tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 05

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 05

byA.W. Root©

Nick sat back in his chair and reached for his coffee cup. As he took a sip, he began to reflect on recent events. In the last forty-eight hours, his life had really changed and that was a severe understatement! On any other Tuesday morning, he would have risen at 6, shaved, showered, had breakfast, and been on the 7:15 bus to the city. Coffee and a doughnut while reading the morning paper at McDonald's, then into the office by 8:20. It was now 10:30 and he still couldn't really believe what had already happened to him this week.

On Monday morning, he met Julie on the way to the bus. They had immediately hit it off conversationally. She invited him into her unit on Monday night on the way home and he ended up in her bed. Then, this morning, Tuesday, he stopped by her place as arranged at 7 am, only to be greeted by Julie in her robe and horny as hell. In no time flat, he was again in her bed, having the time of his life. Well and truly screwed by this wonderful woman twice in two days, no, in twelve hours! I sure hope I'm not dreaming, he thought, waking up now would be absolutely horrible. Just then the phone rang. He must be still in the dream because it was Julie on the other end.

"Nick Nelson." he answered.

"Hi, Nick Nelson, this is Julie Ward. I just called to say I think you are wonderful."

"Just say what's on your mind, Julie, don't beat around the bush. Are you sure you mean the entire person and not just specific parts of my anatomy? After all, we only met yesterday."

"Yes, I know we only met yesterday and Yes, I mean the entire person, and Yes, that includes specific parts of your anatomy as well, so there!" she spat back.

"Ok, truce." He laughed. "Now then, how are you this fine morning, love."

"Absolutely fabulous, darling, I wouldn't trade this morning for anything in the whole wide world. My body is still reminding me of you. Can we meet for lunch?"

"Does lunch include food? I seem to have used up the energy from my breakfast."

"Yes, of course it does, silly, and you can choose the place."

"OK, lunch it is. I'll meet you in the lobby about noon, OK?"

"Sounds good to me. See you then. Bye."

No question about it. Nick Nelson was definitely on a roll!

The bells atop City Hall were chiming 12 when Nick reached the lobby. Julie was nowhere is sight, so he waited near the door. A few minutes later, he was relieved to see her exit the lift. She smiled brightly and came straight across the lobby to greet him. "Hi", she said, and leaned up to kiss him. He returned her kiss lightly and said, "Hi, yourself." Holding hands, they exited the building.

"Any place in particular you would like to eat?"

"Somewhere close, darling, I'm absolutely starving."

"Close it is. There is a place I know just across the square."

Ten minutes later they were seated next to each other in a booth, examining a menu. Her hand was on his thigh with her leg pressed against his. His arm was stretched across her shoulder blades with his hand nearly touching her breast. He could smell the fresh scent of her with each inhale and thought he had never smelled anything quite as lovely. After a few minutes, a waitress came by the table and they placed their order. She shifted in the booth to face him more directly.

"Nick, we have to talk seriously but there is so much to say I don't know where to start."

"Let's just start with what we know and try to fill in the blanks, OK?" He suggested. "For instance, we know each other's names, where we live, age, IQ, marital status (mostly), where we work, that we are attracted to each other and, so far anyway, are sexually compatible. I suppose we should fill in the marital status first, don't you think? The fact that we are already lovers should help us overcome some of the rough spots, I think."

"Yes, it certainly will." She agreed. "I'll go first, ok, and you can ask any questions you like as I go along."

Julie then began to relate the highlights of her life story. Occasionally, he asked a curiosity question, but mostly he just let her talk. She talked about growing up in Oklahoma, college in Texas, marriage to a cowboy followed by divorce after two children, jobs she had held, her move to Australia and marriage to an Australian that ended in a second divorce. In the end, she mentioned her two grown daughters, stating that one of them was here in Queensland but not in Brisbane. By the time she finished, it was time to go back to work.

As they approached the building, she asked, "Will I see you tonight?"

"I'll meet you in the lobby just after five and we can take the early bus home." he replied, "Is that all right?"

