All Hallow's Eve


Between the money from prizes and 'tips' for her dances, she had earned enough to pay for the entire party that year!

Yes, I was looking forward to Halloween. Although we spent a lot of time getting the yard and house cleaned up, we had learned to have the entire party catered, giving us the freedom to enjoy it without playing host and hostess all evening. In addition, this year I splurged for the catering company to come back the next day and clean up the house and yard, allowing us to sleep in.

Our only regret this year was Mary leaving a week before the party. She had attended almost every party but the last few years due to work, and she enjoyed them as much as we did. However, we could not blame her, knowing her schedule was so tight we were lucky to have her here for this one week, so took what we could get out of her company.

The reunion went late into the evening, finally quieting down as those with children went home early and the pool emptied, the older adults sitting around bullshitting with each other in quiet little groups.

I became involved in a poker game with my father, step-father, and several of Melissa and Mary's uncles, enjoying the male camaraderie as if we were college buddies, while all the women sat around the pool catching up on all the goings on over the years.

All in all, life was good.


The next day we cleaned up from the reunion party. Mary helped, even though we told her the party was in her honor and she did not need to do anything the last day of her visit.

Telling us that was nonsense, she joined in and by lunchtime the yard and house were once again immaculate.

The remaining day was quiet compared to the last week and particularly the night before. Melissa and I were subdued, knowing Mary would be leaving in the morning.

It had been a good visit, but the week had gone by way too fast and I knew Melissa had not had nearly enough one-on-one time with her sister, and Mary seemed to share her attitude.

I felt sorry for the younger woman, imagining how Mary felt having come off a movie set to a whirlwind of family visits, then having to head back to the next movie set. She was probably stretched as thin as Saran Wrap at this point, and I once again regretted she was unable to attend the Halloween party and let loose some pent up stress.

"Bet you're glad to get back into your grind," I told her as the three of us sat around the pool over lunch.

The day was cool, a cold front having moved in overnight with the forecast being cool all week. 'Perfect weather for a Halloween party,' I thought to myself.

Melissa sighed. She was obviously depressed at her sister leaving, the cloudy sky exasperating her mood which spread around the table.

"I'm just sorry you're going to miss another Halloween party," my wife said remorsefully.

Nobody said anything for a few minutes until Melissa and I jerked up in surprise as Mary said loudly, "OK, enough!" We looked at her after her loud retort as she said, "None of this sad crap, you two need to cheer up," she told us adamantly.

Speaking for both me and Melissa, I looked at her and said, "We just feel like we haven't had enough time to visit. It's been way too long and you know we missed you. At least promise us you'll be back soon," I said to her as Melissa nodded agreement.

Mary smiled. "Yeah, you know how much fun I have at your parties," she stated.

Both Melissa and I smiled wistfully in turn, knowing it to be the truth. Seeing the girls glance and grin at each other, I had a feeling all our minds were on that first party, them dressed as twins.

Mary's grin became even broader as she looked at us, beaming like a Cheshire Cat and Melissa and I suddenly knew she was up to something as we looked at her expectantly.

"OK, it's time for the first of your surprises," she said to us as we looked at her.

Mary secluding herself in the garage had become a common thing each night, so we had pretty much forgotten about the boxes in the garage and both my wife and my own thoughts turned immediately to them.

Then Mary surprised us by stating, "First, I'm not leaving until next Wednesday!"

"What!" both Melissa and I exclaimed together.

"You think I would miss one of your Halloween parties?" Mary said smugly, grinning from ear to ear.

"Why didn't you tell us before, bitch?" Melissa chided. "And why the secrecy?"

Mary looked somewhat apologetic, although she could not help keeping the grin off her face.

"I'm sorry sis; I knew this week was going to be family, family, family since it's been so long since I'd been home. I wanted to keep it a secret so everybody would plan to see me THIS week and give me the second week to spend with just the two of you," she said, proud of her ruse. "Let's face it, half our family would procrastinate right before the party if they knew I was going to be here until then, stringing the entire two weeks out with visits," she said, continuing to grin like she had just revealed the goose with the golden egg.

