tagNovels and NovellasAgent Provocateur Ch. 06

Agent Provocateur Ch. 06


Danielle admitted nothing in the hour of interrogation that followed her apparent arrest. She managed to become indignant and finally, once she realised that the flight home had departed, demanded access to the Australian High Commission. That request was denied, however she was left alone for a while.

She had no idea why they had been re-arrested, whether something new had arisen that had aroused the Indian authorities' suspicions, or whether this had been part of their plan all along. Whatever the reason, they had missed their flight and their new hosts were nowhere as hospitable as Chief Inspector Gupti had been.

After ten minutes the door to the office was opened and she was escorted further in to the maze of offices. They emerged somewhere underneath the terminal and she was ushered in to the back seat of a black sedan with darkened windows, her two female associates seated on either side of her.

'Where is my husband and where are you taking me?' she demanded.

'You are being taken to a holding cell pending further questioning...'

'On what grounds?' Danielle felt a combination of anger and fear and let the emotions combine in her words.

'National security grounds Mrs Price. We can detain you for seven days without charge.'

Danielle opened her mouth to protest before realising that there was nothing to say. She felt sick.

An hour later she was driven though several back streets and alleyways and into the grounds of a small house. She was led into building, then taken to the rear of the house and through a keypad locked door. At this point her hosts issued several orders and paperwork was passed back and forth with the two new guards, one male and one female. As soon as the others had departed, she felt a tension leave the air.

'Hello Mrs Price,' the female officer said, offering her hand. 'I am Corporal Nayana Desouza, and this is Lance Corporal Benji Nuttani,' she indicated her male companion. Danielle shook the corporal's hand but noted that Benji didn't offer his. Instead he let his eyes roam up and down her body, then turned and entered the small office where images flashed on a television. He turned up the sound and Danielle could hear an Indian pop song blaring out.

'Please come,' the Corporal requested. Her holding area consisted of five rooms: the office, a kitchen, a toilet and two crude bedrooms, one for her and one for her captors.

'I am sorry about the standard of the accommodation Mrs Price...'

'Danielle, or Dani, please Corporal Desouza.' Danielle had decided that this woman could be won over, and that if she was facing seven days here an ally was needed.

'Oh, and please, call me Nayana.'

'Nayana,' she acknowledged with a bow of her head. Despite the shapelessness of the coarse material of Nayana's battle dress uniform, Danielle could see that she possessed a slim figure, and that the severity of the bun into which her hair had been pulled and the lack of make up did nothing to hide her attractiveness.

Danielle's room contained a mattress on the floor, a metal table and chair that were bolted to the concrete floor and a ceramic wash basin and water jug. A few hours after she arrived, a change of clothes and several changes of underwear arrived, taken from her own luggage. She spent the next two days alone with her captors. On the third day she was interrogated for three hours in her room.

As her interrogators departed there was a heated exchange with Benji. He had still not acknowledged her other than catching him twice trying to watch her wash in her room using the jug and basin. She wondered what Stu was going through and guessed that it was far worse. She was probably being held to isolate him, to prevent word getting out that they had been arrested. If he eventually broke and told them who he was and what he was doing, she suspected that she would be treat as his accomplice. She also knew that it would mean the end of her business and her dream of living in India.


During her fourth night she was awoken by a cry of pain. She lay still, willing her breathing back under control. The silence closed in around her and she was about to go back to sleep when she heard another, quieter cry. Uncurling her form from the mattress she stood and edged her way into the corridor. A few steps later and she was outside the other bedroom door where she could hear noises.

She peered around the doorjamb and froze in shock. Nayana lay on the mattress her battledress top gone and her shirt open to expose her breasts. Her uniform trousers were bunched around her left ankle. Between her parted legs was Benji, fully dressed though his pants were bunched below his hips. It wasn't this sight that shocked Danielle, it was the sight of the long knife that Benji held and was pressing against Nayana's throat. His hips thrust in small violent movements, each forward thrust clearly causing some pain to Nayana.

Danielle felt revulsion rise in her throat and ran back to her own room to grab the ceramic water jug. Returning, she stepped into the other room and saw Nayana's eyes flick towards her involuntarily. Benji saw the look too and turned, revealing the snarl on his face. He started to stand but his pants hindered his agility and Danielle got there first, swinging the jug as hard as she could into his face.

The jug didn't break but connected with a loud, hollow thud. Benji collapsed silently onto the floor and made no further movement. Both women looked at him, waiting to see what would happen, then Nayana began to cry. At once Danielle moved to her side, grabbing the sheet from the mattress to cover the other woman. She held her close and stroked her hair. They sat like that for a while then Nayana spoke.

'I must get dressed.'

'Do you want me to leave?' Danielle looked with concern at Benji's crumpled form.

'No, not yet.' Danielle turned away to let Nayana dress, which she did quickly. Danielle marvelled at Nayana's composure as she then removed the knife from Benji and secured his wrists in a pair of handcuffs. They left the room, closing the door behind them which Nayana locked. They walked to the kitchen and sat down.

'Thank you Dani,' Nayana sobbed.

'Are you okay?' Danielle had wanted to ask but wanted Nayana to speak first.

