Barbara Ch. 14


When John finally finished relieving himself he pulled from Kelly's mouth and began jerking himself off while he watched the teenage girl get that flushed sick look on her face. Defiling her sweet young mouth this way really got John horny again.

"What's the matter honey, bad taste in your mouth?" John chuckled.

"You'd better get use to it."

"You've got such a nice sweet mouth, it's just made for cock." "And you're gonna be drinkin' allot of piss and cum working for Tyronne."

John's cock was growing again as he stroked it in front of Kelly's pretty face.

"Let me give you some of my sweet cream. That should help you out." Kelly thought he was going to jerk off in her face and make her eat his load. But John had other plans.

"I'll bet your throat is even tighter than your ass." "Let's give it a try."

He stuck his erect hard tool back into Kelly's mouth. The fright of swallowing John's cock swept through Kelly and mixed with the sick feeling in her belly. Kelly wasn't in the mood for anything right now. Her gut was churning with the hot acidity piss she just swallowed. But John was insistent to have his way with her. John grabbed her head and began pulling her towards his groin. He was going to force his cock down her throat. Kelly never did any deep throating before. Now she was going to learn the hard way, by force. John's cock hit her throat entrance and he squeezed it down. Her first instinct was to gag, and she did. But his cock was already going down her tight throat passage. Had it not been for his hard meat pushing down her, Kelly surely would have thrown up everything. However, her gagging reflex in her throat merely tightened on John's cock giving him a rather enjoyable sensation while Kelly knelt there in total discomfort, gagging from the inpaling of her throat. John managed to stuff himself all the way down into Kelly. Then while holding her head tight, he fucked her mouth up and down trying to make himself cum one more time. Kelly gave up the fight, her desire to gag was gone despite the sick feeling in her stomach, it was useless. She became almost like a rag doll in his hands becoming nearly limp, accepting his cock down her throat over and over. She became his willing slut, his willing piss drinking, cum eating whore.

John went wild with Kelly's throat fucking, ramming his cock in and out of her young teen throat.

"C'mon cunt, suck my cum out."

"Oh, yes, yes.... eat it!!! it!! it cunt!!..."

His pistoning in and out continued faster and faster.

"C'mon you fuckin' little whore, take it deeper,... deeper."

"Swallow it bitch,... swallow it."

Only gurgling came from Kelly's mouth as John's cock entered and re-entered her throat. She only had a split second to get a breath each time before John's cock lodged itself all the down her again and again.

"Take it cunt,"..."Take it."..."Take it..."

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!! suck the cum out of me, you fuckin' whore."

"That's it...that's it...I'm gonna cum right down your piss drinkin' throat, you fuckin little slut."...

"Whore"..."Fuckin Whore..." "You nasty filthy fuckin' whore."

John screamed obscenities at Kelly while he violently raped her tight throat. Then John achieved his climax. He rammed deep down into Kelly letting go a thick hot stream of sperm into her young virgin throat. There was no need for her to swallow, his cock was buried, jammed as deep as it could go. Kelly felt his cock pulsating deep within her, throbbing in her throat, pumping thick jizz into her piss filled belly. She couldn't take much more. Surely she would lose consciousness soon. Then he pulled out letting Kelly go. She just leaned over clutching her stomach and prayed she would either pass out or throw up. Meanwhile John and Tyronne laughed at her. "That young bitch has got some tight throat, Tyronne." John remarked. Then she laid down falling asleep exhausted, with her belly full of piss and cum.

Finally morning arrived. John climbed onto the bed with Barbara to remove the nipple rings. Carefully he removed them, poured some antiseptic over her tits and gave them each a little kiss. "You were worth every penny," John remarked as he handed Barbara her payment for using her body. Tyronne and Kelly were already gone. Barbara dressed and off she went towards home too. Amazing as it seemed, Barbara realized she had only cum once through everything that happened. Her body hurt, still in pain, yet she still had the urge, wanting to orgasm again. She wanted another one like last night. As she walked to her car the feeling intensified. She wondered why she felt this way even with the pain and torture she endured. When she got home, she thought, she would take a nice hot shower and masturbate to orgasm.

As she approached her car, she heard her name called. Barbara looked back, it was Kelly. When she caught up to Barbara she explained how she left Tyronne. She wasn't quite ready to work for him. At the moment Kelly had no place to stay. Barbara offered to let her come stay are her place and she accepted.

* * * * *

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