tagChain StoriesBare Bottom Resorts Ch. 09

Bare Bottom Resorts Ch. 09


Day One

I walked up the plank of the Cruise Ship, very excited. This assignment was going to a blast, not only was this the newest business venture of Bare Bottom Resorts, but I was getting paid to go on this cruise! Checking out the facilities and all that sort of thing... I had to say, as my first cruise I was very much looking forward to it. The people around me seemed to be pretty excited too, talking and joking - my only regret was that I was all alone and many of the people here seemed to be with other people.

Although a very attractive guy who was with a group up ahead of me kept looking back and checking me out. There were girls in his group but he didn't seem to be attached to a particular one of them, so the next time he looked back at me I smiled encouragingly at him and he smiled back. Well, maybe this wouldn't be so lonely after all... at the very least there are possibilities!

The cruise was leaving from Florida and was going through the Caribbean, although I personally was not planning on getting off the ship. I couldn't even remember what islands we were stopping at, because I didn't really care. The ship was my destination... besides, I wasn't getting paid to check out the islands, and anything I paid for on them I'd have to use my own money. It was a short cruise, but I was going to get my free-ride's worth onboard!

Cruise ship rooms are not very big when they're only for one person, but that's ok. The point of going on a cruise isn't to stay in your room, so I wasn't going to be complaining too much... and really I had a feeling that I'd gotten a rather nice single room anyway. There was a bigger bed than I'd expected - being all on my own - and the bathroom was nicely proportioned. Everything seemed to be designed to fit easily into the smallish space without making you feel too crowded. Even though it was a short cruise I was a very neat person so I unpacked everything into the dresser. Besides, I needed to try that out too. Of course, it helped that everything I had to unpack was my outfit for when the cruise was over. So I put the outfit I was wearing into a separate drawer.

One thing about being on this cruise alone, I was going to have to leave the safety of my own room alone. Everyone else had friends to help make them feel comfortable about walking around nude; I never had any problem once I got into the swing of things but I always hated taking the first step out that door. But take it I did, I had a lot to do!

Walking around on the upper deck I picked up one of the free stickers that they had, placing the little heart on my hip. Wearing the sticker meant that I would be able to tell how much I'd tanned at the end of the day, and the sign guaranteed that the stickers wouldn't come off in water. That made sense, they wouldn't be much good that way since most of the upper deck was pools and tanning beds, along with a few cafes. I decided to take a quick dip.

Paddling myself around the pool I ran into the guy that had been checking me out on the way onto the ship. Very cute, he introduced himself as Matt and we hit it off right away, talking and getting to know each other. His friends pretty much left us alone - they were involved in a very interesting game of Chicken... the girl's were on the guys shoulders and their hands seemed to go over each other's body parts more than actually trying to push the other girls off. Not like there wasn't heightened sexual energy just about everywhere... a lot of the crowd in the pool seemed to be pretty young and the slick wet bodies were causing more than a few hard ons.

In fact I noticed that Matt was having trouble not looking at my bare breasts as they bobbled in the water and I splashed him the next time I caught him looking. Roaring fury, he jumped at me to dunk me under and I shrieked and paddled backwards. Of course he gave chase and for the next few minutes our body parts were slickly sliding against each other as he tried to grab a hold of me and I tried to escape. He was grinning by the end of it, his hands had caressed more than my legs and arms, and I wasn't exactly complaining either.... he'd caught me up so that I was pressed against him with our faces mere inches apart.

Leaning in I gave him a kiss, that started to turn a little passionate until we realized that we were in the middle of a pool surrounded by many other people. Blushing, I made my excuses and also some plans to meet him later for dinner and a show. I had to check out other parts of the ship anyway. On my way to the stairwell I noticed that my heart sticker had come off. Oh well. I grabbed another one as I passed the booth anyway and put it back on the same spot.

The rest of the ship was gorgeous of course, I hadn't been expecting anything less. I met with Matt that night for dinner, and the food was fantastic. During dinner there was a kind of Las Vegas show-girl show, only the girls were completely naked except for some body glitter and feathers. It was very sexy and very fun, they made sure that the audience got involved singing some of the popular songs. Matt was very flirtatious, and I was tempted to invite him back to my room with me, but decided to withhold from the impulse. That night I went to bed early, determined to get up early and make the most of the next day.

Day Two

I spent most of this day walking around the ship to the various shops and rooms that I could find. Everyone working there was very helpful and lovely to me. The afternoon was spent watching a movie - somehow they'd even made the seats comfortable to my bare body! That in and of itself was a surprising delight.

Later in the afternoon I ran into Matt again and we ran around the top deck playing tag like idiots and getting yelled at by the workers. But it was fun, and ended up in the pool of course. Someone got out a whole bunch of blow up floaters and tossed them into the water, making it a veritable maze of floating devices. Naturally I was teasing him again, pressing up against him and bouncing high up out of the water so that my breasts were spraying droplets everywhere as they flopped around. He loved it, chasing me and teasing me; I let my hand brush against his dick at one point and found it to be semi-hard even though the water we were in was fairly cool.

