tagInterracial LoveAn Inch and a Mile Pt. 02

An Inch and a Mile Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Jim let his beard grow thick over the four weeks he had been in Seylam. He then started casually greeting Eddie, taking care to change his voice. Eddie hardly cast him a second glance. For him, he was just some gardener.

Jim observed him like a beast of prey stalking some unsuspecting, fat buck. After a month in Seylam, he decided to pay Eddie back.

It was early on a sunny morning when he saw Emmi breezed off in her red convertible. Jim smoked a couple of blunts and went and got his dick sucked by Connie in the master's bedroom. You couldn't believe she had once been a snobby racist, the way she was begging him to fuck her big J-Lo type, thong clad ass until he gave it to her. She was pouting when he only ripped it once instead of the usual four to five times, but Jim was saving his energy for Emmi, for she was gonna get it that day.

In the afternoon, Jim was working near the gate, pushing an electrical mower back forth, dressed as usual, in a tight vest, cut of denims and boots when Emmi's shiny convertible pulled up the driveway.

She told him to carry her shopping bags inside. Jim gathered her bags, from expensive stores and followed her into the house.

Jim gazed at the tall, slim blond beauty as she walked swiftly in front of him. She was dressed for the summer, in a short flowery dress, cut deeply, exposing the tops of her breasts. It clung to her slim frame like a second skin. Her small, round ass was bunched so sexily in dress, but she walked like a man, with no grace. Jim knew that for calling him Nigga, he would fuck her bad. And for her husband's wealth, he would fuck her even harder. This woman was gonna help him to a lot of money, dollar bills, the cash yo! He had long decided that just fucking Eddie's wife wouldn't be enough. He was gonna make Eddie his nigger.

He kicked off his boots and followed her inside the kitchen. Connie looked up and greeted Emmi.

"Take my bags and put them in the bedroom. Then get my swim things ready. I wanna take a nice, long swim," Emmi said to Connie and brushed past her. Connie brought her the bags.

"Get lost!" Jim told the maid with an evil smile when she came back.

"What! Emmi..."

"Do it, right now Connie. Or else..."

Connie did not know what or else meant, but she knew better than to disobey Jim, when he had that nasty smile.

Emmi stood in front of a full length mirror in her bedroom, dressed in a new, hot, two piece, flaring, red bikini. The bra cups cupped her enhanced, big breasts and the tight bottoms stretched tautly around her fine, round ass cheeks and cupped her mound so beautifully. Her pussy lips were plastered to the garment. She was looking forward to teasing Connie. She knew the Mexican lusted after her. Part of her wanted to let Connie feed on her beautiful body and worship her with her mouth and hands, but she was too scared to allow it.

She wrapped a semi transparent, red cloth around her waist, which left her bottoms and long, supple thighs glaring out. She admired her sexy image in the full length mirror, turning and preening. Satisfied that she was the hottest blond wife in Seylam, she pulled on a pair of sunglasses.

Emmi walked into the living room and was surprised to see Jim standing there, puffing on a blunt, and smiling at her.

"Jim! What the hell! Fuck!" she gasped, simply not believing the shit. "You are in shit now! What the fuck do you think you are doing smoking in my house! Damn! You done did it this time Jim! You done did it! Your, your, your fired!" She was besides herself in anger.

"Listen Emmi, you gotta be thankful to me, or you would be dead right now. Sit your white ass down and watch this."

Jim pressed the DVD player remote and suddenly images of her husband, Eddie, ravenously eating Connie's ass in his study filled the huge flat TV screen. Jim let it run a full two minutes. Emmi gasped with shock. She could not believe her husband was ravenously devouring Connie's pussy and shoving his tongue up the Mexican maid's puckered, little ass hole. As if axed, she leaned against the wall, whimpering and shaking her head. Jim turned off the DVD.

"Fuck! Connie! Connie! Fucking come here at once! You are dead!" Emmi screamed madly. Her hands were forming vicious talons.

"I sent her home. Now, calm down. There is more to this than you can imagine!"

"What the hell... Where did you get that!"

Emmi was confused, mad and didn't know what the fuck to think. Just what Jim wanted.

"We have to talk, fast! Coz your life is in danger!" he said theatrically.

"What! What!"

"If your husband divorces you, you get half. And it could be messy. So, he is thinking of getting rid of you. Permanently. He wants to be free, and all alone with Connie, eating her ass."

"What! What!" Emmi tottered on her feet.

"Look, lets sit down and have a drink and I will break it down for you..."

