A Revealing Summer Ch. 01


I heard the shower start, and I went to my computer to check my email. I didn't bother changing, since I was going to take a shower anyway. My bra had finally started to dry, and my nipples had gone back to only almost visible. As the shower stopped, I heard my brother's bedroom door open, and I realized he was going to station himself in the hall to try and get a peek at Michelle again. Man, he just wouldn't give it up. I was trying to decide whether to get up and stop him...Michelle seemed to really enjoy the attention, so maybe it wasn't hurting anyway... Then, I heard the bathroom door open, and Michelle's voice.

"Oh, good, Jason, you're there. I forgot to grab a towel, do you think you could get me one from the linen closet?"

Now I had to see what was going on. I got up and went into the hallway. Michelle was still in the bathroom, with her head poking out the door, which was barely open. She was dripping wet from the shower, and it was clear that she was still totally naked. Jason grabbed a towel from the closet in the hallway, and turned back towards the bathroom. He couldn't see much of her from the front, but he was probably tall enough to see the bathroom mirror over her head, and I'm sure that afforded him a few brief glimpses of her hot, naked ass.

"Here you go, Michelle" he said, with a big grin on his face.

"Thanks, you're my hero." She closed the door, and opened it a second later, with the towel wrapped around her. It covered her fairly well, but didn't leave much room for error. If she bent over, or if it slipped down a couple of inches, Jason would get another show. She glanced over at me, and said "Oh, hey Mandy, the shower's all yours." I shook my head, and walked past her into the bathroom as she started talking to my brother, "So Jason, any fun plans for the summer?"

I closed the door as my best friend continued to make small talk with my older brother, wearing only a towel. "God, how long is she planning to keep this teasing up?" I thought, before deciding it wasn't my business. If they are having fun, then whatever. I stripped off my still damp running clothes, and got into the shower. While I washed my wavy red hair, I thought about the day's running adventure. The thought of Brian staring at my nearly exposed tits, and taking all those pictures, was starting to get me horny. I reached down between my smooth lips, and slowly stroked my clit. The image of Mr. DeMaldo watching my breasts bounce as we ran by jumped into my mind, and I stroked a little faster. Hell, even the way Jason looked when he barged into my room and saw my nipples was turning me on. As my right hand started pinching my nipples, my mind drifted to the landscapers on MacArthur Road, and what they would have thought if they had seen me in the wet bra...and if Michelle and I had flashed them...

I stopped rubbing my clit; I was getting too worked up, but didn't have time to take care of it properly. I didn't want to leave Michelle alone with Jason too long, who knew what kind of trouble she'd get herself into. I'd finish up properly with my trusty vibrator that night. But I was still super turned on.

After I washed off the last of the soap, I turned off the water and grabbed my towel from the rack. I wrapped it around myself, and a second around my long hair. As I stepped out of the bathroom, I was shocked to see that Michelle was still wearing her towel in the hallway, chatting with my brother.

"You still haven't gotten dressed?" I exclaimed. "I guess I'm just lucky you still have the towel on!" I gave her a mock annoyed look, which she returned in kind.

"Hey, he's already seen my boobs, so I could drop the towel if I wanted to." Fortunately, she made no move to do it.

Jason, seeing an opportunity, jumped into the conversation. "Yeah, like you'd have the guts to do that."

"What? I showed you my tits before!" she retorted.

"But that was just a quick flash! To actually go topless would require some serious balls, and I don't think you've got them."

Of course, Michelle took the bait. Or maybe she was just happy to have an excuse. Either way, she glared at him, and said, "Oh really? Well, check this out."

"Please don't," I pleaded uselessly. Michelle grabbed the top of her towel, loosened it slightly, and lowered it. She kept it wrapped around her, but dropped it low enough to expose her sexy breasts and flat stomach. She tightened the towel around her waist, wearing it like a guy would. Her firm boobs jiggled slightly as she stood looking proud of herself.

Jason looked thrilled to be seeing her tits again. "Well, I guess you do have the guts."

"Hey, I've got nice boobs, might as well show them off," she replied. She cupped her breasts briefly, and pinched her little brown nipples.

"You've got that right. Hey, that looks fun." Jason said, gesturing at her breast-play. "Can I have a turn?" Then, before she could respond, he had reached up and grabbed her left tit. He squeezed, feeling the soft mound in his hand, then played with her now hard nipple. "They feel really nice," he said. Michelle let him have his fun for a minute, then pulled away with a smile. Meanwhile, I was standing next to her, dumbfounded at the scene unfolding before me.

