tagBDSMAn Evening Bathe by Waterfall

An Evening Bathe by Waterfall


Wanting an early evening bathe, Jade sets off to the cascade pool near which they are camped, leaving a note for her sleeping Master informing Him of her whereabouts. On arrival at the cascades, she drops the towel slung over her shoulder before sliding dainty hands down over her body to lift the hem of her dress over her head, her nakedness now warmed by the late afternoon sunlight which sparkles the ripples in the pool below. Threading her way to the small, sandy beach, she glides smoothly into the coolness of the glassy, translucent water and dives, spearing through the water like a playful dolphin.

She twists onto her back as she comes up under the torrent of water descending from above, spluttering slightly as she is momentarily blinded by the deluge.

Suddenly all her inhibitions are gone and she is revelling in her nakedness in nature, cavorting in the water like a freshwater mermaid, her creamy body glistening with droplets. Upending herself from a standing position, Jade surfaces, streaming water over her curves and the long sweep of her wet silken hair. Turning her soft palms to the flow tumbling over the rock shelf, the splashes sprinkle her and sparkle on her porcelain skin.

She is unaware that, by now, she is silently observed. Master who, having read her note, has followed her to the pool. Jade begins to dance, eyes closed as she becomes one with the tinkle and splash of the water, feeling buoyed by the liquid and melting so she too becomes part of it, ducking, twisting, whirling, diving and gliding, dancing her oneness with the water and with nature.

Small palms shimmy downwards from their exultant position high above her head ... down, over her hair, down, over her cheeks, down over her shoulders till their smallness cups and covers the taut peaks of her pink nipple tips. Stretching the right one high, with the other she circles the full, aching roundness of her womanly curves. Switching over, she does the same to the other breast, softly murmuring below her breath as she feels each delicate brush across the sensitive buds. Her Master watches, smiling to Him self, settling to observe his little one at play, watching her as she toys innocently with her lovely little nipples hardened by the coolness of the water. He sees her form gliding through the crystal waters as she frolics.

Caressing and teasing, she eases the nice flat nipples into wantonly naughty peaks. Once their pinkness is full and throbbing, one wandering finger slices through the water and dives between her legs looking for the freshwater pearl concealed in the smooth white lips of her oyster, the other hand mesmerisingly tantalising one of the aching, naughty nipples. Master smiles inwardly noticing no dark shadow at her mound as she rolls and splashes in the water, knowing she is smoothly shaven at the apex of her thighs. Her image slightly distorted in the waters, His eyes watch as He knows where her fingers are playing, knowing only to well His tongue will be playing there before long.

Catching a movement in her peripheral vision, Jade glances up, frozen, with her hand caught between her thighs, the deep rose of her cheeks telling their own story as she faces her Master's eyes. Sparkling eyes meet hers as He says, "As you were, little one," and steps from His place of concealment. Sitting on the sands, He bids her to continue what she is doing.

Her hand continues the tiny circling, stroking movement of her pert peaks, both the revealed and hidden points of carnal pleasure, the small bulge in Master's shorts assuring her she is pleasuring Him. Bending her head, her moist, stiffened tongue tip darts to pass across the tip of her left nipple, leaving her shuddering as it passes away, knowing He is noticing the enjoyment she is having by showing her Master the pleasures within her.

Quietly retreating away to a soft, grassy bed a little further along the bank, yet still visible to Him, she stretches out, refreshed, hands urgent as her hips thrust wildly in self satisfaction. "Jade," called to her, "come into the shallows please."

"Yes Sir," stopping and returning back into the shallow water. Beckoning her to Him on the beach, He halts her at His feet stretched out on the sand. Shading His eyes to the lowering sun as He looks up at her beautiful pink, glistening womanhood which she has brought before Him.

Jade hesitates, awaiting the next words from Him. Faking His sternest look, Master commands, "I wish to see how you treat yourself when I am not around little one."

Softly Jade answers Him, "Yes, Master," as He lifts His bottom from the sand to slide His shorts down and kick them aside before looking up to her with devilish eyes.