Jim took her arm and led her to Eddie's well stocked bar. She came with him like a child, her senses reeling. He pushed her onto a bar stool, got behind the bar and mixed them each a stiff triple Vodka and juice. He fired up two blunts and shoved one between her lips.

"I don't smoke!" Emmi said weakly.

"You are gonna need it!"

Jim settled on the bar stool besides hers and puffed coolly on his joint. The white woman sniffed, fighting her tears and puffed desperately on the joint.

Jim told her to chill first, and get calm. He fed her another blunt and two more triple vodkas. When she was high and drunk, he then proceeded to lie to her that her husband had paid him to kill her and make it look like an accident. He said the guy was so in love with Connie because she let him live out his perverted fantasies.

"He, he, he cant! I will call the Police. I will tell his dad." Emmi gasped.

"Wont help you. He is rich and powerful. His family owns the town. They will just lock up my black ass, and he will only get smarter and hire a professional from out of town next time. And then your ass will be dead. And he can eat Connie's ass to the end of his life."

"This is way too much for me. I cant fucking believe this. I hate them!!!" Emmi started sobbing.

"Don't get mad! Get even!"

"How!" she wailed desperately.

"I have a plan. But first of all, you need to apologize to me."

"Sorry about what I said," she said, with big, doleful eyes.

"Ah ah. That wont do... You know, you are a fucked up racist white snob Emmi!" Emmi gasped. "Yeah bitch! You called me a nigger, remember? Now this nigger is saving your life! So, you gotta apologize properly to a Nigga!"

Chapter 2

Jim slid off his stool and moved very close to her. His hips pushed into her thigh and she felt a hard bundle in his pants. She didn't like the lusty, carnal look in his eyes as they roved, from her face, down to her tits and then right between her her thighs.

She suddenly remembered that she was only dressed in her skimpy bikini. She tried to back away, pressing her back into the bar. Jim smiled and chuckled dirtily as his big, black hands stroked her hips.

"Jim! What are you doing! Stop it! I don't need this shit at such a time" she whimpered desperately.

"You wont fuck me coz I am a Nigga huh!" Jim sneered. "Emmi. Lemme tell you something, this Nigga is the only thing saving your life. Your husband wants you dead," he snatched her hand and squeezed it hard, making her wince with pain and fear as he smiled nastily. "I don't think that is right, but he offered me half a million bucks. That is a lot of money, for a, what did you call me, worthless nigger like me."

"Jim. Please don't kill me! I'll give you all the money you want!" she begged.

"I don't want your money ho! Now, I got a long, big, black dick right here needs taking care of. After that, we can see about saving your life."

He pulled her pale, delicate hand to his crotch. Emmi was paralyzed. She could not cope with all this. As he rubbed his hot, hard bulge against her palm, she shrieked and tried to break free and run.

Jim yanked her back and shoved her against the bar. Then he grabbed her by the throat, choking her and shaking the tall, slim, blond like a rag doll. He pushed his angry, nasty face into hers.

His voice was all dark and menacing as he said, "Listen bitch! You are gonna do what the fuck I want now, you hear? Or I'm gonna have to make it look like an accident, like your husband said. He said to break your neck and dump you at the pool stairs. He will make sure the cops just call it accidental. You hear, you fucking racist snob!"

Emmi trembled with fear. She croaked desperately. "No! I am sorry about the N word. I didn't really mean it. Please save me Jim."

"Bitch! I am going to reeducate you and teach you to stop being a fucked up racist!"

Jim yanked her into his arms and squashed his thick, full, soft lips into her mouth. She whimpered and tried to turn away, but he yanked her hair hard and she yelped and started sobbing.

"I am getting bored bitch. Get with the fucking program, or else," his big, powerful fingers tightened in her throat.

Emmi whimpered and shook like a leaf in a strong gust of wind. Jim started kissing and licking her chin and lips with his greedy tongue. Emmi was frozen stiff with fear and confusion as the gardener licked her face like a Labrador and ran his big, black hands all over her body. He cupped a firm, pale ass cheek and slid his thick dark fingers into her ass crack, stroking and probing her as his other hand slid between her thighs, cupping her cunt and squeezing it hard, so hard she winced. The pale faced woman trembled.

"No! Please! No!" Emmi wailed and started sobbing and trying to push his hands away frantically.

"Ah ah. Don't cry bitch!" he smacked the side of her head and she gasped in horror. No man had ever dared touch her. But a smack was better than death.