"Oh, my boobs are pretty good, but you know whose are great? Your sister's!" And before I could react, she lunged at my towel. I tried to grab it, but was too slow, and she pulled hard enough to dislodge it. It fell halfway before I was able to catch it, and for the second time that day my breasts were bared to my brother. They bounced seductively as I fumbled with the towel, my pink nipples pointing towards him. The towel had come unwrapped, and my pussy was exposed too. The small red landing strip stood out like a neon sign, pointing down to my lips. I was still turned on from my brief playing in the shower, and my lips were spread, and clearly wet beyond the shower water.

I wrapped the towel back around myself, as my brother stared, unable to believe his luck at seeing two hot naked girls today. "Bitch! He's my brother! Sick!" I yelled, not really as angry as I should have been.

"Oh come on, we're just having some fun," she responded, laughing at me again.

Before I could take my revenge (her towel had entered my crosshairs; my pussy wasn't going to be the only one exposed. I bet Jason would love to see her bald beaver), we heard a car pulling into the driveway. "Shit, Dad is home!" I exclaimed. "Come on, we have to get dressed!"

Jason stood awkwardly, trying to adjust his hard-on under his pants. Michelle, still completely topless, was watching him. "Ya know, I bet your Dad would like this show too," she joked, pinching her nipples again.

"Come on, slut." I said. I grabbed her, and pushed her towards my room. Jason watched her go, looking a bit like a puppy who's had a treat taken away. As she walked through my door, she unwrapped the towel from her waist, and tossed it over her shoulder. Her firm, sexy ass and toned legs were exposed to my brother, who suddenly looked happy again. I sighed, followed her into the room, and closed the door behind us.

We dressed fairly quickly. I threw on a bra, tank top, underwear, and pants. Michelle put her tank top back on (she hadn't worn a bra over), and her skirt. I noticed that she failed to put her thong back on under the skirt, no doubt hoping for a chance to show off a bit more. But there were no more adventures that day. By the time we got downstairs, my brother was talking to my dad in the living room, and my mom was walking in the front door. My parents invited Michelle to stay for dinner, but she said she had to get home and get ready for work (she was a waitress). I walked her to the door.

"Well that was an exciting day," she commented, winking. "Can't wait for next Monday." We said our goodbyes, and I went back inside to have dinner.

Later that night, after my parents were asleep and Jason was downstairs playing video games, I decided it was time for bed. I stripped off my clothes, and stood naked in the middle of my room. It was dark outside, so the light in the room made my window look like a mirror. I was checking myself out, touching my breasts a little, when it occurred to me that the window looked right towards Mr. DeMaldo's house. I had never really thought about it before, but after the way he saw me in the see-through top today, I started to wonder if he ever watched me through that window. The thought started to get me horny again, and I dropped my right hand to my pussy. I rubbed my clit a little, before deciding that I needed some more relief.

I closed the blinds (no need to show any possible peepers this part), and grabbed my vibrator out from a box under the bed. Laying down on my bed, I slowly inserted the purple toy into my pussy. I moaned a little, and turned it on. The vibrations deep inside me felt amazing. There was a piece sticking off of the vibrator that directly stimulated my clit. My thoughts turned again to the events of the day; my brother seeing my nipples, Michelle flashing him, the landscapers watching us, running through the park in my thin bra, Brian wetting my top and taking pictures, Mr. DeMaldo checking me out, Michelle teasing Jason, letting him touch her tits, and her exposing my naked body to him. I moaned again, and started to play with my breasts. I squeezed the large mound of my right tit, and let my hand slide up to my nipple. I slowly spiraled my finger around my areola, moving closer to the nipple until finally pinching it, pulling it away from my body and releasing. As I played with my breasts and the vibrator pulsed deep within my wet pussy, my mind drifted to the landscapers again. I couldn't get Michelle's suggestion that we flash them out of my mind. I wondered how they would react if they saw our tits; hers small and firm, and mine large and bouncy. Would they want to touch our nipples? Pinch them, maybe suck on them? What else would they want to do? All of these thoughts were flying through my head as I felt my climax coming. I tried to stop moaning so my family wouldn't here. My legs closed tightly, holding the vibrator in place, while both hands squeezed my nipples. I finally came to a huge orgasm, and couldn't stop yelling out quietly.

I put away the vibrator, and threw on a thin nightgown. It wasn't exactly transparent, but it was rather clingy, and didn't leave much to the imagination. I left my room to go brush my teeth, but found Jason standing at his door in the hallway, giving me a strange look. "Having fun?" he asked, with that odd little smile. "Crap, did he hear me?" I thought. Without answering, I stepped into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. When I got out, he was already in his bedroom. I went back to my room, turned out the lights, and went to bed, after a crazy and revealing day.

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