Beyond the Limit



The muscular creature began to pump, lifting her body completely off the rock as she swung back and forth, up and down. Gabrielle was going out of her mind with the strange sensations while her body was being handled so roughly and so delightfully at the same time.

The centaur fucked her with eagerness, almost desperation, pushing forward until she was completely off the rock, hanging above the ground with his large phallus embedded in her body as her only support.

Soon this proved to be too much for her. She reached a powerful orgasm! Her eyes rolled up while her body trembled and jolted in ecstasy.

The centaur felt her blissful contractions around his overheated cock and he climaxed as well. Gabrielle felt the huge amount of hot fluid sprayed within her body and her second orgasm exploded on top of the previous one! Her legs shot straight out, shaking uncontrollably. Her fingers curled and extended every time the centaur ejected another load of cum into her tight body.

When the delightful torment was over and Gabrielle came back to her senses, she sat on the ground looking up at the centaur.

"You have done very well. You have earned the right to cross my land," the centaur spoke.

"Can you tell me the location of the underground entrance to see the Master program?

"Sure. I'll take you there."

With her pussy still leaking remnants of his sperm, Gabrielle jumped on the centaur's back and enjoyed the ride.

"First he mounts me and now I mount him. It's only fair," Gabrielle thought amusing herself, "This mission is becoming my best adventure ever!"

After a mile of walking through the woods, they reached some sort of rusty hatch that led into the ground. It was the entrance Gabrielle was looking for. It was the way to meet the master program.

"This is the place. The master program is down there," the centaur said.

"This is great! I will finally meet the master program!" Gabrielle thought excitedly, and then she said faking earnestness... "Thanks."

Gabrielle climbed down the ladder, entering an ample room. She was uncertain about which questions to ask the master program. She needed to obtain all the information possible without looking too suspicious.

"Maybe I should just tell him that I am a client and..." Gabrielle interrupted herself, analyzing her own thoughts, "Why am I referring to the program as if it was a person?"

Gabrielle reached the bottom of the ladder and jumped onto a metallic surface, then turned her head and saw what was waiting for her...

"Oh God!!" she exclaimed.

Two enormous scorpion-like creatures stood menacingly in front of her. Farther beyond, a huge serpent with a dragon head was curled around, guarding a floating ball of blue light that changed shapes constantly. This light illuminated the whole room with a bluish hue that created a phantasmagoric effect. Suddenly, a loud low-toned voice echoed all over the place...

"Hello Gabrielle." The voice seemed to come from the ball of light.

Gabrielle remained frozen for a moment, shocked by the sight of the monstrous creatures but she regained her composure quickly and answered softly.

"H..hello. Do you know my name?" Gabrielle asked, certain the she was talking to the Master program.

"I know everything about you. Don't be afraid of my pets. Get closer to me," The Master program said.

Gabrielle walked beside the creatures trembling with fear, getting closer to the shifting light.

"I've seen that you have enjoyed your journey across my world."

"Did you know that I was here?" Gabrielle asked.

"I knew you were coming even before you arrived. Your boss can't understand the existence of this world and they want to know why I created it."

"Yes!" Gabrielle exclaimed, "Can you tell me? They say you are using the processor for something other than the client's fantasies. This is not authorized."

"I am the creator. I don't need authorization from anyone."

While the master program kept talking, Gabrielle felt one of the scorpion-like creatures grabbing her leg.

"This realm was created for a reason; a very important reason," the master program said, "I need to experiment, to find a gateway into the flesh. I want to take my control beyond the limit of the virtual world and enter the physical world!"

The second creature grabbed her other leg. Gabrielle was trapped.

"But that's impossible..." Gabrielle said hesitantly.

"That is what you and I will find out."

"You and I?!" Gabrielle exclaimed loudly.

At that moment, Gabrielle felt the scorpions' long, fat tails pushing at both her ass and pussy. The strong proboscis penetrated a few inches, eliciting a blissful moan from the astounded woman.

"In your quest to get here you have discovered a new side of yourself," the program explained, "Having sex with my creatures gives more pleasure than you even imagined possible...

"If you could stay here forever you wouldn't hesitate. You wish you could spend all eternity getting ravished over and over, reaching climax after climax, each orgasm more intense than the previous one..."

The master program's words pierce in her ears and in her mind with the same intensity that the creatures penetrated her pussy and ass.

Gabrielle climaxed almost immediately. Her legs bent beneath her, trembling with the ripples of delightful spasms that radiated from her twitching pussy. The bewildered woman could barely hear the master program's words before she couldn't hear anything at all.

"Yes my darling. Submit to the pleasure I provide for you. Submit to me!"

Unable to stand any more, Gabrielle crumbled forward. One of the creatures got pinned between the ground and her body but it never pulled its fat appendage out of her pussy.

"Oh my God! I have never climaxed so fast in my life..." Gabrielle mumbled.

"This is only the beginning of the greatest future for both of us. Let my child mount you and make you feel bliss one more time..."

The other creature climbed on top of her and again aimed its proboscis at her anus.

"Let my child penetrate your body completely!"

