tagRomanceA Sexagenarians Fantasies Ch. 01

A Sexagenarians Fantasies Ch. 01


We had arrived at the cottage earlier in the week, and had been enjoying our break.

The leaves on the trees had been falling, their late autumnal colours so spectacular - gold, brilliant reds, deep browns, purple, dozens of different shades and shapes.

The sun was still quite warm during the days. Although weak, it was warm enough that we didn't need jumpers or coats. The nights were fresh, not yet cold, but still cool enough to go to the trouble of finding kindling and wood for the open fire.

We had been out for a walk in the woods, collecting twigs and the occasional forest floor flowers. We were stunned by the aromas of some wild Daphne, its small, starry, pale-pink flowers so strongly scented, its sweet fragrance giving an almost overwhelming desire to keep breathing in, making us heady with delight.

Further on, we came across a woody, damp smelling area where quite a few trees had fallen over the years, and were covered in fungus. The forest was reclaiming its goodness, nature devouring the old to enable the creation of the new.

Moving further through the forest, we came to a pretty, open area. The canopy of the trees parted to allow the sun to blaze down on a gorgeous little stream, singing in the sunlight as it flowed over rocks and boulders, sparkling as if laughing out loud with joy.

A couple of willy-wagtails were bathing on a rock that had a depression in the top, capturing water from the stream, and allowing them to stand and 'wag' themselves in its coolness. Chirruping away loudly, the male and female preened their white chests, occasionally preening each other. Usually mating for life, these two birds were obviously very comfortable with each others company.

We sit on a rather large stump, putting our collection next to some very pretty cyclamen leaves that will make a beautiful patch of colour in another month or two. Holding hands, we continue to look around the clearing.

You notice a Spangled Drongo, and point it out to me. It looks quite comical as it tries to obtain a meal from a large group of fruit flies flying around an over ripe apple dangling from a scraggly tree that must have grown from some dropped seed. The Drongo seems to dive into the middle of the pack of flies, scattering them in all directions before it emerges victorious with one tiny fly in its mouth.

We turn to look at each other at the same time, both smiling at the Drongos antics. "I guess that must mean that it is lunch time" we both say, laughingly.

Walking over to the stream, we kneel down and wash our hands in the cool, sparklingly clear water. As our hands break the glasslike surface, we notice a few flashes of silver as a few mountain trout scatter from their hiding place next to the bank.

"It's a pity that I didn't bring my fishing rod with me" I mention sadly.

You laugh out loud and reply "No, but you did bring your extending pole with you, didn't you?"

I smile, unable to think of a quick response. "What could I use for bait, though?" I ask

You look at me shyly, and in a lowered voice, reply "You don't need any bait to catch me with it."

I laugh, and take you in my arms, squeezing you into me. "Oh!" you exclaim "Your hands are freezing from the water."

"Well, I had better warm them up, hadn't I?"

Releasing you from my embrace, I look around the clearing, and see the remnants of a fire that some previous walkers had used. It was already surrounded by stones and had some paper bark from a nearby tree sitting next to it.

"Well", I said "I don't know if this will work or not, but I'll give it a try"

I pull out some dry pieces of grass and place it in the fire place, put some tissue paper underneath it, and some of the paper bark on top. I use magnifying spectacles for reading, so tried to concentrate the rays of the sun through them and onto the tissue paper. It always seems to work for Boy Scouts, I thought.

It took quite some time, but eventually, the paper began to singe, and the tell tale signs of smoke began to lazily drift upward. Blowing gently on the paper, a flame finally appeared. Feeling very pleased with myself, I put some of the dried grass over the little flame and then some of the stringy bark. Soon, the bark caught fire, and I was able to put some of the kindling that we had collected on top.

You had been busy searching the area for some larger sticks, and we soon had quite a nice campfire blazing away.

We sat by the fire, holding hands and gazing into the dancing elves. My free hand was on your thigh, stroking it gently, as thoughts started to drift through my mind being alone with you at other times, moments that were either of extreme passion, or moments like this, peaceful and quiet, breathing in unison, and enjoying the feelings that only being in love can bring.

