tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 16

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 16


Chapter 16
Is Bondage Supposed to Hurt

They released May. Immediately she collapsed on the floor. Breathing hard, eyes unfocused she said, "Feel free to fuck me again," to no one in particular. She closed her eyes and spread her legs widely to emphasize her availability.

Jerry knelt between her legs and accommodated her. Hardly had he begun providing the satisfaction she demanded than Georgeanne exclaimed gleefully, "Is this what I think it is?" It was an A frame hanging with straps that seemed to create a set of slings. It appeared that it could be used a number of different ways.

"Not knowing exactly what you think it is, let me just explain," Cheryl said. "It isn't really bondage and you certainly don't get hurt using it. You just get situated in these straps and all your important orifices are available to anyone who's interested. You can control your height and you can even bounce a little encouraging a hard cock to slide in and out." With her clothes on she demonstrated by sitting on the straps and moving about.

Georgeanne lost no time in stripping. Completely naked she said, "OK, let me up there." She and Cheryl hurriedly changed places, with both women giggling. Georgeanne was quite agile and in a moment had learned how each of the straps worked. In minutes she had learned what she felt she needed to know and, from a sitting position she said, "Come on boys, I'm ready."

"Actually you're not," said Cheryl coming up to her with a helmet which she fitted over Georgeanne's head. It completely blocked any light and most sound. Catching one wrist she secured it above Georgeanne's head. Moving to the other side she secured the other wrist. Not stopping, in less than a minute she had Georgeanne strapped helplessly into the device arms over her head and ankles bound to vertical straps. She could see nothing and hear little. She did know, however, that her entry points of interest were fully available to anyone.

Someone touched her butt. She shivered at the light touch. The touch came again on her nipple. Someone was randomly touching her body. Each touch was light, but it's unexpectedness made her thrill. Shivers ran throughout her. She swung slowly in no particular direction. She tried to relax and let her phantom lover use her.

Another touch on her nipple. This time the light finger circled her nipple and the tip of her breast. She felt as though it was applying something, something cool. It stopped. Changes in the movement of air around her made her think her lover had moved. The touch came on the other nipple. As it did, the first warmed. A vague fragrance wafted through her mask.

The finger was working on the other breast. Cool at first, it warmed as the first had. The fragrance was stronger now. Both breasts tingled. It made her pussy respond.

With two hands now her lover massaged and oiled her breasts. Each stroke ended with a light touch on her nipples that sent a jolt of ecstasy through her.

The touches ceased. No one came to minister to her. Her body was warm with the oil; her nipples almost hot. She waited. She was in confusion as the need for sex welled up in her pussy. She wanted to call her lover back. She tried to move, to twist, to get something in her pussy to satisfy her.

Another touch. She jumped. It had come where least expected. She was trussed with her legs spread wide apart. She knew anyone could use her however they chose. Now her lover was applying this warming oil where it would relax her muscles to allow easy entrance. She began to warm where the finger circled.

With no sight or much sound she was forced to focus on the warming on the little hole the finger lightly oiled. The lover kept circling with a finger. More oil, more ointment, a delicious fragrance. She relaxed and committed herself to her lover. The thought that this was being videoed sent another thrill through her. She'd be able to watch it.

Something cool and hard pushing at her entrance. Her lover was pushing it. Not hard, but insistently. She relaxed to give it passage. It entered a very little. She relaxed and focused on the pleasure. It went in further. The oil lubricated and warmed the way. Further it went. Bob had never been this gentle, this patient. Further yet. She held her breath as it entered further. It was almost too far. It was filling her. She held it tightly afraid it would slide out.

She felt a belt being fitted around her waist. Straps were fed from behind around her groin and up to the belt. The belt and straps held the intruder firmly in place, but did not bar entrance to her pussy. She relaxed as it began a low vibration.

Now her lover was gone again.

She almost panicked. She needed something hard in her pussy. The sounds she made were only low groans.

Something at her pussy. A tongue? A finger? It touched her clit. She let out an involuntary cry. She tried to snap her legs together. They were strapped tight holding her open. It was a tongue. It entered her, it's touch was driving her crazy. It found her clit. A climax tore through her as the lips clamped the clit while the tongue circled it. She felt the tears on her cheeks. Her hips thrashed about in the sling.

The tongue left and she felt another presence between her legs. A cock slid inside. Finally! Long and hard, it filled her. She wanted to reach out and embrace its owner, but she was powerless. It fucked her with powerful strokes. A head found a nipple. It sucked. It's tongue fluttered over it.

She was trying to scream, to writhe. For what seemed like many minutes, first slowly, gently, then increasing in intensity and power, the cock pounded her. Dizzy with ecstasy she screamed and moaned. Then she felt the cock swell and shoot it's load deep inside her. Her own climax followed. He lay against her panting, but saying nothing. "Do it again," she pleaded. She found him most obliging.

