tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 16

Adventures of Nick Nelson Ch. 16

byA.W. Root©

After their dinner was delivered, Sarah began to relax. When Nick suggested that she take off her shoes and did likewise, Sarah laughed nervously before removing her shoes. She then explained that she thought for moment he was going to suggest she take off her blouse. He allowed that she could do that as well but only when she was ready. He seated her at the table and kissed the side of her neck in the process.

When dinner was finished, he put the tray in the hallway and called room service to pick it up when they were ready. When he turned around, he saw that she had removed her blouse. Her eyes were on the floor and he stepped in front of her, placing his hand on her chin and raising her face to look at him.

"Sarah, you have nothing to be ashamed of, no reason to hide your face. Look the world in the eye and make them deal with you. You're so beautiful it's a shame to hide it by looking down."

Sarah stood up and looked him directly in the eye. She murmured a thank you and wrapped her arms around his neck, placing her lips on his mouth in a French kiss. He responded immediately and pushed his hardening cock against her pubic mound. They ground their bodies together in a passionate kiss that lasted a long time. When the kiss ended, they were both breathing heavily and she wasn't quite sure what to do next.

He took control of the situation, laying her back on the bed and removing her bra. As she closed her eyes, he began kissing her breasts lightly, sucking only occasionally on the distended nipples. She moaned her pleasure at his kisses and arched her back to feed her breasts to him. As her temperature rose, he began pulling at her nipples lightly with his lips and his teeth. She was going wild with new sensations.

He began to caress her body with his hands, lightly running his fingertips across her thighs. He brushed her pubic mound, still covered by her panties, and her hips jumped involuntarily. She gripped his shoulders with her fingernails as he continued to tease her by almost touching her pussy lips. She widened her legs, giving him access to her and praying silently that he touch her in her most sensitive places.

He continued to kiss and lick her belly while at the same time running his fingers across her inner thighs and just brushing her pubic mound. Finally, he slipped his fingers into her panties and pulled them gently off her body. She all but held her breath waiting with closed eyes for his next move. This was new to her and she wanted it to be perfect. He quickly removed the rest of his clothes and knelt on the bed between her legs.

He bent down and lightly kissed the hair just above her clit and she moaned loudly. He licked and kissed the area thoroughly, then slid his hands under her buttocks to hold her in place while he continued his ministrations. He drew his tongue straight thru the protective lips of her clit and across the engorged clit itself, sending her into a wild thrashing of her hips, moaning aloud, begging him to fuck her.

"Oh Nick, that's so good. Fuck me, please, I can't stand the teasing anymore. I want you inside me. Please, Nick, please, fill me with your big cock. I want you now. Oh, please."

He ignored her cries and licked deeper, flattening his tongue and dragging it through her cunt lips and her clit lips. She suddenly crossed her legs, trapping his head between her hot thighs and stiffened her body. She froze in this position for several long seconds, then let out a huge whoosh of breath and started to relax her thighs. He kissed her clit lightly and drew a deep breath himself as he satisfied himself that she had climaxed by tasting her juices. He moved his lips up to her belly and began kissing her lightly, moving to her breasts, her chin, and finally her mouth.

As his lips reached hers, the head of his cock reached her pussy lips and he felt her shudder at the contact. He gently pushed his hips forward, forcing the head of his cock to breach her opening and slip inside her. She moaned as she felt the large head penetrate her pussy and marveled at the feeling. This was nothing like the fake cocks she had felt, this was hot and alive!

"Oh, yes, Nick. Fill me like that. Split me in half, I love it."

He pushed his hips further and further until at last his was inside her completely. He rested for moment to allow her to get used to the feeling of being filled by a live cock.

"Oh, God, it feels great. Oh, Nick, move it inside me, fuck me, let me feel it all over, please, please, please, fuck me hard."

He responded to her pleas and pulled out almost to the tip before ramming his cock back into her. She grunted and held him even tighter as he continued his fucking action, pulling back and slamming forward. She pushed her hips forward to meet him, driving him deeper into her with each thrust. Finally, she arched her back and froze again, followed by a huge burst of air signaling that she had once again climaxed, this time with his cock deep inside her pussy.

He continued his bombardment of her pussy as his cock strained to complete its own climax. Again and again he pounded his hips forward until his balls bounced off her ass and she moaned loudly under his assault. In minutes he was nearing completion and warned her he was about to cum.

"Yes, yes, cum inside me, please, I want to feel your cum. Oh Nick, you're growing bigger and hotter. It's almost there, Oh, Oh, Ohmygod, now, Nick, help me."

With one more entry, his cock burst forth it's hot cum. He slammed into her once, twice, three times as he emptied his balls deep into her hot, pulsating pussy. Her pussy walls gripped his hot cock and milked the cum from him with expert precision. His eyes were closed as he concentrated on completing his orgasm and she squealed her absolute delight as she felt his hot cum blast into the back wall of her distended pussy. They froze together, not wanting to move and break the moment, pressed together as hard as they possibly could press.