"You little minx!" Melissa laughed, tears welling in her eyes, "I should be pissed at you, but I'm too happy you're staying!" she said getting up and giving her sister a huge hug. "I'm going to take the whole week off to spend with you, and John will too! Hell, we were going to take Thursday and Friday off anyways to get ready for the party!" she told her.

I nodded in agreement, happy with the news.

"See!" Mary said triumphantly. "That's why I insisted you not take time off last week," Mary told Melissa slyly, "so you could do it THIS week! Now you two are mine!" she laughed, also tearing up.

"This is the best surprise ever!" Melissa said. "I do love you sis," she said, giving Mary another hug.

"Well, that's not the entire surprise," Mary said smugly, "it's time you two came with me out to the garage."

Both Melissa and I looked at each other, our eyes lighting up like kids on Christmas morning. Mary knew us both so well, there was little she could plan we would not enjoy, and we had been anticipating this all week.

Grabbing both our hands, Mary led Melissa and I through the house, each of us so overjoyed at the news of Mary staying another week, our anticipation at learning what was in the garage overshadowed by the thought of her staying another week.

But as we got closer to the garage door, our anticipation suddenly grew.

Making our way to the garage, my gaze could not help but drift down to Mary's ass swaying in front of me—until Melissa's elbow poked me in the side.

"Busted Mister," she laughed while I blushed.

Seeing Mary look at us quizzically, Melissa was about to explain when she instead looked at the garage door, as if it had just suddenly appeared before us and all conversation stopped.

"Now, wait out here while I turn on the lights," Mary said as we groaned, anxious to know what had been put in our garage over the weeks and what Mary had been doing.

Disappearing briefly, she returned and opened the door, smiling at us.

"OK, now close your eyes," she said.

Melissa and I groaned again like pampered children.

"C'mon guys, give a girl her moment of glory," she pleaded.

Both Melissa and I shrugged in surrender, knowing Mary would not let us go further unless we complied, so we closed our eyes as she grabbed each of our arms and guided us through the door.

Once we were both inside her voice came to us, "OK, you can look!" she said proudly.

When I first opened my eyes, I could not comprehend what I was seeing, the garage having undergone a complete transformation. In the center were two large beautician-type chairs beside a huge dressing table covered with mirrors and lights. The dressing tables were loaded with various cosmetics and jars of who-knew-what in them as we looked around quizzically. Near the main garage door were two long massage benches, as well as a rack of clothes and medieval weapons—swords, axes, and so forth. In addition there were several manikins dressed in various pieces of armor.

"What the..." I began as I looked at Mary, who had a huge smile on her face.

Glancing at Melissa, I knew we were both obviously confused.

"Oh come on guys!" Mary said. "It's going to be HALLOWEEN this weekend," she said, emphasizing the word, "and your adorable sister is a MAKE-UP ARTIST!" she said, once more emphasizing her words. Still smiling as the beginnings of understanding started to appear in our eyes she continued, "My gift to you both is I'm going to make the three of us up as Lord of the Rings characters!"

"What? How? I mean...oh my God!" Melissa cried out, her voice reaching a screech by the last word.

All three of us were longtime Tolkien fans, even before I had met the two girls in high school. We had all read the books so many times, each owning several copies due to wearing them thin over time from reading them so much, and had always lamented our inner desires to see somebody do something worthwhile with the books in terms of a movie.

Peter Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings' movie was a childhood dream come true. Having been disappointed many years back by the cartoon versions, we were ecstatic at hearing about the upcoming production. Mary getting hired on the set was a dream come true for all of us and confirmation she had finally made it into the big leagues.

For the last several years Mary had called us weekly from New Zealand regaling everything going on while it was in production. She had even gotten us invitations to the premiers of each movie. Although she was only a costume and makeup person, lower on the 'food chain' compared to the directors, producers, and even actors, our seats were up in the balconies; however, it was the best experience in our lives.

As the girls quieted down Mary explained. "It's all in networking sis. I made some good friends with the Weta folks, and they let me borrow some equipment. I even had some of my lab shipped here to do things properly!" she beamed, seeing the huge smiles on both our faces. "You two always wanted to know what it was like to be in full make-up, and now's your chance!" she said enthusiastically.

