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An Erotic Opera


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Standing there, in front of the mirror, I think as I tremble, 'I knew challenging you to a game of Truth or Dare wasn't a good idea. I knew you'd win, just like every other game we play, I always lose to you. I shouldn't have done those tequila shots and promised you to do anything you want for the next day'. But what puzzled me wasn't the fact that you teased me all day but the fact that you asked me to dress up so we could go for an opera show at the Royal Opera House in London. You had someone deliver the most gorgeous and delicate silk dress I've ever seen. You knew that the deep purple colour of the dress would look sinful against my skin. You knew that the plunging neckline would enhance my chest.

I put the dress on and it ends an inch or two above my knees. I must admit that you have impeccable choice. As i swirl around in it, with the fabric snuggled at my chest, tight around my waist and then flowing out, I notice another package along with the one I received the dress in. I open the box and touch the soft pair of German stockings. I laugh back at the memory when I first wore stockings for you. It was your niece's birthday party and I didn't want to look inappropriate in the dress you asked me to wear. So I put on a pair of stockings. Only you thought they made me look even more delicious. I shake that thought out of my mind and slip on the stockings. They're black and sheer for the most part. Lace on the top, of course, just like you love them. I put on light make up, just black eyeliner, a bit of dark plum eye-shadow and a deep red lip gloss. I slip on my black pumps and walk to my closet to retrieve a black clutch. I put in my phone and a bottle of lip gloss.

I turn around to put on your favourite perfume, just in time when the intercom rings to let me know you've arrived. I take the elevator and get downstairs. You smile as you see me, taking me in your arms and kissing my cheek softly. You look completely dashing in that black suit and a tie matching the colour of my dress. Your lips are at my ears now and you lick my ear lobe and say 'you look absolutely mouth-watering'. I shiver from your words and take a step back, trying to compose myself. You lead me to your car and open the door for me. You know how much your gentlemanly ways turn me on. I slip into the passenger seat and buckle myself in. You walk towards the other side of the car, looking into my eyes the entire time. You sit down and start the car and we head over to the Royal Opera House. You place your left hand right above my right knee, just holding me there. I look at you with a panicked expression in my eyes. You don't take your eyes of f the road but I see that cheeky grin form on your face.

You give my knee a squeeze and say 'I'm not going to do anything...' I relax visibly until you add a 'yet' and my guard is up again. You let out a little chuckle as you say 'I'm not the one who challenged me. You lost; you've got to face the consequences'. I give you a curt nod and try to take my mind of the things you could do to me. Some making me shake with fear, others shiver in delight. The rest of the car ride is uneventful. We drive slowly, listening to soothing classical music. We pull into the Royal Opera house but you decide to park yourself. I look at you with fear. You always go for the valet service. You look out of the corners of your eyes and say 'Don't worry my pet', and you park the car. I make a move to get out of the car when you stop me. 'I've got something for you to do', you say as you look into my eyes. I nod towards you, knowing that i could never deny you anything.

'Quietly, take off your panties and give them to me'.

I stare widely at you. 'What?' I scream out loud.

You roll your eyes and repeat yourself, 'Panties off, now'. I shake my head furiously and refuse to do something so demeaning. You look into my eyes, your glare hardening, 'there's no point in arguing,' you say with your jaw clenched, 'Diana, NOW'. I quickly take my panties off and give them to you, opening the door almost immediately and stepping out. You lock the car and I see you stuffing the fabric of my panties into you jacket pocket. You give me your hand and i take it. We enter the auditorium and take our seats. The show starts to play and you don't do anything except taking my hand in yours and stroking the skin with your thumb. I start to think that this will be one of those nights were we have a nice time together and we go back home to just cuddle and relax. But i knew better. After half an hour into the show you let go of my hand and take your suit jacket off. You shrug out of it and keep it on my lap. I look at you with a questioning expression and you whisper 'you'll understand in due time'.

After another 30 minutes into the show you place your hand back on my knee giving it a squeeze every two seconds. I relax, thinking you're doing just what you did in the car but then your words spring back into my mind, 'I won't do anything ...yet'. You start raising your hand up, massaging the skin of my thighs through the silk fabric of the dress. It's oddly soothing and i try to just enjoy the moment. I rest my head on your shoulder and your squeeze my thigh hard. I let out a soft yelp of pain and turn around to look at you. You refuse to look at me, just rubbing my thigh, moving higher and higher. I clasp my legs together, realizing what you'll do. You look at me with a fire in your eyes. 'Spread your legs' you order. I just shake my head. You lightly slap my thigh making me loosen my tight hold. 'Do it, NOW!' you say. I make a move to get up but you hold my elbow tight and say 'Sit back down, right now'. I hear the rage in your voice so i sit down without another word. You calm down, visibly, and your hand returns to where it was. I look at you and beg you to stop but you simply state 'i placed the coat on your lap for a reason. No one will know what we're doing.

Besides, you lost the game and you have no choice'. I simply nod and try to ignore your ministrations on my thigh. Your hand inches closer and closer towards my mound until your finger softly brushes against my clit. I moan softly and your hand retreats, roughly massaging my inner thighs. You push my thighs apart softly rub my outer lips, carefully avoiding my clit. I start getting wetter and wetter, my juices collecting on your fingers. You pull your hand away and raise your fingers to your lips and lick them clean off my juices. I moan at the sight, more juices flowing out. Your hand returns to my core, spreading the outer lips apart now, furiously rubbing my clit. I groan loudly, the couple sitting next to me turn around to see what's wrong. I try to compose myself but you continue flicking my clit with your fingers. I give into the pleasure while biting my inner cheek so that i don't attract glares of rest of the audience. You slowly slide one finger into me, moving it around in circles, rubbing the inner walls of my pussy.

You pull it out, pushing it back in, repeating what you did before. You spread my legs wider and thrust two fingers into my cunt, pulling it out and thrusting back in, maintaining and slow but hard rhythm. Your fingers get faster and faster, curling up to rub my g-spot every time you pull your fingers out. You thrust three fingers in and just rub my g-spot faster and hard while your thumb rubs circles on my clit. I feel myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm and you know it too as my cunt closes around your fingers. You lean in and whisper into my ears 'that's it my little cumslut, i know you want to come here while thousands of people are around you, knowing that the person sitting in front of us just has to turn around and he can see your dripping cunt filled my fingers. Cum for me now, my pet.'

And with that i let myself loose cumming around your fingers, biting my lower lip so as to not scream out loud. You pull your fingers out of my cunt and bring them up to your lips, licking them clean. You grab my neck and pull me in for a kiss. The taste of me on your tongue turns me on immensely and i moan into your mouth. You break the kiss and pull my dress down. 'watch the show, you naughty girl' you say with a smirk and i sit there panting. I pick up the jacket and place it on your lap and with a soft 'Excuse me', I head to the restroom.

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