tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBijou & Mackenzie Ch. 1

Bijou & Mackenzie Ch. 1


Mackenzie Phillips, who starred in the classic TV sitcom One Day At a Time, was finally getting her life back on track after years of drug and alcohol abuse. She was starring in a new TV show called So Weird (which was being described as a kiddie version of The X Files) and had other TV and movie deals in the works. Her sister, Bijou Phillips, had her own acting, modeling and singing career going. (Their father was the late John Phillips of the sixties rock group The Mamas & The Papas.) Though they were only half-sisters since they both had different mothers, Mackenzie and Bijou--or "Mack" and "Beej" as they nicknamed themselves--still felt about as close to one another as sisters could feel.

However, they were both about to discover they could feel a whole lot closer!

It all began when Mackenzie was at the local grocery store in her neighborhood picking up a few items. As Mackenzie was standing in line waiting to get checked out, she saw her sister Bijou's smiling, sexy face on the cover of Playboy magazine that was displayed with the other adult publications behind the check-out stand. Bijou had told Mackenzie that she was going to be appearing--nude, naturally!--in an upcoming issue of Playboy, but she didn't tell her which issue she was going to appear in. As if on impulse, while the cashier was ringing up her purchases, Mackenzie told the cashier that she also wanted to purchase a copy of Playboy. The cashier, a younger boy who looked like he couldn't have been much more than 20 years old, gave her a funny look before turning around and grabbing a copy of the girlie magazine. As he was checking the cover for the price, he happened to recognize both the girl smiling on the cover and the woman standing before him. He put the two together as he glazed over at Mackenzie and exclaimed, "Hey, you're that Mackenzie Phillips!" He held the magazine up to her face. "And this is your sister!"

The other people waiting in line behind Mackenzie began to look at her funny as well. Mackenzie just looked annoyed at the cashier's over-enthusiasm as she glared at him and told him, "Just tell me how much, okay?"

The cashier finished ringing up the price of the magazine along with the rest of her purchases as he grinned goofily while shaking his head and said, "Mackenzie Phillips buying a magazine with nude pictures of her sister. Wait till I tell the guys about this!" Still grinning like the jackass he obviously was, the cashier told Mackenzie how much she owed him. Mackenzie quickly handed him the money, took her bags from him and said rather dryly to the annoying young cashier, "Thank you." She walked out of the store past the gawks and the onlookers who were also, like the cashier, probably wondering why TV star Mackenzie Phillips was buying a girlie magazine containing nude pictures of her sister. In truth, Mackenzie couldn't really figure out why she did it herself, but she just chalked it up to her being a supportive sister.

Mackenzie took a cab home, emptied the bags of their contents and put everything where it was supposed to be . . . everything, that is, except the Playboy. Mackenzie looked at the magazine she was now holding in her hand and gazed down lovingly at her the picture of her sister smiling seductively at the camera. She chuckled softly to herself as she stared at the picture with the words "Bijou Phillips Nude!" written in big, bold letters next to it. She laid her purse down on the kitchen table and took the magazine with her to her bedroom. She laid down on the bed and started skimming through the magazine. Like a lot of women do while reading Playboy, she started reading some of the articles as she flipped through the pages one by one . . . then she came to her sister Bijou's steamy pictorial.

Mackenzie initially wasn't going to look at her sister's nudie pictures since, of course, she had no desire to see her own sister in the buff, even if she was only a half-sister! But curiosity apparently got the better of her as she found herself stopping at the first page of her pictorial which showed Bijou in what looked to be a little girl's dress baring her teeth to the camera. Mackenzie panned down the page to the bottom of the picture where Bijou was lifting up her dress, her legs spread apart, exposing her untrimmed, pantyless vagina. Mackenzie was taken aback by the sight of her sister's privates staring her right in the face.

She was even more taken aback that she couldn't seem to take her eyes off of it. She focused in on her sister's attractive pussy, and, before she knew it, she was rubbing the crotch of her jeans. Mackenzie knew it was wrong of her to gaze at her sister in such a lustful manner, yet she found that she was unable to stop herself from doing so as she was becoming more and more turned on by the sight of her sister's nude body. She laid the magazine next to her on the bed and started rubbing herself harder as she kept staring at the picture showing her sister's naked, hairy pussy. With trembling fingers, she slowly turned the page to the next two pictures. The first page showed Bijou sitting on what looked to be some sort of water fountain (the text that accompanied the pictorial, which Mackenzie did eventually get around to reading, stated that the pictorial was shot at Hugh Hefner's famous Playboy Mansion), her shirt pulled up to expose her two pert breasts.