I realize that my hand has slipped below the hem of your shorts, and is caressing the smooth skin of your knee. I also realize that this has started a tingling between my legs, as I feel the motion of a slowly awakening penis. My thumb slides under your shorts as I continue stroking you.

I don't want to break the comfort of our reverie, but at the same time, am becoming quite aroused. I feel you move position slightly, releasing some of the tension that was on the fabric of your shorts. Now, my hand can reach under your shorts too, so I slowly caress your inner thigh, the pads of my fingers feeling your gorgeously smooth skin. Your legs open slightly, and I reach even further up between your thighs, stroking gently, up and down your beautiful legs.

You reach over with your free arm, and place it around my shoulders. You whisper into my ear "Your hand is now quite warm, and I'm feeling quite hot"

You let go of my shoulder and hand, and lie back onto the warm, spongy grass, your eyes closed, your face so beautiful in the slightly dappled sunlight.

I unzip your shorts, and remove them carefully. Slowly, and gently, I remove your panties, sliding them down your gorgeous legs, gasping as usual in extreme delight as your shaved mound comes into view, followed by the beautiful sight of your womanhood. Your labia are so perfect, kitten. Before full arousal, your outer labia virtually hides your inner labia, almost teasingly so. I know that behind them, your inner labia are also perfect, so petite that it looks as though it has never been touched. That is a HUGE turn on for me. It is almost as if we will be making love for the very first time for both of us.

Quite frightening, but very arousing.

Laying down next to you, my fingertips resting on your mound, I prop myself up on my elbow, so that I can take in the full picture of your beauty. Your hair is shining brightly, framing your pretty face. Your eyes are closed, your eyelids such a gorgeous shade of light purple. Your perfectly manicured eyebrows are setting off your flawless, wrinkle free forehead, with your fringe settling lightly just above them.

Your golden hair frames your angelic face, with its oh-so-cute little nose and your passionate, eminently kissable red lips, shining so gorgeously on your pale skin. I trace my fingers over your lips, and they turn instantly into a beautiful smile. I move them to your cheek, and then your pretty ears, partially hidden behind your hair.

Slowly, my fingers move to your jaw, down to your chin. I lean over and kiss the underside of your chin and throat, sucking gently, tasting the very slight taste of salt from the warmth of the day. Leaning back to my original position, my hand gently hovers over throat, while my eyes wander downwards. I become mesmerized by the gentle rise and fall of your chest. You don't have large breasts, but ones that are just right! Nothing wasted, just perfect. They are firm and pert, and the sight of them pushing against your top each time that you breathe in is extremely seductive.

My hand continues its wandering, down the middle of your chest and into your cleavage. My fingertips spread out and I start to caress your heaving breast. It takes only a second for me to realize that you are not wearing a bra, and this has its normal affect on me :) A rapid intake of breath, a quickening of my pulse, and movement between my legs. You always have that erotic effect on me, even when you just lie there and don't do anything.


Even though the sun is warm and very pleasant, the touch of your unfettered breast brings a shiver of excitement down my back to compliment the tingle between my legs.

My fingers trace little circles around your areola, so prettily coloured, so sensuous for me. My hand then cups your breast and manipulates it softly, loving the feeling of pliancy, yet resistance that it gives to my touch.

I reach under your top, eager to feel the touch of your bare skin, the freedom of rolling my thumb over your bare nipple. I am getting harder.

The wandering hand moves again, slowly down to your tummy, that tiny bump that you are always so concerned about. I love your little bumps and hollows. Without them, you wouldn't be you, and I wouldn't be as satisfied as I always am with you.

Caressing your now naked tummy with my hand, I bend down and kiss your lips, lightly and with my tongue rubbing on your lower lip. You part your mouth slightly and let my tongue enter you, not passionately, just softly, slowly, enjoying the feeling of your soft, moist mouth.

While kissing you, my hand wanders even further.

It rests where it started, on your pubic mound. Feeling the smooth, hard surface, my fingers sliding first to one side and then the other, rubbing into the crease between your pubis and your thigh. Lower and lower, until finally, my hand is between your legs. You part them to give me easy access.

