tagSci-Fi & FantasyAerobatron (1985)

Aerobatron (1985)


CH. 01

A cyan blue grid stretched out into an infinite horizon. A silver M flew into the center of the screen. The M was sliced from top to bottom by a pink laser, shaving off a duplicate M. A flash of lightning zapped the rest of the letters into place:

Home Video

This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit your television screen.

The digits on Linda's alarm clock read five-thirty AM.

"Good morning, Motor City!" the radio DJ announced, startling Linda awake. She swung her hand at the snooze button and knocked a glass of water into the wall, smashing it to pieces.

"Damn it. Every time," Linda said to herself.

"It's going to be a hot one today," the DJ continued. "Speaking of hot ones, we are a month away from the third annual Motor City Aerobathon. Dust off those x-ray goggles, because a fresh batch of aerobics babes will be showing off the hottest and hardest bodies in the city."


"The first dude or dudette that calls in to tell me the name and the artist of this next song wins two front row seats in live studio audience. You'll be so close to the action, you're gonna need a sweat shield!"

The hit song blasted through the alarm clock speaker as Linda climbed out of bed, dressed in just her panties. She yawned and stretched in front of the window, teasing a generous view of side-boob.

♫ Rising up
Back on my feet
On the streets, still survivin'♫

Linda pulverized a protein shake in the blender. She loaded a cassette into her portable Walkman. She propped up her bangs with a sweatband in front of the mirror.

"Three more weeks. You can do it. The power is yours," she told herself.

♫ Against all odds
Moving to the beat
Got the heart of the lion ♫

Linda jogged down the riverwalk dressed in a leotard and legwarmers over shiny nude leggings. The rising sun cast an orange and pink glow across the city skyline in the background.

♫ The Heart of the Lion
She is ready to pounce
And her prey don't stand a chance
To survive her ♫

A camp of homeless guys in front of the liquor store whistled and called out to Linda as she ran past them.

"Mornin', Linda!"

"Looking good!"

"Good morning, fellas!" she yelled back. "Enjoying the view?"

"You know it! Slow down, will ya?"


♫ The Heart of the Lion
Is all that it takes
Because the weak can't compete with the Heart...
...of the Lion ♫

A delivery van flew out of the alley in front of Linda and she slid to a stop on her sneakers. The van blew past her face at full speed as it turned onto the street.

"Hey! Watch it, dipstick!" Linda yelled, jogging place to keep up her momentum.

The catchy motivational song faded into an ominous score. The van sped down the street until Linda was nothing but a tiny dot the rearview mirror. After a scenic drive through the downtown skyscrapers, the van turned into a residential area and approached a house on the end of the block.

Jack Rourke stepped out the front door in his bathrobe to grab his morning newspaper and noticed the suspicious van pulling into his driveway.

"Who in the hell? At six in the goddamn morning?"

To Jack's relief, two blondes in matching jumpsuits hopped out of the vehicle. One was holding a bouquet of flowers and the other had the greeting card. They were the sexiest set of identical twins Jack had ever seen. They had those offset ponytails and fluffy hair-sprayed bangs right out of a bikini team beer poster that used to hang in your dad's garage.

"I think you got the wrong place. Ain't no one sending flowers up here," Jack informed them.

"We don't question the deliveries," Tonya replied.

"We just deliver 'em," Tammy added.

The twins shared a giggle and handed over the bouquet and the card. Jack noticed that they were both chewing on bubblegum.

"Double the pleasure, huh?"

"More like double the trouble," Tonya replied. She blew out a big pink bubble until it popped.

"Hey, I realize I'm no Kirk Cameron, but what do you ladies say to dinner? Seven o'clock tonight at the Blue Lobster."

"Sorry, Mister."

"We are strict professionals."

The twins walked back to the van and Jack ogled them the entire way.

"Holy frijoles," Jack mumbled to himself. He tore open the greeting card and read the handwritten message.

Dear Jack,

Some flowers for the funeral. You have my condolences.


"Hey! Wait up!" Jack yelled over to the twins. "What funeral?!"

A tall, musclebound man wearing an eyepatch stepped out of the van, accompanied by some foreboding synthesizer music. The twins plugged their ears and ducked for cover.

"Yours," Striker replied, taking a knee to aim his bazooka.

"Wait!" Jack begged. "You win! I'll sign the contract!"