Melissa and I were astonished beyond words as Mary's statement sunk in.

We were going to be wearing authentic pieces from the actual movies!

We were so excited we simultaneously gave Mary a big hug, thanking her over and over.

"Well gee," she said in a mock sad voice as we released her from our embrace, "I was hoping you two would be happy with my gift!"

"You minx!" Melissa yelled, slapping her sister on the ass while I laughed. "We LOVE it!" my wife said. "I just wish you had told us before we had bought our vampire outfits," she laughed.

"Bah," Mary said with bravado. "Next year I promise I'll get you the REAL Underworld outfits!" she beamed. "Being well-known amongst the rich and famous now has its perks," she winked at us as we all laughed.

The next several hours the questions and answers poured out. I was going to go as an Uruk-hai orc warrior, while Melissa and Mary would be elves—Melissa a noblewoman and Mary serving as her personal bodyguard. She stated she had high hopes of us all getting Most Believable, Least Recognizable, and—based on what she called her 'Victoria's Secret Chainmail'—Sexiest costume prizes.

She also told us if we were interested she could devise some special effects for us to have a mock battle—the fierce orc against two elves—with spurting blood and other tricks! We were so happy we all agreed it would be well worth it.

As I unsheathed one of the elven swords Mary looked over. "The regular weapons we will be wearing most of the time are authentic. The ones we'll use in the fight will be replicas of those, being mock rubber swords so nobody's hurt," Mary explained. "Although these are not the exact swords from the movies, they are molds of the originals—those taken by Peter and Fran as souvenirs."

I pulled a matching sword out of its scabbard and although made of hard rubber, could not believe how real the sword looked even side-by-side with the original. I commented on how light it weighed, and Mary explained it was by design, so actors could carry them around all day without them becoming too much a burden.

"John's costume is going to be the bitch to do," she said looking at me. "I hope you're patient my love, because you're going to be sitting still and laying around for about eight hours as make-up is being layered on you," she warned me.

"Bah, I can take it" I laughed, excited at the prospect.

Again we both thanked Mary profusely.

"Shit, this is nothing compared to what you two did for me. I can never repay you both for believing in me, even when I didn't in myself" she said nostalgically, tears beginning to well in her eyes.

We both gave her another hug, the three of us standing there for quite some time as we held each other, tears in all our eyes as we cherished the moment, being with the ones we truly loved the most.

Later that night as Melissa and I lay in bed we talked excitedly about Mary's surprises. Her staying the extra week was the best surprise we could have ever had and were overjoyed, and the costumes were icing on the cake.

As sleep eventually took us, we both dreamed of elves, orcs, dragons, and hobbits...


The next several days were a flurry of activity. Much of the time was spent dealing with the catering company, while the rest of our time was devoted towards getting the yard cleaned—made easier with Mary's additional help.

We also spent considerable time going over various aspects of our costumes.

The three of us were like kids in a candy store, as each day brought the Halloween party closer and closer and we all got into the mood for the festivities. It was exciting for the three of us to once again spend the time with each other, and it made the anticipation of the party even more exciting.


"Why so glum John" Mary asked me over lunch the day before the Halloween party. "Don't you like our wardrobe today?" she asked naughtily.

Both she and Melissa were wearing what could loosely be described as matching tennis outfits; however, the cropped top and short skirts left little to the imagination. I had already attempted to hide my erection several times that day as we made final preparations for the party, catching glimpses of each of the girls' cleavage from the tight, low-cut tops as well as peeks of their ass cheeks as their skirts seemed to fly up at the most interesting moments as if by magic.

With the whirlwind of family visits completed, the girls had resumed an age-old game of 'dress to impress John,' something started in high school while the girls had competed for my attention. Without shame they would 'accidentally' brush against me, or bend down when I was looking, dressing as provocatively as school regulations—and modern decency—would allow. But it was a playful competition, as they would even embrace each other sensually, hinting at how 'close' they were as sisters in order to get a literal rise out of me. My part of the game was to act as nonchalant as possible and not let them know how turned on I was.