Jerry had been engaged with May and Bob had wanted to watch. When Cheryl began strapping Georgeanne into the swing, Bob encouraged Paul quietly. "Go get her," he said to Paul. Cheryl handed Paul the necessary potions and cremes. Paul did the rest.

"With pleasure," Paul had responded. He approached Georgeanne tentatively and began working her up to the pleasure that would leave her almost senseless.

When Paul pulled out, Bob was nearby. He released her bonds and took off her helmet. "Turn over," he whispered, "I want to see your tits hanging down and swinging while someone fucks you in the ass." She looked almost drunkenly at him and held onto him as he maneuvered her into position. He strapped her head so she would be staring at the floor. He cuffed her left wrist to left ankle, right wrist to right ankle. Her pussy dripped Paul's cum onto the floor.

Carefully he removed the still vibrating intruder. She was open. He added crème and fragrance.

Georgeanne could only see the floor. She knew that all the men were naked, but she thought she heard shoes. She thought she felt a body at her feet, but it did not touch her. She heard a whisper of clothing. It could have been pants dropping to the floor. There were more whispers of fabric. Then she felt it. A hard cock pressed against her freshly oiled and opened entryway. It slid in as she thrilled to its hardness and insistence. His hips crushed against her butt, halted briefly as though reveling in the contact, then pulled out and started again. Over and over his cock plumbed her ass. Again she lost track of time as the insistence of the penetrating cock consumed her entire psyche.

She could hear him breathing hard as his climax neared. He slowed and began to pinch her clit alternating pinching with a light rub. She knew she would soon go crazy if she did not climax soon. His breathing deepened. Then she felt his cock swell inside her and with one final massive push he slammed against her ass and filled her with his cum.

There was no release for Georgeanne.

The hard cock remained inside her moving slowly as they both came down from the experience. Bob released her after her lover wilted and pulled out. As Bob helped her turn over and disentangle herself from the swing, she saw her lover and gasped.

"Thank you," George said. "I've wanted to do that for a long time."

She pulled him to where she still sat in the swing, kissed him lightly, and said, "You're welcome, but you owe me a real climax."

She hopped down and pulled him along as she said, "Let's find a bathroom and clean up." He helped her stand and the two of them headed off down the hallway on their search. Bob heard her ask, "Is your wife here?" He couldn't hear the answer.

Chapter 17

George's Wife

George and Georgeanne returned from bathroom. The others were still engaged in experimenting with the various bondage devices or had pulled on enough underwear to be comfortable sitting in the webbed chairs on the pool deck. They were blessed with a warm night so nothing else was necessary.

Naked George and Georgeanne padded into the living room where Betty Grossman sat alone, fully dressed, sipping a glass of wine. "Weren't you invited to the pool deck," Geogeanne asked surprised.

"Yes," she responded pleasantly, but I wanted to wait for you two. She stood then surprised Georgeanne again. She knelt in front of George, dipped his cock in her wine, then putting his cock in her mouth, licked it off. Standing she said, "Shall we to the pool?" She led the way. George and Georgeanne followed. Georgeanne did not see any noticeable reaction in George. Really strange, she thought. Wonder if Bob would like that.

On the pool deck, they took unoccupied chairs. Bob and Paul were in the pool with May. Someone had hand lettered a sign on a piece of discarded cardboard, "Please do not cum in the pool."

The conversation was about the evening. Ron having seen the videos they had made had been on the phone earlier telling them that they were all invited to their next bondage get together. This compliment was a matter of some pride and much discussion.

Georgeanne turned to Betty, "Your husband was really great."

"I know," she said smiling, apparently pleased with the compliment. "I don't let him do it as much as I should. When we walked in and he saw you in that position with a vibrating butt plug, wild horses couldn't have kept him away. I didn't notice that you had much of a climax. Does he owe you one?"

"He sure does," Georgeanne replied startled at the turn this discourse had taken. Not sure what the response would be, she added, "But you can be sure I'll get him."

"Hold this, please." Betty handed her glass to Georgeanne who took it wondering what was next. Betty took the pad off an unoccupied chaise and laid it flat on the deck where it would be the center of attraction.

She came back to Georgeanne. "Go, lie there." She pointed and Georgeanne took her place on the mat. All eyes were now on her and Betty. Grabbing a cushion Betty knelt. "Come here, George," she said just loudly enough to be heard.

He came over and stood in front of her. He knew what she wanted.

With great tenderness she took him in her mouth and worked his cock and balls until, satisfied she said, "You owe her," motioning with her head toward Georgeanne. "I want to watch while you satisfy your obligation."

George knelt between Georgeanne's spread legs. Her knees were bent. She was fully open to him. Betty knelt beside them and taking George's cock she gently guided him into Georgeanne.