"Yes, darling, that will be fine." She stopped then, just short of the doors, turned to him and kissed him firmly on the mouth. "Thank you for listening." she said.

"My pleasure." he replied. They walked into the building holding hands and entered the lift together. As the lift doors closed and they were alone, he grabbed her and kissed her again. She was smiling broadly as she exited at her floor. When he left the building at five, he found her waiting for him in the lobby. They kissed lightly, then began the walk to the bus station hand in hand. They engaged in small talk about their respective afternoons, then boarded the bus for home. She began tracing small circles on the inside of his thigh as they rode the bus. He lightly rubbed her upper thigh in return.

They were igniting the fire that smouldered in each other and, they knew, would explode the moment her door was shut behind them. They walked quickly from the bus stop to Julie's unit. She unlocked the door and opened it wide to allow him to follow her in. He closed the door as she put her purse down.

"You talked at lunch so I guess I should talk now, huh?"

Julie came close and put her arms around his neck. She began to lightly kiss him and spoke between kisses. "If that's - kiss- what you want-kiss-darling. - kiss- or you can-kiss-talk later.-kiss." At this point, he gave in and kissed her hungrily, roaming his hands over her back and buttocks. She responded to his move by pressing her pussy hard against his hardening cock and thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth.

"Here or in the bedroom?" he asked.

"In the bedroom, I think, it is close by."

She let go of him and started walking to the bedroom, undressing herself along the way. He followed, undressing himself as well. By the time they reached the bed they were both naked and she turned to embrace him. She kissed him, open-mouthed, tongue to tongue, without saying another word. As they were kissing, he began moving her backwards, towards the edge of the bed. When she felt her legs touch the bed, she broke the kiss and just held him, breathing heavily. He laid her on the bed, moving her body to the middle while remaining between her legs. He leaned forward and took a breast in his mouth, eliciting a moan from her as her hands clasped behind his head, pressing him firmly to her breast. He began to lick and suck her breast, running his tongue around the nipple. Each flick of his tongue across her nipple caused her to moan again.

After spending some time on the one breast, he then moved to repeat the procedure on the other one, commenting "We don't want to neglect anything, now do we."

"Ohhh Noooo", she moaned. "Not at all."

She began moaning in earnest now, begging him to continue his ministrations.

"Oh Nick, yes, suck it, lick it, oh my, bite it."

She thrashed about on the bed making him hold her firmly to keep from losing her breast. Then he moved downwards, licking and kissing down her belly to the spot just above her pussy hair. Her hips were pumping up and down rapidly, fucking the very air. "Oh Nicky Fuck Me."

Nick sat back on his heels between her legs, with his knees nearly under her buttocks. His cock was rock hard and standing straight out in front of him. She suddenly opened her eyes and said "What's the matter."

He grinned at her and said, "Nothing".

He then leaned forward and grasped the twisting, moaning woman by the hips and pulled her slowly towards himself. As her buttocks slid up his thighs, his cock edged closer and closer to her steaming pussy. She was mesmerised. The sight of his hard cock poised just inches from her drenched pussy was intoxicating.

Her first thought was 'It's too big. It will tear me apart.' followed immediately by 'Oh please, Nick, come on. Put that beautiful thing in me. Hurry, Nick, please.' Her hunger grew as the monster cock inched closer to her waiting pussy. He pulled her closer ever so slowly until the head of his cock touched her pussy lips.

"Push it in. Oh God Now." she wailed.

Still moving slowly, he pulled her onto him. As he pulled, his cock slid deeper and deeper into her wet, hot, waiting pussy.

"Oh God that's so delicious."

She moaned as his cock began to fill her waiting pussy. As each inch disappeared from view inside of her, she begged him to hurry, but he moved very deliberately. When he was finally completely inside her, she locked her legs around him to trap him there.

He placed his hands flat on her belly and began a slow massage, up and down, round in circles, brushing her breasts, but never quite touching her pussy. Her head fell back to the bed, her eyes closed, and her body began to sway and buck under his hands. She began to moan softly as each shift of his hands on her body forced his cock to contact the inside of her pussy in a different way. Her hips began to bump and grind in earnest, moving faster and faster. He moved his hands in time with her hips, brushing the hair just above her pussy lips but never quite touching her sensitive clit. She was going mad with desire.