Striker fired off a rocket and it collided with Jack's torso, erupting into awesome orange fireball and blowing his entire house to smithereens. Three different camera angles of the same explosion repeated in slow motion, showing off all the splinters of wood and shattered glass that rained over the front lawn. The only thing of left of Jack Rourke was a pair of slippers on the front stoop.

A flaming rose flew out of the explosion and landed at Striker's feet. He picked it up and used it to light up a cigar. Striker admired the burning house with a single, icy blue eye and blew out a puff of smoke.

"Consider the contract... executed."

VHS Classic Presents

A finger pressed the play button on a silver JVC boombox. The cassette reels spun inside the tape deck and a catchy dance beat pumped through the speakers.

a masterandmargarita production

A locker room full of gorgeous young women prepared for their workout. Voluminous hairdos were doused in hairspray. Scrunchy leg warmers were pulled over ankles. Shoelaces were double knotted on Keds sneakers. Boobs were tucked under colorful spandex. Thong leotards were hoisted up securely into butt cracks.

in association with Head Cleaners Entertainment

The lineup of women gathered into formation in the dance studio. They moved their hips to the music and reached down to touch their toes, showing off their toned butts. Linda took her place in front of the class.

"Looking good ladies! Let's aerobicise!"

The music climaxed into a radical keyboard crescendo and a pixelated title card flew onto screen:


The aerobics class performed an elaborate dance sequence with lots of excessive bending and posing while a new mop boy got the grand tour from the owner of the gym.

"Welcome to Action Aerobics, kid," Joe Pennino said, chewing on a toothpick. "Cleaning rags over here, fresh towels over here, mop buckets over there. Keep your nose clean and your pecker dry and maybe you'll last longer than the last guy."

"Thanks again for the summer job, Uncle Joe. I won't let you down," Lucas assured him.

"Call me Boss, during work hours. Capisce?"

"Capisce, Boss."

Lucas followed his uncle into the dance studio and gazed at the scene in awe. There was an aerobics class of more than thirty women reaching for their legwarmers and bending over in his direction. The music was pumping, the boobs were bouncing, and the bodies were smoking. All of the women were dressed in shiny thong leotards that disappeared into the cracks of their asses and reemerged as neon-colored cameltoes as they bent over to touch their sneakers.

"One, two, three, four. Asses to the ceiling, tits to the floor. Keep it up ladies! Feel the burn! Move those hips! Stretch those butts!"

edited by margarita

Linda gave the new mop boy a welcoming smile and he was dumbstruck. Lucas had never seen a more bodacious babe in all of his life. Striking hazel eyes. Curly brown hair with bangs teased sky-high. Her shiny purple leotard clung to her figure like a second skin. Lucas watched in a daze as Linda's busty chest bounced with every step on the aerobics platform.

"Less ogling and more cleaning. Chop, chop!" Joe scolded. "This is a business, not a wack-off booth. Jeez Louise, do I gotta do everything myself around here?"

"I'm on it, Boss."

Lucas grabbed a bottle of cleaning spray and worked on the wall mirrors in the back of the dance studio. He tried to focus on his task, but every clean wipe with his rag revealed the reflections of the sexy workout session behind him. He used every ounce of concentration to avoid popping a woody. After a long montage of flexible feminine forms bending and dancing and stretching, Linda mercifully hit the stop button on her boombox.

"Radical workout, ladies! Let's hit the showers!"

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Uncle Joe asked Lucas. "They need clean towels and lot of 'em. Also, grab a mop bucket. I want that locker room spic-n-fuckin'-span."

"Isn't that the girl's locker room?"

"This used to be a boxing gym, kid. There ain't no girl's locker room. Just the locker room. And it's your job to clean it. No goddamn excuses."

"But aren't they changing in there?"

"So clean around 'em, Einstein. What the hell are they teachin' you in college anyway?"

"Nuclear physics."

"Well, I'm going to go nuclear on your ass if you don't get in there and clean up, pronto!"

written and directed by master

Lucas' heart was racing as he pushed open the door to the locker room. He schlepped his cleaning gear through the doorway and cringed, waiting for the impending screams. They never came. All of the fit young women that he had just been admiring in the aerobics studio were chatting by their lockers and stripping off their dancewear, nonchalantly. They gave him an occasional bored glance as he mopped up around them.