She stood smiling. Looking at the pool she crooked her finger at Bob and motioned him to her. He climbed out and, finding no towel convenient, went straight toward her. She took his hand as he approached and put it on her breast. "I'm all wet," he objected.

"Good," she replied turning so she could push herself backward into his wet nakedness. They watched their spouses fuck while she and Bob explored each others bodies.

"For a long time I've wanted to investigate what lies beneath your lovely clothes," Bob breathed into her ear.

Breathing heavily she groped behind her until she found Bob's hard cock. She held it tightly.

Leaning her head back to Bob she said softly, "I want to watch my husband bring your wife to what I hope will be a screaming climax. You are to be filling me at the same time. Get another chaise pad for me to kneel on so I can watch."

Bob quickly found another pad. Keeping her eyes on George and Georgeanne she opened her arms and pushed her ass against Bob who was once again behind her where he could watch as well. "Fuck me," she whispered quietly as the intensity of the scene before her drew everyone's attention. Twisting suddenly toward Bob she continued, "I'm going to kneel so I can watch and even smell them. You can use either entrance, or, even better, you can use them both. Think you can cum twice, big boy?"

Her casual attire was no challenge to Bob. Her top was followed closely by her bra. She kicked off her sandals as Bob almost tackled her as he dragged her shorts and panties in one motion to the pool deck. Naked she dropped to the mat. She needed no foreplay. The evening had been all foreplay. Bob knelt behind her. Her gasp as Bob entered her gave George a moment's pause as he noticed the spectators kneeling alongside him. He smiled and continued.

Georgeanne's eyes were closed as George brought her back to the ecstasy she had felt in the swing. Her mouth was open as she panted, tears were forming. She circled George with her legs forcing him deeper and deeper into her.

The others gathered to watch the couples' passion. The videos would provide many a cold evening's entertainment.

Bob was deep inside Betty when Georgeanne's screams and moans signaled a massive climax triggering climaxes in both Betty and Bob.

Quickly the partners traded. Bob slid inside Georgeanne and lay with her as she calmed. George took Betty and sucked at her breasts as she held his head tightly against them.

Somewhere in the distance a phone sounded. It was ignored and went to voice mail. A chime signaled a waiting voice mail. It was ignored.

The party was winding down. Videos of the activities were played on the HDTV overlooking the pool deck. Spouses sat together. Everyone was at least half naked, but sex had played out. Now it was beer, wine and gossip.

The phone sounded again. It had rung repeatedly. Those paying any attention had lost count of how many times it had rung.

George moved his wife from his lap. She had had her head against his shoulder. He had been fondling her breasts as the gossiping continued around them. "I guess that's my phone. Someone is pretty anxious to have the call answered."

Betty now sat by herself in the chair she and George had shared, deep in gossip with May and Cheryl.

It was sometime before George reappeared. Paul was with him. Somewhat out of character for the evening, they had both put on their clothes.

"Guys," George called out as he strode across the pool deck to a central position, "and gals," he added as a clear afterthought.

Everyone there was used to George being the leader, the authority figure so the friendly cacophony of chatter died to silence and attention.

"Interesting phone call," he began. "As you know, the economy has dramatically improved since we started on our unorthodox sales contest." There were murmurs of assent. Then silence and attention.

"I'd like to congratulate our excellent sales force for their response to all of it. As a direct result the company is in the best financial condition it has ever been in." The silence was broken by general cheers, applause, and whistles.

"Not only are we in great financial shape, but our founder has decided that is time for him to retire. I knew he wanted to consider retiring, but I didn't know when or under what circumstances." More quiet murmurs greeted this announcement. Clearly there was surprise in the tone.

"The phone call I so belatedly took was confirming not just his retirement, but also disposition of the company." The murmurs turned to something best characterized as "Oh, shit, do we still have jobs?"

"I know this sounds ominous, but let me assure you it's not. The company has been sold to a Ron Somebody-or-other. I didn't get his last name, but it doesn't make any difference. This Ron guy has just been studying the company apparently. In fact he just learned about it not more that a week or so ago, according to the owner. Called up and negotiated a deal. Said he had some investors. I can't tell you who the investors are, but you may find soon that you know some of them." He shot Paul a knowing look.

"Management will be kept on pretty much as is. You will all keep your jobs. But the sales contests will roll back to being more orthodox." A loud groan.

"One more thing which I wouldn't have believed some months ago, but it is rumored that this guy is into some – and you didn't hear me say this – some pretty kinky sex. Apparently he's into bondage. He'll be moving in here. He'll build a house on the course and just be one of us. So maybe this won't be the last of these parties. I have no idea if all of us will be forced to participate, but I suppose if it was the only way to keep my job . . . ." He looked around thoughtfully.

The pool deck erupted in cheers. Breasts bounced evocatively with the exuberance.

"Does there happen to be a bottle or two of champagne around," someone called out.

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