A Quick Garage Spanking

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He opened the car door, then daughter's boyfriend bent me...
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I pulled into the driveway and hit the garage door opener. There was Jay, my daughter's boyfriend working out with his weights. I waved to him, closed the garage and started gathering my things off the passenger side seat, but couldn't reach my fallen book on the floor.

I was glad I that I had worn my comfortable blue jean romper today so getting out of the car would be easy. I rarely wear panties. I was so close to Jay when I got to the other side of the car I could feel his body heat.

Sweat covered his face and chest. His masculinity caused a slight tingle in my P region and I stared a moment longer than I should have at his bulging chest muscles. Jay proceeded to open the passenger side car door for me. "Thank you Jay, I said, you're such a gentleman."

"Anything for you Mommy," he replied. I bent over to retrieve my book from the floor, giving him an excellent rear view of my covered up goodies. I was in a teasing mood. Turned out, he wasn't. And the word 'Mommy' wasn't being used in the respectable, innocent way that I was thinking.

Suddenly. I felt a bump and Jay's cock was against my ass. Before I could speak he pulled my dress up from behind and said, "no panties, perfect, spread your legs."

I began to protest, "What, what?" was all I could get out. He bent me over farther, then he said it again, more forcefully this time.

"I said spread your legs." I obeyed his command. His sweat was dripping on my ass. He used his hand to wipe it off my ass and then he used it to lubricate his dick. He teased my opening by rotating the head of his cock around it's softness, then he swiftly rammed it into my waiting, moist pussy, and commenced to stroking.

He intuitively sensed how I would react as he watched me walk from the driver side of the car. He must have felt the energy of my sexual aura. I fell forward on the seat from the force of his thrust into me. "Jay, she might hear us," I was trying to say in between his thrusts into my cunt that felt so damn good!

Ignoring my plea, using both hands, he gripped my waist and began stroking my pussy with a nice and easy rhythm. In easy, and back out easy. He was taking his time, so I relaxed. I stretched my arms out across the center console so he could get a full view of my plump ass, allowing him to get his cock as deep as he wanted.

No longer caring about getting caught, I said, "fuck me Jay, fuck me, give Mama what she's been needing." His stamina was incredible. He obviously had been working out for a while, but he was fucking me like he could last all day. And I was giving it back. "Good pussy, Mommy, good pussy," he said. There's that 'Mommy' thing again. He wasn't from the islands, so?

He fucked me for 5 minutes solid, just a nice and easy stroke. I came, shuddering and holding the seat tight. But he hadn't come yet. His next move told me why.

His cock slid out of my drenched cunt, then he slid his pussy covered cock easily into my ass. "Damn Jay, I said, you know how to fuck me." Jay laid his weight on top of my ass, inserted his cock all the way in and positioned himself there, close bumping my ass, digging hard into my hole.

He didn't pull back at all. He was rotating his ass, raking across my inner nerve endings making me want more and more of that fat cock.

He asked me, do you like the way I fuck you Mommy?"

"Yes, I love the way you fuck me Jay, don't stop, please don't stop fucking me." For the next couple of minutes he laid on my ass fucking me deep. By now I didn't care about getting caught. All I cared about was making him come.

But he didn't come yet. He gradually exited my swollen asshole, and commanded me to turn around and to sit on the running board. While I was following his command, he took his towel and wiped his cock off.

Then he stood in front of me with his big dick pointed straight at my mouth. "Now suck it he said, and you better suck it good."

"I will, I promise," I said. I stuck my tongue out and licked around the head, then I stuck just the head in my mouth and with my right hand I began pumping his shaft. With my other hand I held his ass. I sucked him good, like he commanded. It didn't take long. His cum blasted to the back of my throat, making me gag.

"Swallow it" he said. While I was swallowing his cum he squeezed and massaged my tits. He pulled out of my mouth. He grabbed a pad off a chair and dropped it on the floor. Then he got on his knees in front of me and told me to lean back. I leaned back as far as I could into the car and he started licking my pussy. He was on my clit, sucking it, pulling it with his lips, driving me wild.

"That's good pussy eating Jay," I said breathlessly. Then I said, hopefully not too loud, "shit, I'm coming Jay!" I squirted and bucked until I froze, for about 10 seconds; Then I released. He surprised me by capturing all my hot streaming liquid in his mouth without losing a drop. He stood up, handed me a towel, then walked over to the back door and emptied my juices.

I was pulling myself together and gathering my belongings again when he walked back over without saying a word, and returned to working out again. What stamina! A good fuck like that at the end of the work day makes for a good night's sleep for me. I slowly walked in the house. My daughter was in the kitchen. "Dinner will be ready in ten, Mom, she said, happily."

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HotdiggitydogHotdiggitydogabout 2 months ago

Sometimes you just like a short story. Very erotic. A perfect sequence of events with equal pleasure for both parties. She never said no, and she never said stop. Total consent as far as I'm concerned. 5 stars

CardigorCardigor3 months ago

My standards aren't particularly high but this story is to quick. One is thrown into a situation that borderlines non consent/rape because we don't have a background to their relationship, later in the story I would would absolutely say that she is a willing parcipitant.

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