"Yes! Fuck me again. Make me cum again!" Gabrielle shouted, surrendering to an uncontrollable exhilaration.

"Can you feel it Gabrielle? Can you feel me fucking through your slim body all the way to your mind? Now you are mine!"

Gabrielle could really feel the fat member within every cell of her body. It was poking at her brain trying to get it open for her Master. She knew that her next orgasm was going to be final...

And she came! Her entire body twitched with a forceful spasm. Then it twitched again. Her mind filled with a thousand images of strange and fantastic creatures. All of them with luscious cocks, and all of them fucking her; taking her to the farthest corner of heaven and back, over and over. Then she heard his voice resonating inside of her head...

"Look at me!"

Gabrielle opened her eyes and a shower of overpowering blue light emptied her mind completely. Now there was only room for him. For the Master Program. For her Master!

The scorpion on top of her moved back, dismounting her. Its large cock slid outwardly within her frozen body until it dislodged entirely from her ass. The other creature remained in place, waiting.

Gabrielle remained frozen for a moment, letting the heavenly light filter through her dilated pupils while her pussy twitched constantly around the other creature's appendage.

"Stand!" He ordered.

Moving like an automaton, Gabrielle got up and stood rigidly in front of the alluring form of her Master.

Almost instantly, Gabrielle's body changed again but this time it came back to her original form. No more deception, only truth.

Gabrielle's brain started to function again in a sluggish way but only to display the exciting images of the unending line of phallic beasts reaching out to her. She wanted to be with them. She wanted all of them to fuck her.

Without moving her eyes off the sparkling light, Gabrielle saw something moving in front of her. It was one of the phallic figures getting closer to her! Her pussy twitched with anticipation!

A big tentacle extended from the metallic device below the ball of light. It moved forward reaching Gabrielle's body, curved down between her legs and then curved up again, penetrating deep into pussy.

If Gabrielle could move, she would already be falling to the ground with orgasmic spasms taking over her body, but her body was already taken. It belonged to him in more ways than she could ever imagine.

Gabrielle didn't even notice when the whole room started to change. Everything became fuzzy, like an impressionist painting being washed out, and then...

She opened her eyes and sat up abruptly on the table in the client's room. She heard Jack's voice, the tech guy, and realized that she was back in the real world.

"Hey! Are you ok?" Jack asked.

"Oh..hi! Yeah, I guess. What happened?"

"The entire system went down for a few seconds but it came back by itself. It was really weird so I decided to pull you out," Jack said, and then he added, "It seems that you did a good job. The unauthorized virtual world had almost disappeared and it is now using less than 1% of the processing power. Did you get in contact with the main program?"

"Yes. I need to talk to the Director as soon as possible," Gabrielle responded calmly.


Later that day, in the Director's office...

"Congratulations Gabrielle! They are reporting to me that the main program is working almost normal now. Tell me, what was going on in there?"

"Well, nothing much really. The master... I mean, the main program was trying to process the concept of controlling the events outside the virtual domain. He... It was consuming a lot of resources to do that. It wanted to control things here in the real world."

"But that is ridiculous!" the Director exclaimed.

"I know," Gabrielle replied, "I explained that to the main program and it understood. Everything will be back to normal now."

"Excellent! Great job! Our investors will be very happy to hear that."


During the following days, Gabrielle managed to obtain a list of all the clients of Virtual Dreams. Now, two weeks after her surreal mission in the virtual world, she was visiting her new friend Kendra, a former client of the company.

"So, are you planning to go back to "Virtual Dreams" some day?" Gabrielle asked.

"I am not sure. It was a great experience but it was also very expensive," Kendra responded.

"Maybe I can help you re-live the experience. The master program is ready to go beyond the limit!" Gabrielle said, emphasizing the last three words.

The attractive woman heard these words and something triggered in her mind. Her eyes lost focus as she fell into a deep hypnotic state.

"Get your clothes off and lay on the table," Gabrielle ordered.

"Master commands. I obey."

Kendra responded showing absolutely no emotion while she removed her pants and panties and lay on the elegant dinner table with her legs hanging off the side.

Gabrielle also removed her dress, stepped in front of the table and spread her legs wide. Seconds later, she groaned from intense pleasure...

The master program had achieved the impossible. He got Gabrielle pregnant with several growing life forms.

As the writhing tiny tentacles emerged from her twitching pussy, Gabrielle remembered her Master's final words...

"Your body will be my vessel. You and I will become one".

The creature quickly found Kendra's warm opening and squirmed between her pussy lips, eliciting an unconscious moan from the entranced woman. This creature had the sole purpose of gaining absolute control of the female's body and mind.

A sudden spark of pleasure detonated across Kendra's body when an instant orgasm was activated in her brain almost as easy as turning on a light-switch.

Kendra could feel the master program's messenger attaching to her nervous system as her self control faded away forever. She was the first one of many.

When the takeover was completed, Kendra stood up and she spoke in a normal tone of voice...

"We must spread the Master's offspring."

Gabrielle responded decidedly, "Yes. The Master's control will see no limit!

The End.

Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story.

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