After a few moments, they began to relax and he showered kisses all over her face. He kissed her nose, her eyes, her forehead, her cheeks, and finally, lightly kissed her panting mouth.

She maintained a death grip on his shoulders all the while, not wanting him to slip away. Her legs were locked around his waist and she felt he was in fact a part of her that she couldn't afford to lose. She was in her own little heaven.

"Oh, Nick, darling, that was marvelous. I never dreamed it could be so wonderful. You are a marvelous lover. Thank you so very much."

"Sarah, you're the marvelous lover. You know it takes two to tango and unless you were willing to experience this with an open mind, it wouldn't have been nearly as good as it was. That makes you the marvelous lover, my dear, a hidden talent if I may say. I don't think you're Ironpants anymore, at least not with me."

"Mmmmmm, that's for sure. My new nickname should be No Pants where you are concerned. I guess we should keep that to ourselves, tho, it wouldn't go over to well at the office. Did you really have a good time, Nick? I mean, you're not just saying so to please me, are you?"

"No, I'm not lying to you, Sarah. You're a fantastic lover and I would really like to continue this relationship with you."

"OH, yes, Nick, you can fuck me again. Anytime, anyplace. I love your cock and your kisses and your caresses, and Oh, Nick, this whole experience has been just fantastic. I love you, Nick, more than I ever thought possible. I guess Mother was right. I'm a switch-hitter!"

"I guess you are, for now at least. Will you stay the night? I'd really like that, Sarah."

"Yes, I'll stay the night. I did bring a change of clothes so it won't be a problem. Oh, Nick, I still can't believe it. I just made love to a man and really, really liked it. I hope Julie won't be disappointed that we really did this. Do you think she will be?"

"No, I think she will be very happy that we have gotten along so well. If she can really be in love with both of us, it should make the relationship really special. I know she loves you and I think she loves me so we may have the best of both worlds."

They lay back in each others arms and rested. They drifted off to sleep and woke twice during the night to make love quietly and easily, like practiced lovers. When the alarm went off in the morning, he reached over to turn it off and found himself staring into Sarah's sleeping face. He kissed her on the nose and she stirred, opening her eyes to see what was nudging her.

"MMmmmmmm, good morning, boss, is it really time to get up?"

"Sure is, georgeous, but we have time for a quickie if you're interested. That's making love with no foreplay, understand?"

"MMmmmmmm, yes, I understand. Can I just lie hear and let you have your way with me? That would be grand."

"Absolutely. Just spread your legs and let me get between them and we'll see what develops."

She spread her legs and he moved between them. He lightly kissed her pussy lips, then immediately moved up to kiss her breast. His cock was already hard and he pushed the head of it into her wet, waiting pussy as soon as it reached the proper position.

"Ohhhhh, yes, that's delicious. Uhhh, Oh Nick, you're huge. Oh, yes, fill me like that. Yes, Yes, Yes, fuck me, hurry."

He pushed his cock completely into the waiting pussy and began pumping almost as soon as he was inside her. Her pussy gripped his cock with its hot, moist hand and began milking it, forcing his hot cum to rise and eventually fill her cunt. She began chanting as he pumped his cock steadily into her.

"Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Ohmygod, Yes, Like that, yes, Oh please."

In just a few minutes, he was near the point of no return and she realized it at almost he same time.

"Now, Nick, now, fill me with your hot cum, give me your cum, baby, I want it now."

With one more lunge, his cock exploded, pumping a huge amount of his hot cum deep into her pussy. She held her breath, pushing herself to a huge orgasm as she felt his cum bath her insides. They froze together, then blew out huge breaths and gasped for air. The quickie was over but they were both very happy. What a grand way to start their day.

After resting for a few minutes, he allowed her to shower alone while he ordered room service breakfast for them. Just as she was exiting the shower, wrapped only in a towel, the messenger knocked on the door announcing that breakfast was here. He opened the door and retrieved the tray, signing for the bill and the tip while she waited out of sight.

After breakfast, he shaved and showered while she dressed. When they were ready to go, he stood in front of her and looked into her eyes. She looked back at him and then went up on tiptoe to kiss the end of his nose.

"Are we going to work, boss, or are we staying here?"

"Unfortunately, we're going to work. I was just wondering which of us should tell Julie? You know she will ask and we don't want to keep any secrets."

"Why don't we both tell her, separately. You can give her your side of the story and I'll give her mine and we can let her make up her own mind about us. As you said, there shouldn't be any secrets, right?"

"Right. Just for the record, have I met your expectations?"

"Just for the record, you're far above what I expected. And that's what I will tell mother. How about me? Do I measure up?"