"Stop acting like a little child ho! You making me mad now!" Jim smacked her again, then grabbed her bikini bra and yanked hard, stretching it. It creaked and snapped where the two cups met. He ripped it off her and tossed it away. Then he grabbed her bottom, right at the front and pulled on it hard. The muscles of his dark arm flexed powerfully. Emmi stared, paralyzed as her bottom stretched and the seams started cracking. Jim grunted, bit his lower lip and tugged mightily. The garment ripped loudly. One side tore apart around her hips. He tugged even harder and tore her bottoms like they were made of paper. He gave a dirty laugh and stuffed the garment in his pocket.

Emmi cried and tried to cover her mons and breasts with her hands, but Jim caught them and trapped both her wrists in one powerful big hand. He smiled nastily at her as he looked her body over.

"Mmmm. You a natural blond. I am gonna love fucking you!" he rasped thickly, making her blush profusely.

Emmi whimpered, feeling like she had jumped from the pot into the flames. She could not quite make up her mind which was worse, being murdered by her husband or being raped by a nigger.

"No!" she wailed and tried to push him off but he was too strong for her. She resorted to pleading. "No! Stop it!! You cant. I wont let you!"

"Bitch! Fuck you!" Jim spat in her face, hitting her on the forehead.

Emmi gasped and her eyes flared like an angry wild cat. She had spirit. Jim liked that.

"You fucking nigger!!!" she swore.

Jim sank his fingers into her throat and raised his arm. His face became a ghastly, dark mask.

"You want this forearm to come crashing down on your neck? I mean, I don't give a fuck, white bitch!"

She whimpered and shook her head frantically. "You gonna be a good girl now?" she nodded desperately, her lips working wordlessly. She was so scared he almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

Then he shoved her against the bar and dove face first into her tits. He greedily sucked and chewed on them as he roughly shoved his finger up in her pussy. Emmi whimpered softly. Her pussy was dry. Jim shoved his fingers in her mouth and told her gruffly,

"Lick my fucking digits and get them all wet bitch! Do it! White slut!"

She shuddered and did it. Jim slid his long digit up in her pussy. He started rolling it round and round her hole as he feasted on her tits which he made her hold up. Emmi became dizzy. She was so disgusted as the black man was fingering her and eating her tits and she could not do anything about it. She felt eve more disgusted as she realized her body was responding to the way his fingers were expertly stroking her. she was starting to enjoy the way his big black finger was probing her pussy, exploring her secret hole.

Jim pulled his finger out of her and shoved it back in her mouth and made her lick it. She tasted her own pussy for the first time. Then his finger was shoved back in her pussy.

She stood stiffly as he worked her cunt. Then Jim pushed her onto her stool made her lean against the bar and spread her legs. He sank to his knees before her, looking into her cunt! It was covered with a soft, rich blond bush.

"Lord no!" Emmi wailed. "this cant be happening! Please!"

"Yes it is bitch. Fuck! Look at that little blond white pussy. Damn!"

Jim grabbed her ass cheeks and held her cunt up like a tasty platter as he dove face first into it. Emmi yelped as his lips closed over her pussy. She grabbed his head and tried to yank him away as she jerked her hips violently, desperately, trying to get away. But he was too strong for her. His long tongue was all over her slit, licking her like a greedy dog. His digit fingering her hole so exquisitely as his tongue teased her clit.

Emmi had never had her pussy eaten and Jim was such an expert. The sheer pleasure of it was overwhelming her, even though she would have paid anything to stop it. She gazed down in disbelief at the black man who was forcing her genitals to feel pleasure against her will.

"Damn! You getting wet all right huh!"

Emmi felt such shame as his digit now moved so easily in her tight hole. She couldn't help it, the juices were beginning to flow copiously into her neglected cunt.

Emmi whimpered desperately even as her hips started rolling on Jim's finger and tongue. "Oh Jim! No please! Stop!"

But Jim kept eating and fingering her. He pushed her up on the bar stool and pushed up her thighs, making Emmi fall back against the bar. Then his tongue was buried deep in her fuck hole and he devoured ravenously. Hot, sharp, wonderful sensations were spreading through her pussy. She realized the fat blunts she had smoked before were now kicking in rapidly, weakening her resistance, taking away her inhibitions and making her give in to her lust. A wild, unbridled arousal gripped her.

She just could not fight the pleasure any more. She stared at the black face in her pussy and moaned. Her hands that were holding Jim's head started stroking him instead of pushing him away. Now he had two digits in her and was wonderfully stroking the roof of her vagina, causing sparks to fly. And his tongue on her clit was causing fireworks to explode.

