tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 03

Adventures of R.M. Roxinger Ch. 03

byR M Roxinger©

3. Senor-itis

My encounter with Heidi was the peak of a relationship that had built over several years, whereas Li had come into & gone out of my life all in one day. But with the next gal I'd meet, things would happen at a pace somewhere in between.

It was the first day of classes for the fall semester of my senior year at U of PA. When it came time for my literature class to start, I found an empty chair at one corner of the table farthest back, then unloaded my notebook & textbook from my backpack. Within half a minute, a woman entered the room & took the seat next to mine. She looked to be about 30, with dark hair, eyes & skin. After I introduced myself to her, she said, "Nice to meet you, R.M. I'm Elena." But time ran out for chitchat as the professor began to speak. So we took our attention off each other until class was out for the day.

Before long, Elena & I formed a study group with a few other classmates. As weeks turned into months, mutual attraction built between me & her.

Then one evening in early December, I saw her in the student lounge & asked her, "Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

She thought for a minute, then said, "I would, & it just so happens I'm not terribly busy. So let's do."

"Good. Now, where to go...I like Mexican food; how does that sound?"

"That's my favorite food also. In fact, being Hispanic myself, I know how to cook tamales. So how about I take you home & cook some?"

"That would be wonderful," I said with a sigh of delight. So we donned our coats, grabbed our backpacks, & drove away from the campus. Roads were snowy & icy all the way to her apartment building in south Philly, so Elena made sure to drive carefully.

When we arrived at her apartment & closed the door behind us, we set our backpacks & coats against the door. As she went into the kitchen & started cooking the tamales, she permitted me to turn on her stereo & play whatever music interested me, as long as I kept the volume down. I did find something of interest–one of Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell's duet albums. So I put it on the record player & played it, starting with that old radio classic "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." As I listened I lay flat on the floor with my ear to one speaker.

A few songs later, on came another hit, "Your Precious Love." Elena walked toward me, knelt, lightly touched my shoulder & said, "I just put the tamales in the oven. While we wait for them to bake, shall we dance?"

I accepted, then took the needle off the record & brought it back to the beginning of the song. I wrapped my arms around Elena's waist, her arms encircled my shoulder blades, & we rocked each other gently as we heard Marvin begin to sing, "Every day, there's something new..." We looked into each other's eyes & smiled at each other. When the song finished, we stopped dancing but tightened our embrace. Within seconds, an erection grew inside my pants & started to press against her thigh; her breasts swelled & began crushing my chest; & we grew oblivious to the remaining songs on the record.

Then came the buzzer signaling that the tamales were finished baking. Abruptly we let go of each other & she rushed to the kitchen to turn the oven off & take the tamales out. The record had finished playing, so I turned the stereo off & took a seat at the table while I waited for Elena to serve dinner. Soon she brought 2 plates, each containing a tamale & a whole-wheat roll. Then she brought a glass of water for each of us.

As we ate, I told Elena, "Only 3 more weeks & this semester will be over. Then one more semester & I'll graduate. I'm really looking forward to that."

"I graduate this coming spring also," she said, "& I can hardly wait either. Especially since I started so late!" She then told me that she grew up in a middle-class family, but for 5 years after graduating from high school she had to work day & night (& stay at home with her parents) to save enough money to pay for college. She received a full-tuition scholarship for her freshman year, but over the other 3 years she would deplete her savings. She still worked on days when she didn't have classes so she could pay the rent for the apartment we were now sitting in.

When we finished our dinner & she her story, I said, "After all that work & all that studying, you must be getting senioritis."

"Not only that, I find you attractive & witty. In fact, I want you!"

"Then make that senor-itis," I said, half-joking. "Ole!" With that, we arose from our chairs, walked hand in hand to her bedroom, & locked the door behind us.

We took off our shoes, socks, shirts, jeans & underwear, then we embraced tightly again. It felt even better naked than clothed. Then we let up a little & joined mouths in a deep, passionate kiss. After a few minutes of this I started a trail of kisses from her chin to the tops of her breasts. Then, while sucking on one breast I would squeeze & rub the other; every few minutes I would switch back & forth. While I did this she ran the fingers of both her hands through my hair. When I was through with her breasts I planted yet another trail of kisses–down her lower chest to her vagina, which by now was dripping shiny liquid down her legs. I licked some off each of her thighs, & it tasted sweet. So I captured some more by putting my tongue inside her vagina. As I did so she let out moans that told me she enjoyed it. After maybe 5 minutes of this, I stood up & she knelt to perform oral sex on me. Some love drops had formed on the tip of my penis, so she licked them off, then took most of the shaft into her mouth & ran her tongue up & down the underside. After this lasted a few minutes, I pulled out of her & we climbed into bed, me astride her. I inserted my penis between her breasts, holding them together as I pumped up & down her cleavage. Before long, more than 6 strings of semen squirted onto those lovely globes & I spread it all over them. For a minute I stared, noticing how shiny her breasts were. Then I went on another spree of kissing, licking & sucking them. That 2nd spree lasted about 15 minutes, enough time for me to regain my erection. By then she was pleading, "Come on, R.M., enter me!" So I did, & thrust in & out of her at my usual pace (slow at first, then gradually accelerating to top speed). Finally, as I reached my second orgasm, she reached her first. As our juices mingled, I exited her & lay on top of her with my head between her breasts. We were spent now; soon we were both sound asleep.

The next thing we knew, her alarm clock screeched. It was too bad Elena had to get up immediately & shower so she could get to work, but at least it felt wonderful to wake up in her arms. As the water ran behind her locked bathroom door, I got back into my clothes, walked to the stereo & played the other side of the record I'd played the previous evening. After a few songs played, Elena emerged wearing a bathrobe & a towel over her head. She fixed us a quick breakfast (toast, raspberry jam & orange juice), then walked back into her room to get dressed for work. Once she was dressed, we retrieved our coats & my backpack from against the apartment door, which she locked behind us as we went out. We walked to her car & she drove me to my dorm. Once we got there & I got out of the car, I thanked her for the wonderful night we'd shared. I watched Elena drive away until her car disappeared from sight.

I last talked to her 3 weeks later, the day we took the final exam for our literature class, 3 days before Christmas. One semester later, from the audience at our graduation ceremony, we watched each other get our degrees. I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science; she received hers in Social Work.

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