we do," she said stroking his cock. She then opened her mouth wide and slid over the head. Her tongue rolled over the soft skin, flicking over the tiny opening, tasting the cum that was still smeared on the cock as well as some fresh pre-cum.

"You want my cock now?"

"Um huh," she mumbled, her mouth still stretched wide over his cock.

"Well let's get out of this closet," he said.

Harriet eased her mouth off her husband's cock and then backed up, sitting on the bed. She stared at the glistening head of his cock as he maneuvered the wheelchair out of the closet and over near a narrow chair that faced the bed. Giggling some at how his balls bounced as he lifted himself up on the stubs of his thighs and kind of leapt into the chair. When he was finished she just gazed at him, the short stumps of his legs flat on the chair, the rough curve of them about at where his mid-thigh had been, his cock rising up nearly halfway up his chest.

Taking a deep breath she moved over to him, threw her one leg over his shoulder and pushed her pussy up to his face. Though she was still wet from her earlier tryst, she needed more lubrication and her husband was happy to supply it. She felt his tongue slip between her pussy lips and then gently push deep into her. After a few moments, she could hear wet slurping sounds and knew she was ready.

She moved her leg so she now straddled him in the chair. Reaching down, she grabbed his thick cock and pointed the beautiful, purple head up to her. Squatting down, she lowered herself feeling her lips slowly spread apart, wider and wider as inch by inch his cock slid into her. As her lips spread she felt them pull tightly on her clit, a sensation she rarely felt with another.

The cock eased into her, pressing the walls of her cunt apart, pressing his smooth flesh tight against her wet softness. She moved down on him, feeling him slowly fill her as she continued opening so wide to him. Pausing a moment, she bent her knees and pressed herself even further, feeling the cock bump against her cervix. She could take no more of him so she slowly rose, feeling him slip out of her, leaving her insides empty and tingling to be filled again. Then she slid down again, a bit faster this time as her body molded to his.

His strong hand gently took her breast and she felt his palm move over her nipple. He had the strength to simply crush her in his hands and yet he squeezed the breast with a gentleness that almost ached. After a few moments she leaned forward, bit his ear and growled, "Harder."

Her husband's hand then squeezed her breast harder, hard enought that it began to hurt. As she felt the pain, she began furiously bouncing up and down on the enormous cock. She felt him completely now, his hands on her breasts, the stubs of his legs on her ass, his mouth and lips on her neck and his cock, his massive, wonderful cock was shoved as deep inside her as she could take.

Harriet could feel it building inside her, that electric pleasure that got so intense each time she came with her husband. She wanted to open herself and take all of him, his cock, his hands, his mouth, the stubs of his legs, all of his body inside her. Crying out, "Oh darling yes, take me, take me."

Suddenly she felt his strong hands grab her by the waist and pull her down onto his cock. She stopped all motion, instead letting him do the work now as he lifted her up the length of himself and then pulled her back down. Looking down she saw her juices coat his cock and then run down over his balls and stumps. A searing jolt of sensation plunged through her and she was flooded with a wet pleasure that pulsed around the cock that filled her. She felt herself squeeze her husband's cock again and again as she collapsed onto his lap gasping for breath.

It took a few minutes to recover, but when she did, she could see in her husband's eyes that he wasn't finished yet. Smiling, she hooked her arms under his and firmly embracing him, feeling her breasts crushed against his chest, she stood up, lifting him up on the ends of his stubs and then, leaning back, she fell onto the bed, pulling him on top of her. It was as acrobatic maneuver she knew she could not do with just any man.

The trick of course was to keep his cock inside her as she fell, which was an easy task with her husband, who immediately leaned on his thighs and began plunging into her. Harriet reached up and ran her hands over his chest, feeling the muscles rippling as he thrust in and out of her. She toyed with his nipples and begged him, "Come, come inside me Raj, please come inside me."

It was inevitable then, he was beyond all control and pushed himself so deep that Harriet winced and pulled back slightly. Feeling his girth suddenly grow even more, she felt him come, the cock throbbing and pulsing as he spurted his hot cum deep inside her in spurt after spurt. He lifted up on his arms, arched his back and closed his eyes in pleasure as his cock filled her with every drop of cum.

Raj remained pushed up on his arms as slowly, ever so slowly his massive erection subsided finally sliding out of her, leaving her wet, sore and so achingly empty. Moving over beside her, his cock rested on her thigh, their combined juices drying until they were glued together. The next morning they had to gently pull themselves apart as they discussed their plans for their next session.

"Next time stand up on the bed, no on the desk so he has to stand up to eat your pussy," Raj said excitedly.

"You want him standing to eat me?"

"Yes, make them stand to fuck you, to eat you, to make you come."

"Okay, but only if you do something for me now."

"What do you want?"

"Will you eat me?"

"For breakfast?"

"How about breakfast and lunch," Harriet replied, feeling his tongue slowly working its way between her lips. "Maybe even dinner..."

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