"Straight A's in every department. I wouldn't have asked you to stay the night if you didn't measure up."

"Kiss me once more, Nick Nelson, then we better go to work."

He kissed her warmly, mouth open, tongue reaching into her mouth to explore and received her tongue in return. He felt her shudder as the kiss ended and held her for a brief moment.

"You bastard, you got my panties wet again. I'll just have to squish when I walk for awhile. Let's go before I pull you back to bed."

They strolled leisurely the few blocks to the office, shoulders and hips touching occasionally but without holding hands. At the office, Sarah immediately made coffee and brought him a cup as he sat in his office going over the information they had uncovered yesterday. Just before he was going to have Sarah arrange a team meeting, his phone rang.

"Nick Nelson, good morning."

"Take your pants off and fuck me, Nick Nelson, I deserve it!"

"Good morning, Julie, and what a way to start a phone call."

"I told you I'd get you back for that blouse comment. Now we're even. And how are you this glorious morning?"

"I'm great. How are you? You sound really great."

"I'm lonely. I miss you. I'm great when I talk to you. Are you and Sarah getting along OK?"

"Yes, we're getting along just fine. She's just down the hall. If you want to speak to her, she'll be back in just a minute."

"I'd rather speak to you. How is your project going? Will you be coming back here soon? I really miss you, Nick."

"I miss you as well, Julie. The project is going to be fine. I think I figured out the problem yesterday and all Sarah and I have to do today is prove it. Then we'll get the project team working on the solution. As far as coming back, I'll be back this weekend. Do you mind if I bring Sarah with me?"

"No, of course not. Nick, have you made love to Sarah yet? Is that why you're bringing her with you? Tell me, please, Nick, what's happening between you and Sarah."

"Well, she stayed overnight in my hotel room last night and yes, we did make love and I believe she really liked it. Either that or she's a very good liar. Are you sure you want to hear this?"

"Yes, Nicky, I want to hear every little detail. The two people I love most in the world are involved with me and each other and I don't want to miss out on a thing. Please tell me the details. I promise there is no ulterior motive here, darling."

"I'll tell you what. You can talk to Sarah first and I'll call you tonight, OK? Sarah has just walked in."

"Oh Nick, are you blushing? I can hear it in your voice. My God, he blushes."

"Fantastic. Allright, I'll get the details from Sarah now but you better call me tonight. I love you, Nick Nelson, and don't you forget it. Now, let me talk to my daughter, please."

"Sarah, it's Julie for you. She wants details from you about us. I told her I'd call her tonight with my story. Here you go."

He handed the phone to Sarah so she would have the privacy of his office for her conversation. He rose and walked out to her desk and pretended to look at some papers, leaving her alone with Julie on the line. Unfortunately, Sarah's voice didn't carry out to where he was standing so he had to be content to watch her face during the conversation.

"Good morning, mother, how are you?"

"I'm just fine, Sarah honey, and I understand that you're in a good mood as well, is that right?"

"Absolutely, I spent the night with Nick and we had a grand time. Oh, mother, you were right, he is marvelous."

"I'm so glad you think so. So tell me, Sarah, exactly what did you two do all night? I take it he didn't hurt you at all."

"No, mother, he didn't hurt me at all but his cock sure did. I didn't really believe that it could get so big and so hard but it sure felt good when he put it inside me. Much better than your rubber dildo, I'm afraid. He's not as soft to the touch as you are but he feels so good when I touch him. I can't believe I waited so long for this."

"I told you, Sarah, when you find the right man sex is wonderful. I'm glad you finally agree. You do still believe in sharing like we talked, don't you? I don't want to fight you for him but I will if I have to."

"No, mother, we'll share. He's too much of a good thing to keep to myself. Oh, mother, I can't stand it. I get goose bumps when I think about what happened last night. He changed my nickname from Ironpants to No Pants, but that's not for publication. We're coming down together this weekend so all three of us can be together, did he tell you? Isn't that exciting? I can hardly wait."

"Yes, Sarah, that sure is exciting. I'll see you both tomorrow night. For now, can I talk to Nick a minute, please? It's almost time for me to get to my desk. I love you, Sarah, and don't forget that for a moment."

"I love you too, mom. Hold on a minute, I'll get him for you."

Sarah motioned to Nick to come and take the phone. She was smiling widely as he approached and very carefully kissed him before handing him the phone.

"Hi, Julie, did you get the information you wanted?"

"I got enough to satisfy my curiosity. I'll get more from her when you two get here tomorrow night. I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of me and my daughter."

"I am honored to be of service to both of you, believe me. This is something that is beyond my wildest dreams and I have you two to thank for it. I have to get to work, Julie, I love you and we'll see you tomorrow night. Bye."

"I love you too, Nick, and I can't wait until you get here."

End of Chapter 16

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