Following that was dinner and then dancing, which was exciting in and of itself. I don't know who got the idea that a bunch of naked couples would be able to dance together without getting excited, but at least no one seemed to mind. Some of the guys were sporting blushes as they were unable to control their lustful thoughts, but none of them were following through on any of them.

Eventually Matt pulled me out of the hall and told me he had somewhere special he wanted to show me. We ended up on the very top secluded part of the ship, no one else was around. Grabbing a blanket out of a nearby bin, he laid it out on the ground and we lay on our backs, looking up at the stars. He started rubbing my hand as we talked, slowly working his fingers up my arm until eventually he came to my shoulder and ran his hand down to my breast. With a slight moan I turned towards him and pressed in for a kiss, pushing my breast into his questing hand. A few seconds later he had rolled over on top of me and I could feel his hard dick pressing into my thigh... one nice thing about being on a nude cruise ship, we didn't need to waste time undressing. His fingers pinched at my nipple and I moaned into his mouth as his tongue pressed deeper.

Then my lips were empty and I was staring up at the night stars as his mouth closed around my other nipple instead, making me gasp and arch my back as his teeth sank in gently. I ran my hands through his hair, tugging it gently and then harder as he sucked and nibbled on my breasts. Trying to be quiet, I bit down on my lip to keep from moaning... we were on open water, if we started making noise then it was going to travel and the entire cruise ship would probably be able to hear us. As he kissed down my stomach and then started nibbling on my inner thighs I was hard-pressed to keep my silence.

Possibly sensing my dilemma, he did the most impressive and smooth turn about that I've ever seen and poised his hard dick above my mouth. I welcomed it between my lips, tugging on his hips to take him deeper into my throat. Now my moans were muffled against his flesh and instead of causing us a problem he was getting a lot of pleasure from the vibrations it caused. His tongue slid lengthwise along my pussy, a long smooth swipe that made my hips jerk in response and I started sucking on him even harder, encouraging him so to speak. I've never had much of a gag reflex anyway, and in this position it was actually easy to slide him down my throat as long as he went up often enough that I could get air. Quite literally, he was fucking my face as he ate me out.

Sucking my pussy lips into his mouth, he bit down on those too and I went wild underneath him, bucking and heaving as his mouth teased me mercilessly. He slid his tongue into my hole like a softer, smaller penis, sucked on my pussy, flicked and sucked on my clit; all of it was designed to tease me rather than bring me to orgasm though. I was getting plenty of stimulation but he never held any of it long enough for me to climax; instead I was writhing like a cat in heat underneath him and sucking his dick down my throat while my pussy burned with its nearness to one hell of a cum.

Before I knew it he was out of my mouth and swiveling around on my body. As his dick pressed between my very wet pussy lips and its lubricated length slide into me with one achingly hard stroke, his mouth pressed against mine to muffle the cry of pleasure. Using my legs to wrap around his waist and pull him further into me, I pulled with my thighs to push up my hips, meeting his every thrust. He fucked me hard and decadently, taking his time as he pummeled my pussy from every angle, grinding his crotch against my clit every few strokes.

Hunching over he took my nipple into his mouth and bit down, then slowly pulled upwards and with his arms behind my back used my nipple to pull me up with him. Now he was kneeling on the deck and I was on top of him, riding his dick. This new angle allowed him to press even further inside me and also gave him easy access to my breasts; they were right on level with his mouth. With every stroke my clit pressed against him and I could feel my orgasm rising in me, not to be denied.

As my head fell back, one of his hands came up to cover my mouth while he continued sucking on my nipple; muffled screams as I came emitted from behind his hand. For the first time in my life, I quite literally was seeing stars as I came, and it was beautiful.

Slowly I cam down from my orgasm, and his hand left my mouth to wrap around my waist. He pulled me even tighter as he started fucking hard, my oversensitive pussy clasping him and rippling in a massage for his dick. Burying his face into my breasts, he muffled his own cries of passion as he came. I clenched down hard on him and squeezed, milking his dick with my pussy.

While he slowly softened inside of me, we gently kissed and looked up at the stars.

Walking back to the cabin was exciting... we hadn't really considered that on a nude ship it's kinda hard to hide it when cum is leaking from your pussy. Somehow we managed without anyone noticing though. As he dropped me off at my door, he paused for another kiss and I melted against him. The entire night had been wonderful.

Day Three

My last day. I woke up feeling content... and a little naughty. Talk about mixing business with pleasure! I "packed" my original set of clothing and laid out my leaving set to change into when the boat was close to docking.

That done I went in search of Matt.

We found each other and immediately started kissing passionately. Finding an empty hall, he picked me up and we started fucking against the wall, hard and brutal. This time I did nothing to muffle my cries and they echoed down the corridor; we came at the same time.

"Give me your number?" he asked as he leaned me against the wall, one of my legs still swung over his arm. I nodded. We'd get together sometime... back on the mainland.

I was definitely giving this cruise ship an A+ report.

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