Your vulva is wet and slippery, and so very hot. As my forefinger presses onto your clitoris, my kiss becomes hard, my tongue pushing harder into its investigation of your mouth, searching, licking the inside of your cheeks, pressing and rubbing against your hot, wet tongue.

My body is pressed against yours as my hand searches and pushes my fingers between your labia. My thumb now presses against your clitoris, not directly on it, but to the side, pressing it gently against the inside of your outer labia. Kneading and manipulating it, feeling its tiny pea shape move underneath the pressure.

My fingers rub against the very hot, very wet area of your vagina, my forefinger occasionally rubbing your perineum. Our kisses get more pressing, more anxious and excited, our saliva reminding me of how you are feeling between your legs. Hot, sexy, and incredibly exciting. Your juices cover my fingers like a silken glove, making them feel so smooth. Using my fingers, I transfer some to your clitoris to stop my thumb from making it hurt.

Your hand moves down to my shorts, fondles my erect penis, rubbing, squeezing, turning me into a raging bull! I want to be inside you so much, to push my way inside you, to feel your legs around me, your thighs gripping me tightly. I want to make you feel good, to make you feel so sexy that you have to come.

I reluctantly take my hand from between your hot, wet legs, and rip at my belt, while you tug my zip down. My undies are already wet from my pre-come as I tear off my shorts. Your fingers go inside the elastic of my undies to stop my penis from getting caught up as I slide them down to my knees. You feel my penis, squeezing it and murmuring "Oh, cutie, it feels so right. I want you inside me, I want you to lose yourself there, my sex juices all around you, making you slide in and out of me easily."

I lower my body on top of you, nestling my penis between your labia, just touching the entrance to your glorious insides. The smell of the grass, the tinkling of the stream, the song of the birds, all start to disappear into the background as I envisage the pleasure that is going to be mine.

I push into you slowly, feeling your lips open up gladly to let me inside you. Pushing slowly into you to gain the full, erotic effect, we are unaware that we are being watched!

You take the weight of my body without complaining. I try to minimize it by resting on my forearms, but the majority of my weight seems to be where our pubic bones meet. This has the effect of pushing the flesh of the top part of your outer labia onto your clitoris, giving you another form of stimulation.

Occasionally, I let my chest rest on your breasts, so that my rocking motion as I enter and withdraw from you rubs your nipples. I love the feeling of your breasts pressing into me, feeling the movement of their gorgeous flesh pushing into me.

My penis, now rock solid, pushes your lips apart as I enter you. I can feel my pubic bone, as I reach full penetration, push against your labia, your womanly juices transferring onto me, so sexy and silky. The little slurps as the suction between us waxes and wanes sends me into raptures.

I open my eyes to gaze at your beautiful face, when a shadow briefly crosses your face. Curious, I look around, to see that our lovemaking is being studied by a small, grass chewing wallaby! My movement of surprise causes you to open your eyes, and murmur "What?"

Smiling, I incline my head towards the wallaby. "Will it be kinky of me to continue our lovemaking, knowing that we are being watched by a peeping-tom?"

Your face breaks into a fantastic grin as you reply "At least he hasn't got a camera, and, anyway, who is he going to tell?"

Your grin turns into a longing smile, as you whisper "It is so beautiful, being made love to in such a pretty place, with such a handsome man on top of me."

"But what about me?" I ask. "As usual, I find it impossible to believe that a woman of your age could be interested, let alone satisfied, by a 66 year old, when you aren't yet near 40."

You slap me on my bare behind, frown at me, and tell me that I know the answer to that. I wriggle myself inside you, my penis pushing first one side then the other of your vagina. By lifting my bottom up or pushing it downwards, I can put more pressure on you front or back walls of your vagina, making me feel bigger to you.

I hungrily seek out your gorgeous red lips, and kiss you strongly, my tongue darts in and out of your mouth as I start to rhythmically pound into you. I never tire of looking at you as we make love. Your eyes usually close very gently, as if you are completely at peace, and, until you get near to orgasm, your breathing is soft and relaxed. You let the feelings of love wash over you like a light summers breeze, allowing the pleasures to build up inside you, relaxing you until they become insistent and demanding.