Turning aside a little, she steps away from Him a little distance before easing herself to her knees, then her bottom, then laying stretched on the grass as she begins the ritual she uses to produce honey for her own satisfaction. Looking down over His tummy to her, her Master watches intently as her hands moove to her delicate parts, making sure she can see as He holds His member upright for her as she does as she has been bidden, the afternoon sun glinting off the ring in His shaft.

Closing her eyes, she focuses inward, trying to achieve, in a small way and alone, the intense pleasure and fulfilment Master gives her, knowing He is watching intently each move of her fingers, as to where and how she places them, while affording her a complete view of His member between His raised knees. He knows that, when she opens her eyes she will see what she has done to Him, watching as she hurries the movements of her hands.

Master rolls onto His tummy and then to hands and knees, crawling across to her and stopping at her feet, facing her apex. He is intent on each of her finger movements .taking particular notice of how she curls her finger just inside her rim, listening to her breathing becoming shallow as she hurriedly brings herself to her peak.

Jade's eyes are closed, cheeks flushed a deep crimson, her lower lip caught in her teeth as she frantically rushes herself onward, her bud growing at her tender touches across it. He sees her fighting the inevitable release she is going to produce for His delight, and commands her, "CUM JADE!!"

She shudders and moans softly under her breath, a tear trickling from the corner of each eye as she releases herself. Watching her fingers delve deep at her moment of release, Master takes her hand softly from her sweet valley and leans forward. His tounge extends and lightly dances across her clit before plunging as deep as He can inside her honeyed pot to feast on her. Below Him, she lays still, breathing erratically unsure whether to cry or smile, shaken with the intensity of her orgasm.

Licking every drop of her gift to Him from her, He moves up her body between her raised knees, stopping to gently suck each hard nipple in turn, then bending her head slightly back with His forehead under her chin, bites firmly on her throat. She arches back against the ground, feeling His lips against her throat - that wasn't a sensation she had just made herself feel.

Releasing and nibbling around to her ear, Master sucks the lobe of her ear into His mouth and bites down on it then pulls back slightly. His hips settle between hers and His throbbing member lays between her sweetened petals, His ring easing her hood up to expose her clit to the underside of His shaft.

Just moving slightly forward and back so His shaft runs softly over her clit, His balls feeling the warmth and moistness of her spread petals, He eases the tip of His member to her enterence leaving His ring just outside her rim. He indicates for her to tease herself with his member like she was using a vibe.

Guiding the erect member to her clit, she begins to rub the head over her excited little nub. Smiling down to her, His eyes say to her He is pleased with what she is doing. Now she tries to rub the soft spongy part of her pussy wall but doesn't succeed. Suddenly He calls, "Stop! Jade, roll on your side please."

Obeying, she quickly rolls to her left side, drawing her top leg up towards her breasts as He straddles the lower one, guiding His maleness into her with one hand. Feeling her hand move away pushes deep inside her while softly pinching her sensitive clit. He knows that, with each frantic push of Him inside her, her clit is beginning to throb. With a sharp smack across her bottom cheek, He lets her bud go and shoots a wad deep inside her.

Afterwards, they lay there with the scarlet and purple colours casting long shadows up the length of their entwined bodies, the crescendo of birds screeching as if to emulate the heady heights they had just achieved together. Rolling apart, He reaches for the smoke makings, trying desperately to get His breath back.

After rolling two smokes He takes her hand and leads her to sit in the shallows and listen to the last sounds of the evening. While relaxing thus, Jade conversationally asks Him, "Do You think it can ever be better than that, Master?" her face lighted with an impish smile.

He smiles. "Wwe will see." Smirking as He pats her bottom as they head back to the van.

Still breathing heavily as they return to the van, He watches as she enters and He heads to start the generator. Turning to Him at home before T/they part, Jade whispers, "Master?"

He turns back to her, "Yes little one?"

Softly smiling, she whispers back to Master, "thank You for allowing me to show You just how much I love You, Sir."

He nods to her softly as He heads under the front to start the generator.

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