tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Voyeur's Love Ch. 02

A Voyeur's Love Ch. 02


The next morning things seemed back to normal as Albert ate his breakfast and talked of the plans for his day. It would be busy at work, but the bustle would make the day seem shorter he told her just before kissing her goodbye and heading down to his carriage.

After he left, Dorethia quickly changed and headed out on her own. She walked for a few blocks and then waited. A carriage stopped for her and she climbed in. Once she was safely seated it headed toward the park.

After the bumpy ride she was only slightly disheveled as she climbed down from the carriage and strolled slowly into the park. Derek was waiting for her on a park bench as he had each of the numerous other times they had met. Upon seeing Dorethia he immediately stood up and headed her way.

"Derek, Derek, can we sit down for a moment and talk."

"Certainly Dory," he replied, taking her hand and leading her to a nearby seat. He stood as she adjusted her dress and petticoats before carefully sitting down. He then sat down and asked, "What did you want to talk about?"

"I wanted to talk about us," she replied, smiling sadly.

Derek raised his eyebrow in curiosity, "Us?"

"Well, us and Albert."

"He didn't..."

"No, no, but he did find out about the watching place."

"He found out? How on earth..."

"Apparently a friend at work told him," she replied, "He actually went there yesterday and watched."

"It's okay, no one was in the watching place, I checked."

"No Derek, there must be another place. He watched and well, let's say when he got home he was very randy. When I asked him of what happened, he described exactly what we did. You remember, after you had entered me, you pulled out and I took you in my mouth as you used your mouth on me."

"But he didn't recognize you, so good for you Dory, two good ones in a day."

"Hush Derek, I think he liked what he saw."

"Well I have to think most men would," Derek said, chuckling.

"He talked to me about it and well, it seemed like he perhaps wanted..."

"He wanted you to act like the woman he saw. I told you every man wants his wife to be a slut, at least a slut with him."

"I never knew he might feel like that. He was always so prim and proper. I didn't dare..."

"Look, now you can dare and maybe you can come with him."


"Oh come on Dorethia, it's no secret he hasn't satisfied you otherwise why would you be here."

"Am I that easy to figure out?" she asked.

"Who else do you think comes to the park? You certainly aren't the only housewife to take a stroll now and again."

"You meet others here?"

"Not since I met you Dory, you're the only one."

"But before me?"

He didn't answer, but the way he averted his eyes answered her question.

"I should have known," she said with a loud, "humph. "

"It was special Dory, just you and me."

"I can't do it any more."

"You can't?"


Derek smiled and said, "Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. And you know Dory, I am happy for you. You do deserve more than an afternoon stroll and a roll in the trees."

"I don't know it was fun at times. Perhaps I can convince Albert to go on a stroll with me."

"Hey and I can watch from the watching place."

"Now Derek."

"Hey Dory, how about once more for old time's sake."

She shook her head, "Look, just this one last time."

They climbed back into the carriage and rode further into the park stepping off near a hidden pathway. After confirming their place was unoccupied they headed down the trail to a small opening in the trees. Looking around they saw no one was watching.

"But what if Albert comes to watch and sees us."

"When you get home be sure and change into a different dress, and here, some of the women here will wear these," he said handing her a black masque that she could pin to her hair and it would hide her eyes."

"You have these?"

"Yes, some of the women are shyer than others. But now if Albert watches he will not recognize you with the distance and the masque. And perhaps if he pays good attention I can actually teach him how to satisfy you."

"You would do that for him?"

"Not for him, for you Dory, I know we can't meet here any more, but I did enjoy our time together, the least I can do is provide instruction."

"Okay, but for him to get the instructions he needs to see us."

"If he is like the others who watch, he'll be here. Once they find this place they come most every day for a time. Wait, look up there, is that him?"

"No, he is not as tall."

"Ah, but now there's another in a watching place," Derek whispered.

"Oh Derek, that's him, what will I do?"

"Let him watch me please you," he said reaching out to unfasten her bodice."

Dorethia felt a nervous tingle through her body knowing she would be performing for her husband. She took a deep breath and hoped it would go well.

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