My penis is rubbing all the right spots. We seem to fit so perfectly. I hunch my back to alter the angle of my penis inside you, its solid head rubbing just an inch or so inside the front of your vagina. I try to push upwards towards the underside of your pubic bone, seeking out your especially sensitive spot.

I wish we had taken our tops off. I crave the feeling of our naked chests rubbing together, our skins tingling with the friction. You must also have the same thoughts as, with your eyes still closed, you reach up and start un-buttoning my shirt. I raise one arm from the ground to let you slip my shirt off that side, and then rest on it and lift the other. You realise that I can't unbutton your blouse one handed, so undo your own buttons. You open your blouse, and I gaze in fascination at your pink, perky breasts, your little nipples just firm. I start to push into you harder.

My lips crash onto yours again, my passion rising as I push into you, feeling the wetness and heat of your beautiful hole pressing around my hot, red penis. Our chests are squeezed together, with the intermittent squelch as my sweat sticks our skins together. Lifting myself a little, I start looking down your gorgeous body, I can see my penis, slippery and shiny with your lubrication, sliding in and out of you. It looks so red and big against your tiny mound. I reach down with my hand, and find that I can caress your clitoris with my thumb. The wetness that it feels is a tremendous turn on, and I start to thrust harder, and faster, loving the slurpy sounds of my pre-come and your juices mixing together, becoming a white, creamy gel-like substance, further enhancing the redness of my penis.

I try to rotate my penis inside you as I ride you. I want you to feel that I am big. This movement, and my thumb pushing onto the side of your clitoris, seems to spur you on. You start pushing onto me as I push in. Quicker and harder I pump, trying to reach as far into you as possible, trying to become one with you, so that I feel what you feel and you feel what I feel. But what is that feeling? My insides start to tense, as my excitement builds toward breaking point.

You start to push onto me harder, too. You have your legs raised up in the air, and you wrap them around my naked bottom. My sweat starts to move more freely as we pound against each other. You grip my bottom with your fingernails and start to drag me onto you, forcing me deeper and deeper into you, forcing my pubic mound to band onto your clitoris. I know from previous foreplay that your perfect, fine inner labia are becoming engorge with blood as the lust for me builds up inside you. I stop massaging your clitoris, so that I can balance myself for what is to come.

Your face starts to change, your pretty cheeks become redder and your breathing starts to quicken, as we push and push, our insides starting to tingle in a well remembered way. It doesn't happen all that often, but I can feel that we are going to be very close to coming together. Faster, harder, deeper I pump. Everything is starting to become unreal as I feel the tingle behind my pubic bone, the little contractions that I know I won't be able to control. I can see that your eyes are moving rapidly under your eyelids as you start to get lost in your passion.

Suddenly, you lift your bottom off the ground, and grip my bottom so hard that your fingernails bite into me. Your back arches as you start a gorgeous, low moan. I can't enjoy your orgasm for long, because I can feel the tremors within me start to become earthquakes. Then as I thrust deeply into your welcoming and wide open vagina, I feel my semen charging through my penis, coming in spurts as my mind seems to explode in a white vision of ecstasy. Twice, three, four, five times I thrust. Twice, three, four, five times my semen explodes inside you. "Oh, Fuck", you moan softly as I come.

Slowly, my heartbeat slows to a dull roar as my juices mingle with yours, and I start to lose my erection. But I still keep pressing into you, not quickly, but gently, lovingly, trying to extend the happiness that I feel inside me. You open your eyes, a little bit dreamily, and give me that gorgeous smile.

"That was lovely, handsome. Thank you. I wonder if the wallaby learnt anything?"

Looking around, we could see that he had obviously got bored with it all and had wandered off.

"Well" I said with a smile. "It looks like it didn't have the effect on him as it did on me."

We lay quietly in that clearing for another 10 minutes, until my penis finally gave up, and then, reluctantly, I lay had to get off you. Lying by your side, we listened to the birds and the stream, with the occasional sound of a breeze through the treetops. During this time, my hand played with your vulva, until you suggested that I had better stop, unless I could manage to go again. I knew that I couldn't right now, but knew that I could satisfy you with my hand, mouth and fingers, so continued my caress. What happens next depends on how you liked the story :)

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