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Beautiful Day Email Follow Up




Subject: Hi Donna

Hi Sexy,

Lying in bed today thinking about you. Thinking about how soft your skin is and how beautiful you are, naked. My cock is stiff...but then you've had my stiff cock in your wet pussy. You know what it feels like to have me on top of you, kissing you while you take me deep into your female core, feeling my hot man juice as I fill you with it completely. Kissing me while you feel the light hair on my chest against your nipples.

And of course you know the feel of my mouth on your nipples as I suck the turgid brown center of your breasts deep into my mouth and roll my tongue around the tips.

I can remember you lying beside me, close. Wrapped against me. Feeling the softness of your hand stroking my testicles, taking me into your mouth, tasting our combined juices, urging my penis to stiffen again after our initial love-making.

I can't help but think of what you look like naked, your thighs apart, letting me watch you in your most private moments, seeing your wetness after our initial lovemaking, loving how you taste. Watching, hearing your body respond as you masturbate. How often do you pleasure yourself? Do you think about me as you cum? I always think of you, how incredibly beautiful and sexy you are, how wonderful it feels to be in you, how hot you make me as you urge your swollen clit towards your climax.

How many men have you let finger you? I think of you on your knees with your beautiful ass in the air, and how wet you are as I slide almost my whole hand into you. Such an intensely private thing to do. Knowing your secret places and how you love to be touched, spreading your ass and licking your thick hot clit...tasting your wetness while you let me explore you obscenely. My left hand caressing your hanging breast, so lovely.

I love to hear you moan, to hear you give in to your orgasms...one and then the next and the next. Memory dims somewhat, and perhaps one might begin to wonder if in fact you really had cum so many times when we were together...but knowing in my heart that I just experienced the most incredible and sexy woman in the world. But I remember vividly, holding you as you were masturbating, showing me how you cum...and then kissing your beautiful soft moist lips as you climax too over your body, again and again and again.

I have so many wonderful memories of loving you. Feeling your ass through the fabric of your clothing. Removing your lingerie on the bed. Standing behind you and fondling your tits, kissing your neck. Felling you wrap your lips around my swollen cock, giving me the best head I've ever had, bringing me to a second magnificent explosion. And then fucking you. Nailing you hard. Putting a pillow under your ass to lift your open vagina up to let me penetrate your core with the hard thickness of my rigid cock. Watching your eyes as I moved into your center, feeling the hot wetness of your vagina grip me and draw my cum up from my swollen testicles.

You remember letting me lie between your wide open, naked thighs, studying your pussy. Licking it. Tasting it. Eating you. Running my tongue up and down your swollen genitals until you finally were bursting. You know that I've had your sex bud in my mouth, felling how large and hot it is with my lips and running my tongue up and down, then in and out of you.

If thinking about this makes you as wet as it makes me hot, that's good. That's what I want. I want you to want me just a bit as much as I want you. You know of course, as you read this, that while I was writing this to you, at this moment, I'm naked, and my balls are swollen and my cock is think and stiff. You remember what it's like to take it in your hands and stroke it. Feeling the ridge at the base of the head. You know if you were here you would help me masturbate. You've watched me stroke my cock, so you know exactly what that looks like and how hot it makes me, know what I feel like in you mouth as you massage my balls, and feel the twitching of my cock as I explode in an incredible orgasm.

If we were together now, I'd lick your nipples as you use your toys on your own genitals until your clit is so swollen and your hips are bucking and the veins on your neck are distended and the skin on your neck is stretched tight and bright red. I could hear you breathing, so ragged. And immediately after you cum, I would mount you and split you open with my swollen member. Feeling you take me so deep inside that you can feel the swollen thickness of my balls against your ass on every deep stroke of my cock.

Yes my lover, I remember it all so well. Never before or since have I experienced lovemaking as we did that beautiful magic day. My memory is so vivid that even today, I lay back and see you/us lying on the bed experiencing each other in so many ways...feeling as never before...hoping that I made you feel just half as good as you made me feel. The taste, the feel, the sounds...the multiple explosions from both of us. God, what I would give for another afternoon of sharing with you.

With Love,


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/14/17

And they all lived happily ever after

Unleashing those powerful feelings will undoubtedly lead to some real pain for at least two of the three. You might as well have have called her Pandora. When she opened her box, evil was unleashedmore...

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