tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 04

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 04

byA.W. Root©

Julie opted to clean up the kitchen while Sarah had a shower. A short while later, Julie had her shower, then joined Sarah in the big bed. After setting the alarm for 5 am so Sarah could leave on time, Julie leaned over and kissed her daughter goodnight, then slipped beneath the covers. A few seconds later, she felt Sarah snuggle up behind her with her arms surrounding her and cupping her small breasts. Sarah was warm and comfortable and soon both of them were fast asleep.

It was warm. It was warm because Nick was holding her from behind with his hard cock pushing lightly against her thighs and her pussy was already wet. Julie felt his arms around her, caressing her nipples. His lips were kissing the side of her neck. Oh God how she wanted him. Julie turned carefully onto her back and reached down to grab Nick's cock. When her hand closed over it, she was puzzled. This didn't feel right, she thought, Nick's cock should be hotter than this.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and realised that Sarah was in bed with her, not Nick. It was her own dildo being worn by Sarah, not Nick's cock, she was grabbing. Her dream had become reality, sort of. The realisation startled her for a moment then she settled back into the role Sarah obviously wanted her to play. Julie moaned and tugged on the cock, causing an instant reaction in Sarah.

Without a word, Julie began to spread her legs, keeping her hand firmly on the cock. Sarah very carefully moved to a position between Julie's legs, placing the cock very close to Julie's pussy. Sarah leaned down and kissed Julie's nipple, causing another moan to escape Julie's lips. Julie let go of the cock and reached up to grab the headboard of the bed with both hands, rolling her hips so her legs were spread and up in the air. Sarah supported herself on her hands and knees, positioned just above Julie, then began to lower her hips until the cockhead met Julie's pussy lips. Julie audibly sucked in her breath as the bulb at the head of the cock parted her pussy lips. Sarah pushed slowly but firmly downward, driving the cock into the depths of Julie's now open pussy.

Sarah began to rock back and forth, using just the head of the cock to penetrate Julie, feeling the movement inside herself as she did so. Slightly deeper each time, Sarah rocked back and forth. Finally, she could no longer resist and pressed forward as far as she could go, grinding her hips against Julie's. Pussy to pussy, breast to breast, they melted together as Sarah's mouth covered her mothers' in a passionate kiss.

As the kiss started, the tempo of their hips also started. Slowly at first, Sarah pulled back then thrust forward, ramming the fake cock deep into Julie's dripping pussy. No sound was heard except for the moans of the women and the slap of their thighs as the dildo plunged in and out of their hot, wet channels. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until at last Julie gave up the hot juices that signalled her orgasm. When Sarah felt her mother stiffen, she too pushed herself over the edge into ecstacy.

Breathing heavily, Sarah held herself on her hands and knees to keep her weight off Julie. Julie reached up and caressed Sarah's face with her hands, pulling her down to kiss her lightly on the mouth. Sarah let herself be pulled down, then raised up again after the kiss and began to back out of Julie's pussy. Julie let a small moan escape her lips as the head of the dildo slipped out of her.

When Sarah moved off the bed to unstrap the dildo, Julie rolled over on her side, pressing her legs together to ride out the after effects of their lovemaking. Sarah turned off the alarm, then went to the bathroom to shower and get ready to leave. She left Julie alone in her own bed.

Sarah showered and washed her hair, then donned a robe that was hanging in the bathroom. She tiptoed out into the kitchen to make coffee and some toast for her breakfast. She moved quietly so Julie could go back to sleep. Just before 6:30, Sarah sat on the edge of the bed. The movement woke Julie, who looked sleepily at her daughter, smiled and stretched out her hand to caress Sarah's face.

"It's time for me to leave, Mom. Thanks for a wonderful night."

"Your welcome, dear. And thank you for a wonderful morning."

Both women laughed at the exchange.

"Seriously, Mom, if you do find a man you want to be with, I'm sure it will be OK with me. I don't think you'd pick a loser. Just the same, I would like a little notice before it gets too heavy, OK?"

Julie's heart skipped a beat. Sarah was actually giving her permission to be with Nick. Hold on, she quickly told herself, we still have to be careful here.

"Of course, sweetheart, when I start to get serious about anybody, you'll be the first to know."

"I've got to go, Mom, see you at the weekend."

Sarah leaned down and kissed Julie quickly, then left the room. You old rascal, she thought as she closed the front door behind her, you already have someone in mind, don't you! Oh, well, all in good time. Sarah set off for the train station at a brisk walk. Although it was still dark, the streetlights lit the way and the brisk weather was exhilarating.

Julie lay in her bed after hearing the door close behind Sarah and grinned broadly to herself. Then she laughed out loud and jumped up from the bed. 'YES", she said, I did it. Sarah knows about Nick, well, as good as knows, and is in favor of the idea. I'll just have to be careful that I don't move too quickly. She stretched and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Not too bad for 51, she thought. Nick sure didn't seem to have any problem, now did he?

Julie walked naked into the kitchen and discovered that Sarah had left her a cup of coffee. After adding milk and sugar, she sat on a kitchen chair with her legs drawn up, sipping the hot liquid. Suddenly, she jumped up, almost spilling the coffee in the process. My God, she thought, Nick will be here at 7! Only fifteen minutes and I haven't even showered yet!

Julie hurried into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She was just towelling her hair dry when she heard Nick's knock on the door.