She moaned louder with each circle of her hips. She began chanting "Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me." as he caressed her belly and the mound just above her pussy opening. Finally, he slid his thumb through the valley and lightly caressed her clit. She exploded at his touch.

"Oh DAMN, YES." she cried.

He repeated his caress and she cried out again. "OH FUCK."

As he continued to caress her clit, her cries became unintelligible. Her pussy muscles started to grip his cock and the heat in her pussy was almost unbearable. It was all he could do to keep from coming but he wanted her to come first. And come she did! She thrashed about on the bed while he held her tightly to him to keep his cock inside of her.

"OH I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'mmmmmuuuunnnnggggghhh" she moaned as her world was completely transformed into all the flashing colors of the rainbow. She was gone. He held her tightly and marvelled at the look of pure lust on her face and decided right then that he loved this woman. He steeled himself against the hot fluids that were coursing over his cock as she writhed on the bed like a woman possessed.

Finally, her movements began to slow and he noticed the sweat that covered her body. Her breasts, her belly, her neck, her face all glistened with the sweat of her efforts. He still held her firmly on his still hard cock as her breathing slowed down. She lay quietly for a few moments with her eyes closed, then she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.

The light in her eyes was all he needed to see. No words were necessary. He reached down and placed his hands at the small of her back and lifted her towards him. She leaned forward, throwing her arms out to grip his shoulders. The sensations she experienced in this movement caused her to throw her head back and bite her lip to keep the moan from becoming a scream.

She gripped him around the neck and held him close while the rampant feelings began to subside, her mouth glued to the side of his neck. Finally she kissed him, lightly, deliciously, with a teasing tongue.

"You bastard", she whispered, "Every time I breathe I feel you in a different place inside me. It's .....It's.....Oh Nick." He kissed her lovingly.

"I love being inside you." he said, "It's the only place where I am completely happy."

"Fuck me, darling." she declared, "fuck me long, and hard, and deep and forever. Fuck me now."

He began to rock her backward and forward, causing her to moan loudly as the angle of his cock constantly changed within her. He finally leaned forward and, as her back touched the bed, allowed his weight to settle on her. He began to fuck her with slow deliberate strokes. With each backward stroke, she gasped. With each forward stroke, she moaned and dug her nails into his back. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed, building the heat and the pressure within them with each stroke.

Finally, she cried out loudly, "Now, Nick, Now, Finish Me."

He slammed his hips forward as hard as he could. He kept pounding into her, his speed and strength increasing at her urging. Finally, with a great groan, he exploded deep inside her waiting pussy. Julie went wild!

She screamed "Oh Yes, Oh Yes, Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I'm commminnnggg! Oh Damn, Nick, I'm coooommmmmiinnnnnnngggg!!!!!"

They clung desperately to each other. In their minds, they were liquid, blending together as one, completely intertwined, never to be separated again. They bucked furiously together, holding each other as tightly as possible. Moments that seemed like eons passed. Finally, their breathing began to slow down and he rained kisses all over her face. Her forehead, her ears, her nose, her cheeks, her chin, and ending finally with her lips. She wasn't even in this world. She was floating somewhere in pink space, being held and kissed and caressed by the clouds, as safe as safe could be. For the longest time, they lay connected, wrapped in each other's arms, eyes closed, dreaming the same dream.

She opened her eyes. She was looking at the ceiling of her bedroom and he was lying on top of her. No, he was still inside of her but getting soft. He felt absolutely marvellous. I've finally found my true love, she thought. It has to be. We're just so perfect together. No one has ever made me feel so wonderful.

Aloud, she whispered, "Nick Nelson, I love you."

He raised his head and kissed her lightly on the mouth.

"Why thank you, Julie Ward, and strangely enough, I love you."

He kissed her again, this time with more passion and she moaned into his mouth.

"Oh Nick," she said, "I can feel you growing inside me. It's sooo beautiful."

End of Chapter Five

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