'Yes, yes, he had, he had just...just started.'

'I'm sorry this happened. We, you, have to call the police.'

'Ha!' Nayana looked angry at the suggestion. 'They will do nothing, in fact they are more likely to arrest me.' She looked at Danielle and offered a wan smile. 'It would be the end of my career.'

'Oh.' Danielle had heard stories like this before but had forgotten where she was for a moment.

'Stay here please,' Nayana said and left the kitchen to head towards the office. Danielle made two cups of tea and offered one to Nayana when she returned. The Indian woman smiled her thanks and accepted the hot liquid.

A short time later there was a knock at the door. Nayana stood up so suddenly she almost knocked over the tea. She returned in the company of four severely dressed women who wore very serious looks. A rapid exchange of words took place in Hindi and one of the women kept looking at Danielle. Nayana clearly was not happy with whatever they were saying, but eventually nodded her agreement. The five of them walked towards the bedroom then reappeared dragging the still unconscious form of Benji. She heard the coded door close, then Nayana reappeared.

'What are they doing with him?' Danielle asked. 'Who are they?'

'They are from an underground women's collective. They do justice when they can to men who...who rape women.'

'Oh. What sort of justice?'

'It is different sometimes.'

'With Benji?' Danielle had the feeling that she had just sentenced someone to death.

'He has done this many times, to other women in the Army. He has never been charged. This time they will take him away, and soon they will come for you.'

'For me?' Danielle was alarmed.

'Yes. They will tie me up and it will look like Benji took you away.'

'I can't run Nayana, it will make me look guilty and I'm not.'

'If you are here,' Nayana said looking into Danielle's eyes, 'you are guilty.'


'They can help you get home.'

'Nayana I own a business here, if I run it will be ruined.'

'No, if you escape you have chances. If not, you will stay here a long time or go to jail.'

Danielle felt a sense of hopelessness overwhelming her. After having held her emotions in check for the past three days she finally lost control. She dropped her head and the tears began to roll down her cheeks. The sobs were welling up within her when she felt Nayana's arms slip around her shoulders. She leant against Nayana and cried for a while, allowing her emotions a short period of free reign.

Nayana's hands soothed her by stroking her hair and cheek. It was when Nayana kissed away the tears on her cheeks that a new range of emotions took hold. The other woman's lips were soft against her skin and at first Danielle didn't move or react, unsure of whether there was more to the meaning of the contact than just comfort. This was answered when Nayana cupped her chin and turned her face towards her own. Their lips met in the softest kiss Danielle had ever experienced. The lust that bubbled up from within her almost scared Danielle but she kissed Nayana with a ferocity that ensured that there was no mistaking her intent and desire. Their tongues danced against each other, moving across lips and chins, into one mouth then another. Danielle had never kissed another woman but knew right now that she wanted more.

She stood, taking Nayana's hand in hers before leading her to the second room. She began to unbutton her own blouse, uncertain how Nayana may react if she reached for her battledress top. Instead Nayana reached out with her long brown fingers and brushed Danielle's hand aside, smoothly undoing each button in turn, her fingertips brushing against the tingling skin of her breasts.

Danielle reached up and worked the knot of Nayana's bun loose, allowing the mass of black hair to cascade down her back. Looking into Nayana's liquid brown eyes Danielle felt a lump in her throat.

'God you're beautiful,' Danielle's voice cracked as she spoke. She moved to assist Nayana as she removed her blouse, then reached out and fumbled with the battle dress buttons. When they were both standing in the bras they took turns in brushing their fingertips across the tops of their breasts, shoulders, arms and stomachs. Then they kissed, slowly and sensuously as they simultaneously unclasped each other's bra. For the first time in her life Danielle felt the softness of another woman's breasts as Nayana's soft flesh was released against her. She pulled back from the kiss to look at the large round nipples that adorned Nayana's pert breasts. Danielle cupped one breast, then the other, enjoying the firm but soft skin and the sensation as they dimpled under her fingers.

Nayana's nipples were hard under her thumbs and she squealed softly when Danielle pinched and rolled them with her fingers. Then she took one into her mouth, running her tongue across the hard point and the aureole before sucking the whole thing into her mouth. Nayana's breath left her in a sigh and the Indian woman ran her fingers through Danielle's hair and across her back. Danielle stood and they kissed again and she found herself wanting more. Nayana's pink tongue flicked out and caressed Danielle's nipple, circling the circumference, flicking across the tip and sending tingles through Danielle's body. She sucked the nipple into her mouth and her tongue and lips caressed it in a way that none of Danielle's lovers had done before.

With her mouth still attached to Danielle's left breast, Nayana directed them onto the rough mattress where she allowed her mouth and tongue to explore Danielle's body. Danielle felt her juices begin to flow in anticipation of what was to come. Her lover's tongue trailed across her stomach and into her navel, then Danielle lifted her hips to allow Nayana to slide her panties down over her hips to leave her naked.

Nayana's hands were the hands of someone who regularly engaged in manual labour with calluses on the palms. But her fingertips were soft and traced patterns on Danielle's thighs as her tongue teased her as it traced upwards from above the knees to the inside of her thighs. Danielle found herself yearning for the touch of Nayana's tongue, yet wanted the teasing to continue to help build her arousal.