One by one, the ladies started pulling down the straps of their leotards to reveal their sweaty breasts. There were hardbodies in all directions comparing boobs and butts and stomachs and talking about their workout progress. Some of them were admiring their nude bodies in the mirrors and others were bending over to stretch their legs.

"Tough class today."

"I'm so sore."

"Heather, did you shave your pussy?"

"Just below the bush. I'm mean, who goes completely hairless? Can you imagine?"

"That would be totally weird."

Lucas' heart thumped and his shorts tented out in front of him as he listened in.

"Who's the new mop boy, Joe?" Donna asked. She pulled down her leotard to reveal the biggest pair of tits in the room. Lucas was hypnotized by her rosy nipples which swayed left and right like pendulums as she reached up to pull out her hair scrunchie.

"That's my nephew. Hands off, ladies. I need him focused on work. I got enough problems around here without havin' to replace another mop boy."

Lucas didn't even realize his uncle was also in the locker room until that exchange. He turned to see that Joe was sitting at a desk in the corner of the room, wearing a visor and running some numbers on a calculator with paper roll attached to it.

"What are you lookin' at? Get back to work."

In the shower room, Linda was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a couple of other women. They passed around a bar of soap and lathered up their breasts excessively. A river of water cascaded over the lineup of butts. Linda rinsed off and stepped out of the shower to get Joe's attention.

"Joe, where are all the clean towels?"

"You heard her, kid. Get her a fuckin' towel for Pete's sake!"

Lucas scrambled over to the shower room with a pile of towels and slipped on the wet floor, crashing at Linda's feet. The whole locker room erupted with laughter.

Linda towered over Lucas with hands on her hips. Her breasts and bush were right in his face. Lucas was in awe of her sculpted, yet curvaceous body. The beads of moisture on her chest. Her erect nipples. The slit of her pussy. He mentally logged the image for a lifetime of future masturbation sessions.

"Smooth move," Linda said with a giggle. She grabbed a towel from Lucas and covered her breasts.

"That was a smooth move alright. Right to the unemployment line," Joe scolded.

"Don't have a cow, Joe. It's his first day. He'll get the hang of it," Linda said in Lucas' defense. "And of that," she added, looking down at his tented shorts. She gave Lucas a wink and walked off to her locker, showing her butt to him.

"Can't you see that we are sweating buckets over here? Bring us some towels!" Donna yelled over to Lucas, jealous that Linda was hogging the new mop boy's attention.

Lucas rushed over to Donna and her friends with a pile of towels. They had finished peeling off their leotards and were standing around almost completely naked, save for their headbands, leg warmers, and sneakers. Some of them were still stretching and bending over to touch their toes. Their tan bodies were glistening with sweat.

Lucas stood petrified as the women surrounded him. He held the pile of towels in front of his shorts to hide his boner and watched in suspense as towel after towel was pulled out of the pile.

In the meanwhile, Joe had a chat with Linda at her locker while she changed into a pair of leggings and a jean skirt.

"How is that Aerobathon routine comin' along?" Joe asked. "This is the big one. Winner take all. And by all, I'm talkin' about the golden leotard."

"I'm a little nervous about being on TV," Linda confessed. "I've practiced my routine so many times, I think I'm going mental. This whole month has been nothing but practice and protein, just like you said."

"It's gonna pay off. After your stunning debut, the whole city is going to be talking about Luscious Linda, the Aerobics Machine," Joe assured her.

"Check it out, girls! He totally has a boner!" Donna announced in the background.

"What's the matter, Mop Boy? Haven't you seen a pair of tits before?"

"More like thirty pairs," Heather corrected.

"Come on girls, don't be shy. Show him your boobs!"

"And your butts!"

"Maybe he'll cum his pants?"

Linda observed the situation that was transpiring just over Joe's shoulder. She watched the women crowd around helpless Lucas while Joe spewed out his motivational mumbo jumbo to her. Joe started in on one of his long stories about the good old days at the gym, back when he trained prize fighters instead of Aerobathon contestants...

"Should we put him out of misery?" one of the girls asked.

"Yeah. Pull down his shorts!"

"Let's have a look at his penis!"

A group of women with fully and half removed dancewear pried at his waistband. They pulled down his shorts and underwear and his impressive erection bobbed in front of their faces. Lucas was in a daze of arousal and embarrassment as a whole locker room full of women admired his hard dick and tightened scrotum.