Mackenzie drew in a deep breath at the sight of her sister's two gorgeous breasts, finding herself wishing that she could suck on each of her pert red nipples. The second picture showed Bijou leaning over a car butt-naked. Mackenzie again wished that she was lying on top of her giving it to her sister good. She turned to the next two pages which showed Bijou naked in the water. The sight of Bijou's wet, naked flesh caused her half-sister to lust after her that much more. Mackenzie turned to the following page to find that the pictures overlapped onto both pages. This picture showed Bijou lying completely nude on what appeared to be either a bed or a couch, her entire body glistening from the baby oil she was pouring on herself.

That did it. Mackenzie could no longer contain the intense feelings that were building in her loins, so she quickly pulled the black leather pants she was wearing a little past her knees and frigged herself bloody at the full-color two-page photo of her sister's tits and bush. Before she was even able to glance at the remaining two pictures, she had an incredible orgasm thinking about her sister on top of her naked, body oil and all, as she was in the pictorial doing all these naughty, nasty things to her.

"Oh, Bijou!" she heard herself almost scream at the top of her lungs.

Mackenzie finished coming and did in fact look at the last two pictures of her sister Bijou's nude pictorial. She instantly felt the heat rushing back between her legs, so she quickly closed the magazine as she tried to make sense out of what she had just experienced. She tried to do things that she normally did, like eat dinner and what not, but she couldn't get the images of her sister nude out of her mind. When she finally fell to sleep that night, she actually had a sexy dream about her and her sister making hard, passionate love to one another. She woke up in a cold sweat. She sat up in bed and decided that she had to do something about these lurid, lusty thoughts and desires she was having about her own sister or she would go out of her mind. These thoughts and desires were so intense that they could very possibly, Mackenzie thought nervously to herself, want to make her start drinking or maybe even doing drugs again, and that was definitely something she wasn't wanting or willing to go back too.

However, as they say, there are always alternatives!

The very next day Mackenize didn't have to report to the studio to film her TV show So Weird and she didn't have another show or film to shoot at the moment, so she decided to take a trip to the local video store. As she entered the spacious video store, she knew exactly what movie she was going to rent: the movie her sister starred in a few years previously called Black & White which featured Bijou in a very steamy threeway scene in a park with a black guy and a young white girl at the beginning of the movie which raised quite a few eyebrows when it was released. In fact, Mackenzie remembered reading in a movie magazine about how the scene was so intense and so realistic that the director had to trim a few minutes out of it to get an R-rating. Mackenzie never asked Bijou about the "reality" of the scene because she didn't want to know about her sister having sex. But now, as she rented the movie from the video store, she was dying to know about her sister's sex life . . . and maybe even join in on it.

Mackenzie rushed home she was so eager to see the movie. The moment she walked in the front door of her house she took the video out of its box and slid it into her VCR. She turned on her TV, sat down on the floor and waited for the movie, and especially that first steamy scene, to start. The beginning credits began to roll, and Mackenzie impatiently pressed the fast-forward button on the remote control of the VCR until it showed the scene. She quickly pushed down the play button so hard she thought the control would break in two! The scene started by showing Bijou and her two lusty companions leaning against a tree in this park going at it with a genuine intensity that she had never seen before in a movie. Bijou was in between the black man and the white girl as the black man was feeling her up all over and the white girl was sucking on Bijou's breasts and nipples. The camera showed both close-up and faraway shots of the three of them and then panned down for the next scene. The scene ended by showing Bijou reaching down with her hand and grabbing the other girl's ass, her fingers awfully close to her asshole. At this point, Mackenzie had already reached up under her dress and pulled her already soaking panties down to her ankles and was fingering her hardened clit with the tip of her first finger. Her masturbation session went into overdrive as the next scene started and it showed her sister Bijou humping the leg of her young female co-star. The two women were French-kissing each other very deeply and very passionately while the other girl was pulling her hair away from her face and Bijou was sitting on and humping the top of her leg like a dog. Mackenzie buried her fingers inside her sopping wet cunt and moaned out loud as she imagined Bijou, her very own sister, humping her leg and shoving her tongue down her throat the way she was doing that girl. The scene ended by showing a couple of quick shots of the other girl raising up her skirt and pulling her panties down while Bijou reached down with her hand again right between the girl's legs as she started feeling her up.

Then she screen went black as it showed the title of the film in small white letters. Frustrated and horny as hell, Mackenzie quickly grabbed the remote control that was lying next to her on the floor and rewound the scene over and over until she came in gushes watching her sister play around with that young girl, all the while wishing and fantasizing that she was in that girl's place as she licked, fondled and lustfully kissed her sister Bijou. Mackenzie didn't bother to watch the rest of the film as she turned the tape off after she had finished coming. She caught her breath and had a sordid epiphany:

She had to, and would, make love to her very own sister Bijou...

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