"Go ahead Emmi, fuck my black face. Fuck my black face and cumm all over me! Do it! Then we will see how to deal with your stupid husband!"

Emmi gladly seized his words. They gave her an excuse to justify the carnal lust that was overpowering her. Her husband never ate her pussy or fingered her. He only rode her pussy once a week at the most. She shuddered as she remembered seeing the video of him tonguing Connie like a fucking pervert. She felt anger at betrayal. Then she decided, well, then he could not feel betrayed either, if she fucked this nigger. Still, fucking a nigger...

"Fuck him!!!" Emmi wailed and started humping Jim's face. She ground her cunt into him as she pulled his face into her pussy. A wanton, carnal lust was gripping her. A searing wave of heat seemed to explode in her pussy and engulf her whole body. She felt like a frenzied, delirious, zealous beast. She threw her hips feverishly in Jim's face as she yanked the black head into her horny cunt. Then her pussy literary exploded in his face. They were both astonished as she squirted in his face.

"Damn! You a squirter, this is my lucky day!"

"Gosh! Sorry, I don't know what came over me!" Emmi gasped, reddening deeply.

"Don't be sorry. Just do it again!" Jim teased her clit and rubbed her g-spot furiously. Emmi was thrown headlong into the throes of another shattering orgasm. She came hard, screaming at the ceiling. Jim fingered her harder and she squirted in his face, several times, drenching him.

Chapter 3

Laughing, he stood up. Emmi lay back with her head on the bar, her eyes rolling in her head. Jim quickly dropped his shorts and and picked her up and threw her over his shoulders.

Emmi asked drowsily, "Where you taking me?"

Jim only laughed and walked to full length wall mirror. He eased her on her knees and pulled her face to his cock. Emmi gasped as she realized he was naked.

"No!" she cried and pulled back.

"Hell no you don't, not after I made you cumm and squirt all over my face, bitch!"

He grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his crotch! His fat, rearing black cock slapped against her cheek. She stared at it in mortal fear, her big blue eyes wide open! The thick, veined black dick scared her, like a dangerous snake. The big, heart shaped head was pointing at her. The long slit was welling with creamy precum. Emmi shook with fear.

"Go on you white slut! Suck a Nigga good dick! Do it bitch!"

He grabbed her by her blond hair and shook her like a rag doll, making her grimace. Then he ran his fat, spongy tip all over face, spreading his precum like a lotion. Emmi whimpered and trembled.

"Grab my fucking cock, bitch!" he growled and Emmi found her hands rising to his dick. She didn't want to do it, yet she wanted to. It was like she was watching a movie, with some actor she didn't know, as she saw her pale hands rising to his cock, to wrap around it. His big, black dick throbbed in her hands. It was vibrating with power.

"Now, stroke it and take it in your mouth! Do it!"

Emmi whimpered as she slowly brought the fat dick head to her pink lips. It was almost as if she was taking a loaded gun to her head. Yet she couldn't stop herself. As she felt his musky, spongy head against her lips, she stiffened. Impatiently, he grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth open. He slid his rearing black cock in between the pale blond's pink lips. He grabbed her hair, and shoved it in until it pressed against the back of her mouth.

Emmi could not believe she had a mouthful of fat throbbing black cock. Jim turned her to face the mirror. Emmi's glared widely at the reflection of her kneeling there, with her black gardener's huge tool embedded in her mouth!

The reflection shocked her. It was against her whole upbringing. A muscular, black savage had his penis embedded in her pretty white face. Like she was some kind of cheap nigger slut! Emmi reeled and screamed silently.

Before she could do anything, he was using her hair to shove her onto his cock, fucking her mouth relentlessly!

"Suck it Emmi Suck that Nigga dick good. Show me how much you love it baby. I know its bigger than your husband's. Suck this real man's dick. This big Nigga meat!"

Emmi wailed. Josh grabbed her hair and started pumping her face up and down, telling her to suck, lick and stroke or get choked. She did it, suckling him and jerking his shaft.

"No Emmi, don't use your hands. Do it with just the mouth. I know you can do it. Suck this Nigga dick good! Damn! That's fucking good!"

It wasn't even the best blow job he had had recently, but finally having his cock in the snobby blond's mouth beat just about anything. Her big blue eyes looked up at him, sparkling as Emmi started to get into it. The big, black dick was like a challenge and she was trying to be up to it. She held on to his powerful dark thighs as she bobbed her head, making her drooling pink lips ride up and down his large, dark cock. She pulled back and a strand of her saliva and mucus hung between his dick and lower lip. She gasped.

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