"Are you sure this is okay? It's my first day on the job," Lucas reminded them.

"What better way to start it off new job than with a hand job, right girls?" Donna suggested.


"Why not?"

"Shouldn't take long."

"Sounds like fun!"

"Anyone have an extra pair of wrist sweatbands?"

Lucas was hopelessly outnumbered. The crowd of girls swarmed around him and their boisterous comments grew louder.

"Stroke it!"

"Jack him off!"

"Play with his balls!"

"Is there any room for us?"

"Can I have a turn?"

"How many times do you think we can make this dweeb cum?"

Donna kneeled in front of him and grabbed him by the shaft. Her friend, Heather, massaged his scrotum. All of the women reached in like they were fighting for control of an arcade joystick. Lucas groaned in pleasure as the group of giggling girls played with his genitals and argued about the best techniques for coaxing a big sticky load out if him.

"That is a nice cock."

"Not bad, for a total dweeb."

"Why is everyone calling me a dweeb?" Lucas asked. "I played high school football and I have a black belt in taekwondo. Is it the glasses?"

"Shut up, dweeb!"

"Yeah. Less talking, more cumming!"

"You can cum on my face. I'm about to hit the shower anyway," Donna offered.

"Me too. My dermatologist recommended daily facials," Heather added with a shrug.

Back at Linda's locker, Joe was still going on and on with one of his boxing stories. Linda could see that Lucas was fully de-pantsed in the background and that the nearby women were competing for a chance to play with his dick and balls. Some of the girls were watching the group handjob from their lockers and laughing, but the majority had crowded in to participate.

Lucas groaned in pleasure as the women took turns stroking his dick and fondling his balls. With each jerking motion he watched in awe as their natural tits jiggled. Some the girls were bottomless, some topless, some fully nude. The boobs, butts, and bush on display were overwhelming. His eyes were going googly beneath his glasses.

"Get ready. I think he's going to cum!" Donna announced. She stroked his shaft in front of the excited faces of her friends, anxious to see how much jizz she could make him squirt out of his dickhole.

Lucas couldn't hold back any longer and ejaculated into the crowd of pretty faces and fluffy hairdos. His first big spurt of semen landed on the bridge of Donna's nose. Her friends pushed their way in and laughed in surprise as huge sprays of spooge splattered their faces and chests.

Linda watched the voluminous cumshot in shock while Joe continued to blather at her. He was still talking about some old boxing match, but she was really listening in on the girls in the background.

"So much spooge!"

"Huge load!"

"Did anyone get it in their hair?"

"Nope, just my forehead."

"Got some on my nose."

"You should rub it into your skin, like this."

"Let's go again! I double dare you to suck it."

"I triple dare you."

"I will!"

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

"I don't say this to all of the girls, Linda, but you've got the right stuff. You are going to be a serious Aerobathon contender. Maybe even the best," Joe said, drawing Linda's attention from the debauchery.

"Oh, Joe, thank you so much. You are the best trainer a girl could ask for. I don't know what I would have done without this aerobics instructor job. I'd still be out in the streets. You're the only family I got."

Linda gave Joe a big hug and she peeked back at the action across the room. Lucas was getting a deepthroat blowjob from Donna while her friends cheered her on. Donna fit Lucas' entire cock into her throat and two of her friends crammed in beside her to lick his balls.

"You know," Joe began, with a sentimental sniffle. "You're like the daughter I never had. A daughter with a great set of cans. Linda? Linda? Are you listening?"

"Ah, of course. Great cans," she repeated, looking over his shoulder at what was turning into an all-out aerobics class blowbang. The girls were taking turns with Lucas' cock and filling the locker room with sloppy blowjob sounds.

"I'm pouring my fuckin' guts out over here and you're a million miles away. What's going on?" Joe asked, turning towards the scene behind him. "What in the holy fuck—"

Donna and her friends had their mouths all over Lucas' manhood, throating his cock and slurping on his sack as a team. Lucas groaned in ecstasy as the women milked him for a second payload. Donna stroked his cock and watched with satisfaction as it erupted like a volcano. Semen rained down on a crowd of excited faces. The women caught his seed on their extended tongues and received artful cum splatters on their foreheads and in the bangs of their hair.

"What the hell is going on over here? I turn my back for five seconds!" Joe yelled.

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