Julie quickly threw a robe over her naked body and scampered to the front door. After checking that it was Nick thru the security lock, she opened the door wide and greeted him warmly.

"Good morning, Nick", Julie grinned, holding out her arms to him.

"Good morning, gorgeous." replied Nick, stepping in to her embrace and closing his arms around her. Their lips met and suddenly Julie was on fire. Although Sarah had fucked her a short while ago, Nick was the one she had been dreaming about and now he was here. Her intense heat was reflected in her kiss and he reacted to it.

"Does that kiss mean that you want to be late for work?"

"Oh, do I ever."

He gently kicked the door shut and returned her feverish kiss, adding the heat of his own rising passion.

"Do we have time?" she asked, breathlessly.

"Yes, if it's really a quickie." He answered, removing the tie from around her robe. "We could use the puppy-dog position and keep the mess to a minimum."

"Yes, yes, that's one of my favorites. C'mon, hurry", she urged as she began to run towards the bedroom.

He slipped off his shoes and loosened his tie as he followed her. He quickly removed his shirt, trousers, underwear, and socks. When he looked up, she was on her hands and knees on the bed, looking back at him over her shoulder.

"Like this?" she asked, grinning and wiggling her buttocks.

"Just perfect", he growled, his hard cock pointing directly at her exposed pussy.

He knelt on the edge of the bed and moved into position behind her. As his hands gripped her buttocks, she groaned.

"Oh yes, fuck me, baby", she said, spreading her legs and moving her hips in small circles.

He crawled closely behind her so that the head of his cock made contact with her pussy lips. She shivered and put her head into the pillow. He moved forward and entered the waiting woman. He changed his grip as he entered her, grasping her waist just above her hips. As he pushed forward, she moved herself back to impale herself on his hard spike.

"Oh God you're huge, Nick." she gasped as he plunged into the depths of her pussy. He pulled back then thrust forward again, his balls bouncing against her pussy lips and her cheek bones banging against his thighs. Again and again he lunged into the captive beauty.

He was determined to give her a good ride. He began to count as he lunged into her hot pussy, in order to control his own rising heat. One, Two,....Ten...Twenty. She moaned with each stroke.

"Oh Nick." "Oh Yes" Oh Fuck" "Oh It Hurts"

Then the moaning became incoherent, just sounds as he lunged and withdrew. When he reached fifty, he suddenly changed to a shallow thrust that left only half of his cock inside her.

"Oh NO, Nick, don't tease me. I can't take it." She screamed as he continued with his shallow thrusts.

Suddenly he plunged deeply into her and she moaned loudly again.

"Oh God Yes, Fuck me hard with that big cock," "Ugh" "Oohh" "fuck-fuck-fuck" her voice got lower, more gutteral. The change in tone told him she was nearing her climax. He stopped counting and plunged harder and faster as her moans urged him on. Finally, she raised her head and howled, shaking her buttocks fiercely as he held on as tight as he could. She plunged herself backwards as hard as she could as her pussy poured its white-hot juices over his charging cock. In that instant, he could no longer hold back and his own hot juices gushed forth into the depths of her quivering pussy. He gripped her tightly to him, not daring to release her.

Once....twice.....three times they banged into each other as hard as they could, then stayed glued together as the after effects of their climax's began to take effect. It was fantastic! He was lightheaded. He felt like he was swimming in warm water and was completely content. She shared this feeling and didn't want to move for fear of losing it. Gradually, they both began to return to the real world. He leaned forward and kissed her back and she moaned in absolute delight.

"Oh Nick, darling, that was absolutely marvelous."

"Absolutely marvelous", he agreed and caressed her back and buttocks.

After remaining in that position for a few moments, he moved his knees back slightly, preparing to pull out of her warm, wet pussy. As he moved slowly backward, she moaned, then finally sighed as his cock slipped out.

As he left the bed, he said, "Stay here a moment, love, while I use the bathroom. Then I'll be out of your way."

She didn't move, being content to stay exactly where she was. He had completely satisfied her, for the time being, and she was happy to relish this wonderful feeling. A few minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom and began to get dressed. After donning his underpants, he approached the bed and sat on the edge.

Putting a hand on the side of her face, he gently said, "Wake up, sleeping beauty, it's time to rise and shine." She placed her hand over his, turned her head to kiss his palm, then opened her eyes to look directly at him.

"Thank you, darling," she said, "that was delicious."

"You're quite welcome, ma'am." He replied, "but it's time to get dressed for work, remember? This is your second day on your new job."

Suddenly, she was wide awake.

"Omigod", she said, "What time is it?"

Looking at the clock she saw that it was already 7:30.

"Oh Nick", she wailed, "We'll never make it on time."

"Nonsense", he said, soothing her with a caress, "You get dressed and I'll call a cab. We'll be there in plenty of time."

He rose from the bed and began to collect his clothes, putting them on as he found them in the path from the front door. She rushed into the bathroom for a quick wash, deoderant, and began to hurriedly dress. When he was dressed, he called for a taxi, then waited for her to finish dressing. She appeared in the living room, almost ready to go, just as the taxi pulled up outside. She grabbed her purse, then stood smiling before him.

"I'm ready, lover." she said and took his arm. He looked at the smiling woman, grinned broadly, and replied, "I think you were born ready."

End Of Chapter Four

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