'You have so little hair.' Nayana's breath was warm against Danielle's wet outer lips. When she had been waxed, Danielle could not have even fantasised that she would find herself lying on a lumpy single mattress in a dingy windowless room, with a naked Indian woman about to go down on her.

The first contact was no more than a flick of the point of Nayana's tongue across the tip of her enlarged clit. But it set off a thousand sparks through her belly and Danielle felt an involuntary moan escape. Then Nayana's lips caressed hers, fingers parted her outside lips and then the longest tongue she had ever experienced slid into her like a snake. Danielle exploded in orgasm her back arching and she felt the air expelled from her lungs in a thin, high-pitched squeal.

Nayana refused to let up, her tongue swirling into Danielle, then out and flicking rapidly across her clit while her mouth clamped over her. Danielle looked down and felt that she was being drawn into the liquid brown of her lover's eyes, the whites appearing brighter than she remembered, Nayana's brown skin a beautiful contrast to her own pale thighs.

Danielle's second climax was less severe but every bit as enjoyable as the first, welling from the pit of her loins and rolling up through her body like waves on an incoming tide. Danielle threw her head back and let the sensations crash through her, grinding her pelvis against Nayana's mouth until at last her body went limp.

Nayana sat up, her hands resting on Danielle's leg.

'Oh my God,' Danielle gasped. 'That was amazing.' Danielle sat up and without hesitation leaned forward and they kissed. Danielle found the taste of her own juices a little bitter but wanted desperately to thank her lover for what she had just experienced. Her hand reached down and she cupped Nayana's breast, rubbing the hard nipple with the palm of her hand.

Determined, Danielle guided Nayana by the shoulder so that she was lying on the mattress, her long thick hair a dark halo on the lighter coloured material. Danielle smiled at the other woman and they kissed again, before Danielle kneeled and tugged Nayana's panties down and removed them. Nayana's pubic patch was jet black, thick and full. Danielle ran her fingers through it, tugging playfully at the curls with her fingers roaming deeper with each caress. Finally her fingers made contact with flesh and as Danielle parted the hair she saw Nayana's outer lips were mottled brown and were slightly parted to reveal her moist pink inside. Danielle felt a flutter in her belly as she touched another woman for the first time, marvelling at the way the lips parted further as she pressed her fingertips down.

Nayana's hips moved upwards to meet Danielle's pressure so she stroked her fingertips along the length of the slit. Nayana moaned as Danielle's fingers brushed across her clit, which was swollen but still hidden under its hood. Danielle began to explore her lover's anatomy, rolling the skin from the clit with her right hand while her left hand rolled the clit between thumb and forefinger. Nayana began to buck and her eyes fluttered wildly as she reacted to the stimulation, so Danielle slid her middle finger as deeply as she could, turning it upwards to press against the sensitive upper wall of her vagina.

Nayana began a low wail that was almost a moan as Danielle simultaneously rubbed her g-spot and her clitoris. She kept this up for almost five minutes, enjoying the enveloping heat that surrounded her finger and realising why men so liked to be in there when they got the chance.

'Lick me please Dani,' Nayana begged. Danielle moved between Nayana's open legs, releasing her clit but keeping her finger inside. She could smell Nayana before she tasted her and found the other woman's aroma dusky and not as bitter as she thought after having tasted her own juices. In another first, Danielle planted her tongue across the swollen bud and began to lash it, sliding her forefinger alongside her middle finger and re-commencing the stimulation of the g-spot.

Nayana's writhing and moaning were building rapidly and her constant movement made her think pubic curls tickle Danielle's nose. But before she had a chance to think that she might sneeze, Nayana came against her mouth with a cry of passion. Danielle held her fingers still but sucked Nayana's clit between her lips, enhancing her climax.

As Nayana's breathing returned to normal, Danielle crawled up the narrow mattress and they wrapped their arms and legs around each other, kissing each other gently, stroking their hair and smiling at one another. The intimacy of the moment was broken by the sound of urgent knocking at the door. At once they flew into action, sorting their clothes and dressing as fast as they could.

The women from the collective had returned and were prepared to escort Danielle to safety. She had to go, but was reluctant to leave Nayana without thanking her for her freedom, and for what they had shared.

'Give me a minute,' she told her rescuers, who looked impatient but respected her request.

'Nayana, I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me today.' A plan was forming in Danielle's mind.

'Nor me for saving me...' Nayana added. She sat on the mattress, her hands tied behind her back.

'Nayana, I will return to India soon, I promise. How can I find you?'

'There is no need...'

'I have a need to employ security that I can trust. I trust you.' She looked into Nayana's eyes as she spoke. 'How can I find you?'

Nayana hesitated then told Danielle an address. 'That is the address of my father, he will be able to find me.'

'I will see you soon.'

'Perhaps,' Nayana replied sounding unconvinced.

Ignoring the stares of the women's collective, Danielle grabbed Nayana and kissed her on the mouth, holding her close.

Nayana squirmed away, but smiled shyly.

'I will see you then,' she replied in a whisper.

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