Even after being married to my wife all these years, as similar as the two sisters' bodies were, it was difficult not to watch them equally, and it was a game I was always glad to concede as the looser.

"Nah, was just thinking about the costumes and party," I answered.

"What's the matter, having second thoughts?" Mary asked as she leaned forward, resting her breasts upon her arms on the table and pushing her succulent flesh up and out of the low-cut top.

"Oh no, not at all!" I replied hurriedly, my eyes naturally drawn to the display of mammary succulence as she continued pressing me for an explanation.

As Melissa mimicked Mary's position and my eyes were drawn to her, reveling in the copious amounts of feminine flesh before me I finally focused back on my thoughts.

"It's stupid really," I paused as both women waited for me to gather my thoughts. Mary knew me almost as well as her sister, and did not press the issue until I was ready to spill my guts. Finally I said, "You know how competitive the costumes get," I said to both her and Melissa's nods. "Well...never mind," I said as the girls continued to urge me to spill my guts until I finally relented, pouring out my doubts. "Well, I have no doubt in your abilities sis, we're going to have the best costumes there," I smiled at Mary, "I guess I was just, well..."

I suddenly blushed, giving my wife a longing look as I saw understanding immediately come to her as I stared longingly at her breasts.

"Oh my God! John!" Melissa exclaimed, laughing at my abrupt embarrassment.

Mary looked questioningly at Melissa, "What? What's going on?" she asked, obviously not knowing me as well as my wife of almost ten years did.

"My perverted husband was looking forward to me being on display again this year!" Melissa smirked, Mary joining in on the laughter as I fidgeted sheepishly. "He was looking forward to seeing me on parade around in my skin-tight leather outfit, which left nothing to the imagination," she winked at her younger sister who laughed.

"John, John, John. My perverted little love slave," Mary chided. "Do you really think as blatant of exhibitionists Mel and I are that I don't already have something planned?" she asked winking at me as she slowly pressed her arms together, squeezing breasts even further out of her top. "Hell, look at us today for just casual wear, do you think we're going to be dressed as spinsters at the party?" she laughed heartily, causing her exposed mammary tissue to jiggle like a Jell-O mold.

Furrowing my brow, I expressed my skepticism. "Look, I know the elves looked fantastic in the movies, but there was nothing overtly sexual about them. Hell, both Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett were the most beautiful elves in the film, but 'sexy' never came to mind when I watched. Instead it was a cold, noble beauty," I told her.

"Trust me," Mary said with a knowing smile, "just because we're going as a noblewoman and warrior, elves are extremely sexual. There's a reason not all the outfits came directly from Weta," she said slyly with a smirk and causing me to look up from her chest to her face. "Remember the movie 'Red Sonja?' Did Brigitte Nielsen look like a spinster?" she winked at me. "Trust me my little perverted brother-in-law, I'm planning on both Mel and I winning the Sexiest contest this year by a landslide," she grinned evilly.

"I'll believe it when I see it," I said, happy they weren't making fun of my petty—and perverted—complaints as my curiosity wondered what she had planned.

Mary winked again, as if reading my thoughts. "I have high hopes on the three of us sweeping every single contest this year short of the funniest category!" she beamed proudly. "So you can put all your worries and perversions at ease," she smiled.

Later that evening, all teasing was put aside as Mary took on her full business persona.

"I love you both, but tomorrow when we're getting all this together I need you two to LISTEN to what I tell you to do," she said in a dry, nothing-but-business tone. "This is not going to be as glamorous as you think, and it's going to take all day for us to get things done," she explained as she turned to look at me.

"John, you're going to be the biggest project, because you will have the most work. I need you in the garage no later than six a.m." she smiled as I groaned. "Believe me, that's pushing it to have you ready by the time of the party. Besides, I'm going to be the one having to be up the whole time," she laughed. "I guarantee you'll be so bored you'll be dozing off before you know it while I work on you."

Turning to her older sister she said, "Melissa's and my makeup is easier, but that still means Mel needs to be down here around nine so I can get things going. And you're both going to have to help me with my stuff as well, so I'll have to teach you some of the ropes," she explained, reaching for a small case from the mini-refrigerator she had set up.

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